Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 10/31/12

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 10/31/12


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

EJ stops Kristen from leaving the town square and asks what she wants. Kristen tells him that she wants to help him get what he wants.

Marlena tells Sami that she can't handle Kristen and has to stay away from her. Sami can't believe she's telling her to quit her job and that Marlena's past with John is coming back to bite her. Marlena is trying to keep that from happening but Sami tells her that nobody can tell her what to do as she gets up.

Eli talks with another worker about the baby clothes Daniel donated. She mentions that they've never been worn as Eli explains that the baby was born dead. She notes one of the clothing items should have a shirt that matches it and wonders where it is.

Nicole tries to use the hospital phone but can't get it to work. She drops her purse and gets down to put everything back in as the baby shirt is on the counter behind her.

Jennifer argues with Daniel that this whole thing is stupid and a waste. Jennifer tells him to think about all the people that he helps and that love him. Jennifer questions Daniel giving up everything to go into this deal. Daniel yells at her that it's not a deal and wonders why she would even fight it if it was. Daniel tells Jennifer to think of herself and her children. Daniel wonders how it would be good for her to be in prison when it was clearly an accident. Jennifer argues that it's not his job to protect her. Daniel says it is. Jennifer questions why he has to protect her and Daniel shouts that it's because he still loves her. Jennifer questions Daniel leaving town with Nicole when he still loves her. Jennifer points out that he's not saying anything now. Jennifer asks if he wants to take it back. Daniel assures her that he does not want to take anything back.

Nicole puts everything back into her purse as Brady arrives and says he was just coming to see her. Nicole says he almost just missed her. Brady asks if she's going home. Nicole says she's going to Daniel's if the doctor ever releases her and she can't wait to leave. Brady asks how she is and hugs her as he says he's sorry. Brady asks Nicole what's in her hand as she informs him it's a plane ticket because she's not just leaving the hospital but leaving town since everything there reminds her of the life she thought she was going to have. Brady questions moving away to escape her issues. Nicole says she isn't running away as it looks like something good is going to come out of it. Brady asks if she'll be back for Jennifer's trial but Nicole informs him that there will be no trial since she told the police that she wasn't really sure what happened when she fell. Brady wants to know who got to her.

Jennifer asks Daniel if he loves her. Daniel says he does. Jennifer calls it so crazy and asks if he's crazy as they sit together. Jennifer questions when this happened. Daniel responds that it never stopped. Daniel knows he said he did but she had gone back to Jack as a family again so he had to draw a line for both of them. Daniel adds that he's pretty sure that he will never stop loving her but it doesn't change anything. Jennifer asks why he didn't say anything before now. Daniel wonders what he was supposed to say and if he was supposed to ask her out right after her husband died. Jennifer questions Daniel just leaving town with Nicole. Daniel says that decision has nothing to do with how he feels about Jennifer.

Kayla talks with a worker at the Pub about being ready for kids trick or treating. She sends her to work in the back as Abe arrives. Abe says he called her office but figured she'd be here. Kayla talks about wanting to keep an eye on things with Caroline gone. Abe asks how she is. Kayla says she's okay but Abe wants the truth and Kayla admits she's not so good.

Marlena apologizes to Sami for trying to tell her what to do. Sami reminds her that she dealt with Stefano on her own while Marlena was in Europe so she thinks she can deal with Kristen. Marlena says Kristen is playing games now. Marlena explains to Sami about running into Kristen at the park and how she lost her phone but it ends up at John's office where Kristen was. Sami wonders if it was possible that Marlena was wrong. Marlena knows she didn't use her phone there and thinks Kristen is trying to make her look paranoid. Sami thinks it's at least not as bad as what she used to do. Marlena believes Kristen is just getting started and tells Sami what happened with her therapist Dr. Patel. Sami promises not to let Kristen push her around or get involved in her life. John enters and suggests Sami listen to Marlena and put as much distance as possible between herself and Kristen.

EJ and Kristen sit together at the town square and toast to new beginnings. Kristen asks EJ about still not trusting her and claims she will win him over as soon as he lets her help with Sami. EJ asks what she knows about Sami's history. Kristen says she knows Sami is in EJ's blood even though she put a bullet in his head and that she keeps throwing him over for Rafe. EJ calls it all common knowledge. Kristen brings up Sami being unable to get over Rafe's lie about being the father of Nicole's baby which means EJ could have a chance with her. Kristen suggests it could be his last chance so he better not blow it. EJ questions her being able to help him with that. Kristen thinks she's made that clear and asks what he says. EJ questions what's in it for her because he knows there has to be something.

Brady takes Nicole into her hospital room and Nicole asks if he really wants Jennifer to go to prison when they are friends. Brady says they are friends but if she pushed her down the stairs. Nicole tells him that she's no longer sure if she did push her. Brady questions if she lied. Nicole says no but wonders what good it would do to send Jennifer to prison since it won't bring her baby back. Brady knows she wanted that baby more than anything. Brady talks about being there when Nicole fell and saw the look in her eyes when she said Jennifer pushed her. Brady brings up how now she's suddenly going to Hawaii and not knowing when she's coming back. Brady wants to know what she's not telling him.

Daniel tells Jennifer that he is going away with Nicole because it's what he wants. Jennifer would believe him if he just told her that he loved Nicole instead of her. Daniel says he cares a lot about Nicole. Jennifer questions that being enough for him to walk away from his life. Daniel says it's his life. Jennifer understands that she can't change his mind. Daniel admits that Nicole makes a lot of mistakes and does things on impulse. Daniel suggests he gets defensive about her because he's exactly the same way. Jennifer argues that he isn't. Daniel knows Jennifer thinks Nicole manipulated or seduced him but he says the truth is that it makes him sick seeing EJ make other people miserable so that's why he made his decision. Jennifer questions if it was the right decision for him or Nicole. Daniel says it was for both of them as they get each other. Daniel says they will have fun together when Nicole is over her grief but insists this is not a sacrifice. Jennifer asks what if it is a sacrifice for her. Daniel questions what that means. Jennifer explains that it seems the price she has to pay for her freedom is losing him.

EJ tells Kristen that they have a difficult history and questions her now wanting to be his life coach. EJ wants to know why she offered and what is in it for her. Kristen says she relates to him. EJ asks how. Kristen says they have both made mistakes over and over again out of love. EJ asks how this affects her plan to take John away from Marlena.

Sami questions John and Marlena saying they love her but not trusting her. Marlena assures her that Kristen is still as crazy as when she left. Sami talks about changing and raising four kids. Sami talks about surviving battling EJ for custody and splitting up with Rafe. Sami says her job makes her feel good so she won't let Kristen take that away from her. Sami adds that she deals with Kate so she can deal with Kristen. Marlena knows she feels that way. Sami insists that the job is important to her so she won't let Kristen push her around. Sami promises to be on guard. Marlena doesn't think it's enough to keep her safe. Sami asks what else Kristen has done since being back other than showing up in the park. Sami asks John as she wants his opinion on it.

Nicole tells Brady that she and Daniel are going to Hawaii together. Brady asks how long but Nicole doesn't know. Brady says it sounds great. Nicole adds that she couldn't have gotten through this without him. Brady questions when she got fuzzy about what happened with Jennifer and if it was before or after they booked their trip. Nicole questions if he thinks she's giving up justice for her baby to get her hooks into Daniel. Nicole thinks back to making her deal with Daniel. Brady calls Daniel her latest obsession. Nicole wonders why he can't accept that it was a horrible accident like she has. Cameron comes in and tells Nicole that she's free to go. Cameron wishes her the best. Nicole thanks him for everything as he exits. Nicole doesn't want to talk about it anymore. Brady agrees but offers her a ride home. Nicole accepts, saying they can surprise Daniel.

Daniel questions what Jennifer means by losing him. Jennifer says their friendship means so much to her. Daniel points out that they've never really been friends. Jennifer thinks they could be. Daniel tells her that she has a lot of friends but some day when the pain of losing Jack is not so acute then she will find love again. Daniel says when that day comes, there will be a man who wants nothing more than to make her happy. Daniel adds that it will be one lucky man. Daniel opens the door for her to leave and says goodbye. Jennifer looks sad and slowly walks out as Daniel shuts the door behind her. They lean against the door as Jennifer holds back tears.

Kayla talks with Abe how the situation with Caroline came out of the blue and made her realize how much she needed her. Kayla hopes she can beat it and come back. Abe says that will definitely happen.

John tells Sami that they don't have any hard proof that Kristen is up to her old tricks. Marlena calls her passive aggressive. Sami suggests that she could have changed but Marlena says not Kristen. Marlena and John argue about Kristen helping the child in the town square. Marlena thinks she hired the child. John suggests she couldn't have known he would be there but Marlena disagrees. John explains to Sami what happened. Marlena thinks Kristen tried to make it seem like they bonded over it. John disagrees and says Kristen was just being a good Samaritan.

Kristen tells EJ that everything between her and John is dead and buried. EJ asks how many times she's seen him since she's been back. Kristen calls it irrelevant. Kristen knows it will take awhile for everyone to believe her but insists that she's done with John. Kristen asks if EJ is over Sami. EJ says he's not but he's open about his obsession. Kristen says the best way to get over an obsession is to make it a reality which she is trying to do for him. EJ still wants to know why. Kristen admits that eventually it might mean getting Sami out of Stefano's company. Kristen tells him to trust her and then says they are going to have to talk about Stefano.

Brady brings Nicole to Daniel's which surprises him since he thought she was going to call. Nicole tells him that Brady was there to visit so they figured they would save him the trip. Daniel asks how she's feeling. Nicole wants a shower so Daniel tells her to go as the guest room is all ready. Daniel says he's going to the hospital to give his notice and asks Brady to stay with Nicole. Nicole says it's not necessary as she just wants to shower and lay down. Nicole tells Brady that she's sure and will see them later. Daniel and Brady exit. Brady asks Daniel about giving his notice. Daniel tells him not to go there because he knows what he's doing. Brady brings up there not being a trial. Daniel says Jennifer and Nicole both need to put it behind them. Brady calls it not too easy and brings up the push down the stairs and the death of the child. Daniel reminds him that Nicole wasn't sure. Brady asks about the plane tickets to Hawaii. Daniel tells him that he's got it taken care of. Daniel tells him that Nicole will be fine and Jennifer needs some friends including Brady. Brady feels he's not Jennifer's favorite person right now. Daniel thinks time will fix that. Brady notes that Daniel is talking like he's never coming back and then asks if he's saying he will never see Jennifer again.

Jennifer goes to see Maggie at the Kiriakis Mansion. Maggie mentions how upset Jennifer seemed on the phone and asks what's happened now. Jennifer hugs her and says she's her only hope. Maggie says she was so relieved to hear she was out on bail but knows something is wrong. Jennifer realizes she hasn't heard that the charges are going to be dropped. Maggie excitedly calls it wonderful. Jennifer says it's really great as she starts to cry.

Nicole sits at Daniel's looking at Hawaii pages on her tablet. She comes across a mommy ad and shuts it as she worries about getting that emotional over an ad. Nicole wonders if Brady is right that she's running from her problems and if going to Hawaii will make everything better.

Daniel goes to the hospital and tells Maxine that he is resigning which surprises her. Daniel wanted her to hear it from him personally. Daniel says he really enjoyed working with her and calls her his favorite nurse. Maxine asks why he's doing this. Daniel says his gut just told him it's time to move on. Daniel says when he's done with the forms, he's out of there. Maxine doesn't understand. Maxine gets paged so she walks away.

Marlena and John argue about Kristen. Marlena questions Kristen being sweet and caring and suggests she set it up. Sami gets up and leaves while they argue as Brady arrives. John gets call and steps away. Brady approaches Marlena and asks what he missed. Marlena declares that Kristen is out of control but John and Sami refuse to see it. Brady understands if they don't want to be involved with a DiMera. Marlena questions if they are supposed to do nothing then. Brady says John never underestimates a DiMera and will never let anyone in his family be hurt by anyone associated with Stefano. Brady adds that he will be there if John ever needs backup.

Kristen talks to EJ about her relationship with Stefano being as messed up as EJ's. Kristen says they finally forgave each other and he helped her turn her life around so she feels that she owes him for that. EJ says that's where they differ because he doesn't feel the need for Stefano's forgiveness or his salvation. Kristen says Stefano knows he blew it with EJ and would do anything to make it up to him. EJ says he's not trying to punish him but he just doesn't want him as part of his life anymore. EJ feels his association with Stefano made him a man that he does not want to be. Kristen reminds EJ that he's the only father he has. EJ says he will just do without him. They sit on a bench and Kristen offers to help EJ with Sami as long as he at least tries to have some contact with Stefano. EJ wonders how she could do that when Sami loathes her for what she did to Marlena. EJ also wonders what is in it for him to contact Stefano. Kristen responds that a family is in it and asks if that's the big attraction he has with Sami. Kristen says he can finally have the big, complicated, loving family that he always wanted. Kristen states that they are a lot alike as they could have whatever money could buy but they want to be part of something bigger than themselves, something bound together by love and by blood. Kristen says she knew she was taking a big chance by coming back to Salem. Kristen tells EJ that whether he likes it or not, Stefano is part of their fantasy. Kristen asks EJ what he says but his phone rings. EJ answers and asks what she did. EJ says he'll be there and hurries off leaving Kristen frustrated.

Sami talks on the phone on her way to the Pub. She talks about a mistake on a new item for product launch. Sami argues about there being a mistake since she approved it. Sami hangs up and declares that this will end now with Kristen.

Nicole lays on the couch at Daniel's. She says she doesn't know but maybe it could work. She daydreams about waking up in bed with Daniel one year later where they are adopting a child. Nicole smiles and says it could work.

Jennifer sits with Maggie and talks about how Nicole was going to make her pay as she didn't want to believe it was her fault. Maggie wonders why she changed her story and if it's because Daniel is taking her to Hawaii. Jennifer doesn't know but says he made some kind of deal with her. Maggie says she was afraid of this. Jennifer talks about Daniel saying he's fine with this and cares about Nicole but doesn't love her. Maggie feels Daniel knows it's all a mistake and it isn't happy. Jennifer says he's not happy and that's why she has to do whatever it takes to keep him from going through with it. Maggie wonders how they stop him. Jennifer says she obviously can't change his mind but suggests that there's someone he will listen to.

John follows Marlena through the town square and tells her that they are on the same page. John doesn't want to argue or even think about Kristen. Marlena informs him of Kristen trying to become a patient of Dr. Patel's. Marlena doesn't want him to say that's a coincidence. John apologizes for not knowing and hoped Kristen wasn't playing her old games. John says they are still a team. Marlena brings up Kristen following her to the park, causing problems for Sami, and is now trying to get close to the one doctor who knows the most personal and painful parts of her life. Marlena worries that Kristen is trying to drive her crazy. John tells her that will never happen and hugs her as he says if they stick together then Kristen can't hurt them.

Kristen prepares to take a shower as there's a knock on the door. Kristen assumes it's room service and tells them to just bring it in and she'll sign for it later as she walks into the bath room. The door opens and someone walks in.

Maggie questions Jennifer wanting her to stop Daniel from leaving. Jennifer wants her to play the mother card. Maggie says she already talked to Daniel about this. Jennifer begs her to try again.

Daniel finishes filling out resignation forms as the nurses at the desk argue about stealing the baby shirt. Eli walks by with the box of baby clothes and tells Daniel that Salem Gives donates the clothes to poor women who give birth. The nurses continue to argue over the baby shirt until one of them calls over to Daniel asking him to tell the other nurse that stealing is wrong.

There's a knock on the door at Daniel's. Nicole opens the door and it's EJ. Nicole questions what he's doing there. EJ warns her that if she thinks she's going to get away with this then she's very much mistaken.

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