Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 9/27/12

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 9/27/12


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Chad encourages Melanie to go see her mom and get away from Salem. Melanie is surprised that he supports it until Chad reveals that he planned to go with her. Melanie informs him that he won't go and she will be going alone. Melanie tells him that she needs time and space. Chad brings up that they were planning their wedding and lives together just a few hours ago. Chad tells her that he apologized. Melanie knows he's sorry and was just trying to protect her. Chad doesn't know what else to do and tells her that he still loves her. Chad questions if everything she felt is gone and if she loves him anymore.

EJ tells Howard that they are talking about Rafe. Howard asks if EJ wants Rafe dead. EJ responds that he doesn't want to do this Stefano's way and doesn't want any blood on his hands so they have to find another way to bring Rafe down once and for all.

Sami asks Rafe if the date meant nothing. Rafe says it was dinner. Sami brings up the kiss and says it almost felt like a year ago when everything was perfect. Sami questions if he's really going to say he didn't feel anything.

Will joins Sonny at the town square and says he doesn't feel like studying as they begin kissing and Lucas walks by behind them.

Marlena goes to the Kiriakis Mansion and greets Brady. She asks Brady if he's really as fine as he wants everyone to think he is. Brady assures her that he is.

Nick asks Gabi why she would tell him the truth when she barely knows him. Gabi felt like she owed him the truth. Nick tells her that she doesn't have to prove anything to him. Gabi thanks him for giving her the courage to do the right thing.

Chad tells Melanie that he made a terrible mistake. Melanie points out that it wasn't just one mistake. Melanie brings up Chad not telling her about Gabi hiring Andrew and thinks he never would've told her. Melanie cries about Chad not thinking she can handle her own life. Chad talks about falling in love with Melanie and says he was just trying not to make things worse the last few weeks. Melanie says he made things a lot worse. Chad asks if she's not mad at Gabi like she is at him. Melanie says she is furious at Gabi and doesn't forgive her. Chad questions if she will ever forgive him.

EJ sits with Howard and explains that Sami and Rafe are growing increasingly close since Carrie left which is making it increasingly difficult for EJ to discredit Rafe. EJ says they need to have this perfectly planned so no one knows he had a hand in it. EJ insists that Rafe and Sami won't get back together and he wants to live more happily with Sami.

Rafe asks Sami to stop pushing him for once.

Melanie tells Chad that she doesn't know so that's why she has to go see her mom alone. Melanie says she needs to do some serious thinking about what she wants to do with the rest of her life. Chad adds that he needs to know if he's going to be a part of that life.

Sonny tells Will they should get back to studying. Sonny says the quicker they finish, the more time they will have to do whatever. Lucas approaches and greets them. Lucas asks about their studying. Lucas jokes with Sonny about economics since he runs a business. Sonny gets a call that he has to go to work so he exits. Lucas sits with Will and asks if he's alright. Will says he is and asks how Lucas is doing. Lucas says he's good and asks Will when he was going to tell him that he and Sonny were dating. Will says they've only gone on a few dates but he doesn't want to talk about it right now. Lucas tells him that he's happy for him if that's what he wants. Will decides to go and says goodbye.

Nick tells Gabi that he's the last person that could ever judge after all he's done. Nick admits what Gabi did was awful but he understands how it started out. Gabi knows she should've stopped it as soon as possible. Nick tells her that it's not easy to do. Gabi insists that she will never let something like that happen again. Nick believes her and is glad that she feels comfortable talking to him. Nick suggests she talk to a lawyer. Gabi tells him about Rafe helping her. Gabi wonders how she'll make a lawyer understand. Nick knows what she means but think that she was a victim too. Nick goes over that Gabi didn't know what Andrew would do. Nick tells her to stop acting so guilty about it unless she wants to go to prison.

Melanie tells Chad that she doesn't know if she'll be coming back, only that she is taking her life back. Chad asks how they can try to work on things if she's on another continent. Melanie says she's sorry but can only think about herself right now. Chad stresses that he will wait for her for as long as it takes. Chad wants her to give him some hope. Chad refuses to give up on them. Chad tells her that he will see her before she goes. Chad then exits as Melanie cries.

Howard asks EJ what he would like him to do. EJ tells him to think on it and be ready when he calls. Howard agrees to do so and walks away. EJ gets a phone call from Chad. Chad apologizes for bothering him. EJ asks what's wrong. Chad tells him that he needs his help and didn't know where else to turn. EJ says that's what brothers are for and asks what he can do for him then says he's on his way.

Rafe tells Sami that the kiss was a spur of the moment thing that happened and he admits he enjoyed it. Rafe says it was amazing and reminded him of all the amazing times they had but sometimes a kiss is just a kiss. Sami says sometimes it's not. Rafe tells her that the feelings they have for each other won't just go away but neither does a betrayal. Rafe informs her that he doesn't trust her right now and doesn't know if he ever will.

Brady sits with Marlena and admits that he still wakes up every morning and looks for Madison to be next to him. Brady is thankful for his job keeping him busy. Brady admits he misses working with John though. Marlena tells him that John knows that this is what's best for Brady right now. Brady recalls saying some not so great things about John in the past to Madison. Brady regrets blaming everyone but himself for what was going wrong in his life. Brady thanks her for supporting him since she always did and he owes she and John so much.

Sami tells Rafe that she understands that she broke his trust and his heart by throwing away their marriage. Sami asks Rafe if he can honestly say that he's happier now than when they were together. Rafe tells her that he can't do this right now. Sami agrees to leave then and exits the coffeehouse. Rafe gets a call from Justin. Justin informs him that he can meet with him now so Rafe goes on his way.

Sami walks through the town square and says maybe she does push too much but she doesn't care what Rafe says, she believes the kiss meant something.

Adrienne joins Justin at the town square and they both happen to have their plans canceled. Justin informs her that he just made plans to meet with Rafe but they have the night. They kiss and then they spot Will walking by. Adrienne insists that she's not interfering. Justin thinks she's still not happy about Will and Sonny being together. Adrienne worries about Will breaking Sonny's heart. Justin says they are kids and will have their hearts broken at times. Adrienne suggests that he's probably right and kisses him.

EJ joins Chad and Chad explains to him the situation with Melanie leaving. EJ goes over the situation of Melanie expecting him to just wait around. Chad can't believe Gabi opened her mouth and says none of this would have happened if not for her. EJ asks what Gabi has to do with this.

Gabi tells Nick that she can't live with feeling guilty. Nick asks if she thinks confessing will help. Gabi says she's only telling people who matter. Nick asks if she feels better. Gabi says she does feel better telling him. Nick calls that good and tells her to let Rafe do the lawyer thing and help her. Nick suggests she stay away from Chad and Melanie which she agrees to do. Nick goes back to working. Melanie then arrives at the counter surprising Gabi.

Lucas goes to Sami's and comments that she seems annoyed. Sami questions why he cares. Lucas says he always cares but has to keep a distance from her. Sami says she's fine. Lucas brings up seeing Will kissing Sonny in the town square.

Will goes to the coffeehouse where Adrienne joins him. Adrienne brings up Will overhearing something she never should've said. Adrienne admits she was wrong and hopes he can forgive her. Sonny watches from the counter.

Gabi starts to leave but Melanie asks Gabi to stay. Gabi tells her that she knows nothing is worse than a friend's betrayal and she will accept her punishment but she never wanted her to get hurt and that's the truth.

EJ asks Chad why he didn't go to the police when he learned what Gabi did. Chad says he should've but he didn't want to put Melanie in a worse place after Nick got out. Chad says he didn't think Gabi would go confessing since they had a deal. Chad adds that he didn't think she'd risk going to jail. EJ points out that Chad almost went to jail for attacking Nick. Chad feels he was being a DiMera. EJ jokes that he was trying to be a hero. Chad says it didn't end too well and he can't believe that Nick and Gabi go on with their lives while he loses the woman he loves. EJ asks what he wants him to do about this. Chad tells him that he wants Gabi to pay and he needs to think of a way to keep Melanie from leaving Salem because if she does then he knows he will lose her. Chad asks EJ if he can help him.

Sami tells Lucas that she's glad Will and Sonny worked things out but notes that he doesn't seem glad. Lucas says he wants what Will wants but wishes he could be more discreet about it. Sami wonders why. Sami figures it's easier for him to say that he's okay with his son being gay rather than seeing it. Lucas says he's not going to lie as he loves Will but after seeing him make out with another guy in public, it's made him think he needs more time to get used to it. Sami tells him that he doesn't have a lot of time so he needs to get used to it. Sami brings up Adrienne and says there's no way Sonny is too good for Will. Sami thinks Will and Sonny are good for each other. Lucas admits that Sonny is a good kid. Sami adds that Lucas is a good dad.

Will tells Adrienne that it's okay but she says it's never okay to tear someone down because of their family. Adrienne hopes he will accept her apology. Will does and thanks her. Adrienne responds by thanking him. Adrienne says she'll let him get back to studying and walks back to the counter where Sonny is. Adrienne tells Sonny that Will accepted her apology and she hopes that Sonny can do the same some day. Sonny says he does as long as Adrienne promises to keep an open mind so that she will realize how great of a guy Will is. Sonny then goes and joins Will.

Justin meets with Rafe in the town square and tells him that he's going to need more information on what Gabi did. Rafe mentions not knowing all the details so Justin suggests meeting with Gabi directly. Rafe agrees that would be best. Rafe tells him that he greatly appreciates anything he can do to help her.

Gabi asks Melanie what she had to say to her. Melanie says she came to say bye because she is leaving Salem to go see her mom. Melanie comments that she shouldn't be the one that has to walk away from her life. Melanie says it will be a long drawn out process and says that she doesn't care enough about Gabi. Melanie tells her it's not over and that she didn't do this for her. Melanie warns her that Chad is out for blood so she should watch her back. Melanie turns and sees Nick and says she wanted to talk to him too. Gabi tries to wish her well but Melanie tells her goodbye so Gabi walks away. Melanie sees Nick's cuts and tells him that she can't believe Chad did that to him and is so sorry.

EJ tells Chad that the first thing he needs to do is take a deep breath and pull himself together. EJ reminds him that Melanie hasn't left town yet so he can fix it. Chad thanks him and asks EJ if he really thinks he can convince Melanie to give him another chance. EJ tells Chad to trust him as he exits.

Marlena tells Brady that she and John are always there to support him as they always have been. Brady says it took him long enough to realize that. Marlena admits there are things they wish they did differently. Brady tells her that he will always be there for them the same way they were for him. Marlena thanks him as he hugs her.

Sonny apologizes to Will for being late as it got busy. Will says it's okay as he's been studying. Sonny decides he doesn't want to study tonight. Sonny brings up being off tomorrow night. Will brings up a movie festival so Sonny decides he will study next week. Will comments that he doesn't want to disrupt his academics and wonders what Adrienne would say. Sonny says college is all about finding your passion and kisses him then exits as Adrienne watches on with a smile.

Nick tells Melanie that it's not her fault that Chad thought he hurt her so he understands. Melanie worries that Chad could've killed him. Nick says he's okay but notes that Melanie isn't. Melanie says she almost married someone that she didn't truly know which wouldn't be the first time. Melanie suggests maybe she doesn't know herself. Nick thinks she wouldn't be worrying if he wasn't here. Melanie thinks it's good that she is.

Justin meets with Gabi outside of the town square and wants to hear her story. Justin says he wants to help her but Gabi doesn't think he will want to help when he finds out what she did.

Will goes to Sami's. She mentions Lucas telling her that things worked out for he and Sonny. Will admits that they had a date which went well. Will jokes that love is in the air and brings up hearing that Sami had a date with Rafe so he asks how that went.

Rafe looks at an old drawing of Johnny's at home. Rafe pulls out his phone and thinks about calling Sami but has a knock at the door. Rafe answers to see EJ. Rafe tells him now is not a good time but EJ thinks he will make time when he hears what he has to say.

Justin tells Gabi that he's not going to judge her and will do what he can for her but needs the facts. Gabi calls it a really long story but Justin is willing to listen.

Chad sits at home looking at a photo and says he hopes EJ can help him.

Melanie tells Nick that she thinks it was a blessing that he came back to Salem because it led to her learning more about people. Melanie suggests she doesn't have a good judge of character and talks about her wonderful family. Melanie tells Nick that the Hortons will help him too so he should lean on them. Melanie tells Nick to take care as she then exits the Pub.

Lucas goes to the coffeehouse and approaches Adrienne. She tells him that Will just left but Lucas says he was looking for her after hearing how Sami laid into her for coming between Will and Sonny. Adrienne apologizes but Lucas understands and says that he's not so sure she was wrong.

Will asks Sami about her date with Rafe. Sami calls it not much of a date at all because Rafe said it meant absolutely nothing.

Rafe asks EJ what he wants. EJ tells him that he knows what Gabi did to Melanie so they should discuss what they are going to do about that.

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