Days of Our Lives Update Monday 10/8/12

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 10/8/12


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

EJ sits alone in his office and receives a call from Stefano. EJ answers and says he wants nothing to do with Stefano after he turned his back on him.

Sami tells Rafe that if he tells her the truth about Nicole's baby then she can help. She insists she won't be forgiving EJ again and wants to help Rafe.

Nicole sees Jennifer and Daniel together and cries. She goes back to her room wishing this wasn't real and wasn't happening to her. She shouts that she needs Daniel and throws her bag and baby clothes across the room as she breaks down crying and screaming about how unfair it is that this is happening to her again.

Lucas joins Kate at the Pub. Kate talks about wanting to take down Sami and hopes Lucas is still over her. Kate notices Lucas seems unhappy and asks if it's about Will. Lucas says it's him that is the problem this time.

EJ tells Stefano that he's going to hang up if he has nothing to say. Stefano asks what's wrong with him. EJ brings up Stefano being willing to drop him after a letter he didn't even get verified. Stefano wants to know who is hurting him so he can make them pay.

Sami tells Rafe that she doesn't expect him to believe her but she can because she sees now that EJ will never change. Sami says it took her all this time but she won't make that mistake again. Sami blames it on her being alone while EJ said the right things. Sami says EJ tried manipulating everyone but it didn't work. Rafe tells her it's okay as he is in no position to judge her. Sami vows to never trust EJ again and adds that she knows Rafe would never lie to her like that. Rafe doesn't want to waste time talking about this but Sami feels they have to get it settled since she's in a position to help. Sami wants to know the truth about Rafe and Nicole's baby and says she can help if he tells her the truth.

Nicole touches the baby monitor and talks about losing her baby. Nicole breaks down crying and looks down at a surgical knife left in the room and picks it up.

Sonny and Will talk as Victor arrives and joins them. Sonny takes Victor to the counter to allow Will to study. Victor asks Sonny about being busy. Victor mentions having an observation. Sonny wants to hear it so they have no secrets. Victor comments on noticing Sonny and Will holding hands. Sonny admits they are more than friends and asks Victor if he has a problem with that.

Lucas tells Kate that he saw Sonny and Will together which Kate thinks is great that they worked things out. Lucas adds that he saw them kissing in public. Kate is surprised that he has an issue with it. Lucas says he was supportive but feels it's different to see it with his own eyes. Lucas admits it made him uncomfortable and bothered him. Lucas says he couldn't hide it from Will and saw his look of disappointment. Lucas tells Kate that Will told him they had nothing to say if he can't accept him. Kate tells Lucas that Will is absolutely right.

EJ tells Stefano that his offer to help is too little, too late so he's not interested. Stefano tells EJ that he's a DiMera so he must strike back and get vengeance. EJ says he will do it without him. Stefano tells EJ that he needs him but EJ declares the conversation over and hangs up.

Sami talks to Rafe about knowing EJ better than anyone so she knows he will be making his next move. Sami thinks if she lets EJ get close to her again then he might confide in her and let her know what his next move is in the paternity situation so she can help protect Rafe with Nicole. Rafe thinks she sounds excited to see this through. Sami says she just wants to help. Rafe questions Sami getting close to EJ to help him. Sami thinks they have to be honest with each other to help each other. Rafe questions being honest meaning lying to EJ. Sami says the only way this will work is if they make sure there is no secrets between them.

Jennifer asks Daniel if they can talk about the situation with Nicole but he walks away instead. Kayla approaches and tells them they got the power back on in the ER. Kayla asks Jennifer to revise a press release and walks away. Jennifer continues to try and talk to Daniel but he tells her to go get her hand checked out. Jennifer calls him unbelievable and walks away. Kayla returns to Daniel and comments on things being tense.

Nicole says to herself that there has to be a bigger reason why this is happening. Nicole wants to make sense of it all because she can't have gone through all of this to be alone again. There's a knock at the door so Nicole holds back her tears and imagines it's Daniel. Nicole assumes he's back with Jennifer. Daniel says that doesn't change anything between them as he is still her friend and there for her and the baby if she needs him. Daniel asks about her doctor's appointment and then goes to check the heartbeat as Nicole snaps out of her daydream and a nurse enters to ask if everything is okay as Nicole slips the surgical knife into her purse.

Kate says she knows Lucas loves Will. Lucas knows that means understanding Will for who he is but never imagined this for his son. Kate tells him that he can't tell Will who to be with. Lucas worries that he can't change the way he feels. Kate encourages him to prove Will wrong. Kate reminds him that it's taken Will a long time to accept being gay and talks about his struggles. Kate thinks that will make Will a lot more patient with him than he realizes. Lucas thanks her for the advice and exits.

Victor ensures Sonny that him being gay is no issue with him as long as he's happy. Sonny is glad and says he is happy. They return to Will and Victor invites Will to stop by the mansion. Will says he would love that and Sonny adds that it sounds fun. Sonny gives Victor his coffee and Will tells him that he will look forward to seeing him soon as Victor exits. Will asks Sonny what that was about. Sonny says it was just Victor being a great guy.

Rafe tells Sami that she's looking for something that isn't there as there's no conspiracy between he and Nicole. Rafe knows she doesn't want Nicole's baby to be his. Sami says she would never deny his child and brings up how great of a father he was to her kids. Rafe tells her to say now if she has a problem with this.

Kayla asks Daniel about he and Jennifer but Daniel feels there's nothing between them so Kayla goes back to work. Daniel makes a phone call and leaves a message telling someone that he needs to see them.

The nurse talks to Nicole about being new at the hospital.

Sonny and Will joke around as Lucas enters and asks to talk to Will. Will doesn't think he has anything to say. Lucas says that's okay as long as he listens. Sonny offers to give them some privacy but Lucas asks him to stay so he can hear it too.

Kayla stops Jennifer and asks about her hand. Jennifer says she just lost her temper and banged it on a desk. Kayla realizes it was Anne that upset her and encourages her not to let Anne get to her. Kayla comments that Daniel left if she was looking for him. Kayla worries that Jennifer is wanting to quit her job because of Daniel and Nicole.

Nicole looks at her hospital file and reads that the heartbeat was not detected. Nicole picks up baby clothes and starts to cry again.

Daniel goes to the Kiriakis Mansion. Victor says he was surprised to get his call but always has time for him. Daniel is grateful for him always being there for him. Victor talks about being Daniel's godfather. Victor says he's tried to take care of him as his own son all these years. Victor likes to think that he had something to do with the man he has become.

EJ goes to the Pub and Kate greets him. Kate notices his look and says that could only be caused by Sami.

Sami hugs Rafe and says she has no problem with him being the father of Nicole's baby. Sami adds that she knows he'll be a great dad and she's on his side. Sami talks about having a fresh start. Rafe tells her the fresh start is hers if she wants it and then they kiss.

Lucas tells Sonny and Will that he made an ass of himself when he confronted Adrienne about his concerns. Lucas wishes he never said those things to Will. Lucas admits that it made him uncomfortable to see them kissing in public. Lucas says he can't change his feelings but he can change his reactions which is what he's trying to do. Lucas says he can see they have something special. Sonny jokes about having both of their parents behind them now. Lucas says he's for whatever makes them happy so they shouldn't listen to anyone else. Lucas says that's all he wanted to say and starts to leave but Will stops him and thanks him with a hug.

Jennifer tells Kayla that her reasons for leaving are personal and needs her to understand that. Kayla talks about Jennifer excelling at her position. Jennifer says she has to accept it if Daniel is with Nicole but she doesn't have to like it since Nicole is changing Daniel. Jennifer says Nicole is ruining Daniel's life and she will never be okay with that so she can't be there and watch it happen. Jennifer says she's sorry but she just can't and rushes off. Kayla gets a call and heads off in the opposite direction as Nicole comes out from around the corner and heads for the elevator.

Daniel tells Victor that his heart was always in the right place when it came to looking out for him. Daniel says Victor was always right there whenever he got in trouble. Victor asks if he's in one of those times where he needs him. Daniel says no as for the first time in a long time, he knows where he's going. Daniel thinks back to agreeing to being Nicole's baby's godfather. Victor talks about Daniel always being there for Melanie which made him proud. Victor calls Daniel a great father, a good friend, and a good man that needs to stop being so hard on himself. Victor adds that anyone would be lucky to have him in their corner. Daniel thanks Victor and gives him a hug.

EJ tells Kate that he has no intention of discussing Sami. EJ informs her that he spoke to Stefano today. Kate asks what he called about. EJ mentions that he didn't ask about her. Kate is not surprised. EJ talks about Stefano's ability to reach out from a world away as if he knows his defenses are down and he could be tempted to fall back to the DiMera ways.

Rafe and Sami continue kissing as Rafe brings up the food they were going to have. Sami suggests taking that picnic and they continue kissing.

Nicole sits outside the town square with her hospital file. Nicole throws the folder in the trash and begins tearing up the file. She finishes and turns around as Billie walks by. Billie comments that she should be due any day. Nicole goes along with it as Billie comments on her glow and walks away.

Kate asks EJ if he will be allowing Stefano back in to his life but EJ vows that is he done with Stefano.

Stefano makes a call saying he has been unable to convince EJ to come back to the family so he's calling because they are the only hope he has left.

Daniel approaches Jennifer and says he heard that she's resigning but she doesn't have to because he will instead.

Rafe and Sami walk through the town square as Sami decides to go get a bottle of wine. Rafe kisses her and she walks away. Rafe continues on and sits with his picnic bag as Nicole walks up behind and stops when she sees him.

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