Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 10/17/12

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 10/17/12


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Kristen drinks champagne on her flight back to Salem.

John and Marlena sit together at the town square drinking champagne. Marlena tells him that he still surprises her all the time.

Bo continues talking to Hope about Caroline not knowing who he was until she realized. Bo talks about Caroline looking so fragile and lost. Bo worries about Caroline being able to slip away from them like that as Hope hugs him and tells him that she's sorry. Hope says she knows he wants to respect Caroline's privacy but she needs their prayers, love and support. Bo wants to be strong for Caroline like she's always been for him.

Caroline tells Kayla that she doesn't want false hope and wants to know what she's facing. Kayla can't tell her what she wants to hear. Caroline wants to have a plan to fight this. Caroline vows not to go down without a fight.

Brady talks to Maggie at the Kiriakis Mansion about Nicole. Brady says Nicole is still sedated and adds that he told the police what he saw. They talk about being unable to believe Jennifer would do this and that it had to be an accident. Brady declares that it is Jennifer's fault that a baby is dead but Maggie disagrees.

EJ tells Nicole that he lost a baby too and wants her to tell him the truth so that they can mourn the loss of their son together. Nicole insists it was her son and not his. Nicole says she told him all along that the man who lost his son today is Rafe.

Rafe and Sami continue kissing at Rafe's. Rafe stops but Sami tells him that it's okay.

EJ reminds Nicole that he heard her tell Rafe that the baby is his. Nicole thinks he just heard what he wanted to hear because she didn't say that. EJ looks down at his phone with the voice recorder and goes to leave but Nicole stops him and asks what he's going to do.

Bo tells Hope what's been ruled out so far and that they may never know what the true problem is. Hope talks about possible treatments for Alzheimer's. Bo tells her about all the research Kayla is doing. Bo talks about how quickly Caroline can change and recalls how scared she was when she dropped the plate of glass. Bo worries about this bringing Caroline down. Hope encourages him and says they are lucky to have a doctor like Kayla in the family. Hope tells Bo that he can't do it all by himself. Bo says he and Kayla are sharing responsibility and it's just temporary. Hope says Caroline needs him to be himself and do what she needs. Hope reminds him that they can hire someone to make sure she's safe at home but Bo doesn't think it will come to that. Bo tells Hope that he loves her but doesn't think Caroline would accept it as charity. Hope clarifies that it's not charity but love as she hugs him.

Maggie tells Brady that she wanted to find anywhere for Nicole to live as long as it wasn't with Daniel and she knew what Jennifer's state of mind was. Maggie says Jennifer wasn't mentally prepared for a houseguest like Nicole. Maggie says now an innocent baby is dead. Maggie wonders how Jennifer will live with herself. Brady doesn't know how Nicole will get through it either. Brady recalls being with Nicole when she lost her first baby. Brady says the baby was Nicole's miracle and can't believe she lost it because of someone she trusted to help her. Maggie is surprised and questions if Brady believes that Jennifer really pushed Nicole down the stairs.

EJ sits back down with his voice recorder and asks Nicole what she wants him to do. Nicole recalls holding her son in her arms. Nicole cries about it and says it wouldn't be fair to EJ to cause any more pain. EJ tells her that he feels the loss too as he truly believes it was his son. Nicole thinks he just wanted to take him away from her. EJ says he just wanted to hold the child and do everything he didn't get to do with his other kids. EJ tells her that he can make Jennifer pay but he needs her to tell him that it's his fight. EJ begs her to tell him the truth if it was his son. EJ asks for the chance to share the grief.

Marlena talks with John about when they first fell in love. Marlena asks him what he and Sonny were talking about before. John thinks back to the conversation and tells her that it was no big deal as Sonny just asked him to take part in a speaking series at the coffeehouse. He tells her that Sonny wanted him to talk about some of the adventures that he's had in his life.

Kristen continues drinking champagne on her flight and thinks back to being with John in the past.

Brady tells Maggie that he likes Jennifer and she's one of the nicest people he's ever met and he's been burned by Nicole many times but for the last couple of weeks, he and Jennifer had been talking at the town square. Brady recalls Jennifer going off on Nicole in a big way and adds that what she said right before Nicole fell, makes it hard to believe it was an accident. Brady says he's sorry and then goes to check on Nicole. Maggie then tells Victor that she's going to hear Jennifer's side of the story.

EJ tells Nicole that the baby is gone so he has nothing left to fight for and won't retaliate against Rafe or Daniel since there would be no point with what's happened. EJ talks about the tragedy and says the child deserves to be mourned by both of his parents. EJ asks for the truth and says if he is the father then it's his duty to mourn. Nicole tells him that the child deserves to rest in peace. EJ says there is no peace and thinks he's the only one that has any idea of the pain she's going through. EJ tells her it's the last thing he will ever ask of her. EJ reminds her that they loved each other and had a child together. EJ adds that hearing the truth would be a small solace and says the baby's life would not be shrouded in a lie. EJ begs her to let the child have the love of his father. Nicole finally admits that the baby was EJ's as she cries.

Rafe gets frustrated at home as Sami holds back tears for him. Sami understands and recalls when Grace died. Sami tells him to take all the time that he needs. Rafe says that so much has gone wrong. Sami encourages him that a lot of things are right too and reminds him that they have each other. Sami tells him that she loves him as Rafe holds her hand. Sami says she will be there for him and they kiss.

John tells Marlena that he's not at liberty to discuss much. Marlena thinks he could talk about his police days. John brings up his times with Stefano and his years being a blank slate in the past. John tells her that there's things he can't talk about and more things he'd rather forget.

Kristen gets a refill on champagne and tells the flight attendant that she's going to Salem for business and pleasure as she still knows someone there.

Bo goes to the Pub and greets Kayla. Kayla tells him that Caroline just went back to work. Kayla reminds him that she will only be a phone call away. Caroline returns to them and says goodbye to Kayla as she exits. Caroline jokes about Bo taking over watching. Bo says he just wanted to spend time with her. Caroline reminds him that he has a family at home that needs him. Bo says Hope is working and Ciara is with a friend. Bo hugs her and reminds her that she is family.

EJ kisses Nicole on the forehead and tells her to rest. EJ says that they will talk in the morning as Nicole falls asleep and EJ exits the room. EJ then declares that Rafe will pay for what he's done.

Rafe and Sami continue kissing and begin to undress.

Hope works on her computer in her office as Maggie arrives. Hope greets her with a hug and says it's good to see her. Maggie tells her that she saw Jennifer and her heart breaks for the baby, Nicole, and Jennifer. They wish they knew what to do. Maggie brings up hearing Bo left the force. Hope says Bo has other hopes and dreams. Maggie asks about Bo's plans. Hope tells her that he's still working on it but she supports him in whatever he decides. Maggie decides to let her get back to work. Hope hugs her and Maggie tells her that she's there if there's anything she needs as Hope starts to cry.

Caroline talks to Bo about how he moved out when he was 17. She insists that she doesn't need a babysitter so Bo agrees to go home and let her get some rest. Bo hugs her goodnight and she heads to the back. Bo tells the Pub worker that he can go home and he will finish up.

Marlena tells John that everyone has things they would like to forget. John says he has decades so he doesn't want to go down memory lane. Marlena suggests they can make new memories. John has one in mind. John wants to take her home and show her so they walk off together.

Kristen uses her tablet computer and looks at photos of Marlena, EJ, Chad, and John. The flight announces they should be landing in Salem in 5 minutes. Kristen looks at John's address.

Rafe and Sami continue kissing on the couch until a knock on the door interrupts them. Sami says she will get the door and get rid of them. Sami opens the door and it's EJ. Rafe questions what he wants. EJ says Rafe clearly needs consoling. Rafe argues with him but EJ yells at him to shut up. Sami tells him to stop. EJ says he will go when he finishes what he needs to say. EJ says to pay attention because they will want to listen to this. EJ says Nicole suffered a tragic loss. Sami argues that Rafe did too but EJ screams that it was not Rafe's child but his.

Hope tells Maggie that she's sorry and doesn't know why she got so upset. Maggie thinks it's about more than Jennifer. Maggie asks if she's worried about Bo. Maggie says she's scaring her and asks if Bo's sick as she wants to know what's wrong.

Brady sits at Nicole's bedside as she wakes up. Brady tells her that he's sorry as she cries.

Sami tells EJ that's enough. EJ tells Rafe to not try and deny it. EJ accuses him of trying to steal a child from him. EJ says his child was murdered. EJ shouts that if Rafe was really the father then he would be out arresting Jennifer instead of fooling around with Sami. Sami says she's had enough and tells EJ to leave. Sami tells him that she doesn't believe him as she's 100% sure the child is Rafe's. EJ questions her believing Rafe. EJ tells her that Rafe asked for her forgiveness and then lied over and over. EJ says he will leave if she wants but first he wants to give Rafe the opportunity to tell the truth and admit that he conspired to keep a father from his son.

John and Marlena sleep together in bed. John dreams about his past with Stefano and wakes up panicked. John then envisions Kristen waking up next to him.

Hope tells Maggie that Bo is fine but she just wants to be there for whatever he needs. Maggie decides again to leave and hugs Hope again as Hope thanks her for everything. Hope says she will call if she hears anything about Jennifer. Maggie notices Hope's computer screen is on a long term care web site.

Victor goes to the Pub where Bo is cleaning the floor. Bo says he was just about to close up. Victor brings up hearing Bo quit the force and asks what's going on. Caroline calls out for Shawn, asking if Shawn is still down there.

Nicole tells Brady that she only had him to lean on when she lost her first baby and now he's here again. Brady hugs her as she cries and tells her that he's so sorry. Nicole tells Brady that she thinks EJ was there too and worries about what she said to him.

Rafe tells EJ that a child died tonight and everyone's upset but insists that the baby was his and not EJ's. Sami suggests EJ leave. Rafe opens the door. EJ agrees to leave but shuts the door. EJ says first he has a little something that they might want to hear. EJ pulls out his phone and plays the voice recording of Nicole admitting the baby was his.

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