Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 10/25/12

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 10/25/12


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Bo and Hope question Kayla wanting Caroline to go to California for the treatment. Kayla calls it her best shot. Bo agrees but says he will be going with her. Caroline comes over and asks what they are whispering about. Bo tells her that Kayla has great news.

Kristen reveals to Sami that she's her new boss. Sami doesn't believe her. Kristen says Stefano would choose his own daughter over her. Kristen brings up her experience. Sami mocks her. Kristen thinks Marlena has turned her against her. Kristen questions how they can work together with her attitude since Sami will be reporting to her unless she wants to quit.

Chad goes to EJ's which surprises him. Chad says he heard about his baby and is sorry. Chad calls it random and brutal. EJ responds that it's not random at al since it was murder and the killer is going to pay.

Abigail hugs Jennifer at home and tells her that she's so sorry as she completely believes her and knows she's innocent. Jennifer is glad to hear that. Abigail informs her that she went to see Nicole to try and reason with her. Jennifer reveals that she had also went to see her and is afraid she made things worse.

Daniel enters Nicole's hospital room. Nicole greets him and asks what the word is. Daniel says everything looks good and she should be discharged in the morning. Nicole tells him that she's ready to go with him. Daniel asks what she's decided. Nicole says leaving town will be the easy part but he made it sound like if she presses charges against Jennifer then it will be over between them. She questions if he really means that.

Sami tells Kristen that she's thinking since she needs the job to take care of her family. Kristen calls it a good reason and asks if it's enough to stay. Sami says she's good at her job. Kristen says she has high self esteem since her job performance was less than stellar. Kristen feels that she was promoted far beyond her abilities so people made excuses. Sami wants her to give one example of when she dropped the ball on the job. Kristen says EJ.

EJ tells Chad about the witnesses seeing Jennifer shove Nicole down the stairs. EJ says it was common knowledge that Jennifer had it in for Nicole. Chad doesn't believe it since it doesn't sound like something Jennifer would do. EJ says the ones presumed to be good are the ones who get away with murder. EJ vows that Jennifer will not get away with what she did.

Abigail tells Jennifer that they will beat this in court since everyone loves her but Jennifer disagrees. They argue about it as Abigail says she can't and won't lose her too.

Daniel tells Nicole that there is no justice for losing a child and revenge will leave her hollow. Nicole asks what if Jennifer pushed her. Daniel says that's it and asks if she can be sure to sacrifice everything. Daniel says he wants a fresh start and new beginning for them but she has to want it too.

Kayla sits with Caroline and tells her about the program she found that does the most thorough tests and treatments. Caroline likes the sound of it. Bo offers to take her. Caroline says she can drive herself to the hospital and will be there in the morning but Kayla informs her that it's in northern California. Caroline worries about the Pub. Hope offers to help but Caroline tells them to forget it as she's not going to California.

EJ thanks Chad for coming. Chad says he knows how EJ is with kids and they are brothers so they hug. Chad wishes him luck and then exits.

Kristen shows Sami a release form that Sami didn't get EJ to sign. Sami says she sent them to him months ago. Kristen points out that she failed to get him to sign which means the company failed to file it's tax returns. Sami insists that she got him to sign and agrees that she will get EJ to sign them tonight. Kristen then leaves and remembers telling EJ that she would get Sami to see him.

Jennifer tells Abigail that she should be focusing on school and friends. Abigail doesn't want her to worry about her and asks what she needs. Jennifer wants normal and says they're going to find it. Jennifer says she will work while Abigail studies. Jennifer says she needs to send out a press release for a new emergency room but realizes she didn't send out papers that she left in her drawer at the hospital. Jennifer feels she can't show her face there. Abigail offers to go for her. Jennifer thanks her and hugs her as Abigail says she loves her and then exits. Jennifer looks at a photo of her and Jack and says Abigail is one thing they got very right.

Nicole asks Daniel if he means all of it about a fresh start for them. Daniel says he does and then gets a call about a patient so he exits to answer. Nicole daydreams about moving away with Daniel only to have Jennifer stop them. Daniel returns with Roman. Nicole says she's not ready. Roman tells her that it can't wait any longer as they need a formal statement about what happened.

Kayla tries to convince Caroline not to reject the idea. Bo calls it her best shot but Caroline doesn't want to listen and goes back to work. Kayla hopes Caroline will change her mind as she has to go back to work so she exits.

Ann from the hospital goes to see Jennifer. Jennifer assumes she has the signature papers and thanks her but Ann asks if she has any idea of the chaos she caused at the hospital with her scandal. Ann tells her to have the decency to resign.

Maxine talks with Daniel about a charting error he made on a patient file. Maxine asks if he could bring her flyers for a Halloween party. Daniel asks where they are. Maxine sends him to Jennifer's desk to get them.

Roman tells Nicole to make her official statement. Nicole says Jennifer was psycho about her and Daniel from the beginning. Roman tells her to just stick to the day of the incident. Nicole says she was moving out of the Horton house and was already packed when Jennifer showed up. Nicole recalls Jennifer not letting her leave. Nicole says Jennifer forbid her to leave and wouldn't let her go anywhere with Daniel. Nicole says they argued until she finally had enough and tried to get around her but she tried to stop her until Brady showed up. Nicole adds that's when she left and went to Daniel's apartment and should've stayed but she got restless and went for a walk in the town square. Nicole says she felt Jennifer was stalking her and started yelling at her again so she headed to the stairs. Roman asks what happened there. Roman brings up that she said Jennifer pushed her at the scene. Roman asks if that's her official statement, if Jennifer pushed or not.

EJ sits at his desk and looks at a family photo as Sami arrives.

Bo and Hope sit together. Hope thinks Caroline is afraid that she won't come back and that this would be goodbye. Hope explains to Bo that it's scary for Caroline. Bo asks about Hope since he just jumped in and said he was going to California. Hope understands that Caroline needs him. Bo hugs her and calls her the best.

Ann says Jennifer's friends might not want to hurt her with the truth but she can't take care of the hospital's image. Kayla arrives and threatens Ann to get back to her job while she still has it so Ann exits and Kayla heads inside. Kayla says she just wanted to see if she's ready for the press comments. Jennifer wants to lay low until things are settled. Kayla agrees and asks about Abigail. Jennifer says she's great and hates the thought of leaving her alone. Kayla reminds her that she would never be alone so she shouldn't worry about that. Jennifer hugs her and thanks her.

Daniel goes to Jennifer's office to pick up the flyers and ends up looking at a photo of Jennifer and Jack as Abigail walks in and questions what he's doing in there. Daniel tells Abigail to tell Jennifer that he's got the Halloween flyers taken care of. Daniel asks how Jennifer is doing. Abigail says she's glad to be out of jail. Daniel offers to help but Abigail says it's too late for that and blames Daniel for Nicole moving in. Daniel says that was Jennifer's idea. Abigail says it only happened because Daniel was so worried about Nicole. Daniel says he wanted to help Nicole and he will but he would never hurt Jennifer on purpose. Abigail tells him that he can't be everything to everyone and sometimes he has to choose.

Nicole tells Roman that she doesn't know if Jennifer pushed her down the stairs. Roman questions if she's revising her original testimony. Nicole says she was in pain and out of her mind so she doesn't remember what she said. Nicole says she thought Jennifer pushed her that night but now she's had some rest and has been thinking about it. Nicole responds that she's sure Jennifer didn't try to kill her or her baby. Nicole admits that it was an accident.

EJ is surprised to see Sami and asks if it's about the children. Sami says it's not as she has to ask him for a favor. EJ says it's granted before knowing what it is. EJ tells her that he could never say no to her.

Kristen goes to the coffeehouse and finds Chad. Kristen greets him and introduces herself as his sister. Chad is surprised to see her. Chad asks how she knows him. Kristen explains that she looked up all the DiMeras upon coming back to Salem. Chad calls it a short list now. Kristen says searching him on the internet brings up modeling photos of him. Chad calls it just a quick buck and not his life's work. Kristen calls it his own work and not Stefano's. Chad is surprised she came back home. Kristen says she decided to come make amends but it's not working out. Kristen says she knew it wouldn't be easy but it's only been a couple of days. Kristen hopes it will get better.

Daniel tells Abigail that he believes he can help everyone but Abigail tells him not this time. Daniel asks how she is. Abigail says she's fine and doesn't need saving so he should worry about Jennifer.

Roman tells Nicole that this official statement will be final and exits the room to allow her to finish and sign it.

Caroline talks to Hope about needing to keep her independence. Hope doesn't want her to worry about anything because she will be there for Halloween. Caroline remembers promising to take Ciara trick or treating and she doesn't want to miss that. Hope tells her that they don't want her to miss Christmas and graduations so they want her back healthy. Hope asks her to give it some though and let her kids help her because they love her.

Daniel returns to Nicole. Nicole tells him that she made the sworn statement that Jennifer didn't push her and it was an accident. Daniel is glad she made that decision. Nicole says she told the truth and wouldn't have gotten to the truth without him.

Caroline sits with Bo and talks to him about a poem that she wants Ciara to recite at the Pub on Memorial Day. Bo asks if she'll let him take her to California if he promises to have her back by Memorial Day. Caroline agrees and Bo says they will do it together. Caroline asks when they leave.

Kristen tells Chad that she thinks it would be so strange to be back in the DiMera Mansion. A waitress brings them their coffee and tells Chad that she's sorry about Melanie and asks if she really mailed back the engagement ring. Kristen sends her away and tells Chad that she didn't know he was engaged. Chad says he's not any more. Kristen talks about making it over the hurdle and days getting better. They talk about having something in common as they toast their coffees.

Sami gives EJ the papers to sign. EJ thought he signed them a long time ago and calls it his mistake. Sami feels she should have followed up with him. EJ signs the papers. Sami thanks him and EJ calls it his pleasure as Sami exits.

Abigail returns home and gives Jennifer the press papers. Jennifer notices she's upset and asks what happens. Abigail calls it nothing but Jennifer persists. Abigail says Daniel was there saving Halloween for sick kids. Abigail says this whole thing is Daniel's fault. Jennifer disagrees but Abigail feels that if it wasn't for Daniel then Jennifer would never have been near Nicole.

Daniel asks Nicole how she feels. Nicole says she feels better and lighter. Daniel hugs her as Nicole says he was right. Daniel says he's got to check out and tells her to get some sleep. Nicole agrees since she's exhausted. Daniel kisses her on the head and says she looks great today. Nicole says Daniel makes her a better person as they both say tomorrow.

Bo tells Caroline that they can take a flight out tomorrow afternoon. Caroline says he doesn't have to go but Bo insists, saying Caroline can't talk him out of it. Caroline jokes with him being bored without a job. Bo says they will do some sight seeing together while they are there and they joke about riding his motorcycle as Hope watches.

Sami returns home and calls Marlena, leaving a message about Kristen being back and causing trouble already. Sami wonders what she has planned for EJ.

Kristen finds EJ at the town square and asks about his evening. Kristen brings up Sami arriving at his doorstep as promised. EJ thinks it was easy to arrange since it was business. Kristen says she delivered and calls it a first step so they can talk about what happens next soon as she walks away.

Nicole says to herself that at least the truth got her something this time since Daniel is leaving with her and she'll never have to think about Jennifer again. Nicole then goes to sleep.

Roman goes to Jennifer and says he has good news. Roman tells her that he has a signed statement from Nicole so she should call Justin so they can get the charges dropped tomorrow. Jennifer can't believe Nicole changed her mind and wonders how that happened.

Daniel makes a call to have the box of Nicole's baby clothes picked up first thing tomorrow morning. The other box of clothes is shown at the hospital's lost and found with a note that reads "Exam Room B 10/8/12."

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