Days of Our Lives Update Friday 10/19/12

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 10/19/12


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John sits at his desk and tries to focus but ends up thinking about Kristen again.

Kristen sits with her tablet computer and reads news headlines about Jennifer being in jail and Nicole being in the hospital. She looks up John and hears about him being cleared of embezzlement charges. Stefano calls and wants to know if she's making progress. She responds that she definitely is.

Abigail visits Jennifer in her cell. Both say they haven't slept as Abigail wonders if there's anything she can do. Justin arrives and says he's sorry to interrupt but he has some news.

Daniel talks on the phone at the hospital trying to get an update on Jennifer from the court clerk but can't find anything out. Daniel thinks back to telling Jennifer that he doesn't believe that she pushed Nicole. A nurse approaches Daniel and brings up a patient. Daniel says he will get to it but right now he needs to see Nicole.

Nicole lays in her hospital bed and thinks back to being told that her baby is dead and then to her fall down the stairs and then to telling Daniel about what happened. Daniel enters the room and greets her. Nicole tells him that she's done something terrible.

Marlena joins John and asks what's the matter. John says he's just preparing for a board meeting. Marlena suggests they go have lunch at the park to take his mind off of it. John apologizes for forgetting that was their plan. Marlena asks if he's okay. John insists that he's fine but Marlena wonders if there's something that he's not telling her.

Justin tells Jennifer that her bail has been set so she will be arraigned this morning. Justin says she will have the arraignment in the judge's quarters instead of in the court. Jennifer hopes that's a good sign and wants to know what he's not telling her. Justin asks Abigail to let him speak to Jennifer alone about the case so Abigail exits. Jennifer asks him how bad is it. Justin informs her that she's being charged with second degree murder. Jennifer thought they would reduce or dismiss the charge but Justin says he was wrong.

Daniel asks Nicole what she did. Nicole says it affects him. Nicole reveals that EJ was there last night which surprises Daniel. Nicole talks about being a mess and being on a sedative. Daniel asks what happened. Nicole informs him that she was talking to Rafe and they didn't know EJ was listening at the door. Daniel wants to have whoever let EJ in fired. Nicole tells him that EJ was actually kind and understanding as he just wanted to know the truth. Nicole reveals to Daniel that she told EJ the baby was his. Nicole apologizes to Daniel. Daniel tells her it's not his fault. Nicole says she's been trying to warn Rafe but he won't answer the phone. Nicole talks about how much they both risked for her. Nicole then worries about what she's done to his life after everything he did for her. Nicole wonders if it was all for nothing now that she lost her baby. Daniel hugs her and tells her not to go there as Nicole says he is all she has left and she doesn't know if she can stand it if EJ tries to get back at him.

Bo joins Kayla at the coffeehouse and asks if she got a hold of Roman and how he's doing. Kayla admits Roman is a bit upset but thinks he had a bad day. Kayla asks about Caroline. Bo tells her that Hope is with her and she knows so Caroline will have to accept that they don't keep secrets. Kayla thinks Caroline will have to accept a lot of things as people will figure it out like Roman. Bo asks about a diagnosis. Kayla says they will still run tests and don't want to overwhelm her. Roman arrives and asks what's the latest. Kayla talks about talking to the rest of the family and they know they are going to have to make some big decisions which Bo and Roman question.

Daniel tells Nicole that he will be fine. Nicole asks about if EJ tries to get him to lose his license. Daniel says he knew what he was doing when he helped her. Nicole doesn't know what she did to deserve his help. Daniel promises to get her through this enormous loss. Nicole cries about thinking she felt the baby kick and how much she misses him. Daniel hugs her as she cries.

John tells Marlena not to worry as those days are over. Marlena says she's not worried but knows when something is distracting him. John gets a phone call and says he will take care of it himself. John tells Marlena that he has to go sign for a package personally. Marlena offers to get their lunch for a picnic. They kiss and then exit together.

Kristen tells Stefano that she will do her best. Stefano says he has no choice but to rely on her because he can't return until his business is done. Stefano adds that when his business is done, he will be coming back to Salem and hopes she will have things done by then.

Roman and Bo sit with Kayla. Roman questions Kayla talking about big decisions when it's been one night. Roman talks about having to find out himself. Kayla explains that she got some test results back last night and nothing can reverse these spells so it's not going away. Kayla worries that it will probably get worse. Bo doesn't think it will get worse since she was fine last night with Victor. Kayla says that's the thing about memory loss as it can be fine and then bad. Roman says it's only been one night. Bo explains to Roman what he's been through so far with her calling him Shawn. Roman didn't know it was that bad and wonders why they didn't tell him. Kayla explains that Caroline made them promise not to tell anyone. Roman asks what they are supposed to do. Kayla doesn't think they should leave her alone. Bo worries about her losing her independence. Kayla suggests home health care but Bo refuses, saying they are not at the point of having a babysitter watching her every move.

Nicole talks to Daniel about her son being her every thought about the future. Daniel says he will take his break right now to go get her stuff from her suitcase at his place. Nicole wants to be able to wear something of her own. Nicole says she doesn't think she could get through this without him. Daniel tells her that she wouldn't even have to try. Daniel hugs her and kisses her on the head as he says he will be right back and then exits. After Daniel leaves, Abigail arrives.

Justin tells Jennifer that he saw the DA's case against her and the most damaging things are Billie and Brady's eye witness statements. Justin talks about how they both said they saw her screaming, Nicole falling and then Jennifer standing there doing nothing. Jennifer says she was in shock and couldn't move. Justin says other people have said they have seen their screaming matches. Jennifer admits she was afraid of what Nicole was doing to Daniel's life after she heard that EJ hired Justin to go after Daniel. Jennifer knows it sounds like an obsession but she was trying to do for Daniel what she couldn't do for Jack. Jennifer worries that this won't be easy. Justin tells her that the evidence is more than circumstantial as they haven't even got Nicole's statement yet. Justin says they will do whatever they can but warns her to prepare for the worst. Guards arrive to take Jennifer to the judge's chambers.

Kristen sits at the town square reading about John's embezzlement charges from before. Kristen says it doesn't sound like John but like Stefano and EJ. Kristen looks up whether or not they were involved in the charges and finds out. Kristen then puts her tablet down as John and Marlena begin walking through the town square. Kristen watches as they kiss. Marlena and John sit together. Marlena suggests that he do his work at home so they can go to the park but John tells her she can go on her own. Marlena thinks he's been like this ever since his talk with Sonny. John admits it reminded him of stuff he hadn't thought about in his past. John says all that's important now is what's happening right now and kisses her as Kristen watches.

Kayla tells Bo that she's not suggesting hiring a keeper for Caroline right now. Kayla thinks they should start lining up help before it's needed. Bo says Caroline has to be a part of every decision they make from here on out.

Nicole doesn't think it's a good idea for Abigail to be there. Abigail says she just wanted to see her and tell her how sorry she was about the baby. Abigail tells her that Jennifer spent the night in jail. Nicole doesn't know what to say since she lost her baby. Abigail talks about Jennifer losing Jack and still taking her in when she had nowhere to go. Nicole shouts that she lost her baby. Abigail asks her not to punish her now.

Daniel exits the Pub and runs into Jennifer. Daniel says it's great that she's out. Justin informs him that she was released. Jennifer credits Justin. Jennifer says she's going home. Justin steps away to make a call. Jennifer is glad she has a chance to thank Daniel for coming to see her and helping her calm down and think clearly but mostly for believing in her when no one else does. Jennifer says she's even more grateful since she knows how much Nicole's baby meant to Nicole. Daniel talks about getting lunch for Nicole. Justin returns and asks if Jennifer's ready to return home. Daniel asks to talk with Justin. Jennifer heads inside the Pub to get lunch. Daniel questions Jennifer being charged with murder and tells Justin that Jennifer didn't push Nicole. Justin says it will all come down to Nicole's testimony.

Abigail talks to Nicole about Jennifer never hitting her or her brother so she'd never hurt a baby. Nicole says her son is dead because Jennifer hated her and pushed her. Nicole swears it's the truth. The nurse comes in and orders Abigail out of the room.

Daniel returns home and sits down frustrated. Daniel looks at baby clothes they had.

Justin brings Jennifer home. Abigail welcomes her home and hugs her. Justin tells her that he will be in touch. Jennifer thanks him as he leaves. Abigail sits with Jennifer and asks about the judge. Jennifer says one minute she was pleading innocent and then Justin was asking for her to be cleared. Abigail questions how they can say it's murder when Jennifer didn't intend to hurt Nicole's baby and knows she'd do anything to take it back. Jennifer questions what she's saying.

Bo talks about how Caroline calmed down when she was able to face it and talk about it. Kayla suggests all three of them go to talk to her but Bo doesn't want to bombard her. Bo says he will talk to her and keep them informed.

Marlena realizes that she won't get John to join her so she'll just go to the park by herself and wish he was there. John says he will see her later and promises not to be any happier. John kisses her goodbye as she exits. John heads the other way as Kristen continues watching. Kristen then gets up and decides to follow John.

Roman doesn't think it's fair for Bo to take this on himself. Bo thinks they've done their share so he wants to be there for Caroline as he feels he owes her that much for being her big mistake. Roman and Kayla joke that Caroline doesn't feel that way. Bo recalls making her life hell when first finding out that Victor was his father and lost a lot of time with her that he'll never get back because of it. Bo wants to be there now for her transition in her life and says it would be his honor and if it gets to that point then he will talk to her about hiring someone. Bo wants to help her hang on to her independence since that is what scares her the most. Bo declares that they have to do this right. Roman agrees and then gets a call so he says goodbye to them and exits. Kayla tells Bo that it went better than she thought. Bo decides to get back. Kayla talks about wanting to be kept up on how Bo is doing. Bo hugs her and says it won't be a walk in the park for any of them.

John returns to his office talking on the phone. John hangs up as his phone rings but he says he doesn't want any more interruptions so he can wrap up and get out.

Marlena goes to the park and walks through.

Daniel returns to Nicole with some of her clothes and food from the Pub. Nicole comments that he remembered her favorite sandwich. Daniel hopes she will eat. Nicole agrees to do anything for him. Nicole says he doesn't have to spend all his time with her if he has other patients. Daniel tells her that she's more than just another patient and he will be there for as long as she needs him. Daniel asks if he can talk to her about something but then tells her to forget it as it's not the time. Nicole insists that he tell her so he informs her that he ran into Jennifer.

Abigail tells Jennifer that she's on her side. Jennifer asks what moment she thinks she should take back. Abigail starts to apologize. Jennifer wants to understand. Abigail says this is her fault too since she's the one that told Jennifer to do something if Nicole was hurting Daniel. Jennifer can't believe that Abigail thinks she deliberately pushed Nicole down the stairs. Abigail says she's putting words in her mouth as that's not what she meant. Abigail says she knows it was an accident and she's innocent. Jennifer sends her to get food ready. Jennifer says to herself that she and Nicole are the only ones who really know what happened.

Daniel tells Nicole that Jennifer talked about Nicole's fall and remembering it. Daniel asks if Nicole could have been mistaken and if it could have been an accident.

John finishes a phone call as he's told that someone walked past security to see him and the door begins to open.

Marlena sits in the park as Kristen approaches her and says it's been awhile.

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