Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 10/18/12

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 10/18/12


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Rafe tells EJ that a child died tonight and everyone's upset but insists that the baby was his and not EJ's. Sami suggests EJ leave. Rafe opens the door. EJ agrees to leave but shuts the door. EJ says first he has a little something that they might want to hear. EJ pulls out his phone and plays the voice recording of Nicole admitting the baby was his. EJ asks Sami if she still thinks Rafe is telling the truth. Sami thinks it could've been edited and says it's not proof. EJ calls it proof that Rafe is a liar and tells her to ask Nicole. EJ declares that the child was his and not Rafe's. Sami asks Rafe to tell her that the baby was his but EJ says Rafe can't say it because it's not true.

Maggie sees the page for a long term care center on Hope's computer. Hope quickly shuts it and says Maggie wasn't supposed to see that but Maggie realizes that it's Caroline that is sick.

Victor goes to the Pub where Bo is cleaning the floor. Bo says he was just about to close up. Victor brings up hearing Bo quit the force and asks what's going on. Caroline calls out for Shawn, asking if Shawn is still down there. Caroline comes back asking for Shawn. Bo tells Victor to let him handle this as he greets Caroline and asks if she's okay.

John wakes up from his nightmare and envisions Kristen waking up next to him and kissing him.

EJ asks Rafe about telling another lie. EJ asks Sami if it's proof enough. Sami thinks EJ could pay off experts. EJ talks about Rafe and Nicole switching tests. Sami yells at EJ about Rafe losing a child but Rafe stops her and admits that EJ is right. Rafe reveals to Sami that Nicole's baby wasn't his but EJ's.

John wakes up having been another nightmare and Marlena asks if he's okay. John gets up to go get some fresh air and tells Marlena to go back to sleep.

Kristen remains on her flight back to Salem and remarks that she never thought she'd set foot in the town again but there she is.

Sami questions what Rafe said. Rafe repeats that it's true that EJ was the father of Nicole's baby and not him. EJ tells Sami that Rafe lied to her and is not the man that she thought he was at all.

Hope tells Maggie that she promised not to say anything so she can't. Maggie didn't mean to put her on the spot but recalls Caroline not being herself the last time she saw her. Maggie wonders if this is why Bo left the force. Hope says that was for other reasons. Hope asks Maggie not to tell anyone about what she saw. Maggie understands and says she will keep her in her prayers.

Caroline greets Victor and asks what he's doing out so late. Victor says he just dropped Maggie off to see Hope and then saw Bo through the window. Bo tells Caroline about deciding to help close up so she thanks him. Victor and Caroline sit together as Bo goes to get them some tea. Caroline comments that she's glad Victor came by and he says he is too.

John walks to the town square and says he hasn't thought about Kristen in years so he wonders why he is now and why he can't get her out of his head.

Kristen talks to Stefano on the phone and says the flight was fine. Kristen says she will do her damnedest to help with Chad and EJ. Kristen tells him not to worry as she will be in touch. Kristen hangs up and says she has some other items that she might want to attend to.

EJ questions how many times Rafe told Sami that he was telling the truth and she trusted him. EJ accuses Rafe of trying to keep a father from his son and lied to Sami for Nicole. EJ tells Sami that Rafe doesn't trust her and wants to be Nicole's knight in shining armor instead of hers. EJ shouts about Rafe doing it all because Nicole asked him to. EJ tells Sami that her relationship with Rafe will never be the same. Rafe states that he was just protecting the baby from EJ because he would have taken the baby from her. Rafe says Nicole lived her entire pregnancy in terror from EJ and admits he would do it again. EJ screams that he would've protected the child if he knew it was his and Nicole would've never ended up living with Jennifer. EJ questions if Sami still thinks Rafe is the better man but she yells at him to stop it.

Bo goes to lock up in the back. Caroline comments to Victor that Bo is a fine son they have. Victor praises him. Caroline recalls Bo cleaning as a child and talks about time going quickly. Caroline says some things never change like Victor. Victor hopes he's changed. Caroline jokes that he might not be the imposing, dangerous Victor anymore. Caroline tells him that everyone sees him now as the gentle, handsome man that she knew. Victor responds that he still sees her as a beautiful young woman as Bo watches from a distance.

John walks through the town square and says he can't believe he's letting her get to him. John thinks back to being with Kristen in the past.

EJ apologizes to Sami and decides to leave. Sami says everyone is upset. Sami stops EJ and tells him that she's sorry for his loss. EJ thanks her. EJ tells Rafe that they will talk about this later as he exits. Sami questions Rafe as to how he could do this to them.

Bo joins Victor and Caroline. Caroline calls herself a lucky woman to have them in her life. Bo says they are the lucky ones. Caroline decides to go to bed after they finish closing. Bo says he's got it covered. Victor decides he should go too. Victor thanks Caroline for the memories and kisses her goodbye. Caroline heads to bed. Victor tells Bo that he's sorry.

Rafe tells Sami that he didn't want to hurt her and that's why he was so upset earlier because he hated lying to her. Sami talks about Rafe acting like he was being noble when he didn't have to keep lying. Rafe brings up all the things EJ had done to them and didn't know what else to do when Nicole asked him. Sami mocks him for rescuing damsels in distress. Rafe says he did it for the child and not Nicole. Rafe adds that they weren't even together at the time. Sami asks about now and the picnic and all the promises that he asked of her about being open and honest. Rafe didn't want to involve her in this. Sami questions the thought that he was protecting her and calls it bull. Sami says she's not buying it and didn't buy any of it. Sami says she knew the whole story of he and Nicole was ridiculous. Sami says he made her feel like a jerk for doubting him any time she brought it up. Rafe apologizes and says Nicole made him promise not to tell anyone. Sami questions if that meant especially not her because of everything they had been through. Sami says she thought they were actually going to have another chance but he just doesn't trust her.

EJ returns home to his apartment and sits at his desk. He looks at a photo of Johnny and Sydney and says he wishes they could've known their little brother. A knock on the door makes EJ get up to answer and sees Kristen, who EJ believes is his mother Susan.

Bo tells Victor that he appreciates the concern but there's nothing to be sorry for as Caroline will be okay and he will take care of her. Bo adds that they don't know exactly what's wrong yet but Kayla said there is treatments they can try. Victor offers to help but Bo says they have it covered. Bo says Caroline doesn't want them talking about it with anybody. Victor says he's not just anybody and asks if Bo is staying with her tonight. Bo tells him not to worry as he and Kayla will make sure Caroline is never alone. Bo says he's going to finish closing up and thanks him for stopping by. Victor lets him know that he's never been prouder of him than right now as he hugs him while Maggie and Hope arrive.

Marlena joins John at the town square and says she got worried about him taking so long. John says he just needed to clear his head. Marlena sits with him and asks if he's still upset about his conversation with Sonny bringing up unpleasant memories from his past and asks if that's what he was dreaming about.

Rafe admits to Sami that he couldn't trust her because it wasn't his secret to tell. Sami thinks he meant that she would never get his trust back and now she knows how he feels because she doesn't trust him. Rafe tries to explain to her why Nicole wanted to keep the baby from EJ. Sami says she understands why Nicole did it and why Rafe helped her and she wanted to help too. Rafe talks about not wanting her close to EJ. Sami talks about being a great liar and wouldn't have blown the secret. Sami questions if Rafe thinks she would've hurt the child to get back at Nicole. Rafe wishes she would cut him some slack. Sami says Rafe told EJ that he doesn't regret what he did. Rafe adds that he regrets Nicole losing the baby. Sami brings up forgiving Rafe for kissing Carrie and for getting Nicole pregnant when those are the two women that drive her crazy. Sami says she thought Rafe was baring his soul to her and questions not forgiving him now. Sami brings up Carrie and asks if she knew. Sami says she always thought it was crazy that Carrie was so ok with Rafe being with Nicole. Rafe says he never slept with Carrie. Sami questions Rafe if he told Carrie the truth. Sami brings up that Nicole told him not to tell a soul so she asks him again if he told Carrie that he was not the father of Nicole's baby. Rafe looks away so Sami realizes he did. Sami slaps him and screams that he told Carrie and not her.

Kristen tells EJ that plastic surgery couldn't make Susan look like her now and reveals to him that she is his sister Kristen.

Victor and Maggie walk through the town square. He asks if she's okay. She tells him that she can handle anything as long as she has him. She asks about him. Victor says he's grateful for all the blessings he's received, especially her. Victor tells her to cherish these moments and kisses her and then they hug.

Hope helps Bo clean up and asks what Victor was doing there. Bo explains that he was just waiting for Maggie and sat with Caroline. Bo tells Hope that Victor knows enough to be concerned but also that they got things under control. Hope tells Bo that she's going to spend the night there with him. Bo hugs her and they talk about Ciara and how she could one day be taking care of them which Hope says is taking after them.

Sami questions Rafe finding Carrie trustworthy. Rafe explains that he only told Carrie because he thought they were going to die in the safehouse explosion. Sami doesn't care about that only that he didn't tell her. Rafe says this is not about Carrie. Sami says it's about Rafe being so honest and trustworthy but now he lied to her and used her. Sami says she thought she was grieving his loss with him and how they were about to have sex. Rafe says it's because he loves her and he was grieving. Rafe says he's sick because of what happened. Sami questions Rafe wanting to be Nicole's baby's father and if her kids aren't enough for him. Rafe tells her that he won't have to worry about that now. Sami says she feels terrible that Nicole's child is dead and understands nothing is worse than losing a baby but Rafe lost his reason for lying to her. Sami says he didn't have to protect the child from EJ anymore so she questions why he kept lying to her. Rafe says it was because of Nicole which Sami is sick of hearing. Rafe doesn't know what to say. Sami wants him to tell her that EJ was right and to admit that he would never have told her the truth. Rafe admits that he wouldn't have.

EJ questions what Kristen is doing there. Kristen says Stefano sent her because he thought EJ could use his sister. EJ points out that she's adopted. Kristen says once a DiMera is always a DiMera. EJ questions why Stefano would involve her when he doesn't even know her. Kristen thinks he could use a sympathetic ear. EJ wonders why she would care. Kristen responds that he's family and she's learned that Stefano always has their best interests at heart because he lives for his children. Kristen tells EJ that she's sorry about his son. EJ mentions word travels fast. Kristen tells him about losing a son herself. EJ recalls Kristen trying to take him from her mother's arms. Kristen calls it a long time ago and suggests she can change. Kristen tells him that losing a son is so painful because nothing is more important than family.

Bo looks at a photo of Shawn and Caroline and says he won't let them down as he shuts off the lights in the Pub.

EJ tells Kristen that she's right that his children are his comfort. Kristen says he can't talk to them now. EJ says he doesn't know her or like her so she made the journey for nothing. Kristen asks if he's sure. EJ says goodbye. Kristen tells him that she's sorry about his son and then she exits. Kristen says to herself that she'll leave but she will be back.

John tells Marlena that his dreams don't matter because they weren't real. Marlena says his feelings are real. John says he's spent his whole life being haunted by his past and running from it so he's not going to let these nightmares come true now. John adds that he doesn't want to talk about it so that the memories don't gain any traction. John tells her that they have nothing to worry about as he hugs her.

Sami asks Rafe if he thinks she's overreacting and that he did nothing wrong. Rafe says it's the same thing he did for her so he doesn't understand why she can't see that. Sami asks if he means why she can't be more understanding like Carrie. Rafe asks if part of her is happy that he didn't sleep with Nicole. Sami says it could've been different after the first 50 lies but he chose Nicole over her. Sami says if she lied to Rafe like that then she would've been out on her ass no matter what and he would be judging her. Sami calls him a sanctimonious hypocrite. Sami yells at him to find someone else next time he wants to grieve with sex. Sami finishes by saying she doesn't forgive him and she's done. Sami adds that they are done as she storms out.

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