Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 10/23/12

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 10/23/12


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Marlena realizes Kristen must have stolen her phone and worries about John.

Kristen goes to see John in his office. She tells him it's so good to see him.

Sami sits at home as Lucas packs a bag for Allie so he can pick her up after school. Sami thanks him. Lucas brings up Allie telling him that Sami had a hot date with Rafe. Lucas remarks that everything that's old for Sami is new again. Lucas apologizes for a bad joke. Lucas says he doesn't care if they are back together. Sami tells him that they are not back together and Rafe can go to hell for all she cares.

Daniel tells Nicole that he will always want her in his life. Daniel says he wants to go away with her together when she's better which makes her happy as she hugs him. Nicole asks if he means like a vacation. Daniel says they'd be going away and staying away for good. Nicole says that isn't something friends normally do. Daniel states that couples do and he wants them to be so much more than friends. Nicole says that's exactly what she wanted to hear right now. Nicole wants to know when they can leave. Daniel says he has to make sure there is no legal ramifications with EJ. Nicole doesn't think it mattered much to EJ that they lied after they lost the baby. Rafe enters the room and informs them that EJ is not letting this go.

EJ goes to Jennifer's and accuses her of killing his child. Jennifer says she didn't but EJ tells her that she will pay for what she did.

Rafe tells Nicole and Daniel about EJ confronting him with a recording of Nicole admitting EJ is the father. Daniel wonders why EJ isn't doing anything about it. Rafe says he's picking his battles and used it to drive a wedge between he and Sami. Daniel worries that revenge is only the beginning. Nicole says she's so sorry since they both did everything she asked but she ruined everything for them. Daniel tells her that it was EJ that took advantage of her. Nicole thinks she should've been more careful after they risked everything for her. Nicole blames herself for it all.

Jennifer tells EJ that it's not true and doesn't know what he's heard. EJ tells her that he heard she was so furious with Nicole that she shoved her down stairs and kills their child. Jennifer insists that it didn't happen like that. EJ tells her that Billie and Brady were two witnesses. Jennifer argues that she would never push her. EJ tells her that she murdered a child. Jennifer promises that she didn't and apologizes. EJ shouts that she's not sorry as Hope arrives and tells EJ to leave.

Kristen tells John that they haven't seen each other in years but looking at him now it's like not a day has gone by. John grabs the phone to call Roman to put Kristen in jail.

Lucas asks Sami what happened with Rafe. Sami informs him that Nicole lost her baby last night. Lucas calls it terrible and figures Rafe must be taking it hard. Sami reveals to him that Rafe wasn't the father but EJ was. Lucas talks about knowing something was wrong with that story. Sami says it matters to her because she asked Rafe a million times if EJ was the father and even promised to keep the secret but Rafe lied to her over and over. Lucas is sure he had his reasons. Sami says the reason was that he didn't trust her and now she doesn't trust him. Lucas gets that she feels betrayed but calls it the pot calling the kettle black. Lucas questions what standard of perfection she is holding Rafe to because it can't be her own.

Rafe assures Nicole that it wasn't her fault. Daniel says they did this because it mattered to all of them. Rafe talks about seeing EJ and Sami fight over the kids for years and he didn't want to see Nicole go through that. Nicole worries that they are going to have to face so much trouble because of her. Rafe and Daniel say they are still there to protect her from EJ.

Hope threatens to arrest EJ for trespassing if he doesn't leave. EJ says it doesn't change the fact that his son is dead and Jennifer killed him. EJ vows to make Jennifer pay. Hope tells him to get out so he exits. Hope sits with Jennifer and hugs her as she cries.

Marlena continues looking through her purse and finds her keys nearby. Marlena then walks off to try and get to John.

Kristen says to John that he would be wasting his time because her warrants expired. Kristen tells John that she wouldn't have come back if she thought she'd be arrested but understands they have trust issues. John warns her to stay away from him. Kristen wants him to hear her out for a second. Kristen senses her return is unsettling for him but says she isn't here to make trouble. John thinks that's all she does but Kristen says she's into repairing things. Kristen says she's seeking forgiveness and is here to make amends.

Sami questions Lucas saying Rafe has permission to lie to her because she lied to him in the past. Lucas thinks Rafe had his reasons. Sami talks about Rafe wanting a fresh start and lying to her the whole time. Lucas gets that she's trying to change but doesn't think she can blame Rafe for lying when it was all to keep EJ from the baby. Sami feels that Rafe felt the secret with Nicole was more important than being honest with her. Sami tells him that Rafe told Carrie. Lucas then begins to think that's what this is all about. Sami says they got past that but feels Rafe should've trusted her. Lucas says Sami always puts Rafe on a pedestal and can't stand that he's human. Lucas tells her that Rafe made a mistake for the wrong reasons and asks her if that sounds familiar. Sami calls it unfair. Lucas says she expects every man in her life to be perfect and that's what is unfair. Lucas tells her to think about that as he exits.

Hope tells Jennifer that EJ had no right to come and accuse her of anything. Jennifer says EJ believes she pushed Nicole and tells her that EJ was the baby's father. Jennifer insists that she didn't do it. Hope asks about Jennifer telling Roman that she pushed her. Jennifer says she couldn't think straight at the moment but she's gone over it in her head and swears she didn't push her. Jennifer says she's scared but didn't do it. Jennifer tells Hope that she has to believe her.

EJ arrives at the hospital but Rafe and Daniel stop him and say he's not going into Nicole's room. EJ wants to speak to Nicole and offers to go in with them. Nicole opens the door and tells them it's okay because they all need to know where they stand.

John tells Kristen that amends are usually for little infractions. Kristen knows he must remember she was in a fragile, emotional state at that time. John questions her trying to make excuses for trying to murder his wife. Kristen says she suffered a loss but isn't trying to excuse it. Kristen talks about how people act out of character and compares it to Jennifer shoving Nicole down the stairs out of her grief for Jack. Kristen says Jennifer is in a predicament where she could spend the rest of her life in prison.

Hope tells Jennifer that she believes her as she knows that she would never hurt anyone. Hope says that's not enough as her statement to the police could really hurt her case. Jennifer talks about being confused and not sure when it first happened. Hope tells her to be sure. Jennifer says there is someone that cares enough about her to show her the truth. Hope asks if it's just what she wants to be the truth. Jennifer is grateful to have people that want to help her through this.

Rafe, EJ, and Daniel go into Nicole's room. Rafe thinks Nicole is upset enough. EJ says they are all upset. Nicole asks what now since they lost everything that matters. EJ says they have and now it's Daniel & Rafe's turn.

Kristen talks to John about being the person that he first met. Kristen says she knows they can't go back but that they loved each other so much in the past. Kristen says that love can turn into an obsession. Kristen recalls losing their baby and then John having feelings for Marlena. Kristen says she's not making excuses. John doesn't believe her. Kristen says he sounds just like Marlena since she was doubting her as well. John realizes that she already saw Marlena.

EJ says nobody would blame him for seeing them all go down in flames. EJ says Daniel would have his medical license taken away from him and Rafe would never hold a badge again. EJ calls Nicole the architect of the whole fiasco and tragic disaster. EJ says it was all for a lie against him. Nicole tells him to stop threatening to ruin everyone's lives. EJ says he won't even though he could or should. Nicole questions what that means. EJ informs them that he has decided not to press charges against any of them as he's letting it go.

John questions Kristen seeing Marlena. Kristen says she saw her at the park right before she saw him. John grabs her and warns her about anything happening to Marlena. Marlena then arrives and says she came by to warn him.

Sami thinks back to finding out the truth about Rafe. Sami says she can't concentrate and exits her place.

John checks on Marlena who says she's fine. Kristen tells her that John was so worried about when she's not here to hurt them. Marlena calls her a liar. Kristen says she's not anymore after therapy. Marlena questions Kristen stealing her phone. John's secretary comes in and reveals that Marlena had left her phone in the waiting area this morning.

Daniel questions EJ not pressing charges. EJ reiterates that he's not. Daniel wants to know why. EJ says it's because his son is dead and as much as he hates what happened and that they all lied to him, he thinks it's better that they move on. Nicole questions if he really means it. EJ says losing something precious causes him to trace his steps back. EJ says the truth is if he hadn't slept with Sami then nothing would have come between he and Nicole so the loss would have never happened. EJ then exits the room.

Kristen says she obviously made a mistake by coming back since feelings are way too fresh even though it's been over a decade. Kristen apologizes for upsetting them both and says she won't bother them again as she then exits.

Lucas goes to Jennifer's and asks her what happened as he can't believe people are suggesting she shoved Nicole on purpose. Jennifer says she didn't help herself by making it look like she did push her to Roman. Jennifer feels that she just has to make them see the truth. Lucas brings up Sami telling him that EJ was the father and not Rafe. Jennifer goes to make a phone call.

Rafe approaches EJ outside of Nicole's room. EJ doesn't think they have anything left to talk about. Rafe says he's known and disliked him for a very long time so he's not buying his personality transplant. EJ says he has things to take care of and doesn't need to be distracted by him unless his real plans fall by the wayside. Rafe asks if he's talking about Jennifer. EJ questions why he'd go after Rafe when he already lost everything important to him. Rafe questions EJ thinking he has a clear path to Sami now. EJ doesn't think Sami has any interest in him as she's made that clear. Rafe doesn't think EJ is being straight with him but EJ says he is and that Rafe just isn't used to it as he walks away.

Daniel sits with Nicole as Nicole talks about how EJ sounded so sincere and wonders if that's even possible. Daniel gets a call from Jennifer and rushes out of the room to take it. Jennifer tells him that she wanted him to know that EJ knows he's the father and is really angry so she didn't want him to be blind sided. Daniel thanks her but thinks everything will work out for everyone. Daniel says he knows Jennifer didn't hurt Nicole on purpose and believes that in his heart. Daniel says he has to go and hangs up. Lucas joins Jennifer and asks if she wants to tell him what that was all about. Daniel returns to Nicole. Nicole asks if everything is okay. Nicole asks if he really meant what he said about wanting to move away and building a new life with her. Daniel says he has nothing here but his past since Melanie is not coming back and Maggie has Victor. Daniel says he has nothing and no one to keep him here. Nicole is glad as she wants to do this right. Nicole says she has one more question and asks if he's really ready to walk away from Jennifer.

John tells Marlena that his attorney confirmed that they can't charge Kristen with anything. John wonders if she was telling the truth about being in town for family. Marlena doubts it but John isn't sure since she seemed earnest. Marlena asks him not to trust her and not to make that mistake again.

EJ sits at his desk as Kristen arrives and asks if he has a moment for his sister. EJ thought he made himself clear but obviously not. Kristen tells him not to dismiss her so easily as she knows he doesn't accept help often but she has a lot to offer. EJ says he doesn't need her help but Kristen says he really does. EJ tells her to cut to the chase. Kristen says she knows what EJ wants and knows how to get it for him.

Sami walks through the town square and looks at the Horton plaque as she thinks back to marrying Rafe. Sami continues walking on and runs into Rafe.

Lucas tells Jennifer that he's worried about her. Jennifer tells him not to grill her about Daniel. Hope asks what's going on. Jennifer says Daniel has been an amazing friend that saved her life so it matters to her what happens to him and she thinks he feels the same way now. Jennifer says she was just talking to Daniel to tell him that EJ is the father but he already knew and told her that everything would be fine. Jennifer says Daniel just reassured her like he knew something.

Nicole says Daniel is willing to leave Salem to start a new life with her but he still has feelings for Jennifer. Daniel admits that he does but says Jennifer is still mourning Jack so the point is moot. Daniel doesn't want to live his life pining over someone that he can't have. Daniel tells Nicole that she won't have to worry about that if they leave town as he will probably never see her again. Nicole questions that but Daniel says they are moving on. Daniel says they started something together. Nicole thought they had something and would be happy together but she wasn't sure if Daniel wanted that. Daniel says he's sure about it and asks if Nicole will be okay knowing he has feelings for someone else. Nicole says yes if Jennifer is halfway across the country then she can find a way to make him forget about her. Daniel is willing to try and so is Nicole. Daniel says it's so great that they are going to do this. Daniel adds one condition and says he doesn't want another terrible injustice on top of the tragedy. Daniel says he can't start a new life with her if Jennifer is here paying for something that he knows in his heart that she didn't do. Daniel says it was an accident and asks Nicole. Nicole asks if he's saying that he will leave Salem with her if she agrees to drop the charges against Jennifer.

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