Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 9/25/12

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 9/25/12


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Rafe and Sami walk through the town square. Sami wonders where they are going and calls it a nice night for a walk. Sami asks how his day was. Rafe thinks back to talking with Nicole about the photoshop picture. Rafe calls it par for the course and asks Sami about her day. Sami thinks about her conversation with Marlena. Sami says her day was full. Rafe puts his hand on Sami's back as they continue walking.

Nicole talks to her baby and sits down until Jennifer comes in. Nicole wants to go lie down but Jennifer wants to talk to her about moving out.

Daniel and Maggie go to the Pub. They talk about dealing with Melanie's wedding and how they are trying to be happy for her but they feel like it's rushed and desperate. Maggie wishes they would slow down. Daniel wonders if Melanie has any doubt. Maggie says they will have to accept the fact that Melanie is not going to change her mind.

Gabi tells Melanie that there is something that she needs to know and refuses to leave without telling her. Melanie wonders what it is as Chad argues against it. Gabi declares she's done with lying and it ends now.

Nick gets up and goes to leave his hospital room but falls into Maxine who was entering the room. Maxine tells him that he can't leave until he's released by Kayla. Maxine puts him back in his seat and tells him not to move. Nick asks about her being a friend of Melanie's. Nick tells her that Melanie has nothing to fear from him. Maxine comments that it looks like someone else didn't buy that.

Chad tells Gabi to shut up but she says Melanie needs to know. Chad tells Gabi to get out but Melanie wants to hear what she has to say and tells her to say it. Gabi tells Melanie that she's so sorry for hurting her in the worst possible way. Gabi says Melanie is her friend and she betrayed her.

Maggie tells Daniel that she has to get back to Melanie. Daniel says Melanie really appreciates Maggie. Maggie tells him not to worry so much. Maggie says after the wedding, they'll see her happy and normal. Daniel questions if she is happy. Maggie says she is happy since she talked to Nick and put her fears on the table. Maggie tells him that Melanie was genuinely happy to no longer be afraid of Nick. Daniel says Melanie is amazing and wonders where she got the courage. Maggie suggests she gets it from Daniel. Daniel says he didn't raise her but Maggie still feels she's a lot like him. Daniel says he just deals with what comes his way and survives. Maggie insists that he and Melanie are a lot alike in that they take their troubles head on and do what's right. Maggie calls him a good man but Daniel feels he's not that good. Maggie wonders why he would say that. Daniel thinks back to Jennifer talking to him about what he's doing for Nicole. Daniel tells Maggie to just take his word that he's not that good.

Jennifer tells Nicole that she's not putting her out in the street since she promised her a place to stay until the baby is born. Jennifer thinks with what's coming, she'd be better off somewhere else. Nicole tells her that Daniel told her she talked to him about EJ. Jennifer claims it has nothing to do with Daniel but Nicole disagrees.

Maggie hugs Daniel and they say goodbye as Maggie exits the Pub. Daniel heads to the counter to pay. Rafe and Sami arrive at the Pub. Rafe spots Daniel so he approaches him. Rafe asks if Daniel talked to Nicole. Daniel says he did and tried to calm her down. Rafe asks him to keep an eye on her because of EJ. Rafe adds that he thinks the situation is neutralized for now. Rafe tells Daniel to do what he can. Daniel agrees to do so and he exits. Rafe goes back to Sami and sits with her. Rafe asks if she's okay that they are the Pub since she seemed dress for something fancier. Sami says she loves the Pub. Sami then asks Rafe how Nicole is and assumes that's what he was talking with Daniel about. Sami brings up hearing Daniel saved Nicole's baby and figured they were talking about her. Rafe says she's fine. Sami says she's glad for Rafe.

Jennifer says she doesn't know what Daniel said to Nicole and doesn't want to know. Nicole asks if she'll be okay with Daniel being around her. Nicole says she needs to know if Jennifer is going to have a problem with running into Daniel. Jennifer says whatever's going on is between them. Jennifer advises Nicole to lay down and then exits to go to work.

Melanie questions Gabi betraying her and if Chad did too. Chad denies it. Gabi explains that Chad would never cheat on her and this might not have happened if she knew how much Chad loved Melanie. Gabi says everything's her fault. Melanie wants her to tell her. Gabi reveals to Melanie that Andrew wasn't a stalker and she made it up by hiring Andrew to play the part. Melanie wonders why. Gabi admits she wanted attention from Chad. Chad adds that he had no idea what was going on. Gabi backs it up and talks about how she did it all on her own. Melanie questions Gabi hiring someone to kidnap her. Gabi says she would never do that and that was all Andrew. Gabi says she's tried to tell her so many times and hopes there's maybe a chance for them if she told her the whole truth. Gabi tells her she's sorry. Melanie asks if that's all she got. Melanie yells that she was her friend and was worried about her. Melanie screams at her to get out so she exits. Chad asks if Melanie is okay. Melanie asks Chad why he didn't want Gabi to tell her. Chad says he didn't want Gabi to upset her. Melanie realizes that Chad already knew what Gabi was going to say and that he never told her.

Gabi goes back to the hospital and asks Nick if he's ready to go. Nick asks why she looks worse than him. She claims to be fine and says Kayla says he can go home. Gabi asks if he wants to go back to the Pub or to the house. Nick doesn't want Caroline or Maggie to see him like this. Gabi suggests sneaking him to his room with no one knowing. Gabi tells him that they are still going to see him eventually. Nick says it'll just look like cuts once the swelling goes down. Gabi suggests he take some meds but he insists that he'll be fine without taking anything.

Chad admits to Melanie that he knew what Gabi did. Melanie asks when he found out. Chad says he was there when Andrew died as he had been looking for Melanie but found Andrew talking to Gabi. Melanie points out that it was weeks ago and he didn't say anything. Chad talks about Melanie was traumatized. Melanie wonders when he was going to tell her. Chad says he thought it wouldn't matter since Andrew died and couldn't hurt her anymore. Melanie points out that Gabi still could. Melanie can't believe Gabi was going to be in her wedding. Chad says he tried to keep Gabi away from her. Melanie realizes that's why she wouldn't answer her calls. Melanie asks if Chad was just going to keep threatening Gabi for the rest of their lives. Melanie says she doesn't want Gabi in her life but it's her decision to make. Melanie yells at him and mentions that he almost killed Nick. Chad says it was blown out of proportion. Melanie shouts that Gabi seems to be the only one telling the truth and she notices the blood on Chad's hand.

Rafe assures Sami that he and Nicole are not together. Sami jokes that she won't wish for an anvil to fall on Nicole as long as she has the baby. Sami admits she's been a little bratty about Nicole and a lot about Carrie and she gets it if Rafe is getting even with her. Rafe says that's not why any of that happened. Sami tells him that he would be justified if it were. Sami tells him that he's really happy for him about the baby. Rafe asks how she knew it was a boy. Sami says Nicole told her but they don't have to talk about her. Sami tells Rafe that he will be a great dad since he's been amazing with her kids and she hopes she's as amazing with his. Rafe stops her and states that there's something important she needs to hear so he has to tell her. Sami tells him that he doesn't have to say anything as she knows where he's going. She says she's not jumping to conclusions or assuming anything is between them. She just wanted to offer to help out with his kid if he ever needs it since she has experience being a single parent. Sami compares Nicole to EJ in knowing what it's like when the other parent is a psycho control freak. Sami mentions that she told EJ that he's out of the picture and nothing will happen between them other than being parents to their kids. Sami says all she meant was that she's excited to help Rafe with his baby. Rafe is surprised. Sami hopes that's a good thing and wants him to say something. Rafe asks if she wants him to talk now. Sami asks him to so that she can stop. Rafe questions if she really told EJ to get lost. Sami says she had to be honest and the truth is that the way she feels between EJ and Rafe doesn't compare.

Maxine goes into Jennifer's office at the hospital and mentions Jennifer printing out a list of DNA labs. Jennifer goes to take a look at the papers at the front desk. Jennifer takes the papers and then runs into Daniel. They both apologize as Daniel helps her pick up the papers she dropped. Daniel questions what the paper is. Jennifer says it's just her papers and hurries off so Daniel follows her back to her office where Jennifer slips the papers into her drawer. Daniel questions what she thinks she's doing.

Gabi brings Nick home to the Kiriakis Mansion as Maggie questions what happened. Nick claims that he just fell behind the Pub. Maggie asks if he's really going to lie to her and wants to know who did this. Maggie brings up his parole. Gabi points out that Nick didn't fight back. Nick wants to go upstairs and rest. Maggie asks Gabi who did this. Nick asks her to stop but Maggie feels that Nick needs protection and wants to know who would do this. Maggie asks if it was Chad. Nick and Gabi look away so Maggie realizes that it was Chad. Maggie asks if Melanie knows. Gabi tells Maggie that Chad is with Melanie now. Nick insists that he'll be fine. Maggie decides she has to go and thanks Gabi for helping. Maggie hurries out. Gabi apologizes to Nick for getting him in trouble. Nick calls her too good of a person.

Chad tries wiping the blood off of his hand. Melanie tells him that won't work. Chad talks about how scared he felt for her and didn't want to let someone terrorize her. Chad talks about reading the articles on what she went through when she wouldn't talk to him about Nick. Chad says he isn't going to let anything like that happen to her again. Melanie says Nick didn't hurt her tonight but Chad did. Melanie adds that Chad sounds like all of the stalkers wanting to protect her. Chad questions how she could say that about him when he loves her. Melanie cries and asks if Gabi was right that Chad would've killed Nick if she didn't stop him. Melanie backs away and asks Chad not to touch her.

Rafe tells Sami that's good to know. Sami tries to explain her feelings. Rafe asks if she wants dessert but she declines. Rafe says they should get the check then.

Jennifer doesn't know what's bothering Daniel. Daniel asks her about DNA labs. Jennifer tries to explain but Daniel says those were testing labs. Jennifer assures him that she's contacting the right people. Daniel wonders why. Jennifer asks if he wants to do her job for her. Daniel doesn't want her to get hurt and talks about her overhearing EJ's plans for a DNA test. Daniel warns Jennifer to stay out because there's nothing she can do. Jennifer claims to not know what he's talking about. Daniel gets a message from Maggie and has to go. Daniel wants Jennifer to promise not to get involved. Jennifer says she's just doing her job. Daniel warns her about EJ. Jennifer tells him to take his own advice because EJ will come after him. Daniel gets a call and exits. Jennifer goes back to her desk with the papers and looks through them.

Chad tells Melanie it's him. Melanie doesn't know what that means anymore. Chad calls it just a bad day and insists that they can work it out. Melanie cries no and says there will be no wedding. Maggie arrives and Melanie says Chad was just leaving. Chad reluctantly exits as Melanie cries. Maggie asks her what happened. Melanie cries that it's over as Maggie hugs her.

Jennifer sits at her desk writing down things from the list of DNA labs. She gets up and starts to put the list in the recycling bin but decides not to and goes back to her desk then puts them back in the drawer.

Daniel joins Maggie and Melanie as Melanie cries.

Chad returns home and starts to cry.

Gabi tells Nick that he needs to go upstairs and rest. Nick asks her if she went to Melanie's earlier and if it was because of him. Gabi says it was but not how he thinks. Gabi says she told Melanie about the fight because Chad's a thug and Melanie needed to hear it. Gabi brings up Nick saying they needed to take responsibility for the things they've done to be free. Gabi says she was a rotten person and needed to own up to it. Nick doubts it. Gabi tells him that he'd be surprised. Nick says it doesn't matter and calls her a guardian angel to him.

Rafe brings Sami home and says he has to go check in with the station. Rafe assumes Sami is busy too but she mentions that her mom has the kids tonight. Sami quickly says she didn't mean that they have the apartment to themselves just that she's not busy and is totally free. Rafe tells her to enjoy it. Sami says goodnight and Rafe says the same. Sami thanks him for the nice time. Rafe says he had a nice time as well. Rafe kisses her on the forehead and starts walking away. Sami turns to go into her apartment but Rafe stops her and kisses her.

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