Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 10/11/12

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 10/11/12


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Rafe goes to Sami's and brings her flowers. Rafe says it's nice to be going on another date. Rafe jokes that he's not sure that he can trust himself to be a gentlemen with how good she looks. Rafe tells her that he can't wait to spend the whole night with her as they kiss. EJ comes out of his apartment from across the hall, interrupting them.

Caroline screams at Bo, calling him Shawn, to leave her alone. Bo stops her and calms her down. Bo helps her up and sits her down. Caroline talks about how scared she was and that she thought he was Shawn. Bo hugs her and tells her it will be okay as she cries.

Brady tells Jennifer that he knows Nicole can push buttons. Brady adds that he talked to Daniel, who told him that everything is fine and there's nothing to worry about. Jennifer hopes Daniel was lying because everything is not fine. Brady tells her to calm down but she shouts that she's fine. Jennifer complains about Nicole using her and her grief to get her own way. Brady reminds her that Nicole is gone from her house so she should let Daniel handle it. Jennifer refuses because Daniel saved her life and she says she's going to repay him for that no matter what it takes.

Nicole tells Daniel that they need to leave Salem for Utah right now. Daniel says it will take at least a week and tries to calm her down. Daniel questions what the rush is. Nicole thinks back to hearing Daniel tell Brady that he's still in love with Jennifer and then to losing her baby. Nicole worries that if they don't leave now then she will lose everything.

Stefano sits looking at a photo of EJ and Chad on his computer. A woman arrives and Stefano tells her that he's glad she came as it's been much too long.

Daniel tells Nicole that he doesn't understand and asks if EJ threatened her or something happened. Nicole says she's just scared. Nicole cries that they need to leave right now because they can't risk EJ ordering another DNA test and she needs him to adopt her baby. Daniel tells her that they are going to Utah and he will adopt the baby so that EJ is out of the picture. Daniel promises her that will happen but it won't be tonight. Nicole needs it tonight but Daniel says it can't. Daniel tells her they need to calm down so everything will be okay. Daniel says they need to make sure that this doesn't come back to haunt them so they need to slow down. Daniel reminds her that he needs to resign from the hospital so it doesn't look like he's running away. Daniel tells her that she also has to get checked out by the doctor. Nicole thinks she'll be fine since he's a doctor but Daniel refuses to go anywhere without her doctor's okay. Daniel tells her that there is no way he will jeopardize her baby's health after all she's been through. Nicole reluctantly admits that leaving now is not going to work. Nicole cries that nothing is going to work now.

Bo sits with Caroline and gives her a glass of water. Caroline jokes about having something stronger. Bo tells her not to change the subject as they need to talk. Caroline thinks she just made a fool of herself. Bo worries that he's never heard her say she's scared before so they need to talk. Caroline says she's just been forgetting little things here and there but she thinks that's normal for older people. Bo thinks it's more than forgetting. Caroline says she doesn't know what he means. Caroline talks about how work has become stressful after Kayla left for the hospital and she's become overwhelmed.

Brady takes the phone away from Jennifer and says he won't leave her alone because he's worried about her. Jennifer says she will be fine once she takes care of Nicole. Brady questions how she plans to do that. Jennifer tells him to stop looking at her like she's crazy. Brady thinks she's too focused on Nicole. Jennifer thinks someone has to be and talks about how Daniel could lose everything. Brady points out that Daniel doesn't think so. Jennifer calls this serious and says Daniel just can't see what's right in front of him. Brady asks if she's sure this isn't just personal with her being angry at Nicole. Jennifer mocks the idea of her being a silly woman mad about her man being taken away. Brady clarifies that it's not what he meant. Brady thinks it's great that she wants to help Daniel and keep him from being hurt but it's not her place. Brady says Daniel has to work it out on his own. Brady adds that he knows from experience with Nicole. Jennifer agrees and adds that it's just hard for her to see someone like Daniel being so blind to her. Brady suggests that Daniel could be just working things out the way he needs to. Jennifer promises him that she will butt out. Jennifer asks him to leave because the conversation is giving her a headache. Brady tells her that he will call her to check on her as he then exits. Jennifer promises to herself that she will make sure Daniel does not go to jail or lose his license over Nicole.

Daniel tells Nicole to get some rest and promises that nothing will happen. Nicole understands he has to get going. Daniel suggests she reschedule her appointment and move it up so they can make sure she's good to go and then they will go sooner than they planned. Nicole calls him one hell of a man. Daniel says he will call her on his way back home as he exits. Nicole sits down and cries that it's all over.

Sami tells EJ not to let them keep him as she's sure he's busy. EJ says he has plenty of time on his hands but has bad news for her. EJ informs her that he will be moving out. Rafe is surprised he's throwing in the towel so soon. EJ claims that he's only moving on to better things. EJ adds that Sami is not worth the trouble. Sami points out that the better man won. Sami gets a phone call and goes back inside to answer it. Rafe decides he will stay in the hall and have a talk with EJ. Rafe tells EJ that he doesn't want to fight but he wants to make something abundantly clear. Rafe tells him that he and Sami are back together and no matter what EJ tries to pull, nothing will tear them apart. Rafe declares that he's won and EJ has lost so they're good.

Bo suggests Caroline take some time off but she refuses. Caroline feels she would become useless if she didn't work. Bo thinks she could use a break and suggests getting checked out by Kayla at the hospital but Caroline again refuses.

Daniel talks with Kayla at the hospital. Victor calls Daniel about feeling sick so Daniel leaves the hospital to go check on him.

Rafe stops EJ from leaving and tells him he's not through. Rafe talks about EJ using Gabi and warns him that he will rip him apart if he ever tries something like that again. EJ tells Rafe that he talks about family and then tries to take his away. EJ tells Rafe that he can have Sami but not his child. Rafe warns EJ to stay away from Nicole as EJ exits through the elevator.

Nicole tells herself that she has to do this. She grabs her purse and pulls out her phone to make a call. She calls the doctor to make arrangements as Daniel's house phone rings and it's Jennifer. Jennifer leaves a message, saying she can't leave things the way they did and wants to meet at the town square. Nicole gets mad and screams as she throws her purse and she notices the surgical knife that she took fell out so she picks it up.

Jennifer goes to the town square and checks her phone as she looks around for Daniel.

Nicole deletes Jennifer's message off Daniel's phone as she looks at the surgical knife. Nicole puts it back into her purse and then exits.

Bo apologizes to Caroline. Caroline does not want to be checked out or treated this way. Caroline declares that she's going home and doesn't want him to follow her. Bo tells her to stop and reminds her she is home. Caroline worries as Bo hugs her.

Rafe and Sami go to the coffeehouse. Rafe wants to do better than this for their date but Sami insists that it's okay. Rafe suggests they can get food to go. Rafe kisses her and calls her amazing. Rafe goes to get the menus as Sami takes a seat.

Stefano finishes a phone call saying to keep him posted. Stefano tells his guest that nothing has changed since Chad and EJ are still on the outs and won't talk to him now. Stefano says his family is falling apart and he's not going to have it which is why he called this woman because he feels she is the only one who can save them.

Bo tells Caroline it's okay and that he's there. Caroline apologizes to him and agrees that she can go see Kayla at the hospital. Bo offers to take her now. Caroline doesn't want to be a burden but Bo assures her that she's not so Caroline agrees to get this over with. Bo goes to get her things.

Bo brings Caroline to Kayla's office at the hospital. Kayla greets them and asks what's going on. Bo talks about Caroline being overworked. Caroline tells Kayla that there's something wrong with her and she thinks it could be serious.

Daniel goes to the Kiriakis Mansion frantically looking for Victor but finds him sitting fine in the living room. Daniel talks about Victor claiming to be sick. Maggie comes in and is surprised to see Daniel. Daniel tells her that Victor was lying to him. Victor questions Daniel not saying goodbye to him. Victor reveals that Maggie was crying and he made her tell him what was wrong. Victor can't believe Daniel is leaving and quitting his job. Daniel apologizes. Victor says he wasn't lying about being sick because this makes him want to throw up as he knows what's going on. Victor says Daniel is throwing away everything for a conniving bitch. Daniel warns him that he will walk out if he calls Nicole another name.

EJ goes to Jennifer's and Abigail answers the door. EJ tells her to tell Nicole that he wants to speak with her. Abigail informs him that she moved out.

Jennifer calls Daniel again and leaves a message for him to call her back. Jennifer worries about where he is as Nicole arrives behind her. Nicole thinks back to her argument with Jennifer. Nicole looks down at her purse and pulls out the surgical knife as she begins to approach Jennifer.

Caroline talks to Kayla about forgetting things and admits sometimes she forgets what happens. Caroline adds that she doesn't know how long it's been happening. She talks about how she forgot where she was earlier. Bo asks Kayla what she thinks. Caroline tells him that they all know what's the matter with her.

Daniel tells Victor that he doesn't have to explain anything to him but he apologizes to Maggie for being so insensitive. Maggie doesn't understand why he has to go. Victor throws in that it's because Nicole wants him to and he believes it's a self serving reason. Victor thinks she won't care that Daniel is quitting his job. Daniel tells them that he's moving to Utah so it will be just a three hour flight. Daniel suggests they could come visit. Victor brings up Rafe. Maggie argues with Victor that screaming at Daniel won't help anything. Daniel apologizes. Victor tells him that he will be sorry after the honeymoon is over when Nicole destroys him like she does everything else she touches.

Nicole puts the surgical knife back into her purse as Jennifer turns around. Jennifer tells her that she doesn't have time for another round with her and tells her to get out of her way but Nicole refuses. Nicole tells her that it's time to settle things once and for all.

The woman asks Stefano if he wants her to make peace with Stefano and his family. Stefano feels she is the only one who could bring them back together as he reveals it is his adopted daughter, Kristen Blake.

Sami asks about Rafe being impatient. Rafe talks about rather being home with her then waiting for their food. Sami jokes about the food. Rafe suggests they should just leave. Sami doesn't want Will to find out that they left Sonny's place for bad service. Rafe points out that neither of them are even there. Sami says the service isn't that bad. Rafe tells her that he's missed her. Sami never thought they'd be like this after all they had been through. Rafe tells her to forget about the past as they start over and then they kiss.

Jennifer tells Nicole that she's not going to have another screaming match with her. Jennifer walks away and heads up the stairs but Nicole warns her not to walk away from her.

EJ asks Abigail where Nicole went but she doesn't know. Abigail asks him to leave. EJ has her agree to tell Nicole that he's looking for her if she sees her. EJ exits and says to himself that Nicole can't keep him away from his child and she will pay for trying.

Nicole follows Jennifer up the stairs and grabs her arm as they begin to argue.

Daniel apologizes to Maggie and Victor but his mind is made up and they will not change his mind. Daniel declares he's going to Utah with Nicole and nothing will change that.

Jennifer and Nicole argue as Nicole tells her that she will be with Daniel. They struggle against each other and Jennifer pulls away, causing Nicole to go crashing down the stairs. Brady and Billie rush over from nearby and check on Nicole. Brady worries about the baby as Jennifer watches on in shock from the stairs.

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