Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 11/7/12

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 11/7/12


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

EJ sits at the Pub looking at his phone. Kristen arrives and tells him the call can wait as she brought him a present which is information on Nicole. She gives him the envelope and he opens it.

Marlena wonders what it will take for John to see that Kristen is never giving up on him. John believes running into her at the church was a coincidence. Marlena questions it. John says it doesn't matter what she does because she can't get away from anything. Marlena talks about how she's involved in their and Sami's lives. They argue until Hope arrives and says she just heard Kristen's in town. They already know but Hope wonders if she's there to cause trouble. Marlena says it depends on who you ask.

Brady works on his computer at the Kiriakis Mansion as Maggie walks in. Brady tells her about arguing with Victor earlier. Maggie is upset about Daniel leaving and never coming back. Brady tells her that he's sorry as the whole thing is a mess and he wonders what he can do for her. Maggie tells him to stop them from going but Brady thinks it's too late.

Daniel makes a call from home and thinks back to Dr. Sedwick informing him about Nicole's baby's death. Daniel wonders where Nicole is until there's a knock at the door. It's Rafe who says he got there as fast as he could since he didn't sound good in his message. Daniel tells Rafe that he needs to find Nicole as soon as possible. Rafe wonders who knows where she is if Daniel doesn't.

Jennifer answers her door and wants to know what Nicole wants. Nicole has her back turned with the surgical knife in her hand. Nicole thinks back to their last argument. Jennifer asks again what she wants. Nicole looks down at the surgical knife until Jennifer turns her around. Nicole puts the knife back in her purse and asks Jennifer where Daniel is. Jennifer doesn't know but Nicole thinks she's lying. Nicole walks in believing Jennifer convinced Daniel not to go with her and wants to know where he is.

Daniel tells Rafe that he got home and Nicole was gone but that's all he knows. Rafe says they are supposed to be getting on their flight this morning. Daniel says they are leaving soon. Rafe doesn't think Nicole would do anything to mess up the flight unless she got the idea that the trip wasn't happening. Daniel says it's not like that and just needs to find her. Rafe questions the way Daniel is acting and thinks something has gone wrong. Daniel says he doesn't have time and just needs to find Nicole. Rafe says if he wants his help then he needs to know what's wrong.

Nicole continues looking for Daniel in Jennifer's house. Jennifer questions what's gotten into her. Nicole talks about how Jennifer went to Daniel's uninvited to make threats. Jennifer questions what threats. Nicole says she knows what she said to her. Nicole says Jennifer made her believe that she will do whatever she can to stop Daniel from going. Jennifer says she can't control Daniel but Nicole thinks she will still try as they argue over the situation. Jennifer tells her that Daniel isn't there. Nicole questions if she's waiting for him. Jennifer shows Nicole her phone and says she has nothing to hide from her. Jennifer points out that they are supposed to be leaving town so she questions what she's doing there. Nicole accepts that Daniel isn't there and Jennifer didn't call him. Nicole thinks she can't blame her for thinking that since Jennifer kept trying to come between them. Jennifer says she stopped before Nicole fell down the stairs. Nicole says she has a plane to catch and hopes she never sees her again. Jennifer stops her from leaving and says now it's her turn.

Kristen asks if EJ is going to thank her for the envelope but EJ already had a copy. Kristen admits she underestimated his resourcefulness. Kristen says he's her brother and she loves him so she wanted to do something nice. EJ says he's had a man on Daniel and Nicole. Kristen says they are leaving for Hawaii today and asks if he's going to do something about it. EJ says Nicole told him that she let Jennifer off so she could rest and recover. Kristen asks how EJ will recover. EJ believes in an eye for an eye. Kristen talks about finding that inspirational in the past.

Marlena asks Hope if Bo knows Kristen is town. Hope says no as she doesn't want Bo and Caroline to worry. John agrees. Hope is surprised that Kristen came back. Marlena brings up Stefano wiping her slate clean. Hope asks why they didn't tell her. Marlena says John doesn't think it's a big deal that Kristen is back. John says they will be fine but believes they could use a couple days away. Marlena likes the idea of being away from Kristen but John says things are getting hectic at work. Hope suggests she may have a deal for them.

Brady takes Maggie to the coffeehouse. Maggie agrees that she needed to get out of the house and asks what Brady was arguing with Victor about. Brady says it was about Nicole and doesn't think anyone understands how much the baby meant to Nicole. Maggie says Rafe and Daniel did but Brady wonders why Daniel is pushing Nicole out of town then. Maggie says Nicole isn't being pushed. Brady says the whole Hawaii idea is a disaster but Nicole can't see it. Brady regrets not doing anything. Maggie asks if Victor was arguing about trying to get Brady to stop Nicole from leaving. Brady calls it not important so Maggie realizes it was. Brady tells her he's not going to do it so she shouldn't worry. Maggie wishes Victor would have told her since she's better at talking him into things. Brady knows Maggie is sick at the thought of Daniel leaving town. Maggie says she'd miss Daniel if he was leaving for some fabulous opportunity but he's going because an opportunistic tramp used her baby to get her hooks in him and that's what she hates. Brady tells her that they want the same thing and that's for them not to go to Hawaii. Maggie says if they do go then maybe they need to change some things that they can.

Daniel says he called Rafe because he only has a certain amount of time to find Nicole. Daniel says Rafe is a cop and can go look for her while he waits to see if she comes back. Rafe wonders why Nicole would go missing and asks if she did something illegal. Daniel says he called Rafe because he's the only other person that cares about Nicole and knew everything from the beginning. Rafe questions Daniel not trusting him. Daniel says it's not about trust. Rafe agrees to see what he can do but says he will eventually want the whole story as he exits.

Nicole tells Jennifer to get out of her way as she doesn't have time for this but Jennifer says no. Nicole thinks Jennifer has cost her enough. Jennifer questions that and wants to talk about how she's cost her since she remembered that she wasn't to blame. Nicole doesn't want to do this but Jennifer does. Jennifer wishes it did go to trial. Nicole questions who a jury would believe. Jennifer says they'd just prove if she was guilty or innocent but it would be better than listening to Nicole talk about letting her off the hook. Nicole questions why she keeps bringing it up. Jennifer wants Nicole to admit that she said something she didn't believe to get Daniel to go away with her. Nicole shouts at her unable to believe that Jennifer thinks she'd use her dead baby as a bargaining chip. Jennifer yells back at her to tell her that she's wrong. Jennifer says she knows Daniel is about to take her off to Hawaii but this is about them and what happened on the stairs. Jennifer wants Nicole to tell her what happened and then she can leave and start her new life. Jennifer thinks Nicole owes it to her to say it.

Hope sits with John and Marlena and tells them about her family's cabin on an island. Hope says they need to get prepared for the winter and Bo usually takes care of it but Marlena and John can take care of it. Marlena points out that it's not too far away and can get some peace and quiet. Hope says they would be helping her out. John agrees to go. Hope says there's one more thing to tell and that's there is no cell phone service on the island. Marlena and John are ok with that.

Kristen says EJ is so quiet and asks what he's thinking about. EJ says when he believed Jennifer was responsible for the death of his son, it was very easy and he wanted justice to be served but now if the death was an accident then it wasn't anybody's fault. Kristen bringing up Nicole, Daniel, and Rafe trying to deceive him. EJ says he can't do anything towards Rafe or it would ruin his progress with Sami. Kristen says then he will do nothing. EJ states that's what he's grappling with. EJ doesn't know what to do but can't act as if nothing happened or that it didn't matter to him. EJ says he won't do that as Roman approaches and asks what EJ won't do. EJ says they were just talking about hoping the police don't have more budget cuts. Roman comments that he should've done something as mayor. Roman brings up hearing Kristen was back in town. Kristen says she tried to put Salem behind her but couldn't. Roman calls it a shame for Salem.

Daniel paces at home and goes back to his phone. Daniel says it can't hurt to try one more time.

Nicole wonders what she's supposed to say. Jennifer shouts the truth. Jennifer asks if Nicole decided accusing her was wrong or if she said it because Daniel wanted her to. Nicole doesn't see the difference and tries to leave but Jennifer pulls her back causing Nicole's phone to fall out of her purse as Daniel tried to call her. Nicole shouts at Jennifer to leave her alone. Jennifer demands her to tell her the truth for once in her life. Nicole's phone picked up when it dropped and Daniel answers wondering who is talking. Nicole looks for her phone. Jennifer doesn't care where it is. Nicole calls her insane. Jennifer says she's trying to be sane and tells Nicole to stop playing games as it's ridiculous. Nicole tells Jennifer that she's been through hell and is on edge and if she keeps pushing her then she guarantees she will be sorry. Daniel hears this through the phone and worries about Jennifer.

Maggie tells Brady that situations like this remind her of a parable about seven blind men and an elephant. Maggie hopes something good could come of all this and suggests that Brady and Jennifer could do a lot of good for each other. Brady says they spoke about it briefly but Jennifer couldn't get her mind off Daniel and Nicole. Maggie feels it was easier for Jennifer to focus on them rather than the truth that she has lost Jack forever. Maggie suggests that maybe Brady could help Jennifer in a way no one else can and maybe she could help him too.

Kristen steps aside with Roman and tells him that anything he has to say to her, he can say in front of EJ but Roman disagrees. Kristen is sorry it's so painful to have her back in Salem. Roman says he's way beyond what happened back then. Kristen tells him that she's cleared of her past. Roman says she doesn't always do what's in her best interest which is why he's talking to her now. Roman says people don't know what she's thinking. Roman warns her that he will be watching her very closely so she should be careful not to screw up. Roman exits. EJ rejoins her and says it looked unpleasant. Kristen felt it was personal. EJ calls it cryptic even for him. Kristen admits she could've treated Roman better. EJ asks what she did. Kristen says she loved John while John and Marlena loved each other so she used Roman. Kristen questions what it is about Marlena that she doesn't get that make John, Roman, and Stefano have strong feelings for her. EJ says it sounds like they aren't the only ones. Kristen says Marlena had what she wanted by having John and his child. Kristen says time heals all wounds and they sit back down. EJ asks if she's over this. Kristen insists that she is and she's sick of talking about it. Kristen turns the subject back to EJ and the people who tried to deny him his son.

Daniel tries to get through on his phone as Jennifer and Nicole continue to argue. Jennifer says it's always about her pushing Nicole. Nicole threatens that maybe she should push back. Daniel realizes they must be at Jennifer's and rushes out to get there. Jennifer asks Nicole if they were getting too close to the truth. Jennifer accuses Nicole of lying about being pushed down the stairs. Nicole tells her to shut up but Jennifer keeps going. Jennifer tells her to admit that she only cares about getting even. Nicole says fine and she will give her the truth.

EJ and Kristen talk about how his baby died and now they talk about the three people who tried to keep it secret. Kristen says Daniel and Nicole will soon be gone but EJ says they won't be out of his reach. Kristen doesn't think it's a good idea to cause them an accident. Kristen says EJ is a lawyer and has legal grounds to go after them. EJ worries about Sami. Kristen tells him that Sami would still be suspicious if Daniel and Nicole's plane had a problem. EJ asks what Kristen suggests. Kristen says only he can decide that. Kristen believes in "judge not lest ye be judged." Kristen says only EJ knows how far he's willing to go for justice and what he needs to do to make things right. Kristen then exits.

Marlena gets a call and steps away. John comes back and asks Hope who Marlena's talking to. Hope assumes it's a patient and says John was back fast. John says if they are going to the island then they are going today for Marlena's sake. Hope asks him about his run-ins with Kristen. John calls them minor but says Marlena thinks it's all part of some master plan. Hope asks if he doesn't. John says it doesn't feel that way yet but feels it's enough that they are on guard. John thinks Hope is not convinced. Marlena returns and says she just had a patient going through a divorce and custody battle so she will call her back in an hour. John says they will take a later ferry to the island then but Hope says the last one is about to leave. Marlena suggests John go on his own to get there but he refuses to go without her. Marlena thinks it will give John some time and peace without Marlena shrieking about Kristen. Marlena says he can prepare everything for her to get there. John doesn't think that's the plan but Hope says they have to decide quickly. Marlena tells John to go. John doesn't want to but relucatantly agrees. John tells Marlena to take the first ferry in the morning. Marlena agrees as John kisses her goodbye and walks away. Hope asks Marlena about not going. Marlena says she'd love to be away with John but at least Kristen can't find him for a few days.

Roman finds Rafe making a call outside the town square. Roman calls it a nice day for a stroll through the square. Rafe asks if that's why he's there. Roman admits he was looking for Rafe but then checked on the stairs that Nicole fell down. Roman says it was his case but that case is closed. Rafe asks what he wanted to see him about. Roman brings up that someone put out an APB saying if found, do not approach and contact detective Hernandez. Rafe admits it was him. Roman asks what case he's working. Rafe says it's not a case. Rafe tells him that he doesn't usually ask for much but he wants him to look the other way just this once. Roman agrees this once and walks away. Rafe gets a call and answers asking if they've got her. Rafe asks if they are sure it's the car. Rafe writes down the address and says he'll take it from there. Rafe says he doesn't need directions as he knows where he's going and then hangs up. Rafe says he's sorry for Daniel but doesn't know what he's dealing with here.

Maggie says she's gotta get back to Victor and has Brady agree to think about what she said. She hugs him goodbye and exits. Brady says to himself that he hates it when Maggie is right and he's wrong.

EJ gets a call and asks what it is. EJ says he wants them to keep tailing Nicole until she and Daniel get on the plane. EJ finds out where she is and questions what she's doing there. EJ says he will take care of it and exits the Pub.

Nicole tells Jennifer that the truth is that she changed her story to satisfy Daniel but never changed her mind. Jennifer calls her delusional. Nicole says Daniel never stopped protecting her. Nicole says she had it all with a healthy baby boy and a man who wanted to take care of them then Jack died and Jennifer went trolling for her next guy. Jennifer says it's all in her head. Nicole questions why Jennifer would invite her to live with her unless she wanted to get to Daniel. Nicole thinks she was just in her way. Jennifer says it's the other way around. Nicole thinks Jennifer couldn't stand that she had everything. Nicole calls her a judgmental, sanctimonious bitch that just had to win. Nicole admits she heard Jennifer's message for Daniel so she went after her. Jennifer says she threw in the towel and walked away. Nicole accuses her of knocking her down the stairs but Jennifer says Nicole did that herself. Nicole recalls looking up at her after falling. Jennifer says she couldn't believe what she had done. Nicole says she finally found a way to make her lose. Jennifer thinks everything for Nicole is about winning or losing. Nicole declares that her biggest mistake was folding when she had the winning hand. Jennifer questions what that means. Nicole says Jennifer will find out when they put the handcuffs on her. Daniel arrives and questions what Nicole is doing there. Nicole is glad he's there and says she finally realized after being confused before that it wasn't an accident and that Jennifer did push her. Nicole declares that Jennifer is the reason her baby is dead so they have to take a later flight so she can go to the police. Daniel stops Nicole and tells her that they are not going anywhere.

Marlena walks with Hope and tells her about Kristen already getting on the church board which John is on. Hope can't believe that Kristen tried to become a patient of Marlena's therapist. Marlena says the therapist oddly feels that Kristen can change like John does. Hope recalls Kristen locking Marlena up. Marlena thanks Hope as she's been frustrated since she can't get through to John. Hope says she spoke to John while she was on the phone and he's not as suspicious. Marlena thinks John will be soon since Kristen is so obvious to her

John arrives at the island and heads inside the cabin where he finds Kristen.

Nicole tells Daniel to listen to her instead of Jennifer. Nicole knows Daniel always wants to believe in Jennifer. Jennifer explains to Daniel that Nicole came looking for him. Daniel stops Nicole. Nicole wants him to listen to her. Daniel says they need to go somewhere but Nicole refuses to leave until he believes her. The three go into the living room where Daniel tells Nicole that it's not about Jennifer but about the truth. Daniel needs Nicole to come with him but she says no. Daniel says they can go somewhere private to talk but Nicole insists that she's not lying to him about this. Nicole blames Jennifer for killing her son but Daniel says she didn't. Nicole questions why he's upset with her. Daniel reveals that he knows that Nicole already knew her baby was dead before confronting Jennifer at the town square that day. Nicole cries as Jennifer watches on surprised.

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