Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 11/6/12

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 11/6/12


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Marlena finds John outside the Pub and they greet each other. John says he didn't expect to wake up alone in bed this morning. Marlena apologizes as she had a patient. John says before they go into the Pub, he wants to talk to her. Marlena says it sounds serious. John informs her that he ran into Kristen last night but Marlena already knew. John assumes Sami told her but Marlena reveals that Kristen told her.

Kristen talks on the phone to Stefano. Stefano thinks she should move back into the DiMera Mansion because it's a shame for it to sit empty. Kristen says it's not empty but full of ghosts so she's not going there until Stefano gets home. Stefano hopes it will be soon and she does too. Stefano asks about getting her box of things. Kristen is surprised they kept onto all of her stuff. Stefano says despite their differences, history is important as it's what binds them forever. Stefano tells her that he never forgot her and he never forgets anything. Kristen responds that she doesn't either.

Brady prepares to leave the Kiriakis Mansion but Victor stops him and tells him to forget about work because family is more important. Victor says he needs Brady's help to save a man's life or at least his soul.

Daniel sits at the hospital with papers and thinks back to Dr. Sedwick telling him that Nicole had already lost her baby before her fall down the stairs. Daniel looks at the matching baby clothes. Cameron enters and asks about an autopsy report and if it confirmed what they suspected. Daniel says something is screwed up. Daniel says the truth of what happened to the child was right in front of them but they missed it.

Nicole packs her bag and is excited to leave as there's a knock at the door and it's Jennifer. Nicole tells her that Daniel isn't there. Jennifer comes in and says she wants to talk to her. Nicole says she's busy but Jennifer says it won't take long. Jennifer calls it her last chance to find out what really happened the day she lost her baby. Jennifer says she first wants to thank her because she can't imagine how hard it was to go over the story with the police only to tell them she made a mistake. Nicole calls it one of the hardest things she's ever had to do. Jennifer tells her again that she's sorry it happened and wishes she could take it back. Nicole wants to move forward and put it all behind her. Jennifer wants to do the same but thinks about it every day. Jennifer says before Nicole and Daniel leave Salem, there's something she has to ask her. Jennifer says everything just happened so fast and something doesn't make sense to her. Jennifer hopes Nicole can clear it up.

Daniel tells Cameron that it's possible that the baby had died before Nicole's fall. Cameron says the only way to know for sure is if Nicole was examined. Cameron wonders if it really matters since the charges against Jennifer were dropped. Daniel says it matters because Jennifer still feels responsible and deserves to know the truth. Cameron asks what Daniel is going to do.

Stefano tells Kristen that he will do anything to bring his family back together. Kristen believes him since he reached out to her. Kristen says she's getting back to work and will be in touch soon. Stefano looks forward to good news as they hang up. Kristen opens her box of belongings from the mansion and looks at a Milli Vanilli cassette and a video tape titled John Jr.'s first bath. Kristen continues searching through the box and she finds a key. She takes it and exits her room.

John and Marlena sit at the Pub together. Marlena explains that Kristen called her to make sure she knew that she saw John. John assures her that nothing happened. Marlena knows and says that's why Kristen called her to make her paranoid. John asks if she got under her skin. Marlena asks John if he believes it was a coincidence. John is not sure how she could've known he would be there and notes that it's a small town. Marlena points out that's Kristen's words and asks if they worked it out. They argue until Kayla arrives and wants to talk to Marlena. They talk about everything Kayla's been busy with. John says he has to go to a meeting and kisses Marlena goodbye. Kayla notices that Marlena hadn't eaten. Marlena says she's not so hungry.

Victor tells Brady about Daniel leaving town today which surprises him. Victor says they all thought that they had more time to stop him. Victor says he and Brady saw the light when it came to Nicole and now they need to help Daniel before it's too late. Brady asks if Maggie knows they are having this conversation. Victor explains that Maggie didn't want to interfere in Daniel's life but also wasn't able to be there for him when he was a child and now it's killing her that he's moving away. Brady wishes he thought this would end well but he doesn't want Daniel to end up like they did with Nicole. Brady feels Daniel has made up his mind and if Victor couldn't change his mind then who could. Victor states there is something that Brady hasn't tried because now it's all on his shoulders.

Daniel asks Cameron to keep everything between them until he puts it all together. Cameron agrees and tells him he's sorry as he walks away. Daniel wonders what Nicole has done. Maxine alerts Daniel that Dr. Sedwick has called for him. Daniel answers the phone and appreciates her calling back. Daniel asks about her exam notes from Nicole's visit. She tells him that she recorded them on a chart but Daniel tells her the chart is not there. She calls it strange. Daniel wants her to fill him in on whatever details she remembers. She responds that she can do even better than that.

Nicole questions Jennifer wanting her to go over that day one more time. Jennifer says this is about what happened before. Nicole questions what she means. Jennifer recalls leaving a phone message for Daniel. Jennifer thinks Nicole played it and erased it which is how she knew she was waiting for Daniel in the town square. Nicole questions why that matters and asks if Jennifer is blaming her for losing her own baby.

Kayla sits with Marlena and talks about positions at the hospital but Marlena is not paying attention. They agree on a doctor. Marlena adds that she wishes she could have done more for Caroline before she left. Kayla hopes the treatment program will have promise. Kayla tells her that Bo has said she's doing well. Kayla says it's too early to know if the treatment is helping. Kayla thanks her for her concern. Kayla is worried about Marlena and asks what she's so distracted by. Marlena tells her that it's Kristen and realizes Kayla has not heard that Kristen is back in town and making herself at home.

John goes to meet with a priest. He informs John that other members of the fundraiser couldn't make it so he cancelled the meeting and is sorry that they both had to come down. John questions both as Kristen arrives. The priest introduces John to Kristen as the newest board member. Kristen reveals that they already know each other.

Brady tells Victor that he can't talk to Daniel because he already tried and his mind is made up. Victor says he's not talking about a rational discussion since Daniel is well beyond reason. Brady questions what Victor wants him to do. Victor suggests coming at a different angle since he already tried approaching Nicole. Victor thinks Nicole is delusional about being in love with Daniel and adds that she couldn't even be bought off. Brady suggests maybe Nicole is in love with Daniel. Victor says Nicole would never know what love is. Brady questions what he wants him to do. Victor says he wouldn't ask if the situation wasn't so dire but he wants Brady to throw himself at Nicole. Victor doesn't think it will take much. Brady asks what's supposed to happen next. Victor believes it will allow Daniel to see Nicole for the lying bitch that she is.

Daniel asks Dr. Sedwick what more information that she has. She tells him that she wrote additional notes on her way to the airport. Daniel asks about the notes. She is willing to e-mail what she has. Daniel says it's vital that he sees them.

Nicole can't believe Jennifer came to her with accusations. Nicole blames Jennifer for losing her baby. Jennifer calls it a terrible tragic accident. Jennifer wishes she hadn't been there, seen her, or argued. Jennifer says they know the truth is that she didn't push her and never meant for it to happen. Jennifer questions if Nicole came there to confront her. Jennifer asks whats he wanted to say to her. Nicole says she came to she hates her guts and never wanted to see her again but now her wish has come true only her baby had to die for it to happen. Jennifer brings up knowing about her deal with Daniel to drop the charges so they could leave together. Nicole shouts that Daniel wants to be with her and questions Jennifer breaking his heart and then suddenly caring again. Nicole yells that it's not Jennifer's decision to make. Jennifer says she's right as it's Daniel's decision and she then exits. Nicole pulls out her phone and wonders where Daniel is.

Daniel receives the e-mail from Dr. Sedwick and thanks her as he hangs up.

John asks how Kristen can be on the board after just getting back to town. The priest explains that Stefano donated money but isn't in town so Kristen agreed to step in. The priest gets a call and steps out. John tells Kristen that he has to go but she asks him to wait since she has a confession to make. Kristen says she wasn't surprised to see John this time. John assumes she means that she knew he was on the board but she clarifies that she didn't but she knows how committed he is to God, the church and the people he loves. They think back to a conversation they had about staying faithful to God in the past. John calls it a long time ago and says it seems like a lifetime ago. Kristen tells him that he's still the most caring man she knows.

Brady questions if Victor is serious since Nicole just lost her child. Brady calls him heartless but Victor doesn't think it's the time to be sentimental. Victor talks about knowing what Nicole is like and he doesn't think she's changed. Victor tells Brady to stand there and do nothing if he wants Daniel's life on him.

Nicole paces at Daniel's as she worries and thinks back to her argument with Jennifer. Nicole wonders what Jennifer meant by it being Daniel's decision. Nicole says Jennifer is wrong and there's nothing else she can do to hurt her. Nicole daydreams about being with Daniel in preparation for Hawaii only for Jennifer to stop them and profess her love for Daniel. Nicole starts to panic.

Jennifer returns home and wonders what she was thinking like she'd get any answers from Nicole. Jennifer pulls out her phone.

Nicole says to herself that it can't happen as Daniel won't listen to Jennifer. Nicole begins to make a call.

Daniel is frustrated at the hospital as his phone rings. He looks at it and sees Nicole is calling but he rejects the call. The phone rings again and this time it's Dr. Sedwick as Daniel answers. She wanted to make sure he didn't have any questions. Daniel says her notes were very clear and thanks her. Daniel says he knows exactly what happened that day and appreciates it. Daniel exits.

Marlena tells Kayla about Kristen following her, stealing her phone, stalking Sami, and always being with John. Marlena says the odd thing is that the longer she's there, the more John believes she's sincere. Kayla insists that John won't let anything happen to their family. Marlena says John did as he used to be with Kristen. Kayla reminds her that they have a built a family now. Kayla doesn't think she needs to tell her that Kristen is just deliberately pushing her buttons. Marlena says she took the bait like Kristen knew she would. Kayla assures her that John trusts her judgment more than anyone. Marlena says not when it comes to Kristen but agrees that she's just trying to push her buttons. Marlena refuses to give in to what Kristen wants.

The priest returns and apologizes for the interruption. He says he will reschedule their meeting. He tells Kristen that the meeting would be about their common goals. John asks for a word with the priest alone. Kristen says goodbye and exits. The priest asks what he can do for John. John says he has a theological question about forgiveness. John says he knows if a person is genuinely contrite then God forgives anything. John talks about always being taught to practice Godly forgiveness. John questions if a guy has been wronged and having a really hard time letting it go. The priest tells him that forgiveness is a gift. He advises him to search his soul and pray for God's help. John says he has and knows the priest believes people can change. He tells John that every lost soul can be found and sometimes it only takes a single person to believe.

Brady sits frustrated at the mansion and pulls out his phone as he thinks about calling Nicole.

Nicole continues to worry and decides to call the hospital. Maxine answers. Nicole wants to speak with Daniel. Maxine offers to page him but thinks he left. Maxine says Daniel didn't sign out but he walked out after a call. Maxine asks if she has a message but Nicole says no and hangs up. Nicole then calls Jennifer but gets her voicemail. Nicole gets mad and starts to leave but her phone rings and it's Brady.

Daniel remains at the hospital with the matching pair of baby clothes. His phone rings and he sees a voicemail from Nicole. Daniel shakes his head and continues looking at the clothes. Cameron walks by as Daniel thinks back to comforting Nicole after she lost her baby and when Nicole first told him that Jennifer pushed her and killed her son. Daniel invites Cameron in and gives him the clothes to be sent back to the lost and found. Daniel says there's something he really needs to do as he exits.

John rejoins Marlena at the town square. She asks about the meeting. John calls it a waste of time as it was cancelled and Kristen is on the board as well. John assures her that he had no idea. Marlena recalls Kristen always being involved in church work but also lied and schemed to get out of it. Marlena hopes John doesn't take it as a sign that she's changed. Marlena doesn't know what it will take for John to understand that Kristen will never give up on him.

Kristen returns home and looks at the key she found earlier. She thinks back to an old time with John.

Victor returns to Brady. Brady tells him that he called Nicole but she didn't answer so he thinks they already left. Victor blames Brady for taking so long to make up his mind. Brady apologizes. Victor declares that Brady failed to save Daniel from a world of heartbreak. Victor says God help him now and walks out.

Daniel returns home looking for Nicole but the apartment is now empty. Daniel looks around and wonders what she's done.

Nicole goes to Jennifer's and bangs on the door but there's no answer. Nicole checks her purse to see if she still has a key. She instead finds the surgical knife she took from the hospital when her baby died. Jennifer answers the door as Nicole has her back turned with the surgical knife in her hand.

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