Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 10/4/12

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 10/4/12


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Nicole sits with papers at Daniel's and thinks back to overhearing Daniel and Brady's conversation about her and Jennifer. Nicole tells her baby that it's showtime as Daniel enters the room. Daniel comments that she's up early. Nicole says she couldn't sleep and was doing some research online. Nicole reveals that she thinks she found a way to take control of her destiny.

Maggie goes to Jennifer's and greets Abigail. Abigail asks about Melanie. Maggie says she talked to her and is doing better. Maggie thinks she needed the trip. Abigail says she misses her and then has to go so she exits. Jennifer praises the silence since Nicole is gone. Jennifer tells Maggie that she kicked her out. Maggie is not surprised. Maggie says she didn't come to talk about Nicole but to ask her to please stop hurting Daniel.

EJ meets with a criminal attorney outside of the town square and he wants to make the document Chad signed disappear.

Rafe wakes up to someone banging on his door. He answers and Gabi greets him with a hug as she excitedly tells him that it's all over.

Sami goes to Chad's and tells him that they need to talk about EJ because she knows something is going on involving Gabi. Chad doesn't want to talk about it and wants her to leave but Sami tells him that she overheard their fight and knows EJ promised him something. Sami tells Chad that EJ is playing him so she wants to give him the opportunity to beat EJ at his own game.

Gabi tells Rafe that she tried to call but was getting voicemail. Rafe asks what's over. Gabi tells him that everything is over and Chad will never hurt her again. Rafe brings up court but Gabi tells him that Chad struck a deal to never tell anyone about her connection to Melanie's kidnapping. Gabi tells Rafe that he no longer has to protect her.

EJ tells the attorney that every word in the deposition is a lie because he knows Chad beat up Nick and that Chad could've nailed Gabi in court. EJ needs him to work his magic.

Sami questions EJ telling Chad that he'd help get Melanie back. Chad says it doesn't matter since it's too late now as Melanie is gone and returned the ring so it's over. Sami wonders what it has to do with EJ and where Gabi fits in. Chad doesn't want her involved. Sami thinks he should want her involved. Sami talks about knowing EJ and how he only really helps himself.

Abigail talks to a girl at the Pub about a book she has. The girl reveals herself to be an intern at the hospital and says her date just arrived as Cameron enters.

Jennifer admits to Maggie that things have been intense with her and Daniel lately because of Nicole. Jennifer feels Nicole is using him but Maggie tells her that Daniel considers Nicole a friend. Jennifer calls Nicole manipulative. Maggie tries to tell her how much her opinion means to Daniel. Jennifer doesn't think that's true since Nicole came around. Maggie says it rips Daniel's heart to shreds when Jennifer says she is disappointed in him.

Nicole tells Daniel about a nightmare she had about EJ taking her baby. Nicole worries that this will all be over if EJ gets the DNA test and adds that Rafe can't keep pretending to be the father forever. Nicole suggests she could tell the truth but wonders what her option would be. Nicole says she went online and found what she think could be her answer. She explains that there is a law in Utah where there's a way to work the system so that the state will deny the biological father all parental rights. Daniel questions Nicole wanting to move to Utah by herself and calls it insane. Daniel says he is not going to let her do that. Nicole knows it sounds impulsive but she worries about the dream she had being so intense and real that she can't let it happen. Daniel questions how much of it she actually read since she'll need to do more than just move to Utah. Daniel explains that according to the papers, her child will need an adoptive father. Nicole hugs Daniel and asks if he would be willing to adopt even though it's asking a lot and for a lifetime commitment. Nicole talks about knowing it's a sacrifice but worries about EJ trying to take his license away. Nicole suggests he'd be better off living somewhere else. Daniel tries to tell her she's getting ahead of herself but Nicole thinks it could work. Daniel feels leaving town should be their last resort. Nicole agrees but feels her dream is driving her crazy. Daniel talks about how he can't leave Maggie and his work. Nicole comments that she knows how devoted he is. Daniel says there is plenty of other ways that it could work out. Nicole calls it a stupid idea. Daniel assures her that he will stick by his promise to protect her and her baby. Nicole tells him that she's grateful. Daniel says he has to go to work. Nicole wipes away tears as she says she'll be fine. Daniel tells her that he will be back later and they will look for a place for her to stay so they can figure this out. Daniel exits. Nicole tells her baby that it was worth a shot and now she will have to find another way to keep Daniel away from Jennifer. Nicole gets a message that she has a doctor's appointment today. Nicole suggests she can get Daniel something special.

Jennifer tells Maggie that she's not important enough in Daniel's life to ruin his day or rip his heart to shreds. Maggie disagrees. Jennifer explains how Daniel doesn't want her interfering in his life so she's going to stay out of it. Maggie knows nothing can be more painful than what she's gone through in losing Jack so she feels somewhat insensitive going on about Daniel's needs. Maggie hopes she can forgive her if it seems callous. Jennifer says life goes on and understands Maggie is devoted to Daniel. Maggie thanks her for understanding. Jennifer says she was trying to protect Daniel which is what upset him to the point of not wanting her in his life anymore. Maggie continues to disagree but Jennifer insists. Jennifer says Daniel has been dismissive of her opinions. Maggie suggests she could be overreacting. Jennifer gets that she's trying to help Daniel. Maggie talks about Daniel being unable to be a surgeon anymore and then losing his daughter. Maggie says now more than ever, he needs the people he cares about. Jennifer thinks Maggie is exaggerating her importance in Daniel's life. Maggie thinks it's tearing Jennifer apart to think that she's not Daniel's friend anymore.

EJ tells the attorney that the depositions were signed by Justin. He comments on Justin having an impeccable record. EJ wants to go after the judge or Nick but the attorney tells him that the deposition is solid as a rock then exits.

Gabi tells Rafe that Nick is the one who made everything go away. Rafe questions how Nick is involved. Gabi explains that Chad beat up Nick and Nick wasn't going to press charges until he heard Chad threatening her. Gabi continues that Chad and Nick gave statements to Justin to exonerate her so Chad can't change his statement. Rafe gets excited and hugs her as they agree that this changes everything. Gabi thanks him for all the help and exits as Rafe says this is great. Rafe immediately thinks of Sami and begins to call her.

Chad sits with Sami and tells her that what he had on Gabi was big enough to send her to prison but he talked to EJ and he promised to get Melanie back. Chad says EJ just said he would fix it and then he lost his hold on Gabi by beating up Nick. Chad says when he told EJ, he lost it. Sami declares that she was right as he was using what he had on Gabi to keep Rafe away from her. Sami knows Rafe would do anything to help Gabi including staying away from her. Sami explains that EJ wasn't trying to help Chad but to try and keep Rafe away from her. Sami says that's what EJ was doing. Chad gets upset and storms out as Sami tells Chad to go get him while she excitedly goes to call Rafe. Sami digs through her purse but realizes that she forgot her phone and rushes out. Rafe doesn't get an answer from calling Sami so he rushes out to go find her.

Maggie returns home where Victor is waiting with brunch set up. Victor says he wanted to spend the day with his wife as Maggie comments on having all her favorites. Maggie thanks him and kisses him. Maggie asks how she got so lucky to have a man that takes such good care of her. Maggie says she cherishes him.

Jennifer goes to the coffeehouse where she finds Daniel. Daniel starts to leave but Jennifer wants to talk to him and clear the air.

Nicole gives papers to Maxine at the hospital for a change of address. Maxine notices it's Daniel's address and questions if she's living with him now. Nicole says Daniel is helping her with the baby. Maxine thinks she's kidding. Nicole calls Daniel the most loyal friend she's ever had. Maxine responds lord help that man as she walks away.

Sami goes to Rafe's and knocks on the door saying she knows what EJ did and then rushes off wondering where he is.

Rafe goes to Sami's and knocks on the door asking if she's in there but doesn't get an answer so he walks away.

The girl at the pub introduces Cameron to Abigail. They explain that they already met as they are friends. Cameron takes his date and exits the Pub as Abigail watches on. Gabi approaches Abigail and asks if she's okay. Abigail says she's glad she's here as Gabi hugs her.

Sami goes to the coffeehouse looking for Rafe in the window but doesn't see him so she runs off in search of him.

Rafe goes to the Pub but doesn't see Sami so he runs off.

EJ goes to Sami's and knocks on the door but she doesn't answer so EJ goes in himself calling it an emergency. Chad bursts in behind him and calls him a lousy bastard. EJ asks what's wrong. Chad says he trusted him and asked him for one thing to get back Melanie. Chad adds that EJ promised to take care of things. EJ questions what he thinks he's been doing. Chad shouts nothing since Melanie is gone and not coming back. EJ reminds him that he told him to be patient but he couldn't do that since he ran to Justin to sign the deposition. Chad accuses him of not caring about him but only trying to help himself. EJ asks what he thinks he's done. Chad accuses EJ of using him to get Sami back no matter what it cost him. Chad yells at him to stop lying because he knows the truth now about all of it. EJ asks him who told him this truth. Chad reveals that Sami told him.

Victor tells Maggie that he thought he could distract her from being sad about Melanie leaving and wanted to cheer her up. Maggie says he did cheer her up by being thoughtful and sweet but she's not very hungry. Maggie adds that it's not just Melanie leaving but also Daniel hurting so much with nothing she can do. Victor tells her that her care means a lot. Maggie recalls an expression of being only as happy as your least happy child. Victor hugs her.

Nicole tells Maxine that it's inappropriate for hospital personnel to comment on patient files. She tells Maxine to file it. Maxine says she'll get around to it but hopes Daniel will come around and change the locks as she walks away. Nicole calls out to her but a doctor approaches and talks to Nicole about her check up. She tells Nicole about going out of the country to do volunteer work soon. They go for their check up. Nicole says her baby is due in less than three weeks and adds that the father couldn't be there because he's working.

Jennifer tells Daniel that she has a confession to make and wants to sit down and talk. Daniel reluctantly agrees and they sit down. Jennifer says maybe it's losing Jack or a lot of things but she feels like she's been very judgmental towards Daniel. Jennifer wants him to know that no matter what is going on with he and Nicole, it's none of her business. Daniel tells her that she doesn't have to do this but Jennifer insists. Jennifer adds that they were really good friends before all this tension and she's wondering if they can just pick up where they left off if that's possible.

EJ questions Chad as to what Sami told him. Chad tells him to ask Sami. EJ wonders where she is. Chad assumes she's looking for Rafe. EJ screams at him asking if he has any idea what he's done. EJ tells Chad that he could've had everything if he was patient but he just couldn't trust him. Chad calls him a coward that lies, manipulates and stabs people in the back. Chad says when it all falls apart, it's never on him. Chad calls EJ just like Stefano and says they are exactly alike. Chad then exits.

Sami walks through the town square looking for Rafe but can't find him. Rafe comes down the stairs as Sami walked away and looks through the town square for her. Rafe goes in the opposite direction as Sami rushes back through searching for Rafe. They both end up stopping and turning around to see one another at the same time.

Chad goes to the Pub and looks in the window where Gabi is working. Gabi exits the Pub and Chad approaches her. Chad warns her to be scared for costing him everything with Melanie. Chad says somehow, someway, he's going to make her pay for it. Chad tells her to bank on it as he walks away.

The doctor writes notes down on Nicole as she mentions there was a problem with the computer system. She checks the baby's heartbeat and asks how she's sleeping. Nicole says she's been fine and taking the pre-natal vitamins. Nicole talks about how she jokes all the time about her son being a sports player but she hopes he grows up to be a doctor just like his father.

Jennifer comments on Daniel not saying anything. Daniel says he's a little thrown. She questions if he misses their friendship. Daniel thinks she's an amazing person but their lives are going in opposite directions. Jennifer isn't sure what that means. Daniel says Jennifer is coping with her grief over Jack and trying to move on with her life while he has made this commitment to Nicole and her baby. Jennifer asks if that means they can't be friends. Daniel tells her that it changes everything for them. Daniel says he doesn't see how they can be friends.

Sami and Rafe walk to each other. Sami tells Rafe that she knows and then they kiss. EJ arrives and sees them together.

Nicole talks to her doctor about her baby kicking so much last night. She asks about their being no movement today. Nicole worries about a possible problem. The doctor says she does not want to alarm her but informs her that they are not getting a heartbeat on the monitor.

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