Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 11/8/12

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 11/8/12


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Daniel, Nicole, and Jennifer go into the living room where Daniel tells Nicole that it's not about Jennifer but about the truth. Daniel needs Nicole to come with him but she says no. Daniel says they can go somewhere private to talk but Nicole insists that she's not lying to him about this. Nicole blames Jennifer for killing her son but Daniel says she didn't. Nicole questions why he's upset with her. Daniel reveals that he knows that Nicole already knew her baby was dead before confronting Jennifer at the town square that day. Nicole cries as Jennifer watches on surprised.

Sami sits at her desk in her office and is surprised to see an application from Nick. Sami comments that Nick already has being a criminal in common with Kristen.

Nick and Gabi kiss in bed. Nick says they should get going since their break is over. Gabi says time flies when they're having fun. Gabi tells him how cute he is. Gabi thanks him and wonders about what Rafe would do if he found out. Nick tells her it's okay but Gabi doesn't think so. Nick doesn't like having to keep it a secret that he's with someone as incredible as her and they continue kissing.

Marlena talks to Hope about Kristen and her feelings for John. Hope understands their past history will cause tension. Marlena is so glad that John can have some time away at the cabin without Kristen and time to regroup. Hope says it's too bad Marlena couldn't go with him. Marlena gets a call and thanks them for letting her know. She informs Hope that it was her patient who canceled their appointment. Marlena says she could've gone with John if she knew sooner. Hope suggests it's not too late and tells her to charter a boat to surprise John.

John questions what Kristen is doing in the cabin. Kristen tells him not to talk to her like that. John declares that Marlena was right that Kristen is stalking him and the game stops now.

Jennifer questions what Daniel just said. Daniel repeats that the baby was already dead. Jennifer questions Nicole knowing it. Nicole claims it's not true and doesn't know why Daniel is saying that. EJ arrives wondering why Nicole is there of all places, followed by Rafe who comments that this isn't good. Nicole cries questioning Daniel as to who told him that horrible lie. EJ and Rafe enter the room. EJ wants to know what lie and demands to know what's going on.

Marlena tells Hope that she shouldn't but Hope thinks it's a great idea. Marlena agrees but she already missed the ferry and decides maybe it's best for John to have some time alone.

Kristen tells John that she's tried to be understanding and see things from other points of view but she's tired of being yelled at for no reason at all. John accuses her of trying to force her way back into his life. Kristen claims she wouldn't have come if she knew John would be there but John doesn't believe her. Kristen says it's unfair for John to judge her. John tells her to think twice about talking about fair. Kristen questions not having any credibility due to her past. John says he'd buy this as a coincidence if it wasn't for the fact that they ran into each other so much before. John accuses her of trespassing on private property and says she has no reason to be there unless she's harassing him. Kristen claims it's not true. John questions why she decided to walk into this cabin of all cabins.

EJ questions what's going on. Daniel tells him to shut up. Daniel says he's having an awful day and would enjoy smashing EJ's face into a wall so he should shut up. Daniel tells Nicole that they need to talk alone. Brady arrives with Abigail. Abigail questions what's going on. Jennifer says she isn't sure. Nicole agrees to leave with Daniel. Nicole says they will get away from the horrible people telling lies. Daniel says they are only going somewhere private so she will tell him what's going on. Nicole claims not to know what he means. Daniel says they can either do it with or without an audience but either way she's going to tell him the truth.

Nick and Gabi continue kissing in bed until the phone rings. Nick tells her not to answer but Gabi figures she has to get back to work and gets out of bed. Nick's phone then goes off too. Gabi gets dressed and tells Nick to go first and she'll wait a while. Nick jokes about it being suspicious if they went back together. Nick gets dressed and asks Gabi if she wants to grab a bite after work. Gabi says she has to cover more work. Nick kisses her neck and offers to wait there for her which Gabi agrees to and they kiss again. Nick then exits.

Hope talks with Ciara at the coffeehouse and says goodbye as she sends Ciara off on a sleepover. Marlena watches Ciara go. Hope asks if she's okay. Marlena says she is but seeing Hope with her daughter made her realize how much time she lost with Sami when she was small and she thinks sometimes they are still paying for that.

Sami waits for Nick at the Pub. Another worker says he was supposed to be back five minutes ago. Gabi returns to the Pub and apologizes for being late. Gabi asks Sami what she needs. Sami says she's just waiting for Nick. Gabi covers by saying Nick went for a walk on his break. Sami questions them having a break at the same time. Nick hurries in and apologizes for being late. Nick and Gabi bump into each other as they go their separate ways. Sami notices and comments that it looks like they have a lot in common and then some.

John tells Kristen that he asked her a question. Kristen doesn't know what to say. Kristen hears the last ferry and says she was supposed to be on it. She goes to leave but John stands in her way to stop her as he wants an answer. Kristen pushes past him and exits the cabin as John follows her.

Nicole agrees to tell Daniel everything on the plane but Daniel says no. Nicole wants to tell him in Hawaii but Daniel says he knows what happened and what she did. Daniel says he's only trying to offer her some privacy and that's it. Nicole says no but Daniel insists. Daniel asks if she really thought he would go away with someone like that. EJ continues to wonder what she did. Nicole tells Daniel that she really wants to go away with him. Nicole cries that she needs him. Daniel declares to Nicole that this is all over as she cries. Daniel tells her that he has proof and medical records. Daniel asks if she really wants to do this here. Nicole cries that someone is lying to him to make him hate her. Daniel tells her not to do this. Nicole cries about how much she loved her baby that was supposed to be their baby. Daniel says he has to do this then. Daniel pulls out the medical records. Nicole shouts that it's a lie and blames Jennifer. Daniel responds that it's not a lie as it's Dr. Sedwick's notes from October 8. Nicole continues blaming Jennifer but Daniel says it was hours before she fell down the stairs. Nicole claims not to know what he's talking about but Daniel says they both know the truth. EJ questions what this means as he looks at Dr. Sedwick's notes. Jennifer is shocked. Nicole cries that Dr. Sedwick was lying but Daniel tells Nicole that she is lying as the baby was already dead and she knew it before seeing Jennifer that day. Daniel tells Nicole that she's lying to herself because she knew that the baby was already dead before she fell down the stairs. Nicole continues crying as everyone around them watches on.

Sami comments to Gabi that she and Nick look cozy. Gabi says they've become friends. Sami thinks it's more than friendship after the way they looked at each other. Gabi admits it and asks Sami not to tell Rafe since he's a cop and doesn't understand that people change. Sami tells her that it won't be a problem since she and Rafe are hardly speaking. Gabi is glad someone knows since she doesn't want to keep it secret. Sami suggests secrets can be fun too. Gabi calls Nick the most amazing guy she ever met. Gabi says Nick just gets her and she doesn't have to be someone else around him. Sami tells her to be careful. Gabi says Nick has totally changed and is amazing. Nick comes over as Gabi goes back to work. Sami tells Nick that Gabi is a great girl. Nick says she's great to work with but Sami reveals that she's onto them.

John and Kristen go back to the cabin. Kristen claims that she doesn't like it as much as he doesn't. John accuses her of setting the whole thing up but Kristen claims she didn't and couldn't have known. Kristen says she's going to call a water taxi but John mocks the idea that she will pretend to be surprised when finding out there's no cell phone service. John mocks her. Kristen asks him to stop since she doesn't want to be there. Kristen says being there with him is unbearable. Kristen complains about having no heat. John says there's no electricity either which he thinks she might not have known. Kristen decides she will start a fire. John questions again what she's doing in the cabin.

Abigail tries to go after Nicole but Brady holds her back and Jennifer tells her to just wait. EJ asks if Daniel is telling the truth. Nicole says no and says the doctor made it up. Daniel says Nicole is the one lying as her baby did not have a heartbeat. Daniel tells her to stop. Nicole says he doesn't understand. Nicole admits she saw the doctor but claims it was to make sure they could leave. Nicole says she could travel and everything was fine. Nicole cries that she didn't do anything wrong and didn't hurt her baby. Nicole cries about how unfair it is. Nicole says her baby was her reason for living. Nicole cries that she didn't do anything wrong as Rafe tries to comfort her. Rafe says he knows it must have been unimaginable. Nicole cries about it happening to her twice. Rafe asks her about the doctor telling her the baby was gone before her accident. Nicole cries and admit that she knew. Rafe hugs her as she cries.

John and Kristen have a fire going as John points out that she still hasn't answered the question. Kristen feels that she doesn't have to explain herself to him. John says she can explain it to Roman in the morning. Kristen questions if he's going to press charges. John tells her to tell it to Roman. Kristen says there was no breaking and entering. John says it doesn't matter to him anymore. Kristen pulls out her key and asks if it's trespassing if she was given a key.

Sami tells Nick that she has one thing to tell him. She warns him that if he hurts Gabi then Rafe will be worse than prison. Nick is not worried as he's crazy about her and promises to never hurt her. Nick is worried since he thought Gabi wanted to keep it secret. Sami says she can keep a secret. Nick asks what Sami wanted to talk to him about in the first place. Sami tells him that it's about his application and asks if he's still interested in working for her.

EJ questions Nicole about the doctor's notes. EJ asks what Nicole did to his son. Daniel shouts that nothing Nicole did hurt the baby. Daniel explains that it was a placental eruption. EJ wants to know what happened but Brady stops him and says he's not the only person that's upset. Daniel tells EJ that all he needs to know is that it was nobody's fault. Daniel says there was nothing anything could do to save him. Nicole cries so Daniel asks if she's okay. Abigail can't believe Daniel is asking if Nicole is okay after lying about Jennifer. Abigail recalls Nicole telling her that Jennifer killed her baby. Jennifer tries to stop Abigail but Abigail feels it has to be said. Abigail says she's sorry that Nicole lost her baby but can't believe Nicole went after Jennifer for no reason right after they lost Jack. Daniel tries to stop Abigail. Abigail goes after Brady for saying that Nicole wouldn't do anything to hurt her baby. Abigail calls Nicole a bitch as Jennifer holds her back and Daniel tells her that's enough. Nicole asks to talk to Daniel alone so that she can explain. Jennifer takes Abigail out of the room. EJ exits and Rafe and Brady then follow out. Nicole cries as Daniel sits with her. Nicole asks if he thinks Abigail is right that she's a bitch. Daniel doesn't know what to think. Nicole says she just needed to talk to him and explain what happened. Daniel tells her to talk and explain. Nicole says when this whole pregnancy started, she was so scared because of what happened to her before. Nicole recalls the doctor telling her that her baby was dead and she didn't even know. Nicole says when she lost her last baby there was so much pain but this one was worse because it was like she was dead too. Nicole says the doctor told her to just arrange a procedure. Nicole continues crying. She explains that she called her doctor and was going to tell Daniel but then she heard Jennifer leaving a message for him. Nicole says she was making the worst phone call of her life and all she could hear was Jennifer saying she needed to meet with Daniel to turn him against her. Nicole says it took everything away from her. Nicole felt she had to find Jennifer because she did this even if she didn't push her down the stairs. Nicole says Jennifer kept coming after her and making her crazy while she was pregnant. Daniel tells her that it's not Jennifer's fault but Nicole feels that it is because she hates her. Daniel screams at her that it's not Jennifer's fault. Nicole cries that she hates her so much as Daniel tells her to let it go while Jennifer returns to the room.

Nick tells Sami that he is interested in working for her but informs her that Kate offered him a job as well. Nick explains that he only applied to Countess Wilhelmina but Kate offered him a job. Sami says she will get back with Nick but urges him not to make a decision until he hears from her again. Nick agrees and thanks Sami since the Bradys have been decent to him as he goes back to work. Sami calls Kristen and leaves a message needing to talk to her. Sami hangs up and calls her a crazy bitch as she exits the Pub.

Hope sits with Marlena and talks about how she thinks it comforts Ciara to see Bo taking care of Caroline. Marlena calls it wonderful of her to let him go. Hope says Bo is where he needs to be. They are glad that they ran into each other. Hope reminds Marlena about trusting family as Sami arrives and greets them.

John questions Kristen as to how she got her key. Kristen says it was given to her a long time ago. John asks who gave it to her. Kristen says it was Alice and reminds John that Alice liked her and liked them together. John calls it a long time ago. Kristen says it feels like just yesterday to her. John accepts that she didn't have to break in but notes that it still doesn't explain why she's there. Kristen shrugs and says she doesn't know. Kristen figures she just wanted to see the place again as she thinks it was the last time she was ever truly happy.

Gabi returns to her room where Nick is waiting in bed with candles lit. Nick tells her that he wanted to make it nice and tells her that he loves her. Gabi says he doesn't have to say that but Nick wants to. Nick tells her again that he loves her. Gabi feels the same way. Nick wants her to say it so she does and they kiss.

Sami sits with Marlena and tells her about declining John's offer to work at Basic Black. Marlena clarifies that she didn't put John up to that. Marlena wants to talk to her about asking her not to work for Kristen. Marlena admits that she was out of line and knows Sami has to live her life so she'll have to trust that she will be fine. Sami jokingly asks what happened to her mother.

Kristen says happy is not a word she uses much anymore as she thinks back to being with John in the past. Kristen asks John if he really has to ask why she came there. Kristen understands but it still kind of makes her sad that he doesn't remember. John tells her that he does remember. Kristen thinks John wishes it never happened. Kristen says all she has are the memories and the cabin reminds her of who she used to be when she was innocent before she started to hate and stopped being her. John removes his jacket and places it around her.

Daniel steps away from Nicole and back to Jennifer. Daniel apologizes to Jennifer for having to hear that since Nicole is upset. Jennifer mentions that Abigail is upset too. Jennifer says they can go somewhere else. Daniel apologizes to her. Jennifer says it's all pretty horrible. Daniel tells her that he will take Nicole out but when he turns around, Nicole is gone. Daniel runs out of the house screaming for Nicole as Jennifer goes to tell Rafe.

Sami tells Marlena that she's sorry for making a joke of Marlena saying something nice. Marlena tells her it's okay but Sami feels it's important. Marlena insists that she means what she said. Sami says that she won't have to put up an act then and act like everything's perfect with Kristen. Marlena asks about it. Sami tells her that just today it's like Kristen has fallen off the earth and is nowhere to be found while she's usually always immediately responding. Sami says it's been hours and she has no idea where Kristen is.

John tells Kristen that he was just trying to keep her warm but she doesn't want his jacket. Kristen tells him that she wants something that he could never give her.

Nicole rushes through the town square and runs back up the stairs. She thinks back to her fall down those stairs. Daniel arrives and rushes up the stairs to try and talk to her but Nicole holds him off with the surgical knife to keep him back. Jennifer, Abigail, Brady, EJ, and Rafe arrive as Nicole yells at them all to stay away from her. Daniel tries to get closer but Nicole warns him not to as she holds the knife out.

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