Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 10/24/12

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 10/24/12


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

EJ tells Kristen that he doesn't need her help but Kristen says he really does. EJ tells her to cut to the chase. Kristen says she knows what EJ wants and knows how to get it for him. EJ asks if she's some sort of genie fulfilling wishes. Kristen says they both know there's only one wish on his list.

Sami apologizes for running into Rafe and tries to keep walking but Rafe asks her to please stop.

Hope joins Bo at the Pub. Bo asks about Jennifer. Hope says she's better now after a run in with EJ which she will fill him in on later. Hope asks if Bo has been here a long time and wonders if Caroline is worried. Caroline joins them and says she thinks it's fantastic and wonders if her babysitter enjoys it as much as she does.

Chad goes to the coffeehouse and finds Abigail. Chad tells her that he's not looking for a fight and asks if she's okay. Abigail says she isn't. Chad brings up hearing about Jennifer and Nicole's baby. Gabi arrives and asks what happened. Abigail informs Gabi that they're saying Jennifer pushed Nicole down the stairs and the baby didn't make it. Gabi begins to worry about Rafe.

Kristen tells EJ that she could help him. EJ questions why she would and assumes it's because Stefano asked her to. Kristen insists that she cares about him because he's her little brother. EJ doesn't believe she cares about him or knows him. Kristen responds that she knows a lot more than he thinks. Kristen brings up knowing EJ is mourning the death of his son. EJ doesn't want to talk about it with her. Kristen talks about knowing the pain he's feeling and how he must want to lash out against Jennifer. EJ questions how she knows about Jennifer. Kristen says she has done her research but is having a difficult time believing that Jennifer is capable of doing that. Kristen assumes anything is possible. EJ tells her that he can take care of Jennifer without her. Kristen adds that Sami is a whole other story and thinks that finally got his attention.

Rafe tells Sami that he knows she's hurt and understands why. Rafe says he couldn't tell her everything that he wanted to because he was trying to protect people but now there's no more secrets. Rafe asks her for one chance to explain.

Gabi questions Jennifer pushing Nicole. Abigail clarifies that it was an accident because Jennifer would never do that. Gabi continues asking until Chad tells her she's upsetting Abigail and should leave her alone. Gabi apologizes and decides to go find Rafe. Chad sits with Abigail and thinks Gabi was making it all about herself. Abigail asks why he's being so hard on Gabi. Chad calls Gabi self consumed. Abigail asks if it has something to do with what happened to Melanie but Chad doesn't want to talk about that. Chad gets a phone call from Stefano. Chad asks what he wants. Stefano wants to talk to him and find out how he's doing. Chad says he was fine until about a second ago.

Kayla makes a call from her office asking about dementia research. Kayla hangs up and makes another call.

Caroline tells Bo and Hope to relax because she was making a joke. Caroline jokes that she may be losing her mind but doesn't have to lose her sense of humor. Caroline says they can stay as long as they want and goes back to work. Bo approaches her and asks if she has a minute. Bo brings up talking to Roman and Kayla before. Caroline feels she won't like where this is going. Hope joins Bo and asks Caroline to hear him out since she wanted to be involved in any decisions. Caroline is relieved that Hope knows since Bo needs her. Hope tells her that they all need her as she hugs her. Hope says she will do anything to help her. Caroline asks what they talked about. Bo says they talked about her and the Pub. Bo brings up resigning from the force and having time on his hands. Caroline stops him and doesn't want him hanging around there and giving up his life to watch over her. Bo points out that this has been going on for some time and he thinks it's not good for her to be working alone anymore. Caroline questions if he doesn't think she can handle being alone anymore. Bo thinks she could just use some help. Caroline doesn't like the idea of a babysitter or watchdog. Caroline asks if she can only work at the Pub if one of them are there to watch her and wonders what if one of them aren't available. Caroline doesn't want to be treated that way. Bo tries to explain but Caroline wants him to stop talking about help. Bo wants her at the Pub and isn't suggesting anyone take her away from it. Hope thinks they can make it work if they bring someone in to help. Caroline questions if she needs a caretaker to follow her around. Caroline feels humiliated and tells them to forget about it because there's no way.

Stefano asks Chad how he's doing and wants him to know that he's thinking of him. Chad says it's been months and asks why he decided to call his other son today. Stefano understands that he's upset with him but suggests he step back and start over. Chad wonders what the point is since it always ends the same way. Stefano says he knows Chad's been going through a difficult time lately. Chad says he's been fine other than his life falling apart. Stefano wants to help him now but Chad calls it too little, too late and hangs up the phone. Chad apologizes to Abigail. Abigail says she's the one who is sorry.

Sami agrees to let Rafe explain. Rafe says it's complicated and so messed up. Rafe says EJ got exactly what he wanted. Sami doesn't want to bring EJ into this. Rafe says he doesn't want to but EJ is a big part since he enjoyed telling her that he wasn't the father and watching her hurt that way. Rafe tells her that he would never want to hurt her. Gabi runs up and hugs him, saying she heard about Nicole and the baby and asks if he's okay.

Kristen tells EJ that she was surprised to learn of the lengths he's gone to for Sami. EJ figures Stefano has kept her informed. Kristen recalls Sami kidnapping her sister in the past. EJ doesn't want to bring up the past. Kristen says she won't judge him since the heart wants what it wants. Kristen wishes people would have been understanding of her in the past. Kristen calls Sami an interesting choice for EJ. Kristen wonders what EJ has planned now that he has him right where he wants him. EJ claims to have no idea what she's talking about. Kristen explains that she did a little investigating after they last talked and found out about Rafe. Kristen knows EJ and Stefano have hated Rafe for a long time and now EJ found out Rafe committed fraud to protect Nicole. Kristen asks EJ again now that he has Rafe where he wants him, what is he going to do about it.

Gabi tells Rafe that she couldn't believe it when she heard what happened. Rafe says he tried calling her but didn't want to leave a message. Sami tells Gabi to let Rafe finish since he has something important to tell her about what happened. Gabi asks what she's talking about. Sami says it's how the tragedy ends and how she won't feel so sorry for Rafe when she finds out. Sami rushes off as Rafe calls out to her to listen.

Bo apologizes to Caroline for upsetting her. Hope says they don't want her to feel humiliated. They try to convince her to have the help of a caretaker. Caroline worries about it being expensive but Hope calls that unimportant. Bo thinks this is holding on to her freedom but Caroline worries about someone hovering. Bo explains that they will only be there if she needs it and they won't be there all the time taking up tables for customers. Bo asks if they can give it a try.

Chad says he can't believe he let Stefano get to him again. Abigail calls it understandable but Chad doesn't think it is. Abigail reminds him that Stefano is his dad. Chad says his feelings came up for him when they thought he died. Abigail tells him that it's not bad to feel for his father. Chad calls it a cruel joke. Chad apologizes and says he should shut up since Abigail just lost her father so he shouldn't complain about his. Abigail understands as her dad drove her crazy in a different way. Abigail says she would give anything to have Jack back especially with what Jennifer is going through. Chad calls it awful since Jennifer is a great person. Chad hates that she's going through this. Abigail wishes her brother lived closer and asks if it helps Chad to still have his brother.

EJ tells Kristen that his plan is to mourn the death of his son. Kristen brings up Rafe conspiring to keep the son from him and questions EJ not wanting to make him pay for it. EJ talks about his son being gone and doesn't see what's to gain from being vindictive. Kristen asks what's to be gained by not being vindictive. Kristen then tells EJ that it's so smart for him to play the grieving father since Sami will be impressed by that. Kristen says she understands him as they are clearly cut from the same DiMera cloth. Kristen tells him that he is so much like Stefano whether he likes it or not. Kristen says his urge to make Rafe pay must be overwhelming so for him to put that aside shows how much he wants Sami. Kristen suggests it could work but wonders if after everything he's done, if Sami would really take him back.

Hope continues trying to convince Caroline to accept the help. Hope talks about the Pub being where Caroline belongs. Hope says everyone loves having her there as she and Bo hug her. Caroline agrees to give it a try.

EJ congratulates Kristen for figuring out his endgame. Kristen says she knows how he thinks. EJ tells her to leave how it plays out to him. Kristen doesn't think that's a good idea since she feels it's not a very strong plan. Kristen tells him not to let his pride get in his way. Kristen says she's a woman so she knows what tricks would work on her and she'd see through this one in a heartbeat. EJ points out that she's not Sami. Kristen compares herself to Sami. EJ asks why she's so insistent on getting involved. Kristen says she's his sister which EJ laughs at. EJ asks what she proposes he do. Kristen tells him to do nothing as she will take care of Sami and then he will see what an asset she can be to him. EJ brings up Kristen doing cruel things to Marlena so he doesn't think Sami would even want to meet her. Sami calls what she did to Marlena irrelevant. Kristen says she knows exactly what she needs to say to Sami to make her anxious to see him by the end of the day.

Rafe sits with Gabi at home and tries to explain that this was about protecting Nicole's baby. Gabi asks about he and Sami and realizes that's why she's so mad at him. Rafe says she trusted him and he lied to her again and again.

Sami checks her phone and sees a missed call from Marlena. Sami decides she will check it later as there's a knock at the door. She assumes it's Rafe and tells him to go away. She gets up and opens the door, surprised to see Kristen. Sami tells her not to come in as she's calling the police but Kristen comes in and stops her. Kristen tells her that they have a lot of catching up to do.

Bo thanks Hope for getting through to Caroline when he couldn't. Hope tells him they are a team that did this together. Bo kisses her and they say they love each other. Hope tells him that she's so sorry about Caroline and he has her whole support. Hope talks about knowing Bo had other plans when he left the force. Bo vows to still make time for their little project. Kayla arrives and greets them. Kayla informs them that she thinks she found a way that they can help Caroline.

Chad tells Abigail that he's sorry for what she's going through with Jennifer especially on the heels of her father dying. Chad adds that he's sorry for complaining about his father. Abigail says they're friends so they can listen to each other. Chad hopes it works out for Jennifer. Abigail hopes that next time he can tell her a little about what happened with Melanie. Chad says there's no promises as Abigail exits. EJ's associate Howard enters and recognizes Chad as EJ's brother. He introduces himself and says he's done some consulting work for EJ. Howard tells him that next time he sees EJ, tell him he's sorry for his loss.. Chad questions what he means by loss as Howard explains that Nicole lost the baby and asks him to let EJ know that he's in his thoughts.

EJ calls Stefano. Stefano says he was wondering when he would hear from him.

Sami realizes Marlena's missed call must have been to warn her that Kristen was in Salem. Kristen tells Sami that she's not here to cause trouble. Sami questions her motives. Sami doesn't understand how she has the nerve to show her face in the town after what she did to everyone. Kristen calls it the pot calling the kettle black. Sami doesn't think they can compare. Sami threatens to physically remove her from her apartment so that she'll never have to deal with her again. Kristen responds that she's not going anywhere and adds that Sami will deal with her because she doesn't have a choice.

Kayla talks to Bo and Hope about doing some research and finding a program that does clinical trials and advanced diagnostics. Kayla explains that they would take her in and prescribe something to her but it's seriously time consuming and across the country. Bo realizes this would mean she would have to leave Salem as they all look over at her joking with a customer.

EJ tells Stefano that he doesn't want Kristen around or her help. Stefano tells him that it would be a mistake because she can help their family. EJ calls their family ruined. EJ says he wants nothing to do with Stefano and wants him to tell Kristen to back off.

Gabi tells Rafe that Nicole must be heartbroken. Rafe talks about Nicole not thinking she could get pregnant and how it's not fair. Gabi adds that it's not fair to him either since he sacrificed a lot to make this work and now the baby's gone. Rafe tells her that Sami's gone too. Gabi asks if he's sure. Rafe reminds her that he lied to Sami. Gabi thinks he had a reason and brings up Sami lying to him in the past. Rafe tells her that he was always honest with Sami no matter what and now he lied to her which is the difference. Rafe declares that it's over.

Sami calls Kristen crazy as ever and threatens to call the police because she has a company to run. Kristen brings up Countess Wilhelmina's finances and says it's clear that Sami ran it into the ground. Sami questions where she got the records. Kristen reveals that all her mail is being forwarded to her now because she is Sami's new boss.

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