Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 10/2/12

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 10/2/12


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Jennifer sits in her office and makes a call, saying she doesn't care if Daniel hates her as she owes him. She says she's making the call on behalf of EJ but Daniel arrives and hangs up the phone. Daniel questions what she's doing. She calls it nothing to worry about. Daniel tells her that there is no way that he's going to let her throw away her career again. Jennifer questions if she's supposed to let him throw away his career for Nicole.

Nicole asks Rafe if he's okay. He says he is but Nicole doesn't believe him and knows the only person that can make him feel that pain. Nicole questions what Sami did to him this time.

EJ holds Sami as she admits she feels awkward crying on his shoulder after the way she's treated him. EJ says he hasn't been blameless. EJ says he only cares that she's upset and wants to do whatever he can to make her feel better. EJ tells her that it doesn't matter how mad he gets at her or how many times he swears that she's out of his life because he can't stand to see her cry. They almost kiss but Chad pounds on the door demanding to se EJ. EJ opens the door and asks what's wrong. Chad responds by asking what does he think.

Rafe tells Nicole that he did this all to himself. Nicole argues that it's all Sami's fault. Nicole talks about Rafe being unable to end things with Sami. Rafe doesn't want to talk about it. Nicole tells him that she's going to help him because she owes him. She asks him to tell her everything that happened.

Jennifer tells Daniel that whatever she does is not his business. Daniel says it is because she thinks she's helping him when she's actually getting involved in a messy situation. Daniel warns her that she shouldn't get on EJ's bad side. Jennifer accuses him of losing his mind when it comes to Nicole. Jennifer brings up bad things Nicole did in the past and now he's helping her. Daniel tells her that it doesn't mean she has to risk fraud. Jennifer doesn't care because she heard EJ and knows he's out to target Daniel. Daniel tells her that he is none of her business. Daniel says he doesn't want or need her help or anything else from her now or ever.

Sami joins EJ and asks Chad what happened. Chad says Nick Fallon happened and talks about everything that's happened since he got out. Chad says he knew he should've done something and shouts that he should've killed him. EJ and Sami try to calm him down. EJ warns him to be careful what he says in public. Chad doesn't care about anything but Melanie. EJ brings up his last name. Chad doesn't care and says he's going to go find Melanie but EJ stops him.

Maggie goes to Chad's and slips an envelope with his name on it under the door and then walks away.

Gabi calls Rafe from outside the Pub and leaves a message, saying she's scared and doesn't want to end up in prison so she wants him to call and let her know if he's heard anything.

Rafe tries to leave but Nicole stops him and apologizing for saying terrible things about Sami. Nicole says he needs a friend and wants him to stay. Rafe insists that he doesn't want to talk about it. Nicole offers to buy him a martini but he doesn't drink them. Nicole jokes about not being able to drink them herself. Rafe asks about the baby. Nicole mentions that she talked to Daniel and he has a way to deal with EJ and the paternity test. Rafe wants to hear more. Nicole shows Rafe a list and they are only allowing three companies to run paternity tests. Nicole says each company has a software package that is compatible with the one the hospital runs. Rafe says he can help them get access with his FBI connections. Rafe thinks back to his last argument with EJ. Nicole asks him what's wrong. Nicole asks if he's not sure if he wants to do this.

Daniel tells Jennifer that he thought he could do this quick and clean but realizes Jennifer wants the whole story. Daniel tells her that he doesn't want her to ruin his life again. Daniel says he was the one who bowed out gracefully when she picked Jack over him. Daniel adds that he tried to make it easy but losing her hurt because she used him when she thought Jack was gone and then threw her away when he came back. Jennifer tries to argue that she didn't use him. Daniel says she can say whatever she wants but she has no right to care about him. Daniel tells her that he's moved on. Jennifer questions who he's moved on with and then feels she already knows the answer.

Gabi goes into the Pub and greets Nick and Maggie as she walks by. Maggie comments that Gabi gave Nick a nice smile. Nick doesn't think anything of it. Maggie tells Nick that she's sorry about what Chad did to him but suggests the trouble with Chad could die down with Melanie gone. Nick tells her that Chad will blame Melanie leaving on him.

EJ tells Chad that he's his brother and on his side so he's looking out for him. EJ realizes the situation is frustrating but insists that he's on it. Chad wants to know how but EJ tells him to trust him. Chad says if he loses Melanie, he'll have nothing left to lose and will go to the cops to tell them everything Gabi was involved in as Sami walks back into the hall and EJ motions for him to be quiet.

Nicole continues blaming Sami for making Rafe have second thoughts. Nicole tells him that if they fake the paternity test then no one will have any doubts that he's the father of her baby including Sami. Nicole tells Rafe to ask himself if he's through with Sami or not and then tell her, her baby, and Daniel.

Daniel tells Jennifer that he knows what she's gone through. Jennifer argues with him to not act like he knows. Daniel says she's angry right now. Jennifer says she's the same person she's always been. Daniel feels that she's traumatized by Jack's death. Jennifer yells about everyone thinking they know how she feels. Jennifer says Daniel is ruining his life and she can't get through to him. Daniel calls it presumptuous for her to think she needs to get through to him because he knows what he's doing and what needs to do. Daniel says what he does is not her business but tells her that the person he is going for is Nicole. Jennifer tells him that she didn't believe that he was a complete idiot. Jennifer goes over what Nicole has done and warns Daniel about losing his medical license. Daniel tells her that his life is his business and he's none of her business. Daniel says she has as much right to talk about Nicole as he does about Jack. Jennifer talks about how he was just talking about Jack and her being traumatized. Jennifer tells Daniel that he made a mistake and what he did was illegal and unethical and not who he is but who Nicole is. Jennifer adds that he gets nothing out of it. Daniel tells her that he gets Nicole which is what he wants and they can be together without EJ. Jennifer can't believe he would do this. Daniel says he can't believe she'd walk away from their happiness just because Jack was helpless without her. Jennifer says that was intentionally cruel and not who he used to be. Jennifer wishes him luck in cleaning up the mess of his life. Jennifer says the one good thing to come of this was that she never doubted for a minute choosing Jack over him but now she knows she made the right choice and storms out.

Rafe tells Nicole that there is no chance at all that he will end up with Sami. Rafe says he will be in touch with Daniel to figure out what to do next and he walks away.

Sami offers EJ and Chad tea or food and asks if everything is okay. Sami figures everything is still pretty intense. EJ says they are still pretty new at the brother thing and he doesn't think he's good at it. Sami offers food but Chad is not hungry and apologizes to her. Sami talks about knowing what it's like to be in disaster situations. Sami tells Chad to hang in there as she heads back inside. EJ tells Chad that he meant that he's not very good at the brother thing and knows he can come off cold. EJ repeats that he's his brother, is on his side and has his back. EJ suggests Chad go home, get some rest, and promise that he won't do anything especially not talking to the police about Gabi. Chad doesn't know why and doesn't think it makes sense. Chad questions why that's what he's worried about and what he's up to.

Caroline asks Maggie if there's anything she can do for her. Maggie tells her that she can't tell her what it means to her to give Nick the job. Caroline offers food but Maggie tells her she meant what she said. Caroline says she just needed a dishwasher and goes back to work. Nick rejoins Maggie as she says she can tell he's winning Caroline over one day at a time. Maggie tells him that he handled a bad situation well. Maggie thinks she shouldn't have had to pry it out of him and Gabi that Chad did this and wants him to promise to tell her if anything like it happens again.

Jennifer walks to the town square in frustration where Nicole approaches her.

Nick hugs Maggie goodbye as she exits the Pub. Gabi looks over at them. Caroline approaches Gabi. Gabi comments on Melanie missing Maggie. Caroline calls Maggie too nice to hate and comments on Maggie marrying her Shawn. Gabi corrects her that Maggie married Victor. Caroline decides to take a walk to clear her mind.

Chad asks EJ why he cares what happens to Gabi. Chad brings up that EJ was ready to go in for the kill before he knew it was Gabi and now he is protecting the sister of a man he despises and wants to know why. EJ thinks back to his ultimatum to Rafe. EJ tells Chad that he doesn't care about Gabi but about him. Chad questions what it has to do with anything. EJ tells him that Stefano used to tell him that they have to be five moves ahead. EJ says he will bring Melanie back and they can fix it. EJ tells Chad that Melanie won't just forget about his dark side and what he did to Nick. EJ says they have to fix this and if Chad puts Gabi in prison then that won't help them. Chad says everything he did was to protect Melanie and that's the truth. EJ says what's important is Melanie's perception of the truth. EJ tells him to get some rest and give some thought to knowing he's right. Chad wants to do something but EJ tells him not to. EJ reminds him that doing something is what got him in this mess in the first place. EJ tells him again to go home, get some sleep, and promise not to do anything. Chad agrees and exits as EJ heads back into Sami's. Sami asks how Chad is. EJ says he's fine and he's more concerned about her. Sami claims she's fine but EJ says they should go for a walk and get some fresh air. Sami argues that she has work but EJ insists so they exit.

Daniel returns home upset and pours a drink. Daniel starts to take a drink then looks at a photo of him and Melanie. Maggie then arrives and asks if it's a bad time. Daniel tells her that misery loves company. Maggie sits with him as they say they miss Melanie. Maggie encourages him that they can keep in touch with her. Daniel admits it helps. Daniel says this is selfish talk since she did make the right decision for her. Daniel knows she needs time away. Maggie tells him that she talked about him all the way to the airport. Maggie says he's a great guy but Daniel says not everyone agrees.

Nicole asks if Jennifer is okay as she looks like she's about to have a meltdown. Jennifer says she wouldn't waste a meltdown on her and brings up Daniel. Jennifer tells him that she had a breakdown because her husband died and it destroyed her. Jennifer calls it real emotion. Jennifer says she's a real person with real feelings. Jennifer says everything Nicole does is calculated. Jennifer argues that Nicole is accusing her of doing what she's doing. Jennifer says she's still a threat to her with Daniel. Jennifer adds that Nicole is not always wrong.

Daniel tells Maggie that it's hard trying to stop Jennifer from being herself. Daniel talks about Jennifer always tries to help everyone and fix everything when she should worry about herself. Daniel admits he tried to make her give up on him and says he was brutal. Maggie thinks it all has to do with Nicole. Daniel says he has to get Nicole out of Jennifer's house. Maggie asks about him being brutal. Daniel says Jennifer will not have the highest opinion of him and admits he did it on purpose but it nearly killed him to do.

Nicole tells Jennifer that she understands what she's going through. Nicole says Jennifer is dealing with loss while Nicole has everything. Jennifer mocks the idea of being jealous of what she has with Daniel. Jennifer admits Daniel told her about them together. Jennifer asks what drew Nicole to Daniel and brings up doctoring a paternity test. Nicole calls it a conspiracy theory and calls Jennifer a bitch. Jennifer suggests Nicole has underestimated her. Caroline walks by and stops when she sees them as Jennifer calls Nicole a stupid bitch.

Chad returns home and finds the envelope that Maggie left. He opens it and inside is Melanie's engagement ring with a letter. Chad throws the ring across the room and slams the letter down as he storms out of his room.

Nick asks Gabi if she had any luck finding a lawyer. Gabi says Rafe got her one. Nick tells her that everything will work out and mentions her having Rafe looking out for her like he has Maggie.

Rafe checks his messages and hears Gabi's voicemail. Rafe says Gabi won't be going to prison as he prepares to enter the coffeehouse but sees EJ and Sami sitting together inside. Sami talks about being unfair to EJ. EJ responds that all is fair in love and war. Sami comments that every time she pushes him away, he gets closer. Sami asks why he's so nice to her when she's so terrible to him. EJ responds that he loves her and always has and always will.

Maggie tells Daniel that he might still be in love with Jennifer. Daniel admits it but feels it doesn't change anything. Maggie asks if he wants to be alone. Daniel says he just doesn't want to talk as that makes it worse. Maggie says she can't not talk so she will leave. Maggie tells him that Jennifer may have a low opinion of him but she doesn't. Daniel says she has to feel that way as his mother. Maggie tells him to call her later. Maggie says she knows he hates talking but suggests he listen. Maggie tells him that she's never seen anything involving Nicole that wasn't a mess. Daniel admits it's a mess. Maggie adds that Jennifer is still grieving and when it's over, she might not be able to care for someone like that again. Maggie suggests that Jennifer was so upset with him because she still cares about him very much. Maggie then exits.

Nicole tells Jennifer to go ahead and be mad at her. Jennifer accuses her of using everything she could to keep Daniel away from her and is now using Daniel for her own purposes. Jennifer accuses Nicole of ruining Daniel's life. Jennifer refuses to let Nicole use her and promises she will pay for what she's done.

Gabi thanks Nick for trying to make her feel better. Nick says he's trying to pay it forward since people were there for him. Gabi notices his headache and insists that she can close up. Nick thanks her and walks away. Gabi calls out to him that he left his jacket but he had already walked away. Chad enters and tells Gabi that he's going to hurt her just like she hurt him.

Rafe continues watching through the window and then walks away. Sami tells EJ that she knows he loves her but she needs time to figure everything out. Rafe then returns and enters the coffeehouse.

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