Days of Our Lives Update Friday 10/5/12

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 10/5/12


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Nicole talks to the doctor about not getting a heartbeat for her baby. The doctor goes to try and find out what's going on.

Daniel tells Jennifer that he has always thought the world of her but their lives are going in opposite directions. Jennifer isn't sure what that means. Daniel explains that she is coping with her grief over losing Jack while he made a commitment to being there for Nicole and her baby. Daniel says he doesn't see them being friends and adds that he's sorry. Jennifer asks if they are even acquaintances or if they should even acknowledge each other. Jennifer thinks it can't be what he really wants but Daniel says he thinks that's the best thing.

Rafe and Sami kiss in the town square. They agree to talk later and kiss now. EJ watches them from a distance.

Bo sits with Kayla at the pub and asks her about work. Kayla says she likes being chief of staff and adds that it's distracting from her divorce. Bo talks about his situation. Hope arrives and says she's supporting Bo in whatever he decides.

Sami tells Rafe that she talked to Chad. Rafe says it killed him to have to hurt her and wanted to tell her the truth. Sami says she knew something else had to be going on. They kiss again. Sami talks about EJ's plan not working. Rafe doesn't want to talk about EJ but instead about them and their future as they kiss again. EJ remains watching and pulls out his phone.

Jennifer tells Daniel that if that's what he wants then she won't even look at him when they run into each other. Daniel wishes her the best and goes to leave but Jennifer stops him and says the only reason he's doing this is because of Nicole. Jennifer says Nicole is destroying his life and their friendship.

The doctor comes back to Nicole as she worries about her baby. Nicole asks about the heartbeat and starts to cry.

Daniel tells Jennifer to let it go. Jennifer doesn't want him to throw away everything that matters. Daniel suggests she doesn't know him at all. Jennifer talks about his love for medicine and how he's going to lose it all for Nicole. Jennifer brings up Melanie being gone and her finding out about Daniel's scheme with Nicole. Jennifer asks Daniel about having to go to court or losing his medical license. Jennifer brings up Maggie being worried about him. Jennifer tells him to think about Melanie and Maggie. Daniel tells her that they are in his life while Jennifer is not. Daniel says goodbye and exits the coffeehouse.

Bo talks about Roman being patient but he's not sure how much longer he can wait. Kayla knows he has conflicted feelings. Hope repeats that she supports whatever Bo decides. Kayla worries about Roman making layoffs which Bo questions. Hope talks about having to read the junior detectives files to see who to let go. Bo gets upset and exits the Pub.

Rafe and Sami continue kissing until their phones ring. They both check their phones as EJ watches. Rafe says it's work but it can wait. Sami calls hers stupid and not worth her time. They both bring up being hungry. Rafe suggests having lunch and dinner together to catch up. Sami says she has one thing on her to do list that she would like to get rid of. Rafe decides he will pick them up some food and have a picnic. Sami agrees to meet him back at his place. Rafe calls it a date. Sami hopes it's more than that as they kiss. Rafe walks away as EJ approaches Sami and tells her that he can explain.

The doctor checks Nicole until Nicole tells her to stop. The doctor informs her that she's sorry but her baby is dead as Nicole breaks down in tears.

Bo goes to the station and question Roman making layoffs.

Maggie enters the Pub and greets Nick. Nick tells her that he's doing good. Rafe arrives and greets Maggie and Nick. Rafe asks to borrow Nick. Maggie asks if everything is okay. Rafe says it's not police business so Maggie steps aside. Rafe thanks Nick for what he did for Gabi. Nick says Gabi is a good person so he was glad he could help. Rafe says Gabi just made some really bad mistakes. Nick adds that he knows what it's like. Rafe asks why Nick put himself on the line for her when they aren't really friends and hardly know each other.

Sami tells EJ to go ahead and explain trying to blackmail Rafe over Gabi. Sami calls what he did twisted and sick. EJ says he did it all for one reason. Sami says they've been down this road multiple times. EJ admits he did something terrible but claims his motives were pure. EJ says he did it because he loves her.

The doctor tells Nicole that this is not because of anything Nicole did or didn't do. She suggests it could've been any disorder. She tells her that they will have to induce labor. She asks Nicole if she understands what she's saying as Nicole remains silent.

Sami questions EJ loving her and says he's pulling out all the stops. EJ claims it's the truth in his heart. Sami tells him that he doesn't have a heart. EJ wants to go talk somewhere private but Sami refuses. EJ felt they were starting to have something together. Sami calls it all a mistake but EJ disagrees. Sami talks about being herself with him but he was just manipulating her again. Sami tells EJ that he's never changed. EJ insists that what they had was great. Sami tells EJ that he wasn't being real with her since he was blackmailing Rafe. Sami tells EJ that he said he hates seeing her cry but he made it happen. Sami says EJ would sell anyone up the river to further his own agenda. Sami adds that EJ saying he loves her are empty words because he is empty. Sami declares that Rafe knows what real love is so she belongs with him and is going to be with him.

Nick tells Rafe that he was given a second shot by a lot of people so he felt Gabi deserved one too. Rafe asks about them getting close. Nick says they are friends and he's appreciated their friendship since she's never judged him. Rafe understands that he'd want to be there for her like she was for him. Nick thinks that Rafe doesn't like that they have become friends.

Roman tells Bo that he hates layoffs but he has no choice. Bo brings up taking early retirement so the others can continue their careers. Roman calls it a bad reason to retire. Bo wonders what the others are going to do when they are let go.

Jennifer returns home and takes some of Nicole's child magazines. She goes to take them out but Kayla arrives. Kayla tells her that everyone is happy that she's back at work but Jennifer points out that not everyone is. Jennifer says she's just wondering if she really belongs at the hospital. Kayla asks if she's thinking about quitting.

Daniel goes to the Kiriakis Mansion and tells Maggie that he spoke to Jennifer and knows that she spoke to her on his behalf. Daniel tells Maggie that he confided in her in confidence. Maggie apologizes and says she just thought Jennifer could help as she was worried about him. Daniel informs her that he and Jennifer are no longer friends. Maggie thinks that's harsh. Daniel tells her not to interfere with him and Jennifer. Daniel says there's nothing between them and he needs it to stay that way.

The doctor tells Nicole that she knows she's in shock but she should go home and get some rest. Nicole tells her the name of her baby was Daniel Rafael. The doctor tells her that she's sorry and will let her regular doctor know. Nicole tells the doctor to go ahead and leave. She tells her again that she's sorry as she exits. Nicole then continues crying.

Roman tells Bo that he's right that he could keep the two guys he was going to layoff if Bo resigns. Roman adds that Bo is the best he's ever had so him resigning is counterproductive. Roman tells him that being a martyr is not good for his career. Bo responds that he's not being a martyr and hands Roman his resignation. Bo reveals that he had been carrying it around for a week and decided he'd give it to him when the moment was right and the moment is now right.

Rafe tells Nick about Gabi being vulnerable right now so he just wants to make sure that she's not taken advantage of. Nick gives Rafe his word not to. Rafe accepts that and then asks Nick to help set up for his date with Sami.

EJ tells Sami that she's putting him against Rafe which is darkness against light. EJ tells her that Rafe is easier, safer, and expected. EJ brings up Rafe claiming paternity to another woman's child. EJ calls Rafe a liar that will be caught. Sami brings up all the times EJ told her that he thought Rafe really was the father. EJ admits that he lied to her so he could have her while Rafe lied to another man about his child. EJ tells Sami to look Rafe in the eye and ask him so she will see what he already knows. Sami pulls away from EJ as he walks away.

Jennifer tells Kayla that she didn't say she was quitting but she hates seeing Daniel throw everything away. They get calls from the hospital and rush off.

Maggie talks to Daniel about Jennifer and hating seeing him so defeated. Daniel says they are his choices to make. Maggie admits she stepped in where he didn't ask her to. Maggie says she did it because she loves and cares about him so she was just trying to help. Maggie tells him that she's sorry. Ciara calls for Maggie's help. Daniel comments on Maggie taking care of a lot of people. Maggie says she likes to just like Daniel. Maggie tells him that she loves him and he says the same as he exits. Daniel then pulls out his phone and calls Nicole. Daniel says he's been thinking about what she said about moving to Utah and wants to talk more about that.

Nicole lays out costumes she had for her baby and talks about never seeing him in them now. Nicole cries and wonders how this is happening to her again. Nicole drops to her knees crying. Nicole wonders how she can say goodbye and never hold her baby.

Bo returns to the Pub and talks with Hope about Ciara's poem. Hope asks him about seeing Roman. Bo reveals to her that he resigned. Hope hugs him and tells him that she's proud of him as Bo thanks her for supporting him. Hope asks about his next project. Bo says it can wait as he takes Hope out of the Pub.

Nicole starts putting her things away and she sees she has a voicemail from Daniel as she cries.

Kayla and Jennifer arrive at the hospital. They meet with a nurse who tells them about problems at the hospital and how a backup generator is keeping things up. Kayla goes to check on things as Anne, the woman who complained about Jennifer coming back to the hospital before, confronts her and blames her for the problems. Jennifer shouts at her that it's enough and slams her hand on the counter. Jennifer hurts her hand as Daniel approaches and asks to see her hand.

EJ sits in his office and slams folders down as he gets frustrated.

Rafe and Sami go to Rafe's. Rafe tells her that they can either go on a picnic or stay here. Sami tells him it's whatever he wants. Rafe asks her what happened. Sami informs him that EJ was the one who texted her when her phone went off earlier and that he was watching them at the town square. Sami says she shouldn't have lied to him but she wanted to confront him and knew Rafe wouldn't have left if he knew. Sami says she gets it and does want this work so she knows they have to be honest with no more secrets or lies. Sami says it's done for her and in the past. Rafe agrees. Sami asks for the truth then if he's really the father of Nicole's baby.

Bo and Hope join Ciara and Maggie at the Kiriakis Mansion. Bo praises Ciara for her poem and promises to never miss her assembly again. Bo has Ciara read the poem to him.

EJ sits alone in his office and receives a call from Stefano.

Sami tells Rafe that she knows he had to lie to her about Gabi and understands that. Sami talks about EJ believing he's the father and doing anything to prove it. Sami adds that EJ will destroy anyone who stands in his way. Sami wants to help and says he just needs to tell her the truth as to if he's the baby's father or not.

Nicole takes her things and exits the hospital room.

Daniel checks Jennifer's hand for a sprain. Jennifer brings up the last time he brought to the ER and they laugh about their first date. Nicole walks by and sees them laughing together and starts to cry.

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