Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 10/10/12

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 10/10/12


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Hope tells Bo that she's not sure the trip around the world is a good idea right now. Hope insists that she's not saying no but just that it's not a good time. Bo agrees that it's not a good time for them to leave town.

Abigail talks to Gabi at the Pub about Melanie leaving and not hearing from her. Abigail wonders why she left but Gabi claims to have no idea. Abigail then questions if Melanie left because of Gabi.

Kate finds Chad seated outside of the town square. She tells him that she heard about Melanie. Chad doesn't want to talk about it. Kate assumes Stefano would have called him but Chad wonders why she'd think that. Chad then asks what she's doing there.

Billie talks to Daniel about never seeing Jennifer this angry and that it seems to be all about him and Nicole ruining his life. Daniel assures her that no one is ruining his life. Billie suggests Daniel talk to Jennifer but he declines. Billie asks him to call her if he thinks of any way to help Jennifer. Billie then exits as Brady arrives. Daniel asks Brady for help with Jennifer.

Nicole goes to leave as Jennifer returns home. Jennifer questions what she's doing. Nicole says she's leaving because Jennifer evicted her but Jennifer tells her not yet.

Daniel talks to Brady about knowing what it's like to lose someone. Daniel worries about Jennifer not taking it well. Daniel asks Brady to check on Jennifer. Daniel tells him that he's not going to be around because he's leaving Salem for awhile. Brady asks why. Daniel says it's time for him to go.

Jennifer asks Nicole where she's going with Daniel. Nicole is surprised he told her already. Jennifer says she just told her and asks where she's dragging him off to. Nicole tries to leave but Jennifer stands in her way and questions what her plan is. Nicole says Daniel is doing what he wants to do. Jennifer blames Nicole for making Daniel feel guilty. Jennifer says it makes her sick that she's using her child but she's not going to let her use Daniel. Nicole tells her it's not up to her and tells her to back off. Jennifer forbids her to go with Daniel.

Hope thinks Bo is mad but Bo agrees that it's not a good time to leave town right now. Hope asks what's bothering him. Bo says it's just good to stick around home right now. Hope thinks it's a lot more than that and wants to know why. Bo admits it's Caroline and she needs his help.

Gabi asks Abigail why she would think Melanie left because of her. Abigail points out how she reacts when Melanie's name is brought up. Abigail questions if it was Gabi and Chad and wants to know what happened. Abigail says she can tell Gabi knows what happened to make Melanie leave. Nick walks by and Abigail asks him what happened to his face. Nick claims he fell but Abigail believes he was beaten up and assumes it was Chad. Nick tells her to let it go. Abigail says she can tell that Nick and Gabi both know why Melanie left and she wants to know what's going on.

Brady asks Daniel if he's leaving to go see Melanie. Daniel claims that's on the list but he's worried about Jennifer. Brady recalls seeing Jennifer and Nicole's fight in the town square. Brady talks about never seeing Jennifer so furious. Daniel says Billie said the same thing today. Brady wonders what set Jennifer off now. Daniel says he's not sure which is why he needs Brady to step in. Brady doesn't think Jennifer will confide in him if she doesn't want to be helped but he agrees to talk to her. Daniel thanks Brady as he goes off to see Jennifer. Daniel pulls out his phone and calls Maggie just as Maggie arrives and says she was looking for him. Maggie brings up the holidays and how Victor wants them to take the yacht to the Greek isles. Daniel encourages her to go but Maggie says no because that's for people without families and she wants to spend her holidays with him. Maggie then realizes Daniel looks like he already made plans.

Nicole questions Jennifer trying to forbid her from leaving with Daniel. Jennifer tells her that she's not taking Daniel out of Salem. Nicole calls it pathetic and says Jennifer gave up Daniel. Jennifer accuses Nicole of taking advantage of Daniel. Jennifer says she will not allow it to happen. Nicole tells her that she needs help. Jennifer accuses Nicole of playing every man and always losing because she's selfish and manipulative. Jennifer tells her that she's wrong if she thinks she will hold on to Daniel. Jennifer goes off on Nicole using her baby to keep Daniel. Nicole warns her to shut up but Jennifer keeps going so Nicole shouts at her that she's already lost her baby.

Kate tells Chad that she was just walking by. Chad questions why she would think Stefano would call him. Kate brings up that Stefano called EJ so she just assumed. Chad mocks the idea of Stefano wanting to check on him because he only calls when he needs something. Kate tells him that EJ was very cruel to Stefano so he could have figured that Chad would be the same way. Kate tells Chad that Stefano loves him very much. Chad questions why people think that because he's never done anything for him. Kate points out that he welcomed him into the family. Chad questions why she defends Stefano still. Kate says she made her mistake and Chad realizes that she's still in love with Stefano. Chad talks about feeling the same way with Melanie. Kate tells him to take care as she exits.

Abigail asks Nick if it was Chad that beat him up. Nick tells her she's making things up and then says it's all over anyway as Chad is not in trouble so it's like nothing happened. Abigail calls it a lie since Melanie is gone and Nick looks like someone tried to kill him. Gabi tries to calm her down but Abigail yells at them to stop trying to handle her since her dad is dead and she can't change that. Abigail says she's trying to move on but no one will let her as she storms out of the Pub.

Bo tells Hope that Caroline has been mixing up names a lot lately. Bo adds that Caroline went off on a supplier recently and how she mixed up Shawn with Victor. Hope begins to worry and understands that Bo is right as she hugs him and says something could be wrong.

Daniel and Maggie go to Daniel's place. He tells her that he hadn't told anyone but he's moving to another town. Maggie calls it kind of sudden but Daniel disagrees. Maggie didn't realize he was so unhappy with Salem. Daniel says it's not the town's fault. Maggie wonders who to blame for this. Daniel says it's just time. Maggie thinks he could go with a less drastic change and asks if it's about Jennifer. Daniel says he'll be giving her more room at the hospital. Maggie suggests St. Mary's hospital but Daniel wants to go farther. Maggie wants to know where and asks if this is about Melanie leaving. Daniel says she was a big part of him staying. Maggie asks if he had no other reason to stay in Salem without Melanie. Daniel says he didn't say that. Maggie wants to know what is happening. Daniel says he's just making a change as the hospital will be fine without him and his daughter left. Maggie wants to know where he's going and why. Daniel says he hasn't settled on a place yet. Maggie tells him he can't just uproot his life just because. Daniel realizes Maggie won't make this easy. Maggie wants to understand. Maggie asks him to tell her what is going on with him.

Nicole covers up by telling Jennifer that she lost her baby the last time she was pregnant and wasn't supposed to have another. Jennifer admits she forgot. Nicole talks about Daniel saving her baby and being there ever since because he wanted to be. Jennifer thinks he just feels responsible. Jennifer points out that Daniel broke the law and asks if that's why they are leaving town. Nicole tries to leave but Jennifer says she's not done talking to her as Brady arrives. Nicole tells Brady to keep Jennifer under control. Nicole leaves as Jennifer shouts that it's not over.

Abigail goes to the coffeehouse and finds Chad. Abigail asks where he's been hiding and asks about him not returning phone calls. Chad says he's been around but hasn't felt social. Abigail asks what happened to Melanie but Chad doesn't want to talk about it.

Kate approaches Nick at the Pub and wants to talk about his job prospects. Nick brings up the last time he worked for her and doesn't want any more mistakes. Nick says he was just leaving so Kate goes with him. Gabi watches them leave. Caroline joins Gabi and jokes about Kate. Gabi says Kate reminds her why she's happy to work for Caroline.

Bo and Hope talk about Caroline forgetting names. They worry about what they should do. Hope suggests they both go talk to her but Bo says he should handle it. Hope thinks she should slow down at work. Bo worries about how to talk to her about it. Hope tells him that she will wait there in case he needs her as Bo heads to the Pub.

Bo goes to the Pub and asks Caroline why they are closed. Caroline talks about doing bank work. Bo offers to help. Caroline thinks he should be getting ready for his boat trip. Bo tells her that he decided to stay home. Caroline agrees that he belongs here. Caroline talks about Ciara. Caroline tells Bo that Lexie told him a story yesterday which makes Bo worry. Caroline asks what's wrong with him. Bo reminds her that Lexie passed away.

Jennifer complains to Brady that Nicole won't stop until Daniel is in jail. Jennifer suggests Brady talk to Nicole. Brady wants to calm her down. Jennifer asks if he knows what Nicole is capable of. Brady agrees to talk to Nicole. Jennifer tells him that he doesn't need to calm her down and yells at him that she is calm.

Daniel tells Maggie that he knows it sounds abrupt but he has things he needs to work out. Daniel says he's not leaving right away but he wanted things together before she found out. Maggie hopes he figures things out. Daniel says he will and asks Maggie to keep it to herself so he can do this on his own. Maggie agrees to which surprises Daniel. Maggie says she'll give him as much time as he needs to change his mind. Daniel promises her that he won't make any sudden moves. Maggie exits. Daniel starts to head out too but Nicole arrives with her bags. Nicole tells him that she's glad he's home and tells her about how Jennifer tried to stop her from leaving and everything Jennifer said. Nicole tells him that it means they need to get out of Salem right now.

Bo tells Caroline that it's okay if she mixed up the dates. Caroline claims she didn't. Bo reminds her that she said Lexie told her yesterday. Caroline says she knows Lexie is dead. Bo asks how she's doing. Caroline insists she's fine and her only trouble is Gabi and Nick leaving a mess. Caroline starts cleaning. Bo offers to help as Caroline drops her plate and glasses shatter.

Kate walks Nick home and talks to him about offering him a new job. Kate adds that she won't hold his history against him. Nick wonders why it's so important to her. Kate thinks he has the experience for the future of her company. Kate brings up no longer working for Countess Wilhelmina so Nick thinks she's just trying to kill the competition.

Daniel tells Nicole to back up and slow down. Nicole thinks they should just go. Daniel says he can't bail on those who care and not show up for work. Nicole thinks they can just call the hospital. Nicole says Jennifer freaked her out and wonders how much time Daniel will need. Daniel suggests a week or more but says he doesn't know as it depends.

Chad tells Abigail that it's not a good time. Abigail says he can't just be a friend when it's convenient. Abigail talks about being there whenever Chad or Melanie needed a friend. Chad tells her to stay out of it but Abigail refuses. Abigail asks Chad if he beat up Nick and if that's why Melanie left. Chad walks away from her.

Kate tells Nick that she wants Mad World to succeed. They argue about trying to put Sami out. Kate says Nick doesn't even know what she's offering him. Nick isn't sure he wants to know. Kate tells him to think about it.

Caroline blames Bo for making her drop the glasses. Bo tries to clean it up for her. Caroline gets upset and screams at him. She accidentally calls him Shawn. Bo stops her and tries to calm her down.

Jennifer worries to Brady about Daniel and Nicole leaving. Brady tells her to stop. Jennifer says Daniel is about to flush his life down the toilet so she's not letting it go. Brady suggests they go to a meeting. Jennifer says she couldn't save Jack but she's going to save Daniel. Jennifer goes to call the airline to see if they have left. Jennifer yells at him that she's fine and goes to get her phone.

Nicole asks Daniel if he really needs a week when there isn't that much to do. Daniel says he has to give notice to the hospital and asks about Rafe. Nicole says Rafe will be fine. Daniel reminds her that they will be saying EJ is the father in Utah. Nicole thinks they will be fine. Daniel asks if they are just leaving Rafe. Nicole says she's the one who lied so she will take the hit. Daniel thinks there's a lot more to it as they need to have Nicole checked out at the hospital since she's so far along her pregnancy. Nicole thinks she'll be fine with him. Nicole knows he's trying to be reasonable and logical but they have no time because she has a feeling. Daniel wants to know why. Nicole says she has a sense that's telling her they need to leave right now.

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