Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 10/3/12

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 10/3/12


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Jennifer tells Nicole to cut the crap as she used Jack and everything she could to get her away from Daniel. Jennifer says Nicole has used Daniel and ruined him. Jennifer refuses to let her use her and promises to stop her. Nicole says she and Daniel are both sick of her as Caroline listens. Jennifer says Daniel is still her friend so she will do everything she can to make sure she doesn't hurt him. Jennifer calls Nicole a disgusting bitch as Brady intervenes and asks what's going on.

Daniel thinks back to his argument with Jennifer until Abigail arrives. Daniel asks her if everything is okay. Abigail says she hopes so as she got a message from Melanie that she was leaving town but didn't tell her anything else. Daniel informs her that Melanie is already gone to Barcelona to be with her mom. Abigail asks if she's okay after calling off the wedding. Daniel says she will be fine. Abigail asks about Chad and doesn't understand since they were so in love. Daniel tells her that he will let Melanie explain since he feels she made the right decision.

Chad enters the Pub and warns Gabi that he's going to hurt her just like she hurt him. Gabi threatens to scream if he touches her. Chad says he has something different in mind. Chad says he lost Melanie so he sees no reason for him to keep covering for her. Chad feels it's time for the whole town to find out what she did with Andrew. Gabi begs him not to. Chad tells her he will not fall for it again and promises to make her pay for what she did.

Sami tells EJ that she knows he loves her but she needs time to figure everything out. Rafe then enters the coffeehouse and comments that it's a little late for coffee. EJ asks Rafe what he wants. Rafe thinks back to EJ's ultimatum over him. Rafe says he's been looking for Sami as he has something to say to her.

Billie approaches Bo at the hospital and greets him. Bo mentions that he was just interviewing suspects. Billie talks about what she doesn't miss about being a cop. Bo reveals to her that he's thinking about leaving the force. Billie thinks that would be one of the best things he could do.

EJ thinks Rafe has hurt Sami enough for one day. Rafe clarifies that he never wanted to hurt Sami and that's why he wants to talk to her. EJ questions if that's a good idea. Sami admits that she's interested in what he has to say. Rafe tells Sami that he acted like a jerk and apologizes. Sami asks if he meant what he said. Rafe wishes they could work things out but he doesn't think it's possible and he hopes that she can accept his apology.

Bo talks with Billie about never being able to put away the DiMeras and he doesn't get as much satisfaction out of the job that he used to. Billie recalls Bo telling her to follow her dream.

Gabi tells Chad that she knows what she did was wrong. Chad tells her it was a crime. Gabi says Melanie knows she didn't want to hurt her. Chad believes she was fine with it since she didn't stop it when she could have. Gabi blames Andrew going crazy and doesn't think Melanie would want her to go to prison. Chad says Melanie is a sweet, compassionate person but he isn't. Chad blames Gabi for losing Melanie. Gabi says it's his fault for beating up Nick. Chad says it all comes down to Gabi. Chad threatens to call the police. Gabi tries to stop him. Chad says he lost everything and wants Gabi to lose everything too but Nick returns and tells Chad that it's not how it's going to play out.

Abigail looks at a picture of Jennifer at Daniel's and comments that she doesn't smile like that now. Abigail talks about being glad Jennifer went back to work. They agree that Nicole moving in was a bad idea. Daniel worries about Nicole wearing out her welcome. Abigail tells him that she walked in on them fighting and thinks it was about Daniel.

Brady tries to stop the fight between Jennifer and Nicole. Caroline intervenes as well. Jennifer questions Nicole as to how she gets nice guys to do things for her. Jennifer accuses her of being selfish and evil. Jennifer says she won't sit back and watch her destroy Daniel.

Daniel asks Abigail why she feels Jennifer and Nicole were arguing about him. Abigail explains what she heard them say to each other. Daniel asks Abigail to take care of Jennifer. Abigail talks about how Jennifer blows up a lot randomly at little things and they both do. Daniel thinks it makes sense with what they are going through. Daniel tells her that he doesn't think Jennifer has anything to fear from Nicole.

Nicole tells Jennifer that she's imagining things. Brady suggests they go home but Nicole doesn't agree. Caroline offers to take Jennifer to the Pub but she insists on being fine. Brady says he's got this as Caroline walks away. Brady decides he will drive Jennifer home. Nicole says she'll let them talk since Jennifer could use a friend. Nicole tells Jennifer that she's sorry if she upset her and then walks away.

Chad tells Nick that it's none of his business unless he wants to give Gabi tips on prison. Nick threatens to tell the cops about Chad beating him up if he tells on Gabi so then he will be arrested too.

Sami accepts Rafe's apology. Rafe hopes they can move on with no hard feelings. EJ says he's sure they can as he gets a phone call and steps out. Sami asks Rafe if he wants to sit down but Rafe declines. Rafe admits he's surprised to see her there with EJ. Sami feels she doesn't owe him any explanations. Rafe feels he was too hard on her earlier and hates to see EJ take advantage of it. Sami questions what he's implying and what he's doing by pretending he cares about her after making it clear earlier. Sami asks if he's torturing her on purpose to hurt her. Rafe says no. Sami asks what's going on and why he's acting like this.

Chad doesn't think any cop will think what he did to Nick is the same as what Gabi did. Nick points out that Andrew is dead so he can't be connected to Gabi. Nick warns him about putting him away and says he would love putting a DiMera away. Chad decides he'll keep his mouth shut while Gabi won't pay for anything. Chad wishes Gabi luck trying to live with herself. Nick calls out to him that they aren't done. Nick brings up getting Justin as his lawyer and wants them to sign statements. Bo arrives and asks if everything is okay. Chad says they were just leaving and exits. Bo questions Nick going with him and asks him to stay out of trouble. Nick tells him not to worry as he has things under control. Gabi thanks him as Nick follows Chad out.

Brady brings Jennifer home. She thanks him for the ride home. Jennifer can't believe she let Nicole get under her skin like that. Brady can't believe she blew up. Brady encourages her to handle things. Jennifer goes into the living room and sees Nicole left her pre-natal vitamins. Jennifer asks Brady to bring them to her and she thinks she's at Daniel's. Brady thinks she could just get some more. Jennifer admits she wants Brady to see what Nicole is trying to pull at Daniel's. Abigail returns home and asks what Brady is doing there. Jennifer explains that he gave her a ride home. Brady takes the vitamins and exits. Abigail asks Jennifer what happened. Jennifer hugs her and says it's been a really rotten night.

Nicole goes to Daniel's and tells him about the fight with Jennifer and how she was worried that Jennifer was going to blurt out that EJ is the father of her baby. Daniel thinks he's to blame since he had an argument with Jennifer. Daniel is convinced Jennifer doesn't know anything for sure so she wouldn't say anything without proof. Nicole worries that Jennifer is not her old self and doesn't think she will ever be the same after losing Jack. Daniel insists that she's a strong person. Nicole can't take it anymore and doesn't want to stay in her house. Nicole asks Daniel if she can stay with him until the baby is born.

Rafe knows he's been sending Sami a lot of mixed signals lately but is not going to do it anymore. Rafe adds that he won't tell her how to act with EJ even though he can't stand him. Sami thanks him and claims EJ has changed and adds that Will agrees with her. Rafe states that he doesn't believe it and then exits. EJ assumes he kept their deal. Rafe tells him to go to hell as he walks away.

Caroline asks Bo what he's doing at the Pub. Bo says he came to talk to her so they sit together. Bo asks if something's wrong. Caroline says she had a headache from dealing with traffic. Caroline adds that she made a couple wrong turns coming back. Bo asks if everything's okay. Caroline says she was a little preoccupied. Caroline encourages him to leave the force. Bo admits he's been thinking about it all and got an idea on how to work things out. Bo says it may be a little crazy. Caroline suggests it's probably right.

Jennifer tells Abigail about getting into another really big fight with Nicole so Nicole is moving out. Abigail asks if it was about Daniel again. Jennifer says she doesn't understand what Nicole is trying to do in ruining Daniel's life and career. Abigail suggests that it's Daniel's problem. Jennifer recalls Daniel saving her life then adds that at least Nicole is gone. Abigail wonders why she's still so upset. Jennifer feels she just helped Nicole get exactly what she wants.

Daniel tells Nicole that she can stay here tonight but tomorrow they will look for somewhere else where she can be safe from EJ. Nicole says she had an idea. Brady arrives to give her the vitamins. Nicole thanks him for stepping in. Brady asks to talk to Daniel privately so Nicole heads to bed. Daniel asks what he wants to talk about. Brady responds that he wants to talk about Jennifer.

Rafe goes home and grabs a drink. Rafe looks at a photo of his sister Arianna. Rafe says he knows he did it again with having another of his sisters in trouble with nothing he can do. Rafe says EJ is using Gabi like he used Arianna and promises not to make the same mistake again. Rafe says there's no way he will let EJ or Chad send Gabi to prison even if it means ending things with Sami.

EJ and Sami return home and find Chad outside of the apartment. Chad tells EJ that it's all over for him. Sami invites him inside to talk so they all head in. Sami goes to the other room to allow EJ to talk with Chad. EJ asks what he meant by all over. Chad explains that he got a letter from Melanie and the ring back. Chad tells EJ that there's nothing he can do as Melanie is not coming back and he's lost her. Chad adds that Gabi is going to get away with everything.

Bo asks Caroline if she's sure she's okay with all this. Caroline trusts him to make the right decision. Bo says police work wasn't really his first choice but he got to work with Hope and provide for his family. Caroline tells him that it's not always best to know what's coming next and it's good to be a little scared so that he has a reason to be brave. Caroline jokes with him about his sense of adventure.

Nick and Gabi go to the Kiriakis Mansion. Nick explains that he and Chad both made statements to Justin that they won't go public with what they know. Gabi worries about prison and recalls Arianna telling her that she almost died being in prison. Gabi thanks Nick. Gabi wonders why he went through all this trouble for her. Nick calls it the right thing to do. Nick warns that it would've been bad for Chad if he did that to her. Nick adds that he also did it because he thought they were friends. Gabi assures him that they are but she feels it was above and beyond. Nick states that how he feels about her may be a little above and beyond and then they kiss.

Will goes to Rafe's and comments that he misses the place. Will recalls Rafe getting the place for them. Rafe says it feels like a lifetime ago. Will brings up hearing Rafe and Sami had a date but assumes it didn't go well. Rafe says too much has happened. Will says he told Sami not to give up on him and asks if he was wrong. Rafe tells him he wasn't and recalls coming home to Sami and the kids every day. Rafe calls those some of the best days of his life but feels it was lightning in a bottle so he doesn't think it will work out for them. Will asks if he's sure since they seemed really happy but Rafe reiterates that it won't work out.

EJ asks Chad how he's so sure that Gabi will go unpunished. Sami comes back in and offers them food but they decline and decide to get some fresh air. Sami wants to go with them but EJ suggests she stay as it's just between them. EJ says she had a long day so he'll take care of it. EJ then exits with Chad.

Nicole listens in from the bedroom on Brady and Daniel's conversation. Brady talks about how Jennifer is not going to back off. Brady thinks there's feelings beyond friendship. Brady believes Jennifer was in love with Daniel before Jack came home. Daniel feels that neither of them are ready to be with someone new. Brady says he's trying to return the favor from Daniel helping him with Madison. Brady warns Daniel to be careful with Nicole. Brady knows he wants to stand by her with the baby but warns him to be careful if he thinks there's any potential future with Jennifer. Daniel refuses to walk away from Nicole and the baby. Brady asks about Jennifer. Daniel admits that he believes part of him will always love Jennifer.

Nick hopes kissing Gabi wasn't out of line. Gabi says it was really nice and calls him a really good kisser. Nick thanks her. Gabi says she'll see him tomorrow at work and exits.

Jennifer looks at a photo of her and Jack. She tells Abigail that she wishes she could talk to Jack about the whole situation. Abigail tells her that it's okay to care about Daniel and it's not being disloyal to Jack. Abigail calls Daniel a good guy and adds that if Nicole is screwing up his life then she should do whatever it takes to stop her.

Brady asks Daniel about still being in love with Jennifer. Brady suggests he step back from Nicole but Daniel says he won't as long as Nicole and the baby need him.

Will tells Rafe that he understands it's not his business. Rafe tells him that it kind of his since he's not a kid anymore. Rafe tells him to just accept that he and Sami are not going to work out. Will accepts that if it's what he wants. Rafe says what he wants is for Sami to see EJ for the man he really is. Rafe insists to Will that EJ has not changed.

Outside the town square, EJ questions Chad signing a legal document agreeing not to say anything about Gabi. EJ gets mad about not having anything to bargain with now and yells at Chad for doing this without talking to him. Chad feels there's no difference since Melanie left him. EJ tells him to go home and not do anything. EJ tells him to keep his mouth shut and not say anything about Gabi as he then walks away. Chad goes in the other direction as Sami comes out from around the corner.

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