Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 10/9/12

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 10/9/12


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Rafe sits in the town square as Nicole imagines approaching him and telling him that she lost the baby. Nicole snaps out of her daydream as Rafe gets a call from Sami, asking about the wine he wants. Rafe says it doesn't matter as long as he's having it with her.

Hope joins Bo at the coffeehouse. Bo tells her that he's figured out a way to do all the things that he wants to do. Hope is happy for him and Bo hopes she feels the same after she hears his idea.

Daniel confronts Jennifer in her office and says he heard she was thinking about resigning but she doesn't have to because he will instead. Jennifer asks why he would resign when the hospital needs him. Daniel says they would be just fine. Jennifer asks where he'd be going and hopes Nicole is not going with him.

Nicole continues watching as Rafe finishes his phone call with Sami. Nicole says to herself that she's lost Daniel and needs to talk to Rafe because he's the only person who gives a damn so she decides to approach him but Sami returns to him so she stops. Rafe takes the picnic basket and walks off with Sami as Nicole watches.

Daniel tells Jennifer that he didn't tell her so she could grill him about his plans but just so that she wouldn't have to resign. Daniel tells her how much the hospital needs her and that she would be greatly missed if she left. Jennifer says the same is for him and has more to say. Jennifer believes Nicole is using him and brings up men from Nicole's past. Daniel insists that Nicole needs him but Jennifer wants him to let her find someone else's life to ruin.

Nicole exits the town square and says to herself that now Sami and Rafe are back together making life more unfair. Nicole then sees she has a voicemail from Daniel and listens to it where he said he wanted to talk more about moving to Utah.

Hope assures Bo that she will be just as excited as he is but reminds him that he's a good cop. Bo talks about loving working with her and his issue with authority. Bo talks about their past adventures and says he wants to take a new adventure. Bo thinks they should track down Shawn and go sailing with Ciara. Bo shows her the route that he's chosen. Hope questions if he really thought she wouldn't see right through it.

Rafe and Sami go to the park for their picnic and they think back to their first date. Sami jokes about falling into the river. Sami says it's amazing how much has happened since then.

Nicole wonders if Daniel left her the voicemail before or after she saw him with Jennifer. Nicole thinks back to seeing them together and wonders if Daniel was going to make a commitment to her. Nicole decides she has to know and calls him back.

Daniel tells Jennifer that it's none of her business. Jennifer says she thought she was doing him a favor by letting Nicole move in with her. Daniel says he didn't ask for one. Jennifer says she didn't ask for him to quit his job to save hers. Jennifer wishes he wasn't helping Nicole and her plans. Jennifer says she has a really bad feeling about this. Daniel tells her not to worry. Jennifer calls him a wonderful doctor and an honest, caring man but that's what got him into this mess. Daniel argues that it's not a mess. Jennifer tells him that Nicole has him caught up in something unethical and possibly illegal. Jennifer warns him that he could go to prison.

Hope tells Bo that every port he chose to sail through is home to a DiMera Enterprise. Marlena arrives and says she heard Bo resigned and adds that Roman feels terrible about it. Bo says Roman did him a favor and he's never felt this good. Bo decides go to see Caroline and exits. Marlena sits with Hope. Hope tells her that Bo wants to take another long sailing trip around the world. Marlena asks why she didn't tell him that she's not as excited about it as he is.

Jennifer tells Daniel that she would never forgive himself if he leaves. Daniel assures her that he won't lose his license and will be fine. Daniel declares that he is never going to talk to her about Nicole and then exits.

Nicole gets Daniel's voicemail when she tries to call him. Nicole wonders what to say to him. She wonders if he talked to the doctor and if he knows that she lost the baby as she cries.

Sami talks to Rafe about still remembering their first date and everything she thought of him. They talk about the good times they had and Sami says she would always wish she wouldn't screw it up but she did. Sami blames herself for not changing since she wanted to be someone he could trust. Sami tells him that she will never forgive herself for what she did. Rafe wonders why they're even talking about that. Sami says she loves that they are giving it a second chance but it won't work if Rafe can't forgive her. She asks if he will ever be able to forgive her.

Jennifer repeats to herself that she hates Nicole. Billie comes in and asks who she hates so much. Jennifer informs her that it's Nicole.

Daniel calls Nicole and says he saw that she called but didn't leave a message. Nicole says she didn't want to bother him. Daniel asks if she's okay and if she got his message. Daniel thinks they should talk in person about Utah. Daniel asks her to meet him at the coffeehouse in 15 minutes. Nicole agrees to be there as they hang up.

Hope talks to Marlena about being relieved to get home from their last sailing trip. Hope says all she wants is for Bo to be happy but she's worried that he's rushing into this without thinking about the consequences. Hope adds that she can't be the one to ruin this for him. Marlena encourages her to tell him that her heart is not into it the way his is. Hope tries to say it is but Marlena can tell it's not. Marlena tells her that it's time to have an honest conversation with Bo about it or else no one will enjoy the trip.

Bo sits at the Pub and talks on the phone about plans for his trip. Bo makes plans for he and Hope to go see the boat. Bo hangs up and goes to talk to Caroline about his plans for a family reunion at sea. Caroline asks when they leave. Bo says it will be as soon as they get packed. Bo adds that he's not sure when they would be back. Bo hugs her and thanks her for being understanding.

Rafe and Sami sit together with their picnic food. Rafe says he's asked himself about trusting her so many times. Sami recalls him saying that he would never be able to trust her again. Rafe regrets saying that. She's glad he was honest. Rafe felt he was cruel. Sami recalls breaking their vows and lying to him for months. Rafe tells her that he didn't want to see or hear her then and admits it's because he was afraid he'd want her back. Rafe talks about their kiss and how he knew in his heart what he had to do. Sami brings up what EJ tried to do in blackmailing him. They agree not to talk about EJ. Rafe says he pushed her away but she never gave up. Rafe says they do need to talk about everything and get it out in the open. Rafe tells Sami that he does forgive her. She starts to cry. Rafe adds that the question is whether she can forgive him.

Daniel meets with Nicole at the coffeehouse and thanks her for coming. Daniel says he's so glad he gets to talk to her and she says she is too.

Sami questions why she would have to forgive Rafe. Rafe brings up all the history with Carrie and he knew it would hurt her. Sami knows he had real feelings for Carrie. Rafe admits there was something there but it's over. Rafe informs her that before Carrie left, she told him that he was in denial about his feelings for Sami. Rafe adds that she was right. Rafe says he wants to take responsibility for what he did because it was wrong. Rafe asks again if she forgives him too. Sami responds of course and kisses him.

Caroline calls Bo by Roman's name. Bo points out and she laughs it off. They talk about a story from when Bo's childhood. Caroline says people forget things sometimes and goes back to work.

Billie asks about Jennifer's hand. Jennifer calls it silly. Billie tells her not to slam things around again. Jennifer tries to change the subject but Billie asks why she had Nicole move in with her. Jennifer calls it a good deed that has not gone unpunished but she is gone now. Billie asks what Nicole did. Jennifer tells her that she couldn't imagine. Jennifer says she can't wait until she never has to see Nicole ever again.

Daniel asks Nicole if she's okay since she seems pale. Nicole says she's fine especially now that he's here. Daniel talks about getting held up at the hospital with work. Daniel mentions that a computer glitch caused them to lose a lot of patient data. Daniel declares it's not his problem since he's thinking about resigning from the hospital which surprises Nicole. She asks why. Daniel informs her that he wants to go with her to Utah.

Rafe and Sami drink their wine as he calls it amazing that she forgives him. Sami wants to get to the fun part of their day. Rafe says they have one more thing to talk about and that's Nicole. Sami asks about her being due soon and Rafe will be a father. Rafe apologizes and says he knows how she feels about her. Sami compares it to how Rafe feels about EJ but has to deal with him being the father of Sami's kids. Sami begins asking a question by saying if Rafe is really the father of Nicole's baby. Rafe can't believe she's questioning if he really is the father and asks what's wrong with her as he gets up and walks away.

Bo sits at the counter as Gabi approaches and talks about how Rafe is going to miss working with Bo. Bo asks about Gabi. Gabi says she loves working at the Pub and calls Caroline the best boss. Gabi comments that Caroline seems a bit overworked. Bo agrees that she does a lot for a lot of people. Gabi thinks Caroline seems a little tired and mentions mixing up Shawn and Victor's names. They blow it off as no big deal but Bo asks her to call if Gabi sees anything with Caroline that worries her.

Nicole tells Daniel that she does want to go to Utah and can start fresh. Daniel gets a call from Melanie and a text from the hospital. Daniel says he will talk to her later as he gets up to answer the call. Daniel tells Melanie that he misses her. Nicole talks to herself about how much she misses her baby. Nicole says she at least can lean on Daniel and will tell him the truth when they get to Utah so they can face it together. Nicole worries that she would lose everything if she lost the baby but now she thinks Daniel will take care of her. Nicole says Daniel will take her away from this place and away from Jennifer. Nicole thinks Jennifer would be happy if she knew her baby was gone.

Jennifer talks to Billie about grieving for Jack but doesn't feel that she is overreacting to Nicole. Jennifer says she's tried to be nice to Nicole but she's the most miserable human she's ever known. Billie wants to know what she did. Jennifer says Nicole is ruining Daniel's life and declares that she's going to open Daniel's eyes to see that Nicole is using him.

Sami follows Rafe and apologizes. Sami clarifies that she just has a hard time believing he slept with Nicole because she hates her. Sami promises to love his baby and to deal with Nicole so Rafe kisses her.

Hope finds Bo in the town square and admits she got caught up in his excitement about the boat trip. Hope is not sure that taking the trip right now is such a good idea.

Rafe and Sami kiss in the park and then worry about park rangers coming. Rafe says they've been through hell and back so he wants it to be perfect and special. They agree to be together tonight.

Daniel returns to the hospital and greets Billie. Billie tells him about Jennifer being really upset. Daniel thinks she's just not dealing with Jack's death well. Billie tells him it's about him and more about Nicole. Daniel is surprised she talked to her about it. Billie feels Jennifer had a lot to get off her chest. Billie comments that she's never seen Jennifer this angry before.

Nicole goes to Jennifer's and gets her bag. Nicole says she'll get Daniel and Jennifer will never have to see her again. Nicole opens the door to leave just as Jennifer was arriving.

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