Days of Our Lives Update Monday 10/15/12

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 10/15/12


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Kristen tells Stefano that he doesn't scare her anymore as she's not going back to Salem and that's that. Kristen goes to leave but Stefano orders her to sit back down. Stefano then says that didn't come out right and he meant to say please. Kristen does sit back down.

John and Marlena prepare to exit the coffeehouse while talking about how nice it was to see Sami and Rafe together as Will and Sonny arrive together. Will jokes with Marlena about eating there as John jokes with them telling Sonny that he could do better than Will as they laugh.

Sami and Rafe kiss at Rafe's place and start to undress as they kiss onto the couch. Rafe removes his shirt then asks Sami what's wrong.

EJ sits alone in his office drinking. EJ toasts to his father who made him what he is. EJ then suggests toasting to love but says Sami might have something to say about that. EJ toasts to future generations and then settles on misery as he continues drinking.

Jennifer paces in her jail cell as she thinks back to arguing with Nicole and her fall down the stairs. Abigail and Hope arrive. Abigail asks what happened as she got an emergency call. Jennifer tells her that she's there because Nicole's baby is dead and it's her fault.

Nicole lays in her hospital bed crying as Daniel arrives. Nicole asks him not to look at her and to go away but Daniel doesn't think she should be alone. Nicole responds that she will always be alone now. Daniel tells her that he's there and will help her but Nicole says he can't help her because her son is dead. Daniel tells her that he's sorry. Daniel talks about being overwhelmed before and he still doesn't understand what really happened. Nicole tells him that Jennifer pushed her and killed her son.

Jennifer says she keeps thinking about it and going over it in her head but she can't see it clearly. Jennifer admits she was angry but just wanted to get away from Nicole and not fight again. Jennifer says she went upstairs and doesn't know why Nicole followed her. Hope suggests she try to calm down. Jennifer says Nicole grabbed her arm and the next thing she knows she was on the ground and the baby was dead. Jennifer says it was so fast that she doesn't know what happened and she worries about if she did push her. Abigail worries if this means that Jennifer could go to prison.

Nicole tells Daniel about Jennifer looking down at her and not doing anything while she was hurt and hoping not to lose her son. Nicole thinks Daniel doesn't believe her and that everyone thinks she lies. Daniel stops her and says he talked to some people who back up her story. Nicole wonders what if Daniel didn't get called back to the hospital or if she didn't decide to go for a walk. Nicole recalls being at the baby clothes shop and wonders if she didn't go to the town square or if they would've gone to Utah three weeks ago and then she wouldn't have ran into Jennifer. Nicole regrets running into her and wishes she would've stayed away from her. Daniel tells her that she can't change what happened. Nicole cries that it was finally her turn to have her own child. Daniel hugs her as she cries about having a son to build her life around. Nicole says it would still be true if things happened differently and her life wouldn't be so meaningless and hopeless and she would have a baby.

Jennifer tells Abigail that she doesn't know what's going to happen now. Hope tells Abigail to go call Justin to get Jennifer's bail hearing started. Hope says it was a terrible accident but is sure it was all just a misunderstanding. Jennifer tells Abigail to trust her that they will figure this out. Abigail exits as Hope tells Jennifer to hang in there and then Hope follows Abigail out.

Sami tells Rafe that nothing is wrong as it hasn't been this right since they broke up. Rafe asks what they are talking about then. Sami wants to make sure he knows that she never stopped loving him for one minute. Sami tells him that she loves him and loves them. Rafe admits it took him a long time to stop being mad as hell. They agree that he had a right to be. Rafe says there was a lot of other stuff in between but he never stopped loving her for one minute either and then they continue kissing until Rafe's phone rings. Rafe ignores it until Daniel begins leaving a message saying it's important about Nicole. Rafe gets up and answers. Daniel tells him that it's Nicole and they're at the hospital. Rafe asks what happened so Daniel suggests he get to the hospital.

John suggests they go to Chicago for a football game. Marlena jokes about Will and Sonny wanting to go on a double date with them. Marlena and Will go to the counter as John talks with Sonny about his business at the coffeeshop. Sonny adds that there's something he'd like to talk to him about.

Stefano tells Kristen that he didn't want to get out on the wrong foot. Kristen warns him to avoid giving direct orders. Stefano admits that he's desperate. Stefano says the whole family has been coming apart ever since he lost Lexie. Stefano says his whole life has been for his family and everything he's done has been for the children. Kristen states that it's really tearing him up. Stefano thinks Kristen is the last chance he has.

Sami asks Rafe what's going on. Rafe tells her it's Daniel and Nicole in the hospital so he needs to get down there. Sami asks if he wants her to go with him but Rafe doesn't think that's a good idea and says he'll call her to let her know what's going on. Rafe apologizes to her and kisses her as he then exits. Sami says to herself that of course everything was going perfect until Nicole ruins everything. Sami decides she has to go down there because she should be there if Rafe's baby is being born. Sami goes to follow out the door but EJ arrives when she opens it.

Nicole sleeps in her hospital bed and calls out for Daniel.

Daniel stands outside her room looking frustrated as Billie approaches and asks if he's okay as she was calling his name but he didn't hear her. Daniel says it's all just overwhelming. Billie asks about Nicole. Daniel says she's not good as the baby meant everything to her. Billie adds that she knows it meant a lot to him too. Daniel asks Billie about being there and wants to know what happened. Billie doesn't think that's a good idea but Daniel insists. Billie tells him that she and Brady came around the corner and saw Jennifer screaming at Nicole and then they saw her hit the ground. Daniel asks if she's seen Jennifer or if she's still at the hospital. Billie realizes that he doesn't know so she informs him that Jennifer was arrested for murder.

Will and Marlena get coffee as Will recalls Rafe telling him that he was never getting back with Sami. Marlena tells him that nothing is ever absolute with Sami. Will asks what would happen if they were all happy at the same time. Marlena laughs about what a concept it is.

Sonny talks to John about having a series of speakers tell stories from their lives at the coffee house. John agrees it could be interesting with the right people as Sonny tells him that he would like to start with him. John says he's not much of a talker but Sonny thinks that's why he would be great. Sonny brings up John going after Stefano and thinks it's an interesting story but John tells him that won't happen because that's all in the past and it's over.

Stefano asks Kristen if he's made it clear about the family. Stefano thinks she needs them too because her life has been lonely. Stefano wants her to listen to the voice in her head that's telling her that he's right. Stefano says if she listens to that voice then she will know what to do.

Rafe arrives at the hospital and meets with Daniel to ask what happened. Daniel says he didn't want to tell him over the phone but Nicole lost the baby. Rafe doesn't think that makes sense as she was fine. Daniel explains that she took a fall down the stairs and went into labor. Rafe talks about all the trouble they went through to protect her from EJ and now this. Daniel asks Rafe if he can stay to go see her as he has something to do. They agree that they don't want her to be alone. Daniel thanks him as he walks away and Rafe heads in to see Nicole. Rafe enters the room where she is sleeping. Rafe sits next to her and she wakes up. Rafe holds her hand as Nicole says she's in the hospital but wasn't sick. Nicole cries that she had the baby as Rafe hugs her. Nicole cries that she can't stand it.

Sami asks EJ what he's doing there. EJ says he just came to have a quick conversation with Rafe if he's not too busy. Sami tells him to get out and leave but EJ says that would defeat his purpose of coming. Sami tells him to go and not to drink and drive. EJ laughs at her and thinks she'd be happy about the prospect of him in a wreck. EJ asks where Rafe is as he thought he would be rushing to her defense. EJ then realizes that Sami is there alone.

Hope brings Abigail home. Abigail talks about Justin not getting their message until tomorrow and worries about Jennifer sitting in jail tonight. Hope hopes this is resolved quickly but Abigail doesn't know since Jennifer has been furious with Nicole ever since she moved in. Hope thinks it had been a bad time for Jennifer but Abigail explains that it was about Daniel. Hope worries about other people knowing. Abigail tells her about the screaming fights Jennifer and Nicole had. Abigail reveals to Hope that she told Jennifer not to sit on the sidelines and to do something about it if she thought Nicole was hurting Daniel as Hope hugs her.

Jennifer sits in her cell crying as Daniel arrives. Daniel tells her that he just heard. Jennifer doesn't know why he came when he should be with Nicole. Daniel says he came because he doesn't understand what happened and he really has to.

Sami tells EJ that she's not doing this with him and tells him to leave her out if he wants to be bitter, angry, and drunk. EJ asks why Rafe left her. Sami tells him to get out. EJ laughs at them not making it past their first date. Sami warns EJ that Rafe will kill him if he's there when he gets back. EJ questions them kissing four hours ago and now he's left her high and dry. Sami tells him one last time to leave. EJ suggests they go out. Sami decides she's going to call someone to get him out. EJ then looks at Rafe's house phone and sees the message was left. EJ walks out and goes into the elevator saying that the baby is coming.

Hope sits with Abigail and tells her to calm down and stop thinking the worst. Abigail responds that this is the worst since her father's dead and her mom is in jail and could go to prison for murder so this is as bad as it could get.

Daniel tells Jennifer that he heard what happened from a lot of different people but he wants to hear it from her. Jennifer asks what he thinks happened. Daniel says he knows that a baby is dead and Nicole is in a hospital bed not knowing the extent of her injuries but what he doesn't know is how it happened so he needs Jennifer to tell him. Daniel says he can tell her what he's heard from people they trust like Billie and Brady. Daniel says he's trying really hard to put two thoughts together to make sense of this. Daniel adds that he's heard things about her that doesn't make any sense to him because he knows her. Jennifer tells him that he's a doctor and facts are facts.

Nicole apologizes to Rafe. Rafe says he's sorry too. Nicole mentions Daniel. Rafe says he just stepped out but he can get him right back if she wants. Nicole thinks Daniel needs some time and she has Rafe there now. Nicole says the three of them were in this together. Nicole adds that Rafe and Daniel loved her baby too. Nicole talks about Daniel was going to be so happy after losing Parker and worries that now he must be so sad.

Daniel agrees that facts are facts but he doesn't know what they are and is trying to find out. Jennifer tells him that there is one fact and that's that she's sick about what happened to Nicole and her baby but she knows he wants to know what happened on the stairs. Jennifer talks about going over it again and again in her head but it was all so fast and confusing. Jennifer says she knows what everyone's said and what they saw and heard. Jennifer says reliving the moment in her head is not like anyone said because she couldn't do that. Jennifer tells Daniel that she wouldn't do that and she knows that. Jennifer tells Daniel that she needs to know if he believes her.

Kristen tells Stefano that she's listening to the voice inside her head and admits he wins as usual. Stefano tells her that she won't regret this. Kristen thinks she will but will live with it. Stefano gives her a new passport and says they will go back to Salem separately so that people don't hate her on sight when she's with him and he has business to take care of. Kristen doesn't think it will matter since there's certain people in Salem counting on the fact that they had seen the last of her.

John rejoins Marlena as she asks what he and Sonny were talking about. John says it was a promotional business idea he had about people looking back at their lives but it didn't really appeal to him because he's more interested in looking towards the future as they walk out together.

Jennifer tells Daniel that he's freaking her out by not answering. Daniel turns and starts to walk away. Jennifer cries. Daniel turns back and walks back to her. Daniel states that facts are facts and she's right, he does not believe she could've done this. Jennifer asks why. Daniel responds that it's because she said she didn't and she doesn't lie.

Sami calls Rafe and leaves a message that she called the nurse's station but no one had seen him so she figures he must still be at the hospital and she's excited to hear from him.

Rafe tells Nicole it's not the best time but there's something else that they need to talk about. Nicole asks what. Rafe says it's him being the baby's father. Nicole tells him he had been so good about it and wonders what they do if they tell the truth now. Rafe says they both know EJ would freak out. Nicole says she wanted so badly to get him off the hook but they have to keep lying about this as EJ arrives and listens from the door, overhearing Rafe say it's for the best and Nicole declaring that they have to keep letting EJ believe that Rafe is the father.

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