Days of Our Lives Update Friday 10/26/12

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 10/26/12


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Sami walks through the town square and comes across Kristen. Kristen asks if she's made a decision yet on whether or not she's going to quit at Countess Wilhelmina. Sami doesn't know yet. Kristen informs her that she's already started looking for her replacement. Sami gives her the papers that she had EJ signed so she doesn't have to see her again. Kristen points out of her attitude but is glad she got the papers signed. Sami tells him that EJ offered to pay any fines due to the signing being late. Kristen says she will be waiting on her decision. Sami says she will get it when she's ready but Kristen says she needs it by tonight. Kristen walks away so Sami pulls out her phone and calls Marlena. Sami leaves a message saying she just ran into Kristen and says Kristen has to go.

Gabi and Nick go to the coffeehouse to help setup for the Halloween Party. Gabi thanks him for coming with her. Nick is glad for any excuse to hang out with her as he says she was the deciding factor in him coming. They head inside where Will and Sonny are joking around with decorations and costumes. Will takes a picture of Sonny with a decoration. Sonny jokes with him about deleting it as Gabi joins them.

Caroline walks through the Pub as Bo arrives to greet her. Caroline says it's hard to believe this is her last day here. Bo hugs her and tells her that she will be back sooner than she knows and they both will.

John and Marlena go to the hospital as Marlena is hosting some therapy sessions. John makes plans for when she's done so they can meet there. Marlena tells him she's fine but John doesn't want to take any chances. Marlena says he can't be around her 24 hours a day. John promises that Kristen will never hurt her again.

Kristen walks through the town square as Brady approaches her and is surprised to see her. Kristen asks how he is. Brady feels like he's seeing a ghost. Kristen invites him to sit down. Brady talks about always wondering what happened to her. Kristen imagines the stories people told. Kristen tells him that she's not proud of how she flew off the rails in the end. Kristen says that behavior is in the past and has been for a long time. Brady asks if she's a better person now. Kristen hopes so and promises she's not a threat to anyone. Brady asks if she's okay with being the last person anyone wants to see here. Kristen tells him that her family is happy to see her as she's been handling business for them. Brady doesn't care about her family or business as he's concerned about his family. Brady pulls out his phone but Kristen informs him that she already saw John and Marlena.

Marlena appreciates that John wants to protect her. John doesn't want her to be alone with Kristen again. Marlena tells him that he can't watch over her all the time. John says he will for as long as Kristen is in town unless Marlena really thinks Kristen has changed. Marlena admits she doesn't since people as disturbed as Kristen don't usually change.

Brady asks Kristen about seeing John and Marlena. Kristen felt she owed it to them to let them know she was back and she just wants to make amends. Kristen says therapy changed her as she got help. She says she's stronger now and means them no harm. Brady warns her to stay away from them.

Sonny and Will sit with Nick and Gabi as they discuss Halloween decorations. Sonny makes a list. Will jokes with Sonny about his handwriting and tells him that he posted his picture from earlier on Facebook. Nick watches as they joke with each other and Gabi asks Nick if he's okay.

Sami goes to the Pub and begins telling Caroline how much of a mess her life is. Caroline asks if it's about Lucas and EJ. Caroline then corrects herself that she meant Rafe and EJ. Sami says it's all three of them and goes on about how it's infuriating that everyone thinks she needs a man in her life to be happy. Bo comes over and tells Sami that's enough about her and she should ask how Caroline's doing. Sami asks what Bo is doing there. Bo informs her that he quit the force. Sami is surprised to learn that he quit a week ago. Sami asks if Bo is working at the Pub. Caroline informs her that Bo is just helping out. Sami asks what he's helping with. Caroline reveals to her that they are going to California. Sami questions if it's vacation. Caroline explains that it's for a clinic to help her. Sami asks what it's for. Caroline begins to tell her but can't bring herself to say it. Bo informs Sami that they believe it's an early stage of Alzheimers. Sami can't believe nobody told her. Bo responds that she never asked.

Marlena tells John that she knows Kristen insists that she changed. John says Kristen couldn't change if she had a gun to her head. Marlena suggests seeing her again reminded them how strong they are and how much they survived no matter what she did. John calls it another thing that will never change. Marlena says Kristen will always be a painful reminder to her that there was a serious threat to their relationship. John thinks they've faced bigger obstacles than Kristen before. Marlena says it's not what she did but why she did it. John calls Kristen disturbed and out of her mind. Marlena says Kristen was in love with him and even if she says she changed, that kind of love is obsessive and addictive. Marlena says it would take a lot of work and therapy to get over that. John asks if she doesn't believe Kristen got help. Marlena says she'd bet her life that she hasn't which means her love for John will not go away.

Kristen tells Brady that Salem is a small town so she can't avoid John all the time. Brady insists. Kristen calls him a protective stepson and remembers Brady not being a big fan of Marlena. Brady says it was a long time ago and they've worked out their differences. Kristen wants that same chance but Brady says no due to everything that has happened. Kristen asks what caused his change of heart towards Marlena. Brady explains that he finally saw and understood how happy she made John in a way that no one else could. Brady calls them his family that were there for him when he lost. Kristen asks what she lost but Brady says it doesn't matter. Brady doesn't want her antagonizing them. Kristen promises to run across the street if she sees them coming. Brady says it's not a joke. Kristen tells him again that she has no intention of causing Marlena, John, or anyone else any kind of trouble. Brady says he will hold her to that as he walks away.

Caroline asks Bo not to be so hard on Sami. Sami feels he's right that she deserves it. Caroline understands that Sami has her own life and concerns. Sami hugs her and says she's sorry. Caroline tells her that it's not her fault since she didn't want anyone to know due to her pride. Sami is glad she's telling her now. Caroline doesn't see a point in hiding it anymore. A worker takes Caroline to look at something in the back. Bo apologizes to Sami. Sami says it doesn't matter but she doesn't understand since she didn't notice anything. Bo says he didn't either until recently. Sami asks about the place in California. Bo explains that Caroline fits the patient profile. Sami worries it about not being a guaranteed cure. Bo says there is no cure with Alzheimers. Sami questions why he would take her away from her home then. Bo explains that the tests will determine if she is a candidate for the medication and if she is then it may stop the symptoms from progressing too quickly. Sami worries about Caroline. Bo tells her that they have to be there for her now.

John tells Marlena that he will not allow anyone to come between them or to hurt her. John assures her that they are solid. Marlena believes him with all her heart. Marlena tells him that she has to see her patient. John agrees to see her there in an hour and a half. Marlena kisses him and walks away.

Kristen sits alone on a bench in the town square.

Sonny and Will continue joking around. Nick tells Gabi that he's fine and not to worry about him. Gabi mentions that he's been quiet since they got there when she thought he had a lot of ideas. Sonny gets a call from the costume shop and steps away. Will asks Nick how he's been since they haven't talked a lot but he knows the family is glad he's staying. Nick tells him that it wasn't really his choice. Nick says he's good after a kind of rocky start but things are getting better every day. Nick says working at the Pub with Gabi and Caroline has been great. Will mentions that Caroline seems to like him. Nick comments that she hasn't fired him yet and thanks Will for asking about him. Will thanks Nick for helping with the Halloween decorations since it means a lot to Sonny to do this for the kids. Sonny returns to them and says they have a small problem since all the costumes and party favors were sent to his apartment by mistake. Will says they can go get them so they exit together. Gabi tells Nick that he clearly has a problem with Will and Sonny.

A little girl falls off her bike at the town square so Kristen helps her. John walks through and stops when he sees her. John thinks back to his last talk with Kristen telling him that she had hours of therapy. John approaches her and asks if everything is alright.

Brady goes to the hospital and runs into Marlena. Brady tells her that he was looking for John. Marlena says she was looking to catch him before he left. Brady mentions that John isn't answering his phone. Marlena asks if something is wrong. Brady tells her that he saw Kristen and knows she has too. Marlena explains that Kristen followed her to the park. Brady questions if she threatened her in any way. Marlena says Kristen scared her and she thinks she meant to. Marlena states that everything Kristen does is deliberate.

Kristen thanks John for offering to help but thinks she has it covered as she called an ambulance. The girl yells in pain and wants her mom. John jokes with the girl and says the same thing happens to him every time he walks by Kristen which makes the girl smile. Kristen asks what her name is. She says she isn't supposed to talk to strangers. Kristen and John introduce themselves so the girl introduces herself as Pamela. Her mom arrives and checks on her. John and Kristen explain what happened. She says she's grateful to John and his wife but they quickly correct her that they aren't together.

Abe goes to the Pub and greets Bo. Abe brings up hearing he resigned from the force. Abe calls it a hell of a loss for the community. Bo says it's time he hits the road. Abe can't believe he's no longer a police officer and asks what he's going to do now. Bo looks over at Caroline sitting with Sami.

Caroline tells Sami that she'll be back before she knows it. Sami hopes the clinic can help her. Caroline says if they can then they can but if they can't then they will have to used to her forgetting things. Caroline tells Sami that she will always be there for her. Sami cries and says she loves her.

Gabi tells Nick that he doesn't have to feel shy around Will and Sonny since they're his friends too. Gabi talks about how them getting going and she likes to talk too. Nick jokes with her about her talking too much and says he likes to see her positive and upbeat. Gabi says she is happy and isn't used to that. Nick asks what's different now. Gabi tells him that he's changed things a bit since she doesn't feel like she has to be someone else around him. Nick assumes that's a first for her. Gabi compares it to her previous relationships then quickly says she's not saying this is a relationship. Nick understands. Gabi tells him that he makes her want to be herself. Nick admits that he really likes her a lot.

Will and Sonny go to Sonny's apartment. Sonny jokes about it not being clean. They head inside and prepare to take the boxes as Will looks at his bed.

Brady tells Marlena about Kristen telling him the same lines. Marlena doesn't believe any of it. Brady jokes about DiMeras changing. Brady asks what happened with her. Marlena explains that after she ran into her, she couldn't find her phone then she went to John's office where Kristen was but also found her phone in the waiting room. Brady realizes that doesn't believe she just left it there. They agree that it would be an amazing coincidence. Brady tells her to come to him if she needs anything. Marlena jokes with him about being like John in being overprotective of her. Marlena decides to call John. John answers and Marlena asks where he is. John says he's in the town square but they lose the connection. Marlena decides she'll just go join John in the town square. Brady tells her not to worry about Kristen since he and John will make sure that she's overprotected. Marlena then exits.

The woman leaves with her daughter after thanking Kristen.

Abe asks Bo how long he thinks he'll be gone. Bo says Caroline's treatment is the priority so it will be however long it takes. Abe tells him that he was trying to track him down to tell him how much he admires him as an officer. Abe calls it an honor to serve beside him all these years. Abe talks about the sacrifices Bo is making to take care of Caroline. Abe calls it an honor to be able to call him his friend. Bo says the real honor is to be able to do this for his family. Abe calls him a good man and a good son as he hugs him.

Sonny thanks Will for helping him. Will says he loves Halloween and knows how much the party will mean to the kids since he felt that way when he was little. Sonny mentions that Will doesn't talk much about his childhood. Will assumes he would have heard about it from his parents and other people. Sonny thinks it's not the same as hearing it from him. Will says he doesn't like long stories so he'll put it in a nutshell. Will talks about his parents not having a conventional marriage so he split his time between them like a prize. Will recalls not feeling like he belonged at either place so his bag was always packed. Sonny hopes he doesn't feel that way anymore. Sonny says he hopes he finally feels like belongs somewhere and kisses him.

Sami tells Bo that she's gonna miss Caroline. Bo says she will miss her and the kids too. Sami says it's amazing how Caroline always lifted her spirits. Sami doesn't know how to thank her for always seeing the good in her.

Marlena joins John at the town square. Marlena says her schedule moved around and then she ran into Brady who was looking for him. John wonders why so Marlena suggests he call him. Marlena asks what he's been doing since he left the hospital. John says he's just been walking around. Marlena gets a call and steps away so John says he will call Brady but Kristen returns and asks John what he's still doing there as Marlena turns around and sees them together.

Sami sits with Bo and talks about Caroline not remembering the times she's forgotten. Bo explains Caroline thinking Lexie was still alive and how she dropped the plate of glasses and then called him Shawn. Bo is glad she doesn't remember that part. Bo says it's been rough. Sami hopes the clinic can help make the rest of her life better. Bo is happy that she's open to going for treatment but knows it will be hard on her. Sami says Caroline won't be scared because of Bo.

Kristen talks to John about giving her information to the little girl's mother for a follow up. Marlena rejoins John and asks about the little girl. Kristen explains that she fell off her bike and John was helping her comfort her. Marlena asks when that was. Kristen says it was 15-20 minutes ago but it all worked out fine. Kristen says John was so amazing with the girl.

Gabi and Nick walk outside the coffeehouse. Gabi hopes he doesn't feel like she was criticizing him for being quiet earlier since quiet is good with the right person. Nick asks if she's saying he's the right person to be quiet with. Gabi tells him that she likes being with him. Nick says the same and then they kiss.

Sonny and Will sit together with disguises on as Will talks about childhood Halloweens. Will talks about wanting an Elton John disco costume one year but he ended up being a guy from N*Sync. Will jokes that it should've been his first clue. They end up chasing each other around and then kissing.

Gabi and Nick continue kissing until Nick stops and wants to be sure she's doing this for the right reasons and not like she owes him for helping her. Gabi tells him that she's kissing him because he's an amazing guy who is smart, funny, and cute. Gabi says she's waited so long to feel this way about someone who likes her for who she is. Nick kisses her again until her phone rings. Gabi answers and says she has to go. Gabi asks if she can see Nick later. Nick offers to walk her to the Pub. They kiss and then walk off together.

Will and Sonny continue kissing. Sonny asks if he's sure. Will says he's very sure as they continue kissing.

Sami asks Bo how Caroline is and wants to be called every day from California. Sami says she wants to look up everything she can about Alzheimers. Sami suggests that it still could be something else. Bo says it's tricky to diagnose but based on everything they've seen, it is Alzheimers. Bo calls the clinic great and cutting edge but not a cure. Bo says he will be there with her since they say family and friends being around makes a big difference. Sami hugs him and tells him that they're all lucky to have him.

Brady makes a call about Kristen and finds out she's staying at Salem Inn. Brady says he will be in touch with her soon.

Kristen says she has to get going and thanks John again for helping as he was fantastic. Kristen walks away. Marlena questions John how he could not tell her that he was with Kristen.

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