Days of Our Lives Update Friday 10/12/12

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 10/12/12


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Jennifer and Nicole argue as Nicole tells her that she will be with Daniel. They struggle against each other and Jennifer pulls away, causing Nicole to go crashing down the stairs. Brady and Billie rush over from nearby and check on Nicole. Brady worries about the baby as Jennifer watches on in shock from the stairs.

Kayla tells Caroline that there could be lots of reasons for memory lapses. Bo encourages other possibilities but Caroline declares that it's Alzheimer's.

Kristen questions Stefano wanting her to make peace with him and the family after all this time. Stefano tells her that he's always very serious when it comes to family. Stefano asks her to come to Salem.

Rafe and Sami wait on their food as Rafe talks about being unable to get a fancy restaurant and now their food so he wonders if it's a bad omen. Sami says they at least have each other and they joke about the food. Rafe gets a message from Daniel and Sami assumes it's about Nicole.

Daniel tells Victor that he's moving to Utah with Nicole and won't argue with him about it anymore. Victor doesn't want to let him go. Maggie reminds Victor that it's Daniel's choice. Victor calls Nicole a tramp and questions Daniel believing that she's changed. Daniel calls it enough. Victor bets it's all based on a lie. Daniel tells him that he's wrong. Victor says Daniel is being played.

Brady checks on Nicole as Billie calls for an ambulance. Brady tells Nicole that she will be fine as the ambulance is coming. Brady turns to Jennifer and questions what the hell she was thinking as Nicole says that she pushed her.

Maggie tells Victor that she knows he likes having a relationship with Daniel so this is not smart. Daniel gets that he wants to protect him. Victor brings up Nicole trying to kill him when they were married. Daniel insists that Nicole has changed and is having a son. Victor brings up Rafe being the father and says he should rescue her.

Rafe tells Sami that he doesn't know what Daniel wants to talk about. Sami thinks it must be about Nicole and says she's made peace with him having Nicole's baby. Sami talks about EJ not letting go and not giving up. Rafe says he has no choice since the lab test said he's the father. Sami brings up that they know Nicole and that lab tests can be faked. Rafe thinks Sami believes EJ is right.

Nicole wants Jennifer away from her and then begins to panic that she's going into labor. Nicole cries out that Jennifer did this because she wanted to hurt her baby.

Kayla tells Caroline that Alzheimer's is a possibility but it could be caused by a number of things. Kayla says they will run tests for other things such as depression, vitamin deficiency, or other disease. Kayla tells her that those things are all curable. Caroline worries about Alzheimer's not being curable.

Rafe asks Sami if she does think EJ is right. Sami says she doesn't. Rafe asks why. Sami says it's because she believes him as he is the most honest person she has ever met which is one of the things she loves most about him. Sami admits it scares her that he still has to deal with EJ being so focused on him. Rafe says EJ lost her and is wrong about Nicole. Sami decides to change the subject which Rafe agrees to and they kiss. John and Marlena enter the coffeehouse and are surprised and happy by what they see.

Jennifer claims she did not push Nicole as EMTs arrive for Nicole. Nicole insists that she didn't fall but was pushed by Jennifer. Jennifer cries to Billie that she didn't do this and wonders why Nicole said it. Billie says it sounded like she was really angry with her. Jennifer wants to go to the hospital with them but Brady says she isn't going anywhere near Nicole.

Victor talks about EJ being a threat to Nicole with Rafe as the father then Rafe should be going to Utah. Daniel gets a call from Brady, informing him about what happened to Nicole. Daniel agrees to meet him at the hospital. Daniel tells Victor and Maggie that Nicole was in an accident and he rushes out as they follow.

Jennifer worries to Billie and wishes she could do something. Billie tells her that Roman is on his way to interview her. Billie asks what happened. Jennifer can't remember the order of events, only that she wanted to get away from her and was so angry. Billie questions how angry she was as she thinks Jennifer did something to Nicole that she might not have meant to do. Roman arrives and asks Jennifer if that's true.

Cameron, Maxine, and two nurses work on Nicole as she's in labor at the hospital. Cameron encourages her as she cries and pushes. Cameron gets the baby out as everyone goes quiet which worries Nicole. Cameron informs her that the baby was unresponsive and assumes he suffered trauma during the fall. Nicole goes into shock and asks how her boy is. Cameron tells her that he didn't make it. Nicole says she wants to hold her son. Maxine gives Nicole her baby to hold. Nicole talks to her baby and then breaks down crying.

Kristen questions Stefano wanting her to go back to Salem and somehow pull the family together. Stefano tells her that with Lexie gone, she is his last chance. Kristen appreciates the checks he's been sending her over the years but she doesn't know about going back to Salem. Stefano realizes she would have to face very difficult memories. Kristen recalls past times with John and Marlena. Kristen tells Stefano that difficult doesn't quite catch it. Kristen adds that her good times in Salem were far outweighed by her bad times.

Marlena asks Sami about kissing Rafe as they greet them. Marlena is surprised that she didn't know about this good news. Sami says she was going to call but it just happened so suddenly. John adds that they couldn't be happier since Sami being with EJ made them sick which Rafe agrees to. Rafe decides to go with John to check on their food. Marlena sits with Sami and comments that it's nice to see her so happy. Sami says it's nice to finally be this happy. Marlena hopes this time it works. Sami assumes she means that she hopes she doesn't screw it up this time.

Caroline asks Kayla more about Alzheimer's. Kayla says they will treat the symptoms which have made incredible advancements. Caroline wants to keep this among the three of them. Kayla asks about Roman and Kimberly. Caroline doesn't want to tell anyone else until they know for sure. Caroline agrees to start the blood work tonight. Kayla tells Bo that he can wait while she takes blood. Bo agrees to wait. Caroline says she doesn't say it enough as she tells them that she loves them. Bo says she tells them all the time in many different ways. Kayla takes Caroline out of the room for blood work.

Roman tells Jennifer that he has officers taking statements from other people in the town square but he wanted to take her and Billie's by himself. Jennifer wants to know how Nicole and her baby are doing.

Daniel gets to the hospital and asks Maxine about Nicole. Maxine tells him that Nicole is fine but the baby didn't make it.

Nicole can't believe her baby is gone. Cameron tells her that she took a really hard fall. Nicole wonders why she's alright but her baby is gone. Daniel looks into the room and can't believe it.

John tells Rafe that it was so good to walk in and see he and Sami together. Rafe calls it so far so good. John recalls stopping the fight between Rafe and EJ and adds that he was pretty impressed by Rafe fighting for what he wanted and says it looks like he won.

Marlena talks to Sami about no one being perfect and realizing their mistakes. Sami says they have had this conversation before and this time it really sinks in. Sami promises that she gets that the only way it will work for her and Rafe is if she's as honest with him as he is with her.

Daniel enters Nicole's hospital room and asks to speak with Nicole alone so Cameron exits. Daniel tells Nicole that he heard. Nicole cries that she can't believe this is happening. Daniel tells her that he's so unbelievably sorry. Nicole complains that she feels so empty inside and wonders what she's going to do. Daniel hugs her as Nicole wonders how she will go on without her baby as she cries in his arms.

Roman sits with Jennifer and asks for her version of what happened. Jennifer tells him that she and Nicole were arguing and she wanted to get away from her but she followed her up the stairs. Jennifer says they were really angry but she was just trying to get away from her. Roman asks what happened next. Jennifer claims she can't remember the exact sequence of events. Roman tells her that she must remember pushing Nicole. Jennifer doesn't remember pushing her. Billie thinks she should get a lawyer. Roman decides he's going to check at the hospital and tells Jennifer to do what she needs to do. Roman instructs her to wait there for him to come back. Jennifer tries to leave but Billie stops her and says she's not going to the hospital and will stay there.

Nicole cries to Daniel that she doesn't think she's going to make it. Daniel promises to help her. Nicole talks about being able to hold her baby. Daniel tells her that he's sorry. Nicole cries that this wasn't supposed to happen. Daniel calls it a horrible accident but Nicole argues that he doesn't know how it was. Daniel wants her to tell him. Nicole says it wasn't an accident as she didn't just fall but was pushed.

Kayla and Caroline return to Bo. Bo asks how it went. Kayla jokes about Caroline giving everyone a hard time. Bo thinks it seems like she's in better spirits. Caroline admits she's relieved as she first was scared. Caroline says she's a lucky woman to have Bo and Kayla in this with her as they all hug.

Jennifer worries that she's going to go crazy if she doesn't do something. Billie agrees to call Brady to find out about Nicole and the baby as Jennifer sits down and worries about Nicole's baby.

Brady sits with Maggie and Victor at the hospital and tells them what he and Billie saw. Maggie asks about Jennifer. Brady thinks she's with the police right now. Brady gets the call from Billie. Billie asks about Nicole and the baby. Brady tells her that Nicole is as fine as one can expect. Billie asks if that means the baby is gone. Brady responds that it does. Brady tells her that he will call if he hears anything else as he hangs up. Billie begins to approach Jennifer. Roman arrives at the hospital and asks Brady to talk. Roman wants his version of what happened.

Daniel doesn't get what Nicole is saying. Nicole tells him that it wasn't her fault as she was pushed. Daniel questions what happened. Nicole tells him that Jennifer pushed her down the stairs.

John tells Marlena that it's so nice to see Sami and Rafe so happy. Marlena agrees since it had been such a mess since they came back to Salem. John hopes the bad times are over and they toast to that and then kiss.

Stefano tells Kristen that she's letting her past cloud her future with her family. Kristen asks about Chad. Stefano tells her that he is her new brother. Kristen doesn't feel it's that important. Stefano asks her to think about it but Kristen says she doesn't need to as the answer is no.

Brady tells Roman about how he and Billie overheard Jennifer and Nicole arguing and the next thing they know Nicole went falling down the stairs. Roman asks if he knows anything that was going on between them. Brady recalls them fighting in the town square last night. Brady says Jennifer was the one making a scene and that she called Nicole a disgusting bitch. Brady adds that he had talked to Nicole today and she was really upset. Brady thinks back to seeing them arguing outside of Jennifer's house. Brady says he spoke to Jennifer and told her to leave Nicole alone so he doesn't know how all this happened. Roman brings up that the EMTs said they heard Nicole say that Jennifer pushed her. Brady admits he heard that too. Brady asks if this will be considered criminal activity due to the baby. Roman can't say and appreciates his help as he walks away.

Billie returns to Jennifer as she asks about Nicole and the baby. Billie tells her that Nicole is going to be fine and that she had the baby but he was stillborn. Jennifer starts to cry.

Daniel tells Nicole that she's been through hell tonight so he doesn't think she knows what she's saying. Nicole insists that she does. Daniel questions why Jennifer would push her. Nicole talks about how Jennifer has been and how she was yelling at her. Nicole recalls going down the stairs and declares that Jennifer killed her baby.

Caroline talks about finding out sooner or later what this and admits it's scary but then she remembered something Shawn said and that's that they can only play the cards they are dealt so that's what she's going to do. Kayla tells her that she will have to come back for more tests and will call her as soon as she has the results from today. Caroline says now she has a Pub to run and exits as Bo hugs Kayla.

Nicole asks Daniel if he believes her. Before he can answer, Cameron returns to the room and needs to examine Nicole. Daniel tells her that he will be right outside. Nicole asks if he will come back. Daniel says he will and tells her again that he's sorry as he exits the room.

Rafe brings Sami to his place. Rafe admits tonight wasn't the best planning but thinks it turned out okay. Sami says it was perfect since she was with him. Rafe says they can talk later and kisses her.

Daniel comes out of Nicole's room. Brady approaches and asks how she is. Daniel says she's physically okay but emotionally shattered. Maggie wonders how she couldn't be. Victor asks what she said. Daniel says that Nicole said it wasn't an accident but Jennifer pushed her. Maggie laughs at the idea and says Jennifer would never do something like that. Brady informs her that he and Billie were there and they heard Jennifer scream at Nicole then saw Nicole fall down the stairs. Brady suggests that it's possible Nicole is telling the truth.

Cameron gives Nicole a sedative to help her get some rest and he exits the room. Nicole cries and wonders what she will do without her baby.

Billie hugs Jennifer as she cries. Jennifer can't believe it. Jennifer says she just wanted Nicole to get away from her but didn't mean to hurt her or the baby. Roman returns and says he wishes he didn't have to do this but he has no choice. Roman informs Jennifer that she is under arrest for the murder of Nicole's unborn child. Jennifer can't believe he's charging her with murder. Roman reads her rights as she cries.

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