Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 11/1/12

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 11/1/12


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Kristen prepares to take a shower as there's a knock on the door. Kristen assumes it's room service and tells them to just bring it in and she'll sign for it later as she walks into the bath room. The door opens and someone walks in.

There's a knock on the door at Daniel's. Nicole opens the door and it's EJ. Nicole questions what he's doing there. EJ warns her that if she thinks she's going to get away with this then she's very much mistaken. Nicole questions what he's talking about. EJ demands to know why Nicole changed her story about Jennifer.

Maggie questions Jennifer wanting her to stop Daniel from leaving. Jennifer wants her to play the mother card. Maggie says she already talked to Daniel about this. Jennifer begs her to try again. Maggie agrees to talk to Daniel.

Daniel finishes filling out resignation forms as the nurses at the desk argue about stealing the baby shirt. Eli walks by with the box of baby clothes and tells Daniel that Salem Gives donates the clothes to poor women who give birth. The nurses continue to argue over the baby shirt until one of them calls over to Daniel asking him to tell the other nurse that stealing is wrong. Daniel tells them to just give it to him but gets a call from Maggie. Maggie says she needs to see him right away as it's important. Daniel asks if everything is okay. Maggie says it is but it's important to talk to him in person.

Kristen comes out of the shower to find Brady seated in her room. Brady tells her that it's time they get something straight.

Nick joins Gabi, Will, and Sonny at the town square. Will brings up the Salem indie music fest coming up. Sonny suggests they all go together like a double date. Gabi likes the idea and asks Nick. Nick thinks it depends on who's playing. Sonny calls it a good point and tells him to let them know if he wants to come. Will and Sonny walk away together as Nick watches. Gabi asks Nick what his deal is between he and the guys.

Nicole tells EJ that he's blaming her because things didn't go his way like the old days. EJ says it's not about going his way as he shouts that the woman who killed their kid is free. EJ wants to know why Nicole changed her story. Nicole doesn't want to tell him anything because of how he's acting. EJ shuts the door and says he hasn't even started. EJ doesn't understand. Nicole explains that she thought about it and decided that she wasn't sure so she told the police that. EJ brings up Nicole telling him before that Jennifer pushed him. Nicole says she told him everything that he needs to know. Nicole tells him to leave so she can get some rest but EJ grabs her and says he isn't going anywhere until she tells him why she changed her story.

Daniel hopes Maggie is not setting him up for another go-round with Victor. Maggie assures him that it will just be the two of them. Daniel agrees to meet her right away and hangs up. The nurses continue arguing. Daniel asks them what the problem is but they say it's all taken care of now so Daniel exits.

Kristen tells Brady that she loves getting things straight. Brady wants her to stop playing games with John and Marlena. Kristen says he's buying into Marlena's paranoid reaction to her being back. Brady orders her to leave them alone.

Nick tells Gabi that he doesn't know what she means. Gabi thinks he seems closed off around Will and Sonny. Nick says it might seem like that because he's not as on all the time as they are. Gabi says they are just happy. Nick comments that it sure seems like they are. Gabi questions if this is about them being gay.

Will and Sonny sit together at the coffeehouse. Sonny brings up it being the first time they've been alone since Lucas interrupted them. Sonny asks if he wants to talk about it but he gets a call and steps away. Billie approaches and says it looks like Will is having fun. Will greets her as she sits with him. Will asks if something is wrong. Billie says she was going to ask him the same thing because she had a little chat with Lucas.

Kristen threatens to make a call to have Brady thrown out. Kristen says she's going to call the cops but Brady tells her that she doesn't need to since he's going. Brady just wanted to make sure she got his message. Kristen stops him and says she's going to change into her clothes and then wants to make sure that he got her message.

Abigail joins Jennifer at home and says she was looking for her but notices she's unhappy and wonders if Nicole changed her mind. Jennifer says she didn't. Abigail asks her about not being happy. Jennifer says she is happy and hugs her as she tells her she's sorry for everything she's been through. Abigail can tell something else is wrong and wants to know what it is.

Daniel goes to the Kiriakis Mansion to see Maggie. She thanks him for coming so quick. Daniel wants to know what's wrong. Maggie is sure he already knows. Daniel admits he had a sense of dread on his way over. Daniel guesses that she's been talking to Jennifer. Maggie thinks it's wonderful that Nicole dropped the charges and finally did the right thing. Daniel jokes about Maggie liking Jennifer more than Nicole. Maggie says Nicole might not have ruined Jennifer's life but she's not so sure that Daniel will be so lucky.

EJ refuses to leave until Nicole tells him exactly why she changed her story. Nicole thinks back to making her deal with Daniel. EJ goes over that Nicole told him Jennifer pushed her intentionally and that she was threatening her before. EJ questions if she doesn't think Jennifer should pay for killing her kid. Nicole declares that she was wrong and realized that she was hysterical and wanting to blame anyone. EJ points out that she blamed Jennifer. Nicole says no matter how mad or angry she is at Jennifer, she would never do something like that. EJ thinks Nicole is lying.

Nick tells Gabi that he didn't say anything like that. Gabi wants to hear him say that he doesn't have a problem with Will and Sonny being gay or anyone being gay. Nick wonders why they are even talking about this. Gabi says she loves Will and Sonny and she has a problem with people not liking other people just because of something they are like their race or orientation. Nick questions if she really doesn't see the difference. Gabi decides to leave.

Billie tells Will that she wanted him to know there was a problem and she'd want to help him solve it but she thinks it's better if he doesn't tell Lucas that she talked to him about it. Sonny rejoins them and jokes with her. Billie decides to go get some coffee and says it was nice to see them. Sonny asks Will what that was about. Will says it was what they were talking about earlier and asks if something happened with Lucas after he left.

Kristen tells Brady that she's really sorry about him losing his fiancee. Brady says he didn't lose her as she died but he doesn't want to talk about his personal life. Kristen sees a lot of John in Brady. Brady is proud to be like John. Kristen jokes about Brady seeming uptight and points out that they used to be family. Brady calls her a liar, a homewrecker, and an unsuccessful murderer. Kristen admits she made a lot of mistakes but says Brady should believe in second chances. Kristen insists that she's changed. Brady wonders why she's stalking and chasing Marlena. Kristen wonders why no one ever asks for her side of the story. Kristen says everyone always believes Marlena. Brady calls Marlena a nice person that tells the truth. Kristen points out that Marlena has been resisting her apologies. Kristen wonders if Marlena is threatened by what she used to have with John. Brady suggests it might be a threat if John had no standards at all. Brady calls her manipulative and cheap. Kristen responds by slapping Brady.

Daniel tells Maggie that his life is not her business or Jennifer's. Maggie wants him to tell her that he's not going off with Nicole to protect Jennifer. Daniel tells her that he is not. Maggie calls him a liar. Maggie says the reason that he's so angry and defensive is because he knows it's wrong. Daniel asks if it's wrong to protect Jennifer and keep her out of prison for something she did not do. Maggie asks if it's wrong if Nicole once again gets everything her way. Daniel reminds her that Nicole's baby is dead so she's not getting everything her way. Maggie says she's sorry about the baby and for her pain. Maggie tells him that he's going off with the woman who was going to happily railroad Jennifer for something she didn't do and that was her plan until she got something that she wanted in return which is him. Maggie says that's not a good person. Daniel suggests maybe he's not a good person either so maybe they are compatible.

Jennifer tells Abigail it's complicated. Abigail still wants to know. Jennifer sits with her and explains that she thinks Daniel got Nicole to change her statement. Abigail doesn't understand why it matters. Jennifer informs her that Daniel is leaving town with Nicole. Abigail realizes that Jennifer thinks he's doing it for her. Jennifer says she can't let him do that.

Nicole tells EJ that she owes him nothing. EJ thinks she just doesn't want him to know why she changed her story. EJ figures that it means Daniel is involved but all that matters is that Jennifer pays for what she's done. EJ warns Nicole that letting Jennifer go free is unforgivable. EJ goes to leave but Nicole reveals that Jennifer didn't kill her baby because she couldn't have. EJ questions how she knows that.

Kristen tells Brady that she didn't slap him because he hurt her feelings but because nobody talks to her that way. Brady says he never doubted Marlena but sees now what she's talking about. Brady thinks Kristen possibly might believe her own lies and that she's changed. Brady calls it scary. Brady says she's changed but not for the better. Kristen tells Brady that she's not afraid of him. Brady calls her dumb too and exits.

Gabi sits at home as Nick knocks on the door and wants her to talk to him. Gabi gets up and answers the door. Nick apologizes for upsetting her when he didn't mean to. Gabi says he did. Gabi adds that she thought she knew him but now knows she doesn't.

Will questions if Lucas stayed around to harass Sonny. Sonny thinks Lucas was trying to push his buttons and that he might have overreacted. Will tells him that he didn't start it so it's not his fault. Will says it is his fault that he didn't tell him before. Sonny says Lucas wanted to know what took them so long to open the door and what they were doing. Sonny feels he messed up by offering to tell Lucas in detail and says it was really stupid. Sonny apologizes. Will tells him that he has nothing to be sorry about but somebody does. Will kisses Sonny and exits.

EJ questions Nicole as to why she would say that Jennifer couldn't have killed the baby. Nicole says she slipped down the stairs and knows that now so she's not going to punish Jennifer for something that she didn't do. EJ sits down and says Nicole was born lying and will continue lying. EJ says he has no idea what's going on and is pretty sure she won't tell him so all bets are off. EJ reminds her that he cut her and her friends a break but she freed the woman who killed his son which he's sure was Daniel's request. EJ tells her that her amnesty is over. EJ then gets up and exits.

Maggie mocks the idea of Daniel and Nicole being very compatible. Maggie calls Nicole a lying, scheming bitch who is now needy, desperate, and lonely. Maggie compares that to Daniel who she calls a great man who likes to take care of everyone or at least every female. Daniel mocks her high opinion of him. Maggie says things were so much easier when she thought he was a predatory jerk and didn't love him. Maggie begins to cry. Daniel tells her not to cry and calls it unfair. Maggie says he's so important to her and to Melanie. Maggie mentions that she spoke to Melanie today and she's heartbroken that he's leaving Salem. Daniel points out that Melanie isn't there. Maggie says she's coming back as she still thinks of Salem as her home as much as it is Daniel's. Maggie tells him that Melanie agrees that it's a terrible idea. Maggie concludes that it's her fault for saying Nicole would never forgive Jennifer so Daniel ran to solve everything. Daniel tells her that she can come see him and he will come back to visit. Maggie cries that Jennifer came to see her because she knew she would understand. Maggie tells him this is bad for him. Maggie says they aren't just afraid of losing Daniel but afraid of Daniel losing himself. Daniel tells her that he's really sorry but it's what he has to do. Daniel exits, leaving Maggie crying.

Kristen gets a call from EJ and calls it a nice surprise. EJ tells her that he's headed to the office and would like to see her. Kristen calls it wonderful and says she'll be right there.

Will meets with Lucas outside of the town square. Lucas asks what's going on. Will tells him that he has a chance to be happy since he finally likes himself and his life and he won't let Lucas screw it up.

Nick tells Gabi that he knows she thinks this is about hate or judgment but it's not. Nick says it's more about him than them. Gabi doesn't understand. Nick says it's hard to explain and he didn't figure it all out on his own but when he was in prison, he had to wake up and face the person he'd become and how he got there. Nick says he didn't wake up one day and decide to be a bad person and do bad things. Gabi questions if he thinks Will and Sonny are bad people. Nick clarifies that he doesn't. Nick says before he did the terrible things that he did, he got to a place where he only thought of what he wanted or needed but he didn't think about right or wrong. Nick adds that's pretty important so he thinks they have to really be careful to say that something God said was wrong is okay now. Nick doesn't think Will and Sonny are bad people but he thinks the way they live their life is wrong. Nick says it doesn't compare to race because it's a choice. Nick admits to Gabi that he thinks it's wrong.

John meets with Brady at the Pub and asks if everything is okay. Brady tells him that he talked to Marlena. John explains that they had a disagreement about Kristen but they are on the same page now. Brady says that Kristen is exactly what John doesn't need right now. John feels she can only cause a problem if they let her. John understands that Kristen once made their lives a living hell. Brady questions what John ever saw in Kristen.

EJ meets with Kristen and talks about Nicole. EJ calls this unbelievable. Kristen suggests Nicole could be telling the truth that this was an accident. EJ didn't ask her to come to tell him that. Kristen says she's helping him figure out what to do. Kristen adds that if her instincts are correct then he needs to be very careful.

Daniel returns home. Nicole asks how the hospital was. Daniel says he just had a lot of paperwork to complete. Nicole wants to leave to Hawaii tonight. Daniel doesn't think they need to rush. Nicole argues that they do but Daniel insists that everything will be fine as there's a knock at the door. Daniel opens to see two cops who arrest Daniel for falsifying medical records. Nicole then awakes as it was just a nightmare.

Daniel exits the Kiriakis Mansion and runs into Jennifer. Daniel can't believe Jennifer dragged Maggie into this again. Jennifer tries to explain that he wouldn't listen to her so she had to do something. Daniel tells Jennifer to live her life and stay the hell out of his. Maggie intervenes but Daniel shouts at them both to let it go.

Gabi can't see how Nick sees being gay as a choice. Gabi questions if he chooses to be straight. Nick says he's not trying to change her mind and doesn't want to change the way she feels about them. Nick admits that he's not comfortable around them but he doesn't hate them. Nick apologizes for this coming between them. Nick starts to leave but Gabi stops him. Gabi tells him that she thinks he's wrong. Nick brings up the church. Gabi says they are talking about his cousin and her friend Will. Nick wants her to believe that he loves him and wants what's best for him. Nick says he meant what he said that he doesn't want this to come between them. Nick says meeting Gabi made him feel like he's finally on the right path. Nick adds that she makes him feel like he can be the man that he always wanted to be. Nick kisses her and calls her beautiful as they continue kissing.

Lucas asks Will if Sonny mentioned his behavior. Will tells him that Sonny felt bad but Will believes that Lucas asked for it by banging down the door. Lucas says he was trying to inform Will about his great Grandmother and says the whole situation could have been avoided if Will would've just checked his messages but instead. Will asks instead what and wants to hear Lucas say it.

Daniel tells Jennifer and Maggie that this is not how he wanted to say goodbye to either of them. Jennifer questions goodbye as Maggie adds that he wasn't leaving for two weeks. Daniel says he will call and rushes off.

John tells Brady that it's kind of a simple story. John says Kristen was a good person and then Stefano changed her. Brady questions her having no choice. John says they always have a choice but she went through a lot and he fell back in love with Marlena. Brady says a lot of people go through loss and rejection without resorting to kidnapping or attempted murder. John understands that she went off the rails. Brady says from what he saw today, Kristen is nowhere near back on track.

Kristen tells EJ that Nicole's new story is way more fitting to the Jennifer that she knows. EJ tells her to leave. Kristen says EJ asked her to come because he knows he can't sort this through on his own. Kristen warns EJ to think before he acts. EJ says Nicole was scared but doesn't scare very easily. Kristen asks if he thinks Daniel threatened her to change her story. EJ says Daniel wouldn't threaten. Kristen suggests Daniel appealed to Nicole's better self. EJ says she doesn't have one. EJ is pretty sure that Daniel convinced Nicole to change her story but feels there is something else that she is hiding from him and he needs to figure out what that is.

Nick and Gabi continue kissing. Nick apologizes to her. Gabi tells him not to be sorry and kisses him more.

Will tells Lucas to say what he should've been checking his messages instead of. Lucas tells him that he should've been available to his family instead of hooking up with Sonny and asks if that's what he was doing.

Kristen tells EJ that he's right that he has to find out what else there is before having anyone arrested. Kristen states that EJ will get his justice but timing is everything. Kristen tells him there's things he can do in the meantime. EJ says that he needs to keep a very close eye on Nicole. Kristen says Daniel too and he needs to watch them very closely then when the time is right, he will make his move.

John finishes a call and says he has to go. John tells Brady not to worry about Kristen because she may be back but she's not a threat to he or Marlena. John exits. Brady says John's right because he's going to make sure that she's not a threat to anyone.

Maggie apologizes to Jennifer as she feels she just made things worse. Maggie doesn't think there's anything else they can do and heads back inside. Jennifer says that's not true, there is something as she walks off.

Daniel returns home to Nicole. Nicole is glad to see him and says they need to leave right now. Daniel agrees and says he was thinking the exact same thing as he hugs her.

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