Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 10/30/12

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 10/30/12


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Nicole and Daniel pack their bags as they prepare to leave town together. Nicole can't believe this is happening and says she'll believe it when they're on the airplane or maybe on the beach. Daniel talks about how much she has been through and that she's getting stronger every day. They kiss until Jennifer bursts in and says Daniel might want to rethink things when he hears the truth. Jennifer announces that Nicole lied when she said she pushed her down the stairs since she fell while pulling away from her but that's not the biggest lie. Jennifer reveals that the baby didn't die that night but was already dead and Nicole knew it. Daniel turns to Nicole and questions if it's true. Nicole wakes up in a panic as it was just a nightmare and says to herself that Daniel can't find out.

Justin goes to Jennifer and informs her that all charges are dropped. Jennifer already heard from Roman and is glad to be over it. Justin wonders why Nicole changed her mind. Jennifer thinks she knows.

A man named Eli goes to Daniel's to pickup the box of baby clothes to give to charity.

A nurse goes into the hospital lost and found and sees the matching box of baby clothes that was left there. She picks up an item of clothing from the box and says it's exactly what she was looking for.

Bo sits at the Pub with Roman. They joke with each other. Roman talks about how he will be there so Bo won't have to worry about Hope or Ciara. Bo says he wouldn't be going if he didn't know that Roman and the family would have things covered. Roman tells Bo to worry about Caroline while he worries about everything else and they toast their drinks. Caroline and Kayla watch from the counter as Caroline comments that she's never seen them so close.

Marlena goes to the coffeehouse and finds Dr. Patel. Marlena tells her that she was looking for her to schedule some appointments. Dr. Patel notes that it's been quite awhile and asks if there's a problem. Marlena sits with her and admits something has come up that she's having a hard time dealing with. Dr. Patel says she's meeting someone but will pencil her in. She tells Marlena that she will call her later since the person she's meeting just arrived. Marlena agrees and turns around to see that she is meeting with Kristen.

Sami wants Rafe to explain how he can say he loves her and then hurt her so much. Sami says she loved him. Rafe tells her he does love her. Rafe says he loved her more than anyone or anything in the world. Rafe repeats that he loves her. Rafe thinks they should try and make it work then asks what she thinks. EJ arrives and says he's been looking for Sami. Rafe gets annoyed as EJ asks if he was interrupting. Rafe tells him that he is but EJ blows him off and wants Sami to sign some papers. Rafe tells EJ to go away. EJ reminds Rafe that he gave him a get out of jail free card. Sami questions what he's talking about. EJ realizes Rafe didn't tell her. EJ informs Sami that he decided not to press charges even though Rafe and Daniel broke all kinds of laws. Sami is glad but calls it out of character for EJ. EJ says he realized he hadn't dealt with the situations well in the past and let his emotions get the better of him. EJ declares that he's learned that revenge never gives him the peace he's looking for and knows it won't bring his son back. Sami thinks he made the right decision. EJ adds that Jennifer will get what's coming to her.

Jennifer explains to Justin that she thinks Daniel is the one who talked Nicole into dropping the charges. Justin calls it a miracle and then gets a call so he steps out to answer it. Jennifer then gets her phone and calls Daniel. Daniel grabs his phone but then exits his home.

Nicole sits in her hospital bed and thinks back to finding out her baby died and throwing the clothes then destroying the patient file. Nicole says to herself that no one knows and no one ever will. Maxine enters and asks what she is talking about.

Caroline and Kayla join Roman and Bo. Caroline says she's not thrilled but it's not the end of the world. Kayla jokes with them about showing emotion. Caroline says she'll get fixed and be back before they know it. Caroline jokes with Roman about driving him crazy. Roman hugs her. Caroline wants to take a photo of them in front of the Pub so she exits with Roman. Bo comments to Kayla that Caroline is tough as nails. Kayla doesn't think she'd be that tough if Bo wasn't going with her. Kayla wants Bo to level with her when he calls for California. Caroline and Roman return with Hope and Ciara. Ciara runs up to Bo and says she drew a picture of all of them so that Caroline can always remember them.

Nicole questions if Maxine makes it a habit to spy on her patients. Maxine says she checks on them to make sure they are okay. Nicole says she's not okay since she lost her baby. Maxine sees that she's hurting and is sorry. Nicole apologizes for snapping since she's not herself. Maxine asks if she needs help leaving. Nicole says Daniel is coming back. Maxine knows Nicole must be looking forward to going home. Maxine mentions that she's glad Nicole is not pressing charges. Nicole remarks that everyone loves Jennifer. Maxine thinks it will help Nicole heal to leave it all behind. Maxine goes to sign her release forms as Daniel arrives. Daniel checks on Nicole. Nicole says she's fine and hopes they are all set for Hawaii. Daniel shows her the paper and says it's signed, sealed, and delivered.

Rafe questions EJ going after Jennifer. EJ clarifies that he isn't going after her but will make sure she sees justice for what she did. Rafe questions that and brings up Jennifer being a recent widow with two kids who swears it's an accident. EJ points out that people often swear to lies and is sure they are both aware of that. EJ tells Sami it was a pleasure as he walks away. Sami turns to Rafe and asks if he was serious as he was stupid and mean. Rafe asks what she means. Sami points out that EJ agreed not to press charges but Rafe still went after him which was stupid and he just lost his son but Rafe still went after him which was mean. Rafe thinks it'd be stupid to believe anything EJ says. Rafe says EJ may be grieving but he could still be up to something. Sami asks why he didn't tell her that EJ agreed to back off. Rafe says it's because he doesn't believe that he has. Sami suggests it's because Rafe might not want Sami to hear anything good about EJ. Rafe says he couldn't shoehorn into the conversation about all the ways he failed her. Rafe says he's still groveling about the lie while they weren't even together. Rafe brings up Sami sleeping with EJ while they were together but now they are having a fight about something she never even asked him about. Sami realizes Rafe thinks she is self-absorbed. Sami understands why Rafe lied for Nicole but doesn't understand why he lied to her and told Carrie the truth. Sami says that's what she has a problem with. Rafe says there's reasons beyond him because Sami still can't be trusted around EJ. Rafe points out that if Sami knows something then EJ will find out eventually. Rafe brings up all the times Sami has lied but stops and says they aren't talking about that or EJ but about them. Sami feels it will be difficult to get back to how he loves her when he just revealed that he thinks she's a self-absorbed untrustworthy bitch. Rafe questions that and says everything went to hell when EJ came around. Sami doesn't think it all went to hell but thinks Rafe should. Rafe questions him being the bad guy after their three years of history. Rafe calls that stupid and walks away.

Ciara shows her drawing to Caroline and says she named everyone so she can remember who they all are. Hope says they tried to explain. Caroline thinks it's great and loves the picture as she hugs Ciara. Caroline says it will help her out. Caroline tells Ciara to remember that she will always love her even if she calls her the wrong name. Ciara hugs her and says she loves her too as Kayla, Roman, Bo and Hope watch.

Daniel asks Nicole if she's ready to get out of the hospital bed, get dressed, and go. Nicole says she is and starts to get up but Maxine comes in and informs her that there's been a holdup on the paperwork so it will probably be another hour.

Maxine brings the nurse from earlier to the main desk and tells her that she's been caught stealing from the lost and found. The nurse says it was just sitting there and would be perfect for her little nephew. Maxine points out that it hasn't been there 30 days so she has to put it back as she walks away. The nurse leaves it on the counter as she walks away remarking that Maxine should be a prison matron. Another nurse at the desk reminds her that she's supposed to put the clothes back but she keeps walking. Daniel comes out of Nicole's room talking on the phone to Eli, who tells him that he realized he forgot to give him a receipt for his donation. Daniel says he doesn't need one. Eli tells him that the donation is tax deductible so he went back and posted it on his door. Daniel sighs and says it's a sad situation that he doesn't want his friend reminded of what they gave away.

Bo asks Ciara if she's really okay with this or if she's pretending. Ciara admits she's pretending a little but thinks of Bo being silly when she gets sad. They joke about video chatting with each other as Bo hugs her while Caroline and Hope smile.

Marlena questions why Kristen is meeting with Dr. Patel. Kristen wonders how it's any of her business. Marlena brings up their history and says everything Kristen does in this town affects her. Dr. Patel asks if there is a problem. Marlena tells her that Kristen somehow found out that she's her doctor. Kristen calls it a coincidence but Marlena accuses her of trying to use Dr. Patel against her. Kristen says she's just following up with her therapy and claims to have had no idea that Marlena was seeing her. Marlena warns her to never lie to her again.

Sami sits down at the town square and gets a call from EJ who is seated nearby. EJ apologizes for making things worse. Sami asks him to leave her alone so EJ hangs up. EJ starts to leave but Sami rushes up and stops him. Sami asks EJ if he thinks she's selfish and self-absorbed. EJ says no since he's seen how she is with her children and her family. Sami thinks Rafe wouldn't agree and her family wouldn't either. Sami thinks her family thinks she is a narcissist. Sami tells EJ how sorry she is for his loss. EJ says he knows what is in her heart and what a compassionate person she is. EJ tells her not to be so hard on herself. EJ says Sami doesn't have to change to measure up since he likes her for who she is and precisely because of who she is. EJ suggests one day Rafe might see that but he might not and she could always fall short of Rafe's expectations. EJ says if that happens, it will be Rafe's loss.

Daniel tells Eli not to worry about it as he will handle the receipt on the door as he hangs up. Rafe arrives and Daniel wonders what's happened. Rafe says DiMera happened. Daniel thinks that means EJ changed his mind about pressing charges but Rafe says that's not it, it's just that EJ gets under his skin. Rafe says he feels like a jerk and doesn't want to talk about it. Rafe asks about Nicole. Daniel says she's had a mixup in being released but he has something to take care of so he asks Rafe to stay with Nicole. Rafe agrees to. Daniel thanks him and says he will be right back as he exits while the baby clothing remains on the counter.

Rafe goes in to see Nicole. Nicole apologizes if looking after her screwed things up with he and Sami. Rafe tells her not to be since he just realized that something will always screw them up. Nicole hopes it's not permanent. Nicole calls Rafe one of the best friends she's ever had and she wants him to be happy. Rafe says the same. Nicole tells him that she will miss him. Rafe questions her going somewhere. Nicole says something good finally came of this whole thing and that's that she and Daniel are going away together.

Daniel races home and quickly removes the receipt from his door. Daniel then heads to the elevator to exit but it opens with Jennifer inside. Daniel says he was just on his way out but Jennifer tells him that she really has to talk to him.

Bo and Hope kiss at the Pub. Bo asks Hope if she's really okay with this. Hope talks about falling for him and thinking he was fearless but she realizes that he's better than fearless. Hope talks about his courage to walk right into what scares him. Hope says they are all so scared for Caroline but what Bo is doing is just so him. Hope tells him that she's so proud of him. Hope says she picked the right guy. Bo jokes that it was he who picked her. They agree that they picked each other and then they kiss and hug.

Kristen tells Marlena that it is a coincidence but she's glad it happened since Marlena is not comfortable with Dr. Patel seeing both of them. Dr. Patel tells Marlena that they just happened to run into each other so it is a coincidence. Marlena continues to believe that Kristen knew. Kristen suggests Marlena obviously needs to be in therapy and then clarifies that she means as a professional. Marlena warns her to stay out of her life. Kristen says she's tried but Salem is a small town. Kristen apologizes for upsetting her and says she will try to keep her distance. Kristen thanks Dr. Patel and is sorry that it didn't work out as she exits. r. Patel then says she has never seen Marlena this upset. Marlena says she's never seen her chat with someone who tried to murder her.

Daniel brings Jennifer in to his place and says he really can't stay long. Jennifer tells him it won't take long as she just wanted to thank him for whatever he did to get Nicole to drop the charges. Jennifer says she again owes him her life. Daniel claims he had nothing to do with it. Jennifer doesn't believe that Nicole just changed her mind out of the blue. Daniel says he has to go back to the hospital. Jennifer sees the paper about Daniel & Nicole going to Hawaii and can't believe it. Daniel tries to take the paper back as Jennifer questions if that's how he got Nicole to drop the charges.

Hope and Bo joke around with each other. Hope gives Bo a disc of family memories for him to keep. She then gives him another disc of everything she could find on Stefano because she knows he will not give up on bringing him down. Bo tells her that she's right. Bo says even though they are not working together on the force, she's still the best partner he's ever had. Hope tells him to never forget as they pinky swear to be partners for life.

Sami rolls her eyes and walks away from EJ. EJ follows and sits with her on the bench. EJ tells her that he's tired of seeing her go back to Rafe over and over again only to have him immediately start in on what's wrong with her. Sami says Rafe is right as she is self centered. EJ tells her not to talk about herself like that. EJ calls Sami very honest most of the time. EJ says he sees Sami for who she is and likes what he sees. Sami tells him that she has to go to work. Sami tells him again that she's sorry for what he's going through as she then exits. Kristen joins EJ and says she was watching him make progress. Kristen thinks they could move things along and pick up the pace if he lets her help.

Nicole tells Rafe that she and Daniel are going to start over in Hawaii after Daniel gets things settled. Rafe says it's good and asks her about the trial with Jennifer. Nicole informs him that there won't be a trial since she made a mistake and realized Jennifer didn't mean to hurt her or the baby so she's not pressing charges. Rafe thinks it's good that she won't have to relive everything. Nicole states that she made a mistake and feels terrible about it. Rafe is sure Jennifer understands. Rafe praises Nicole for having the guts to admit the truth.

Daniel tells Jennifer that she's wrong but she says the proof is right there. Jennifer believes Daniel bought her freedom with his life. Jennifer questions Daniel being willing to give up everything. Daniel says they were planning this before. Jennifer feels that was different when they wanted to get away from EJ to protect the baby but Daniel insists that they wanted to be together. Jennifer argues that Nicole wanted to be with him so he talked her into dropping the charges. Jennifer says Nicole is getting what she wants again. Daniel tells her to go but Jennifer tells him to stop his misguided attempt to save and help her. Jennifer says Daniel can't do this and asks him to tell Nicole that the deal is off. Daniel says that it is what he wants and he wants to be with Nicole. Jennifer disagrees and shouts that it's not what he wants.

Sami goes to the coffeehouse and joins Marlena. Sami wants to talk to her about Kristen. Marlena advises Sami to quit her job and stay as far away from Kristen as possible.

Kristen wishes EJ well if he wants to be on his own and says she will see him around. Kristen goes to leave but EJ tells her to wait.

The nurse comes back to the main counter and picks up the baby clothing. She says it's ridiculous since no one is going to claim it. She quickly hides it and walks away as Maxine returns. Rafe and Nicole come out of Nicole's room. Rafe tells her that he's glad things worked out for her and Daniel since he knows Daniel really cares about her. Nicole says she's very lucky and tells Rafe to stop by before they leave. Rafe agrees to and asks if she's sure she will be okay. Nicole says she will since Daniel is coming back. Rafe hugs her and tells her to take care and that he will see her soon. Rafe exits. Nicole tells Maxine that she's all packed and ready to go. Maxine says the doctor still has to sign her out but it won't be long. Nicole pulls out her phone but it's dead so she asks to use the hospital phone. Maxine agrees to let her and walks away as Nicole wonders how to use it.

Jennifer tells Daniel that he can't even look at her when he lies. Daniel tells her to go. Jennifer argues that this whole thing is stupid and a waste. Jennifer tells him to think about all the people that he helps and that love him. Jennifer questions Daniel giving up everything to go into this deal. Daniel yells at her that it's not a deal and wonders why she would even fight it if it was. Daniel tells Jennifer to think of herself and her children. Daniel wonders how it would be good for her to be in prison when it was clearly an accident. Jennifer argues that it's not his job to protect her. Daniel says it is. Jennifer questions why he has to protect her and Daniel shouts that it's because he loves her.

Bo prepares to leave as Hope gets teary-eyed. Hope says it's just hitting her and she's going to miss him a lot. Bo tells her that he will be back before she knows it and nothing will keep him from her and Ciara. They share one last kiss and Bo says a tearful goodbye. Hope tells Bo that she loves him as he exits the Pub. Hope watches through the window and blows him a kiss as Bo smiles. Bo holds back tears as he walks away.

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