Days of Our Lives Update Monday 10/29/12

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 10/29/12


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Will and Sonny continue kissing at Sonny's place. They remove their shirts and kiss onto the bed.

Bo goes to the Kiriakis Mansion with toys and is surprised Victor is answering the door himself. Victor asks about the toys. Bo realizes he didn't get his message as Victor explains they just got home. Bo says the toys are for Ciara as Maggie enters and greets Bo with a hug. Bo says Ciara will be spending more time there. Victor calls it good news but wonders why. Bo announces he's taking Caroline to California since Kayla got her into a clinic. They agree that it's good news but Bo thinks Hope will need a hand since they had been leaning on Caroline to help out with Ciara. Victor asks how Caroline feels about it all. Bo says she's putting on a brave face but he thinks she's scared. Bo talks about Kayla thinking the treatment could help. Maggie brings up Hope saying there hasn't been a diagnosis yet. Bo says they are thinking early dementia or Alzheimer's. Maggie says she's sorry. Bo says they will stay positive for Caroline. Bo informs them that he's leaving this afternoon.

Caroline talks with Gabi and Nick at the Pub about going to California for treatment. Nick wonders what they will do without her around. Caroline is sure they can manage but Nick is not so sure. Caroline jokes that she will have to hurry back sooner then. Caroline goes back to work. Gabi says it makes her want to cry and points out Caroline still joking. Nick says if anyone can beat this it's Caroline. Gabi calls her like family and then worries about whether or not Rafe knows.

Rafe looks through an old box at home and comes across an old love note from Sami. Rafe thinks back to their last big fight that ended their relationship.

Marlena walks through the town square questioning John about being with Kristen. John tells her that he would have told her if it was something to worry about. Marlena is worried about him keeping secrets from her. Sami interrupts. Marlena acknowledges that she got Sami's call that she saw Kristen. Sami informs her that she has some bad news. Marlena wonders what Kristen did to her and how they can stop her now. Sami tells Marlena that it's not about Kristen. Marlena brings up Sami sounding so upset when she called about her. Marlena asks what Kristen did. Sami reveals that Stefano demoted her at Countess W which means Kristen is her new boss. Marlena tells her that she has to leave the job and offers her money. Sami tells her that's not what she is worried about right now. John asks if it's Rafe. Sami questions why she would want to talk about Rafe.

Gabi calls Rafe and tells him about Caroline's condition. Rafe calls it so sudden and wonders if Sami knows.

Sami tells Marlena about Caroline's condition as they and John walk through the town square. Sami informs them that Caroline and Bo are leaving for California today. Sami talks about how it's hard for Caroline to have everyone coming to say goodbye. John says they will check in with Bo to see what they can do. Sami thanks them. John thanks her for telling them. Marlena says they will be there for her. Marlena is worried about her with whatever's going on with Rafe and now her job with Kristen. Marlena tells her to take care as they hug. Marlena and John walk on as Sami sits down and gets a call from Rafe which she ignores.

Will and Sonny continue kissing in bed until there's a knock at the door. Sonny suggests they will just go away but it's Lucas and he says he knows Will is in there and wants the door opened which causes Will and Sonny to jump up.

Rafe goes to the Pub to see Caroline. She wants to talk with him and shows him cards from the kids over the years. Rafe likes the memories. Caroline worries about Sami being upset. Rafe says Sami loves her. Caroline says Sami is upset about Rafe. Rafe apologizes.

Caroline understands he's hurt. Rafe says he hurt Sami too. Caroline says all that matters is that they love each other.

Lucas says the building manager saw them go in as Will and Sonny quickly get dressed. Will opens the door. Lucas points out that his shirt is unbuttoned. Will questions what he's doing there and how he even knew he was there. Lucas informs him that Gabi told him where he was. Lucas says he has something very important to tell him and Sami was trying to get a hold of him too but he must have been too busy to answer his phone. Will asks what's going on. Lucas tells him to get to the Pub right away to say goodbye to his great Grandmother. Will questions why. Lucas tells him that she's going out of town. Will didn't know she was going on a trip. Lucas says he will let Caroline explain. Will tells Lucas about how the costume boxes were sent to the wrong place so they came here to get them. Lucas tells Will to go and he will help Sonny with the boxes since Caroline needs him. Sonny agrees that they can handle it. Will thanks him and exits. Lucas shuts the door behind Will and asks Sonny if they took so long to answer the door because they were busy with the costumes. Sonny tells him that if he really wants to know what was going on then he should just ask.

Bo tells Victor that Kayla is the new chief of staff at the hospital, Roman has to run the police force, and Kimber is in San Diego while he just quit his job so it's like it's supposed to happen this way. Victor points out that it's not why he quit the force. Bo says he can't think of a better place to be than with Caroline right now. Bo says he's just doing what needs to be done. Victor hugs him and calls him the best man he knows as Maggie comes back into the room.

Sami talks with Roman on the phone about how she doesn't know about her job future but will have a better idea tomorrow when it's decided. Sami hangs up and thinks back to her last argument with Rafe. Sami gets up to leave but runs into Rafe arriving. Rafe tells her that he was looking for her. Sami says he found her.

Bo goes to the Coffeehouse and runs into Billie. Billie is glad she got to see him before he left. Bo says he was just picking up coffee for Caroline. Billie talks about Chelsea wanting to be there to say goodbye. Bo insists that it's not goodbye as they will be back. Billie tells him Caroline is lucky to have him. Billie tells him that he doesn't have to act like his heart is not breaking. Bo is happy to do this for Caroline. Billie tells him to take care of himself. Bo agrees to do that as they hug. Billie wishes him safe travels. Bo thanks her and she exits. Marlena then arrives with John and greets Bo. Marlena says her thoughts will be with him every single day as she hugs Bo.

Caroline sits with Will at the Pub. Caroline tells him not to say he's sorry. Will says he will miss her like crazy. Caroline feels the same and wants him to smile. Caroline talks to him about counting his blessings. Will asks what blessing there is in this. Caroline says she has a family that loves, supports, and prays for her. Caroline tells him that where there is faith, there's hope. Will hugs her. Caroline says she has one more blessing to count and that's Will. Caroline comments that she hasn't seen him this happy in a long time. Caroline tells him to keep it up.

Sonny tells Lucas that he'll tell him everything that happened before he pounded on the door but he should ask himself if he really wants to hear it. Lucas warns Sonny not to psychoanalyze him. Sonny responds telling Lucas not to show up at his door unannounced. Lucas reminds him that he was looking for Will as he had something important to tell him. Sonny asks if he had to make Will feel like he was two years or old or that he did something wrong. Lucas questions how long Sonny has known Will and thought they were taking it slow but here they are with a messed up bed. Lucas tells Sonny that Will is struggling to accept who he is. Sonny can't imagine why. Lucas tells him it's not about him. Lucas says he has no problem with them going out but feels Will is not ready for this. Sonny thinks Lucas isn't ready for this. Sonny says Lucas is okay with Will being gay as long as he doesn't do anything about it. Sonny says he's known Will for over a year and questions if Lucas has ever moved faster than that. Sonny questions if Lucas would still be concerned if he was a girl that Will was with.

Sami tells Rafe that she doesn't want to do this right now and turns away. Rafe questions what she means and follows her. Sami doesn't want to hear that he's sorry for hurting her. Rafe stops her and says he heard about Caroline and just wanted to say that he will miss her as they all will. Rafe recalls the kids sleepovers with Caroline. Sami says Caroline was the only stable person in their lives. Rafe tells Sami that Caroline told him she's worried about her. Sami is surprised. Rafe responds that he is worried too.

Bo sits with John and Marlena. Marlena can't believe she had no idea about Caroline. Bo says she did a good job hiding it. John talks about knowing what it feels like to have a blank mind. Bo jokes with them about not going to the Pub looking upset. Bo says Caroline will be back as soon as she can be. Marlena believes it and calls Bo a good gift for Caroline on their journey. Marlena gets a call and steps away. John is glad Bo can be there for Caroline and says they are there if he needs anything. John asks about that not being the reason he left the force. Bo says it cemented that he made the right choice. John says they will miss him. Bo figures they can survive. John says he thinks he knows why Bo had been restless for awhile.

Gabi and Nick approach Will. Gabi asks if he's okay. Will feels bad about missing Caroline going through this. Gabi talks about working with Caroline every day and how she didn't think it was so serious. Nick prays the treatment works. Will decides he's going to take a walk. Nick tells him to take care as Gabi tells him she's there if he ever needs to talk. Will exits. Nick tells Gabi that he owes Caroline so much for giving him a job, a chance, and a friend. Nick says he never would've found Gabi if he didn't start working there. Billie arrives and gives an envelope to Nick. Nick wonders what it is. Billie tells him to open it as she thinks he'll be pleasantly surprised.

Lucas tells Sonny that this is not about Will being with a guy or a girl as it has nothing to do with it. Lucas talks about Will never jumping in to things head first. Lucas brings up Sonny knowing Will for a year and how six months ago Will was preparing to move in with Gabi. Sonny says Will was pretending to be someone who he wasn't. Lucas says that's right that he was confused. Sonny says Will is not confused anymore. Lucas responds that he likes Sonny but feels they're moving too fast. Sonny questions if Lucas thinks he's a bad influence on Will. Lucas tells him that he said it not him. Sonny thought Lucas wants Will to be happy which he says he does. Sonny asks how he thinks he made him feel today. Lucas tells Sonny that he doesn't know Will better than he does. Lucas says he and Will have a great relationship now and he won't let Sonny or anyone else get in between that. Sonny says he won't. Sonny says he'll get the boxes later since he has somewhere to be. Lucas tells him to remember what he said because he meant it. Sonny tells him that he meant what he said too and suggests that no one will come between Lucas and Will except Lucas himself as Lucas exits.

Nick tells Billie that he doesn't like surprises. Billie reveals that it's a job offer. Nick mentions seeing Kate the other day and wonders if Kate thought he'd be more open to it coming from Billie. Billie suggests he look over the terms and they'll await his response. Nick tells her that it was good to see her. Billie hopes it all works out and then exits. Nick opens the envelope and reads the paper inside. Gabi comments that it's a lot more than he gets for washing dishes. Gabi asks if he's going to take the job. Nick doesn't know as he doesn't trust Kate. Gabi wonders who does but points out that Kate was great when she worked for her. Gabi asks about Billie and Nick knowing each other. Nick jokingly asks if she's jealous and tells her that she shouldn't be as they hug.

John talks to Bo about hearing of the budget cuts and how that gave Bo the incentive to quit. John says he gets it since he has been fighting DiMeras his whole life. Bo got tired of banging his head against the wall. Bo admits that he thought they had Stefano the last time. They bring it back to Caroline. John says life isn't fair but he would rather have Caroline's life than Stefano's. Bo talks about how Caroline always did what she should and how he never cared for the rules until he joined the police force. Bo says he watched Stefano run circles around him but not anymore as he's not giving up. Bo says for now Caroline comes first until he returns. John tells him that he's got his back on whatever he decides.

Sami talks to Rafe about how she was just talking to Caroline and how she makes it sound like she will come back refreshed. Sami worries about Caroline not remembering or not coming back at all. Sami doesn't want to think like that but can't help it since she knows Alzheimer's has no cure. Sami says the clinic could delay the symptoms but can't prevent it. Sami cries that Caroline will eventually forget and end up a stranger. Rafe insists that she will never bea stranger. Sami says Caroline is the only person in her life that never gave up on her. Rafe responds that she's not the only person.

Marlena hugs Bo and apologizes for keeping him. Bo is glad they tracked him down and appreciates everything they said. John wishes him luck with everything. Bo says it's good to know he has people he can count on as he exits. Marlena holds back tears as John tells her that it will be okay. Marlena wants to talk to Kayla about the treatment. John tells her that he believes in miracles because of her and Caroline. John kisses her and then says he has to get to a meeting. John adds that he knows she's still upset. Marlena wants to talk to him about what happened earlier so he knows how she feels. John assures her that he knows and takes the situation with Kristen just as seriously as she does. John kisses her goodbye and then exits.

Billie talks to Kate on the phone outside the Pub. Billie says she gave Nick the letter and they'll have to wait and see but she will let her know. Billie hangs up as Lucas arrives. Billie asks if he's okay. Lucas says he's fine but just got back from Sonny's and Will was there. Billie realizes what he means and thought Lucas said they were good together and meant for each other. Lucas knows what he said but he was wrong. Lucas believes that Sonny is using Will and declares that he's not going to let him get away with it.

Sonny sits with Will outside the coffeehouse and Will tells him about Caroline. Will says he didn't know what to say because usually Caroline is being strong for him. Sonny tells him about Caroline coming into the coffeehouse every morning for coffee. Sonny calls her his favorite customer besides Will. Will worries about going through something like that. Sonny tells Will that he's been through plenty in life. Will says he's sorry about Lucas. Sonny tells him that it's not his fault. Will says he wasn't thinking and regrets leaving Sonny alone with Lucas. Will wonders if he even wants to know what happened. Sonny tells him that nothing happened. Sonny asks more about Caroline as Will holds his hand.

Sami questions Rafe how he can say that when he did give up on her and didn't trust her. Sami says she can't even look at him because it hurts so much. Rafe apologizes. Sami doesn't want to hear him say he's sorry anymore. Sami wants him to explain how he can say he loves her and then hurt her so much. Sami says she loved him. Rafe tells her he does love her. Rafe says he loved her more than anyone or anything in the world. Rafe repeats that he loves her.

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