Days of Our Lives Update Monday 10/22/12

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 10/22/12


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

John gets a phone call that someone walked right past security. The door opens and it's Kate which surprises John. Kate jokes about being an old friend. John tells her that he's busy but Kate says he's not too busy for this as she's here to tell him that he has a big problem.

Marlena sits in the park as Kristen approaches her and tells her it's been awhile. Marlena questions what she's doing there.

T arrives at the coffeehouse where Will is playing guitar. T tells Will that he got his text. Will is surprised he came since he didn't text back. Will tells T that he found out he's staying in Salem and is happy. T says he decided to stick around because he's got some things going on. Sonny joins them and jokes about T sticking around for a girl which T calls weird.

Brady goes to Jennifer's and is surprised that she's back home. Jennifer informs him that she posted bail and asks him to try and not look disappointed.

Daniel sits with Nicole at the hospital and tells her that Jennifer told him what she remembers about Nicole's fall. Daniel asks if Nicole could've been mistake and that it could've been an accident. Nicole insists that it's not possible and says she knows for a fact what Jennifer did to her. Nicole worries that Daniel doesn't believe her and is taking Jennifer's side against hers.

Brady tells Jennifer that he was just surprised as he came to see Abigail since she was alone. Brady asks Jennifer how she is. Jennifer questions if he wants to visit with someone like her when he thinks she pushed a pregnant woman down the stairs on purpose. Jennifer insists that Nicole is mistaken because she would never do that.

Daniel tells Nicole that this isn't about taking sides. Nicole thinks Daniel is trying to figure out a way for Jennifer to get away with it. Nicole says she's mourning her child and can't believe Daniel is talking about Jennifer. Nicole asks Daniel if he's been seeing Jennifer and assumes she asked him to ask her these questions. Nicole wants to know if Jennifer told him that she lied. Daniel tells Nicole to calm down. Nicole wants him to believe her and questions how she can get through this if he thinks she's lying. Daniel wants to figure out what happened. Nicole thinks he just wants Jennifer off the hook and assures him that she felt the push. Nicole feels Daniel wants to believe Jennifer because he's still in love with her.

Brady tells Jennifer that he knows about doing something in the heat of the moment and suggests Jennifer trying to make herself believe that it was an accident and she's innocent. Jennifer declares that she knows what she knows and has nothing else to say to her so Brady exits. Jennifer says to herself that Daniel is the only one who believes her so there's someone else that needs to hear the truth.

Daniel talks to Nicole about Jennifer being charged with murder. Nicole says it was murder because her son is dead. Daniel decides it's not the time to talk about this. Nicole doesn't think there will be a time for him to accuse her of lying. Daniel wants to face the facts. Nicole tells him to face that he's still in love with Jennifer. Nicole talks about how he can't see her for who she truly is even though she already broke his heart once. Nicole calls Jennifer possessive and says she doesn't want anyone else to have Daniel either. Nicole says that's what they were arguing about because Jennifer wanted to break the connection they have. Nicole states that Jennifer did this on purpose.

Will asks T about his girlfriend. T says her name is Audrey but she's not his girlfriend yet. Will and Sonny joke about T going after someone out of his league. T asks them if they are together and going out. Will says they are. T responds that he's glad since they seem happy. Will thanks him and wishes him luck with Audrey. T thanks him and says goodbye. T stops to jokingly warn Will not to make Sonny mad since he has a mean right hook. T exits as Will tells Sonny that was his way of saying he's sorry.

Kate sits with John and tells him that his big problem is Nick Fallon and how Sami wants to hire him. Kate thinks it would reflect negatively if Marlena's daughter hired a convicted felon. John disagrees. Kate questions buying that Nick has changed. Kate tells John that they can never escape their past.

Marlena tells Kristen that it's unpleasant to see her again. Kristen says she knew it wouldn't be easy to clear the air. Marlena questions why she's back in Salem. Kristen calls it a big decision for her. Kristen tells her that Stefano can be incredibly persuasive. Marlena feels déja vu as Kristen calls it just like the old days. Kristen calls the park one of her favorite spots in Salem and says it's something else they have in common. Marlena asks how she knew she was there. Kristen admits that she followed her.

Nicole questions Daniel not seeing the hold that Jennifer has on him. Nicole asks if he thinks she's forgotten how he stood by her and sacrificed everything for her and her son but now she's choosing Jennifer over her. Daniel shouts that he's not choosing anyone. Nicole says he's abandoning her and calls Jennifer a liar. Daniel argues as Cameron enters to calm the situation. Daniel says he's sorry and storms out as Nicole cries.

John thanks Kate for her concern and opens the door for her to leave. Kate tells him not to say she didn't warn him when it blows up in his face. John shuts the door and says it's not going to happen. John questions Kate being hypocritical considering her past. Kate thinks he wouldn't be so forgiving if Nick did those things to Marlena. John warns her not to talk to him about his wife. John tells her it's not a good time so Kate says she's sorry for bothering him. John tells her that they all need to stop worrying about things that happened in the past and just let it go so Kate exits.

Marlena questions Kristen wanting to clear the air by following her and waiting until she was alone. Kristen says some of the things she wanted to say were personal and she didn't want to say them in the town square. Kristen talks about seeing Marlena with John. Marlena accuses her of spying on them. Kristen says she didn't want to intrude on them but understands that Marlena doesn't trust her. Marlena brings up Kristen interrupting her wedding, kidnapping her, and trying to kill her in the past. Marlena declares that she will never forget what Kristen did to her and John.

Cameron tells Nicole to get some sleep. She wants him to check if Daniel is outside so she can say she's sorry. Cameron gets paged and says he has to go. Nicole wants him to check on Daniel but Cameron says he will check on her later and tells her to get some sleep. Cameron exits as Nicole says she's not going to sleep. Jennifer then enters her room.

Will and Sonny walk through the town square together. Will tells Sonny that T doesn't want to be a jerk and is just acting how he thinks he should. Sonny jokes about not trying to understand him. Will wants to give T credit for trying to understand them. Sonny says he's a little impatient because T thinks Will has changed by coming out but he hasn't. Will talks about still having something weird with his dad. Will thinks they're different because Sonny's family was accepting. Will talks about not knowing if Lucas ever knew a gay person and now his son is. Sonny suggests he just wouldn't have known because people weren't out. Sonny helps Will understand that he's right and suggests one day they could get married which would make him the happiest guy in the world. Sonny says they should get married.

Daniel goes to the Kiriakis Mansion and talks with Maggie. Daniel says he keeps making everything worse and worse. Daniel doesn't know how Nicole will get past losing the baby. Daniel talks about all her grief turning into rage against Jennifer. Daniel thinks Nicole has to believe it's all Jennifer's fault. Daniel talks about Jennifer going to prison for something she didn't do. Daniel talks about trying to get through to Nicole but they just fight since she thinks he's accusing her of lying. Daniel thinks Nicole can't separate herself from her feelings. Maggie says it will take a long time. Daniel worries that they don't have time for Jennifer. Daniel thinks Nicole wants to believe it's all Jennifer's fault so she doesn't blame herself. Daniel recalls Jennifer saying she was just trying to get away from Nicole. Daniel suggests that this wouldn't have happened if Nicole would've just turned and walked away.

Nicole questions why Jennifer is not in jail. Jennifer says she wanted to come and apologize. Nicole asks if she thinks she can just say she's sorry for what she did. Nicole accuses her of killing her son. Jennifer says she would take back any moment if she could. Nicole tells her that she could have not pushed her and then she wouldn't be apologizing. Nicole screams at her to get away and calls her a murderer for killing her son.

Sonny talks to Will about getting married and having a honeymoon then reveals he was joking. Will can't believe it and jokes with him about all the times their parents have been married. Will says he wants to get married one day but knows it's not something to enter into lightly. Sonny jokes that he'll ask him again tomorrow. They agree that they like the way things are now and they kiss as Kate approaches and comments that they look happy. Will says they are and tells Kate that Sonny just asked him to marry him.

Brady goes to John's office as John says he was just lost in thought. Brady asks if something's wrong as John thinks back to his nightmares about Kristen. John tells him that he just hasn't been sleeping that well lately.

Kristen tells Marlena that she knows they have a rocky history and she did bad things to her. Kristen informs Marlena that she has changed. Marlena questions taking her word for it. Kristen insists that she's not the same woman she used to be. Marlena wants her to go away. Kristen says she went to therapy. Marlena mocks the idea that therapy will fix her. Kristen talks about having to face things about herself in therapy. Kristen says she came back to Salem for family issues but realized she had an opportunity to make amends. Kristen offers her hand to Marlena.

John thanks Brady for bringing him a folder. Brady tells him that he can do anything else he needs. Brady talks about needing to work to stop thinking about Madison. John brings up what happened with Jennifer and Nicole. Brady wishes he wasn't at the town square that night and thinks Nicole is going to snap. Brady recalls Jennifer seeing Jack die and doesn't think it would've happened if not for that grief. John asks if he's sure that she did it. Brady says he isn't sure but talked to Jennifer that day and knew something was going to happen. John tells him that he thinks his life sucks right now. John says he would usually worry about him but not now. John says he cares but he's not worried because he's doing a great job handling things that no one should have to handle. John tells Brady that he's proud of him. They joke about not knowing what to say after saying something meaningful. Brady decides to go outside and enjoy the beautiful day. John brings up Marlena wanting to go to the park for a picnic. Brady tells him to go outside as he exits. John decides Brady is right and makes a call to cancel his appointments. John says he's got something much more important to do.

Marlena questions Kristen's handshake offer and calls her delusional. Kristen thinks they have to start somewhere but Marlena doesn't think so. Marlena warns her that she will come after her for payback. Kristen considers this a first step but Marlena calls it the last step. Kristen says Marlena will soon realize that she has nothing to fear from her. Kristen tells her that it was great to see her as she walks away. Marlena then follows her.

Daniel sits with Maggie and says lately he feels like he's always doing something to screw up peoples' lives. Maggie tells him not to blame himself because he can't fix everything. Daniel says Nicole is not solely responsible as he made some big mistakes. Maggie questions if he's in trouble. Daniel says he will be fine but he can't let Nicole and Jennifer suffer. Maggie asks what he can do when he can't get through to Nicole. Maggie says that Nicole will relive losing the baby every time she sees Jennifer. Daniel hates it but admits she's right. Maggie knows she can't tell him to stop worrying about them but asks him to take care of himself. Maggie asks if he's sure he's alright. Daniel decides maybe there is something he can do.

Jennifer tells Nicole that she's wrong about what happened. Jennifer admits that she was angry but also afraid and was just trying to get away from her. Jennifer says she didn't push her but Nicole believes that she wanted her out of Daniel's life. Nicole yells at her to get out before she calls the police to arrest her again for coming in and threatening her. Jennifer says she isn't threatening her. Nicole questions what other reason she has to be there and if she came to gloat. Nicole calls the police but Jennifer says she will go. Jennifer tells her that she came to tell her that she's sincerely sorry for what happened but she won't let her take her away from her children because she wants to hurt the way she's hurt. Jennifer says she can't let Nicole do that as she exits the room. Nicole screams out that she won't let Jennifer win.

Kate asks about Will and Sonny getting married and jokes about how they've been dating for a week. Will and Sonny continue to go along with it. Kate asks about what their parents will think. Will reveals they were just joking. Kate mocks the idea of being mature. Sonny gets a call from the coffeehouse and walks away. Kate tells Will that she was already thinking of flower ideas so they got her hopes up. Will says he doesn't want to rush into getting married after what his parents have been through. Kate comments on how happy they seem together. Will says he's crazy about Sonny. Kate tells him not to rush this and take all the steps along the way.

Marlena looks through her purse for her phone.

John calls his secretary and says he's shutting down for the day so he can spend the rest of the day with his wife and he will be unreachable.

Marlena can't find her phone and realizes that Kristen must have gotten it.

John prepares to close up as Kristen arrives at his office.

Maggie goes to Jennifer's and asks if everything is alright. Jennifer tells Maggie that she was just at the hospital to see Nicole. Jennifer says she had to make her see that it was an accident but she worries that she made things worse and doesn't think Nicole will stop until she's convicted of murder.

Daniel returns to Nicole. Nicole apologizes for being horrible to him earlier. Daniel understands that she was upset. Daniel tells her that he wants her to know how much he cares about her and doesn't want her to have any doubt that he's in this with her and will see her through it. Daniel tells Nicole that he will always want her as part of his life. Daniel says that he wants to go away with her together when she's better which makes Nicole happy and she hugs him.

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