Days of Our Lives Update Friday 11/2/12

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 11/2/12


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Sami works on her computer in her office. Kristen comes in and greets her. Sami asks what she's doing there. Kristen calls it nice and she might let her keep it. Sami questions if she's staying and says she hasn't decided if it's worth the humiliation. Kristen tells her that she's in for a surprise if she hasn't been humiliated in awhile and hands her an envelope.

Kate goes to the coffeehouse and tells Sonny that she's there to speak with him.

Will tells Lucas to say what he should've been checking his messages instead of. Lucas tells him that he should've been available to his family instead of hooking up with Sonny and asks if that's what he was doing. Will says it'd be funny if he wasn't so predictable. Lucas calls it not funny. Lucas says there's something serious going on with his family and he almost missed it. Will tells him that he meant to say he almost missed it because he was about to make love to his boyfriend but Will thinks it makes him sick to his stomach. Lucas says he doesn't know how he feels as it has nothing to do with that. Lucas says he can't open his mouth without saying the wrong thing so he's not going to say anymore. Will questions Lucas being disgusted by him being with another man. Lucas says Sonny is chapters ahead of Will in that life. Lucas thinks what Sonny wants, he gets. Lucas tells Will that Sonny doesn't want a relationship with him but only to get him in bed. Lucas declares that Sonny is using Will.

Gabi and Nick continue kissing. Nick asks ifs he wants him to stop but she says no so they continue kissing and start undressing each other.

Daniel returns home to Nicole. Nicole is glad to see him and says they need to leave right now. Daniel agrees and says he was thinking the exact same thing as he hugs her. Nicole wants him to say it again because it's been a rough few weeks and she hoped she heard him right. Nicole wants to finally get her happy ending. Daniel thinks back to his conversation with Jennifer. Daniel tells Nicole that nothing is going to stop them now.

Jennifer goes to the Pub and meets with Hope. Hope tells her that she just heard that all the charges have been dropped. Jennifer then informs Hope that she needs her to take her to the police station so that she can confess to pushing Nicole down the stairs. Hope thinks she's joking. Jennifer blames herself for Nicole's baby's death and wants to turn herself in. Jennifer says she's confessing to a crime and wants Hope to arrest her. Hope tells her to stop and pulls her out of the Pub.

Daniel and Nicole look at Hawaii flights. Nicole finds one that leaves tomorrow morning with one stop in LA. Daniel tells her to book it. Nicole wonders if it's insane to want to leave right away. Daniel says he has to go finish some things up at the hospital but he will be back in time for the flight. Nicole thinks the sooner the town and everyone in it are behind her, the better.

Sami opens Kristen's envelope and sees she's being offered a bonus to accept being demoted. Sami doesn't get why since Kristen doesn't need her to run the company herself. Kristen says Sami needs her. Kristen directs Sami to a paragraph in the contract that she wants Sami to destroy Kate's numbers. Kristen tells Sami that if she does all that she asks with the numbers then she'll be the happiest demoted girl in town. Sami wants a company car 24/7 and access to the corporate jet which Kristen agrees to without a fight. Kristen tells her that outlandish requests won't scare her off. Kristen thinks Sami wanted the chance the second she saw Kate's name. Kristen adds that Marlena won't be thrilled about them working together. Sami points out that she still hasn't decided yet. Sami wants a corporate allocation of funds to redecorate her office too. Sami says if Kristen wants her to work for her then it will cost her big time.

Gabi and Nick continue kissing in bed after making love. Gabi tells him that he has to understand something but says she's speechless. Nick calls her amazing. Nick now feels like if he met her before then his whole life would be different as they resume kissing.

Sonny sits with Kate and asks what she wanted to talk to him about. Kate says she just wanted to tell him that she likes the way Sonny and Will are together. Sonny jokes with her about their marriage joke with her. Kate says it didn't make her uncomfortable. Kate says she was watching Will that day and thinking how much she adores him and respects him and how worried she was for him. Sonny asks why she worried. Kate says she knew Will was gay long before he knew himself and she worried that he wouldn't be able to accept that about himself. Sonny asks what she's trying to tell him. Kate states that Will seems happier than he's ever been and she thinks he's happy to finally be open about who he is. Kate asks Sonny to be careful with Will and his heart since he's new to all of it while Sonny isn't.

Will questions Lucas thinking Sonny is using him. Lucas says he does think so. Will tells him that he has no idea what he's talking about since he wanted to be with Sonny and it was his idea. Lucas thinks Sonny setup having the Halloween boxes sent to his apartment to get Wil in his bed. Lucas calls it the oldest trick in the book and hopes Will is not that naive. Lucas jokes that he might use that trick when he starts dating again. Will questions Lucas thinking that Sonny tricked him and if they are talking about the same guy. Will says Sonny does no wrong. Lucas questions Will knowing anything about Sonny that really matters. Will says he knows a lot about Sonny. Lucas asks if he knows all about Sonny's time in Europe. Will states that Sonny was studying in Europe. Lucas wonders who he was with and how many boyfriends he's had. Will admits that Sonny hasn't told him. Lucas asks about Brian. Will says they are just friends. Lucas wonders if they are friends with benefits but Will insists just friends. Lucas says Sonny has been at it a lot longer than Will and that's what worries him. Lucas tells Will that he has no idea what he's getting into but Will claims that he does. Lucas asks Will about how many boyfriends Sonny has had and points out that Sonny's never told him. Will can't take this and starts to leave. Lucas tells Will that he's just another guy to Sonny and that once he gets him in bed and gets what he wants then he will move on. Lucas insists that he will. Lucas continues to question what he thinks Sonny was doing in Europe. Lucas wonders how many boyfriends Sonny has had and how many are still out there.

Nicole asks Daniel if she can help with anything else. He tells her to just get ready and get some sleep then he will be back in time for their flight. Nicole hugs him and says she's so excited. Nicole notices Daniel is not wearing his necklace and wonders where it is. Daniel assumes he must have lost it at the hospital. Nicole tells him that she will make it her full time job to make him happy in Hawaii as they kiss.

Hope brings Jennifer home and questions what she's doing. Jennifer says she's doing it for Daniel or else he will leave town with Nicole. Jennifer says Daniel is going to leave town with Nicole unless she finds a way to keep him there so this is her last shot.

Daniel tells Nicole that they will have an amazing life. Daniel then exits. Nicole says to herself that they will have an amazing life as long as EJ stays out of it. Nicole gets her phone and makes a call. Nicole says she's surprised to be calling but she needs their help and needs it now.

Kate tells Sonny that she's just trying to get him to see things from Will's perspective to understand him a little better. Kate says she just cares so much. Sonny understands. Kate says she's been around long enough to know what they have doesn't come around often. Kate advises him to appreciate it and take care of it. Kate ends the conversation and asks if she's offended him. Sonny kisses her on the cheek and says anyone who cares as much about Will as she does can talk to him about it any time. Sonny wants her to know that he won't take for granted what he and Will have as he goes back to work.

Will thinks there's two reasons that Lucas doesn't like him being with Sonny with one being that he doesn't like having a gay son and two he just doesn't like Sonny. Lucas says he knows Sonny's type and how he will want to be Will's first. Lucas says realistically Will will be like Sonny's twentieth. Lucas says he's saying this because he loves him and cares about him. Will tells him to stay out of his relationship and walks off.

Jennifer tells Hope that Daniel is willing to run off with Nicole if she agrees to not press charges against her. Jennifer says she's figured it out because Nicole changed her whole story all of a sudden. Jennifer mocks the idea of Nicole being honest and forgiving. Hope questions Jennifer's idea of going to jail to keep Daniel in Salem. Jennifer thinks Daniel won't ruin his life that way. Hope tells her that she's all in. Hope says she'll arrest her cousin for something that she didn't do and then have to tell her children who just lost their father. Hope asks if she's lost her mind. Jennifer refuses to let Daniel do this to himself. Hope wants her to see that doing something equally self-destructive won't help. Jennifer admits that she sees that and can't confess to a crime that she didn't commit. Hope hugs her and tells her to take care of herself. Hope says Daniel would not want her to do this. Jennifer knows but feels she owes Daniel so much.

Victor goes to the hospital to see Daniel. Victor tells him health-wise he's fine but family-wise not so much since Maggie is terribly upset again. Victor says he tracked him down after he found out what's going on. Victor doesn't suppose he can talk Daniel out of leaving town. Daniel says he hates that it's hurting Maggie. Daniel tells him that he can't talk him out of it as his mind is made up.

Sami goes to see Nicole. Nicole didn't think she would come. Sami admits that she was surprised to hear from her but curiosity got the better of her. Nicole informs her that she's leaving Salem with Daniel as they move to Hawaii together. Sami congratulates her and starts to leave but Nicole thanks her after everything Rafe did for her which she knows changed a lot between them so Nicole wanted to tell her herself. Sami tells her that she's sorry about her loss. Nicole wishes more people would say that and knows Sami understands what she's going through. Sami knows it's the worst thing in the world and wishes she could do or say something to help. Nicole suggests that there is and asks Sami if she's sure she wants to hear it. Nicole then asks how much pull Sami has with EJ these days.

Nick and Gabi lay in bed as Nick talks about how a couple of months ago, his life seemed pretty hopeless as he was in prison and was sure he wouldn't get parole for two more years but now here he is. Nick calls Gabi the most beautiful woman he's ever seen. Nick calls her amazing and says it's hard to believe that he could be so lucky. Nick says Gabi never judges him and always saw him for who he is and who he could be. Gabi says she feels the same about him. Gabi talks about being in a bad place herself a couple of months ago and thought no one could ever make her happy again. Gabi says it means so much to her that they both want this. Gabi says she knows she does and could feel that Nick does too so it feels so real and they start kissing again.

Kristen answers a call from Stefano. Stefano says he's checking in on how she's doing. Kristen calls it baby steps. Stefano asks about EJ. Kristen says he's reluctant and grieving but she thinks they are making headway. Stefano asks about Chad. Kristen tells him that Chad will take a little bit longer but she's working on it. Stefano mentions an e-mail and asks if his message was delivered. Kristen says she needed to set the ground first. Stefano wants it delivered tomorrow but Kristen says that she can make it happen tonight.

Sonny returns home. Will walks in behind him looking upset. Sonny turns around and asks what happened. Will rushes up to him and kisses him. Sonny tries to stop him but Will doesn't want to talk. Sonny says he seems upset and wants to talk. Will tells him that he just wants him and continues trying to kiss him but Sonny stops him and wants to know what Lucas said to get him like this. Will says it was nothing and wants to forget Lucas. Sonny asks him why he looked how he did when he came in. Will asks Sonny if he's the first guy he brought to his place. Sonny wonders why he would ask that. Will says he just wants to know. Sonny admits that he's not. Will asks if it was Brian. Sonny suggests Will should go. Will says he just wants to know and asks if he slept with him. Sonny tells him that he didn't sleep with Brian but he's not going to sleep with Will either.

Jennifer tells Hope that she and Daniel were starting something so sweet together before Jack came back. Jennifer talks about how Daniel stepped aside and let her decide then she chose Jack. Hope points out that Jack was the father of her children and they were still married. Jennifer talks about how she was barely there for Daniel when he found out that he had to give up being a surgeon. Jennifer says Daniel saved her life and now is not even asking what's in this for him. Jennifer says all Daniel wants is to save her and now she needs to be that person for him.

Victor tells Daniel that it's not easy seeing Maggie upset but he can take care of her. Daniel tells him that this is not forever and he wants Maggie to know that. Victor says he's used to having Daniel nearby and part of his life. Daniel says he'll always be a part of his life no matter where he goes as they hug.

Nicole tells Sami about EJ being ready for a fight and wanting to make Jennifer pay. Nicole says EJ can't accept that it was an accident and just wants to blame someone. Sami calls it a horrible situation. Nicole worries that EJ will come after her next. Sami says Rafe pretending to be the baby's father wasn't her favorite thing but warns her that EJ won't give up. Nicole thinks EJ will listen to Sami because she has a hold on him like no one else ever will. Nicole says Sami is EJ's obsession. Nicole says she's going out on a limb and begs Sami for help. Sami doesn't think it all adds up. Nicole says she's grieving and apologizes for not connecting all the dots. Sami talks about how Nicole accused Jennifer and then all of a sudden changed it to an accident. Nicole blames it on being traumatized. Sami says she knows Nicole and knows that if she thought Jennifer caused her to lose her child then she would hunt her down and not stop until she made her pay. Sami says if Nicole knew all along that Jennifer had nothing to do with it then maybe she set her up to take the fall. Nicole says she wouldn't do that. Nicole tells her that this favor would help her too. Nicole points out that Sami hates her and her relationship with Sydney so she can imagine her gone and never coming back. Nicole says it could happen but it won't unless Sami stands up for them. Nicole asks her what she says.

Will questions Sonny that he can't ask who he's been with. Sonny thinks it's Lucas that's really asking. Sonny says he would answer questions if Will was asking them but he came in here, grabbed him, kissed him and tried to have sex with him then started hammering him with questions. Sonny tells Will to leave. Will wants to talk about it but Sonny says they can't because this whole thing has been a mistake. Will then exits.

Gabi tells Nick that they will have to get out of bed at some point. Nick wants to stay there forever. Nick offers to get them food. Gabi brings up Kate's job offer and how he never gave an answer. Nick kisses her and says he's not sure he could ever get used to the idea of working with Kate.

Kate walks outside the town square and runs into Kristen. Kate is surprised to see her and asks when she got back. Kristen says it's been a few days but she was tending to family business. Kristen tells Kate that she has a message for her from Stefano.

Hope offers Jennifer ice cream but she's not interested. Hope asks Jennifer what makes her think she could change Daniel's mind if Maggie couldn't. Jennifer understands that she has to back off as she feels that she has done and said everything she could but he's still running off with Nicole.

Daniel finishes up at the hospital. Maxine asks if he's really doing this but Daniel doesn't want to her to make it harder. Maxine brings up Daniel looking for his necklace. She tells him that it was in lost and found and goes to get it for him.

Sami gets that Nicole wants a commitment from her but it's going to take more than a daydream of her being gone. Sami thinks it will help if Nicole tells her what's really going on and then maybe they can negotiate as Sami then exits. Nicole thinks back to when she really lost the baby. Nicole then starts to cry.

Maxine goes to the lost and found to retrieve Daniel's necklace. Daniel comes in and says he had to be upstairs so he went ahead and came in. Maxine gives him the necklace and leaves. Daniel looks over and sees the baby shirt in the lost and found. Daniel thinks back to having the matching piece in the box of clothes that he donated. Daniel picks up the shirt and reads the tag that reads "Exam Room B 10/8/12 11:45 AM"

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