Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 9/26/12

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 9/26/12


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Sami daydreams about Rafe kissing her the night before and then looks at her phone at Rafe's number.

Rafe sits at home and looks at his phone thinking about calling Sami.

EJ sits looking at a picture of Johnny and Sydney as he thinks back to Rafe telling him he was going out with Sami. EJ gets a call and wants his assets liquidated so he can invest. EJ argues about it being under his name.

Maggie goes to see Melanie. Melanie asks how Nick is. Maggie says he's better and thinks he will go back to work. Maggie asks if she heard from Chad. Melanie says she unplugged the house phone and left her cell phone at his place. Melanie feels bad but Maggie tells her she deserves space. Melanie doesn't know how she stands with Chad.

Daniel goes to Chad's. Chad asks how Melanie is. Daniel questions what Chad was thinking by beating up Nick.

Gabi goes to Rafe's and tells him that she's in really big trouble.

Roman sits with Bo and Hope at the Pub. Roman tells Bo that he wants to give him as much time as he needs to decide about the job but he needs an answer by next week. Bo says that's fair and will let him know next week whether or not he's going to resign.

Maggie tells Melanie that she doesn't have to decide anything today. Melanie admits they were right about the rushed wedding. Maggie tells her that she's listening to her instincts now and suggests she doesn't do anything just to make others happy.

Daniel questions Chad as to why he didn't call the police if he thought Nick did something to Melanie. Chad says there wasn't time and suggests Daniel would've done the same thing. Daniel tells him that he went into a rage and beat an innocent man. Chad calls Nick not innocent but Daniel points out that he could've killed him.

Gabi tells Rafe that she hopes it's not too early but she couldn't sleep. Rafe tries to calm her down and wants to know what happened. Gabi tells him that it's Andrew. Rafe hugs her and tells her that Andrew's gone so he won't stalk her anymore. Gabi reveals that he never did because she had paid Andrew to stalk her.

Melanie tells Maggie to just return all the wedding items. Maggie says she will take them away and go get her coffee. Melanie goes to order them breakfast. Maggie adds that she won't call so she shouldn't feel the need to pick up the phone unless she wants to talk to Chad since he won't give up. Maggie advises her to do what's best for her as she exits.

Chad tells Daniel that he wouldn't have killed Nick. Daniel says they will never know for sure. Chad talks about having to fight to keep someone safe. Daniel argues that it's not what happened and says Chad sounds unbalanced. Chad doesn't think Daniel understands how frustrated he is. Chad mentions Melanie wanting to postpone the wedding and he hopes Daniel and Maggie are happy about it. Daniel admits they thought the wedding was too rushed. Chad insists that they were ready because he loves her. Daniel is sure he thinks he does. Chad says it's true. Daniel suggests Chad stay away from Melanie and get professional help for his anger. Daniel talks about Chad's family and tells him to decide who he wants to be and that he should stay away from Melanie until he figures it out. Chad says that he's not a risk and feels this is getting out of control. Chad promises that he would never do anything to hurt Melanie. Daniel tells Chad that Melanie has family so he needs to take care of himself. Chad says he's sorry but can't just walk away.

Gabi cries to Rafe about worrying constantly about how she's the reason that Melanie nearly died. Gabi wants Rafe to say something but he doesn't know what to say. Gabi knows she did horrible things and hurt people. Gabi says she thought that was the worst part but now Rafe can't even look at her.

Sami talks to herself about needing to focus on work. Sami decides she's going to get coffee and hopes she will run into Rafe. EJ arrives and asks if she's on her way out. Sami says she was going out on business but EJ notices she was leaving without her laptop. EJ assumes it's about Rafe. Sami claims she's not planning anything but EJ tells her not to lie because he knows about her date. EJ says Sami always lies and questions how it worked out for her.

Roman says goodbye to Caroline, Bo, and Hope as he exits the Pub. Hope tells Bo that the clock is ticking and asks what he wants to do. Bo says he wants to do everything. Hope asks what he wants to do next week. Hope then realizes she has to go and she'll be back by lunch. Bo says he has an idea in his head that he wants to discuss when he gets it down. Hope encourages that he will figure it all out like he always does. Hope says her goodbyes and exits the Pub. Caroline comes over and asks Bo if there's any life changing decisions that he would like to share with her.

Daniel tells Chad that he will have to deal with him if he does not deal with his anger and give Melanie space. Chad gives him Melanie's phone that she left and admits he left three messages on it. Daniel tells him that's enough and she will decide from here. Daniel exits as Chad says that he has to make this right and leaves as well.

Rafe stops Gabi and tells her that she's his sister so he loves her no matter what. Rafe says he was just thinking as it's a lot to take in at once. Rafe questions her doing all of this over Chad. Gabi knows it sounds stupid. Gabi tells him that the worst part is that she could hear their sister Arianna in her mind. Rafe talks about she made mistakes too. Gabi wishes she was still with them. Gabi says she did what she did and now has to face the consequences. Rafe encourages that it will be okay. Rafe adds that he has faith in her and is glad she brought it to him. Gabi wants Rafe to take her to the station so he can turn herself in but Rafe refuses to let her do that.

Daniel returns home to Melanie and checks on her. Melanie told him that she slept fine but admits she has a lot to think about. Daniel says he wants her to be able to think with a clear head so he visited Chad.

Chad goes to the Pub where Nick is sweeping outside. Nick tells him that he should go. Chad says he just wanted to say that he knows he messed up and is so sorry.

EJ questions Sami about Rafe. Sami thinks he's mad but EJ claims he isn't, he just doesn't understand why she felt the need to lie to her. Sami says she didn't mean to lie as she didn't plan on dating Rafe but it just happened. EJ asks how it worked out. Sami thinks back to the kiss and tells him that she will be honest. EJ thinks that she just was.

Bo tells Caroline that he knows it seems crazy to even think about giving up his job. Bo says he needs a new challenge. Caroline understands that he needs a challenge. Bo thinks that if he does leave the force then he might have a chance to accomplish something worthwhile. Bo asks if it won't bother her. Caroline admits it will be a relief to her to have one less son in the police force since she won't have to worry about him but she thinks Roman will miss Bo and will be sorry to see him go. Caroline adds that Hope and Ciara would be happy to see him follow his dream.

Rafe tells Gabi that she made some big mistakes but that doesn't mean she should go to prison. Gabi reminds him that Melanie nearly died because of her. Rafe goes over the facts that Gabi didn't tell Andrew to do anything to Melanie and it was all on his own so she's not responsible. Rafe asks what she did when she found out that he took Melanie. Gabi recalls asking him to let her go and going to check if he did but he had already taken her into the tunnels. Gabi feels none of it's important because she didn't go to the police with what she knew. Gabi declares that she messed up and there's no way around it.

Melanie asks Daniel how Chad is. Daniel says he's sorry. Daniel adds that he asked Chad to give her some space. Melanie calls that fair. Daniel offers to make breakfast but Melanie is tired of all the concern and wants to be alone. Daniel tells her to be sure and asks her to check in. Daniel gives Melanie her phone back. Melanie points out the messages on it. Melanie hugs Daniel before he leaves.

Chad tells Nick that's fine if he doesn't want to let him off the hook as he wouldn't either. Chad tells Nick to put himself in his shoes since he had Melanie's scarf and wouldn't say where she was. Chad brings up the history and says he snapped but should've laid off. Chad says Gabi defending him made it worse. Nick can't believe he's blaming Gabi and accuses him of looking for any excuse. Chad tells him to meet him halfway. Nick asks if that's half crazy. Nick talks about not wanting to hurt Melanie and how she was finally okay after they spoke. Nick tells Chad that he's not his problem and won't be. Nick states that they should just stay away from each other and leave it at that. Nick heads back into the Pub as Chad walks away.

Sami tells EJ that she's trying to do the right thing for everyone. Sami adds that it's not easy. Sami says they both know there's something there and always has been and probably always will be. Sami tells him that with Rafe it's different as it seemed like old times since he's the same man that she married and fell in love with. EJ tells her it's not all black and white. EJ informs her that Rafe is not the same man that she fell in love with. Sami questions what he means. EJ brings up EJ having Nicole's baby and asks if that doesn't make her think twice. Sami says everyone makes mistakes. EJ tells her that she's generous for thinking she can live with his mistakes but questions if she can live with his judgments. EJ doesn't think Rafe will ever fully forgive her but Sami disagrees because they went to dinner. EJ brings up how much Rafe likes rubbing it in and reminding her of how much she hurt him. EJ suggests that Rafe will bring her in closer only to pull the rug out from under her. Sami states that's something Rafe would never do. Sami says Rafe came back. EJ says they all come back like a moth to a flame and get burned. EJ says he likes the heat and doesn't expect her to be anyone else. EJ adds that he wants her for who she is while Rafe will never truly forgive or trust her ever again. EJ kisses her on the head and exits.

Rafe tells Gabi that she's not alone. Rafe hugs her as Gabi continues blaming herself. Rafe says they will fix it and get her a good lawyer. Rafe suggests she not tell anyone but Gabi reveals that Melanie and Chad already know. Rafe tells her not to say anything to anyone else. Rafe decide she has to go and tells her to lock up as he exits.

Chad goes to see Melanie and asks for five minutes and then he will go if she wants. Chad enters and asks how she is. Melanie says she's fine and is sure Daniel already told him that. Chad informs her that he went to see Nick and apologized. Chad says he's not sure if he accepted but he's truly sorry for messing up. Melanie asks how he messed up. Chad admits that he shouldn't have gone after Nick. Melanie brings up the situation with Gabi and accuses Chad of trying to control everything. Melanie talks about how she can handle herself. Chad questions Melanie wanting Gabi in her life after what she did. Melanie says she doesn't but doesn't think she should go to jail. Melanie cries that Gabi tried to take him away from her and that's not a friend. Chad feels he was doing the right thing. Chad asks if she believes that he loves her and was trying to protect her. Chad asks if that matters at all. Melanie says it does more than he knows. Chad hopes that means they still have a chance.

Bo rejoins Hope at the town square. Hope tells him that she has a few hours free and kisses him. Bo says that's something he's going to miss. Hope feels that he sounds like he decided something. Bo admits he spoke with Caroline and he didn't know it bugged her so much that he was on the force. Hope talks about speaking with Roman about wanting him to stay. Bo realizes he has to decide but wants to know how Hope feels. Hope says all she wants is for him to be happy. Bo kisses her and says that's all he needs right now.

Melanie tells Chad that she's been asking herself all night what do they do now. Chad wonders if she came up with an answer. Melanie decides she's going to go see her mom. Chad believes that's a great idea.

Gabi goes to the Pub and works with Nick. She comments that he looks better today. Nick tells her about Chad coming to apologize earlier. Gabi feels her being there did make things worse. Nick thinks Chad can't blame her for his actions. Gabi understands that Chad blames her for lying. Gabi decides she wants to tell Nick the truth even though Rafe told her not to tell anyone but she wants Nick to know what she did.

EJ thinks back to his conversation with Sami as he looks at the picture of Johnny and Sydney. EJ says to himself that it's time to open Sami's eyes as he makes a call to a man named Howard to take care of something for him.

Rafe makes a call at the coffeehouse trying to get a hold of Justin to be Gabi's lawyer. Sami arrives and greets him but Rafe tells her that it's not a good time which confuses her.

Gabi tells Nick the whole story about how she's to blame for Melanie getting kidnapped which is what set Chad off. Gabi feels she couldn't have been more wrong or stupid. Nick suggests she could have but Gabi calls it monumentally embarrassing. Nick points out that she owned up to it which is a good thing. Nick asks why she felt the need to tell him.

Chad encourages Melanie to go see her mom and get away from Salem. Melanie is surprised that he supports it until Chad reveals that he planned to go with her. Melanie informs him that he won't go and she will be going alone.

EJ meets with Howard outside of the town square. EJ clarifies that it has nothing to do with Stefano. He tells EJ that he can count on loyalty. EJ says there is someone in his way, interfering with his family that has to stop. EJ informs him that it's Rafe. He asks EJ if he wants Rafe dead.

Sami asks Rafe when would be a good time to talk but he doesn't know. Sami asks if something's wrong. Rafe says he doesn't have time for this. Sami argues against him not having time and asks him to put his phone down. Sami thought their date was something. Rafe admits that it was really nice. Sami questions if that's it. Rafe tells her not to get ahead of themselves as it was a date and that's all it was.

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