Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 10/16/12

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 10/16/12


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

EJ overhears Nicole and Rafe saying that they have to keep lying about Rafe being Nicole's baby's father. Nicole apologizes to Rafe and says she blew it when she should've protected her baby. Nicole cries that she's sorry as Rafe hugs her.

Bo sits at the Pub as Caroline tells him that it's late and he doesn't need to hover. Nick works at the Pub as Gabi enters and is surprised the Pub is still open. Nick tells her that Caroline just called him for the late shift but he was about to clock out. Gabi talks about school work. Nick offers to help her and asks her out on a date which Gabi says yes to.

Will and Sonny sit together at the coffee house. Sonny talks about liking John and Marlena then jokes that he's glad they left because there's something he's been wanting to do with him alone for a long time.

Sami calls the hospital trying to find out if Nicole is having her baby. Sami claims she's Nicole's best friend but can't get any information. Sami hangs up and decides this is ridiculous and that Rafe needs backup even if he doesn't know it so she exits.

EJ calls Justin and wants results from a DNA test because he has proof that Nicole's baby is his. EJ says he has all the evidence he needs for an emergency paternity test so he can take his kid home tomorrow.

Marlena finishes a phone call at the town square as Sami rushes by. Marlena stops her and Sami tells her that she thinks Nicole is having her baby so she's going to the hospital. Marlena asks about Rafe not wanting her there but Sami wants to be there for him. Marlena wants things to work for Sami and Rafe. Marlena warns her that if she goes then Nicole will get upset and it could end with a fight. Sami says she won't fight but Marlena points out that Sami has never walked away from a fight. Sami admits she doesn't want to mess things up with Rafe as she wants it to work this time.

Rafe tells Nicole to get some rest. Nicole tells him to make sure he and Daniel stay quiet and never confess to anyone. Nicole says she will take the hit and say it was all her that switched the tests so Rafe and Daniel aren't in trouble. Nicole worries that EJ won't believe it and what would happen if he found out.

EJ asks a nurse at the hospital about Nicole's baby because he's the father. The nurse thought the father was in there with Nicole now. EJ insists that he is so she tells him that she's sorry for his loss which confuses EJ. She is surprised that he hasn't talked to Nicole and suggests that he should but EJ wants to hear from her. The nurse tells him that she's sorry but the baby didn't make it which shocks EJ.

Will and Sonny sit together at the town square after having gone rock climbing. Will jokes about not wanting to do it again and they talk about going to the beach after.

Nick and Gabi sit together at the town square and look at the stars while talking about astronomy. Gabi asks Nick about being a scientist genius. Nick recalls learning the constellations from books in prison. Nick says he never would've thought six months ago that he'd be looking at the sky with a beautiful girl. They almost kiss but Will and Sonny arrive and join them.

Caroline tells Bo that he can leave but Bo says Ciara and Hope are not home so he doesn't care to go home. Caroline hopes he's not just babysitting her. Kayla arrives and Caroline assumes she wants to babysit her too but Kayla says she's just hungry so Caroline goes to get food while Kayla joins Bo. Bo tells Kayla that Caroline is obviously scared. They talk about the test results and Kayla says they have ruled out some things but Alzheimer's is the worst case scenario. Bo asks what her gut feeling is on if Caroline has Alzheimer's.

EJ asks the nurse what happened but she doesn't have the details. EJ says he wants to know something. The nurse informs EJ that Nicole was pushed down the stairs but she doesn't have the details so he needs to speak with Nicole or the doctor. The nurse adds that the baby was a boy and offers to call the doctor for him. EJ looks through the window of Nicole's room.

Kayla doesn't know what Caroline has. Bo doesn't want her to hold out on him but Kayla insists that she doesn't have a gut feeling and couldn't say even if she did. Kayla worries about the possibility of Alzheimer's. They wish there was a test for it. Kayla says they will just keep testing until something shows up. Kayla asks Bo not to jump ahead. Bo wants to be prepared for the diagnosis. Bo gets a call from Hope. Hope tells him that she's at Jennifer's and Abigail is having a hard time. Hope tells Bo that Jennifer is in trouble so Bo decides to join her. Bo says goodbye to Kayla and Caroline then exits the Pub. Caroline brings Kayla her food but it's the wrong order. Caroline then laughs and Kayla realizes she did it on purpose.

Marlena goes to Rafe's with Sami. Sami thinks she just wanted to make sure that she didn't go to the hospital. Sami talks about being able to deal with everything if she can accept Rafe having Nicole's baby. Marlena hopes Sami and Rafe work out this time. Sami hugs her and thanks her as Marlena exits. Sami thinks about trying to make another phone call but thinks there has to be another way to find out what's happening at the hospital.

Rafe sits at Nicole's side as she tries to rest. Rafe tells her that she needs to rest after such a terrible accident. Nicole tells him that it wasn't an accident as she was pushed by Jennifer. Rafe thinks she was just having a bad dream but Nicole insists that it's true because Jennifer hates her and she wanted her and the baby gone so she pushed her. Rafe asks if she's sure. Nicole says she's sure and people saw it. Nicole wants Jennifer locked up. Rafe says he will check it out and offers to launch an investigation but wants her to rest right now.

A little boy approaches EJ at the hospital and asks if he was given a shot. EJ tells him that he just got some sad news. The boy asks if EJ has a family. EJ says he does and talks about having a sister that's gone and a brother who is angry with him at the moment. EJ adds that he has two wonderful children who are his best friends that he loves very much. The boy's mom comes to get him. EJ stops to tie the boy's shoe. He tells EJ that he bets he's a good dad. EJ says he tries as the boy leaves. EJ then breaks down crying.

Will apologizes if they interrupted. Gabi asks about their date. They joke about it as Gabi can't believe Sonny got Will to rock climb. Gabi tells a story about never being able to get Will to ride the ferris wheel. Nick is surprised to hear that Gabi and Will dated. Gabi explains it was before Will realized that he wasn't into girls. Gabi then thinks back to the last time she and Will hooked up.

Roman enters the Pub and Caroline hopes he's not coming to check on her too. Caroline assumes Bo called him but Roman doesn't know why and asks what's wrong. Caroline says it's nothing so Roman asks Kayla. Caroline doesn't want him to know but Kayla says he's going to find out. Roman tells someone to tell him. Kayla says she doesn't want him to worry but there's a chance that she might have Alzheimer's.

Bo joins Hope at Jennifer's as Hope comments that it looks like Jennifer is spending the night in jail. Hope tells him about Jennifer being arrested for murder which Bo can't believe. Hope decides to make some calls and asks Bo to stay with Abigail but Bo feels he has to get back to the Pub. Hope asks about Caroline and thinks something happened. Bo admits it was a tough conversation but Hope wants details on what's going on.

Rafe talks to the nurse about Nicole's sedatives. Rafe says he doesn't feel right leaving her but the nurse feels Nicole might sleep better with no one in the room. Rafe leaves his number with the nurse to call if there's any problems. Rafe exits as EJ watches him leave. EJ then pulls out his phone and calls Justin. EJ tells him not to worry about what he said earlier because he has a better way to handle the situation.

Will suggests he and Sonny should go. Sonny tells Nick that it was nice to meet him and he'd probably see him at the Kiriakis Mansion. Will and Sonny exit as Nick tells Gabi that he didn't know Will was gay. Gabi talks about not knowing while they were going out but she's happy for him. Gabi is glad Will knows who he is now and calls Sonny an amazing guy. Nick sits back down and looks at Will and Sonny with their arms around each other.

Hope thinks Bo is holding out on her. Bo says he promised Caroline. Hope doesn't think Caroline would want him keeping things from her. Bo thinks she has enough going on with Jennifer. Hope says she's always there for him. Bo doesn't want Caroline upset with him. Hope thinks he looks like he really needs to talk about it.

EJ looks in the window of Nicole's room as she sleeps. EJ puts on the voice recorder on his phone and enters the room. EJ wakes her up.

Sami decides to start leaving but hears Rafe coming back so she sits back down. Rafe enters and Sami jumps up to excitedly ask about the baby. Rafe sits with her and tells her that Nicole lost the baby. Sami hugs him and tells him that she's sorry.

Nicole tells EJ not now. EJ says he heard. Nicole says she can't talk now. EJ tells her that he doesn't want to fight and just came to say one thing. Nicole asks what it is. EJ sits next to her and says he's sorry as Nicole cries.

Gabi tells Nick that she better go since she still has a lot of homework. Nick offers to walk her back to the Pub. Gabi asks if that's like going back to work but Nick says she's not work and he doesn't mind. Gabi thinks they should just say their goodbyes here and adds that she had a lot of fun. Nick says he did too and asks if they can do it again soon. Gabi says yes and then they kiss.

Roman hugs Caroline. She says she needs to go back to work. Roman wants her to promise not to do any more tests without telling him so she promises. Caroline tells him to order food or go so Roman orders to go. Caroline goes to get the food as Roman sits with Kayla. Roman tells her that there's no way he can eat and he's not even hungry. Roman worries about Caroline having Alzheimer's.

Sami tells Rafe that she can't imagine with Nicole's going through to lose another child. Rafe says she's in shreds. Sami tells Rafe to tell her anything that he wants to say or whatever he's thinking. Sami tells him it's okay as she hugs him.

EJ tells Nicole that he was always incredibly sorry about not being there the last time this happened but he's there now. Nicole asks how she could lose her baby. EJ brings up the nurse saying someone pushed her down the stairs. Nicole tells him it was Jennifer. EJ asks why Jennifer would do that. Nicole calls her crazy and says ever since Jack died, Jennifer has hated her. Nicole regrets moving in with her. EJ promises that Jennifer will pay for what she's done.

Caroline sits with Kayla and wants to know how soon she can start treatment since there are medications and things she can take. Kayla reminds her that they don't know for sure if it's what she has. Caroline wants to start now but Kayla tells her about the other tests they have to do first. Caroline doesn't want to waste any time. Caroline wants to know how much time taking the medication now would buy her before her mind is gone.

Bo tells Hope about Caroline dropping the glass the other day and how she screamed at him and called him Shawn. Bo recalls the look on her face of not knowing who he was. Bo talks about how fragile, scared, and lost Caroline looked. Bo worries about her slipping away from them like that as Hope hugs him.

Sami tells Rafe that she's sorry and that she loves him as they kiss.

EJ tells Nicole that he will make it his life's work to make Jennifer regret being born. Nicole calls it sweet and thanks him. EJ swears that she will have justice. EJ reveals to her that he heard she and Rafe earlier when he was coming in and how they were talking about keeping up the lie. Nicole tells him it wasn't what he thinks but EJ says it doesn't matter as they lost a child today, making everything else irrelevant. EJ asks her to just tell him that it was his child so they can grieve together.

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