Days of Our Lives Update Monday 9/24/12

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 9/24/12


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

EJ asks Rafe who his date is and says they know it can't be Sami. Rafe reveals to EJ that Sami is his date so EJ must not know her as well as he thought.

Sami looks at Nicole's photoshopped picture of her and Rafe in bed. Sami notices it has today's date on it and questions if she's still sleeping with Rafe.

Lucas and Kate walk through the town square. They talk about Will. Lucas thinks Will feels he's disappointed in him because he's gay but he insists he's not. Kate hopes not because Will doesn't need anyone else judging him. Kate tells him about Adrienne which surprises Lucas. Lucas has to go pick up Allie and hurries off.

Sonny kisses Will and jokes that he's not pushing him away.

Melanie tries on her gown as Maggie comments that she seems happier. Melanie reveals to her that she talked to Nick and they worked everything out. Melanie says she sees what everyone means and that Nick is okay. Melanie declares that she's not afraid of Nick anymore as Maggie hugs her.

Chad sees Nick outside of the town square, putting Melanie's scarf in his pocket to give to her later. Chad thinks back to giving her the scarf and freaks out. Chad attacks Nick and punches him down. Chad kicks him on the ground asking where Melanie is. Chad picks him up and punches him more, bloodying him. Chad knees him in the stomach as Gabi arrives and tries to pull Chad off, yelling at him to stop.

EJ tells Rafe that Sami is playing with him. Rafe jokes that he could get used to it. EJ says he got used to it before when she was coming to him. They argue about it as Rafe says EJ won't get the chance to mess it up again. Kate intervenes and asks what's going on but both say it's nothing. EJ tells Rafe that he knows Sami will never stomach Rafe having Nicole's baby as he walks away.

Nicole tells Sami that she's not still sleeping with Rafe. Sami questions the date on the photo. Nicole claims the picture was taken the night they made her baby. Nicole apologizes if it upsets her. Nicole assumes she hit the wrong button on her camera. Nicole asks her to forget she saw the picture and to not tell anyone about it. Nicole thinks back to making the picture. Sami calls the entire thing a setup.

Sonny and Will kiss again. Will asks if he's sure this is what he wants. Sonny jokes about him already kissing him. Will is worried about what Adrienne thinks. Sonny says he has baggage too. They joke about their moms. Sonny wonders what they should do. Will suggests they have their date so they walk off together.

Melanie tells Maggie that she and Nick both walked away feeling relieved as she felt that he didn't want to be a problem to her and it felt normal. Maggie says she would not have taken him in if she felt like he was a threat to her. Melanie is sorry that Maggie had to be in the middle. Maggie says she's always on her side and she wants whatever is best for her. Melanie says then she should want her to be with Chad because he's a good man.

Gabi pulls Chad off of Nick and asks why he attacked him. Chad accuses Nick of having Melanie since he had the scarf. Nick says Melanie left which makes Chad think he did have her then. Gabi explains that Melanie is with Maggie trying on wedding dresses. Chad doesn't believe it and brings up seeing Gabi and Nick together at the Pub which made him think they were working together. Gabi shows Chad the text message to prove where she is and Chad worriedly rushes off.

Nicole and Sami argue as Sami accuses her of shoving the photo in her face. Nicole admits that she wanted Sami to see the picture when she took it since she and EJ blew up her marriage. Nicole says she still wanted her revenge and was going to e-mail the picture but decided against it. Nicole tells Sami to deal with reality since she was with Rafe. Nicole says when her son is born, he will be a daily reminder and she doesn't want him to be treated like that. Sami is surprised to learn Nicole is naming her son Hernandez. Nicole says it would be easier on all of them if she could just get used to it. Nicole exits leaving Sami frustrated.

Gabi checks on Nick and decides he will need stitches so they should go to the doctor but Nick doesn't think it's that bad. Nick says they can't call the police since he's on parole. Gabi thinks she can tell the police that Chad started it. Gabi promises him that she knows someone that they can trust and she helps him up.

Maggie thinks Melanie's gown is perfect. Melanie says yes to the dress then realizes she doesn't have any shoes. Maggie tells her not to worry as she saw a pair at the town square so she goes to get them. Melanie checks her gown in the mirror as Chad then arrives. Melanie worries about Chad seeing her before the wedding. Chad comments on how beautiful she looks. Melanie asks what he's doing there. Chad says he couldn't find her. Melanie remembers that she left her phone. Chad says he was looking for her and found her scarf in the town square. Melanie informs him that she talked to Nick and everything is fine now that they had a really good talk so they have nothing to worry about. Melanie tells him that everything is going to be okay.

EJ sits in the town square. Kate joins him. EJ says the last time he saw her, she wished he spend his life behind bars. Kate calls it just a suggestion and says they were both in a lousy place then. EJ says he still is so he suggests she go annoy someone else. Kate asks EJ what's going on and what Sami has done now. EJ questions why she assumes it's Sami. Kate brings up it having to do with Rafe. EJ calls Rafe a fool if he thinks Sami will want anything to do with him. EJ insists that Sami and Rafe are not back together. Kate thinks Sami just wants to dangle both of them so she suggests EJ walk away but knows that EJ can't let her go.

Marlena and Sami sit together at the Pub. Sami feels like she's going to explode as she thinks Rafe is coming around and they're going to talk about it at dinner tonight. Marlena thinks it sounds very promising and thinks they are a very good fit. Marlena asks what the problem is. Sami responds that it's Nicole.

Rafe goes to see Nicole as she called him. Rafe mentions just running into EJ. Nicole talks about not wanting to wait around for EJ to order another paternity test. Rafe asks what she's up to. Nicole informs Rafe that she photoshopped a picture of them in bed together. Rafe wonders why. Nicole says she made it look like the night EJ barged in. Rafe still wonders why. Nicole thinks it will kill EJ's doubts that they slept together since they were never a couple. Nicole thinks it will slow EJ down and make him think while they find a way to send him off. Rafe asks why she didn't show EJ the picture. Nicole thinks it would seem too obvious if she randomly sent it to him so she showed it to Sami since EJ trusts her.

Sonny and Will sit at the coffeehouse. Sonny apologizes that they had to stop there since he has to sign for an order. Sonny suggests postponing their first date but Will thinks coffee is a great first date. Sonny can't believe they're having their first date here as Will jokes about Sonny paying for it. Sonny comments that Will doesn't seem nervous. Will says the same and asks Sonny who pays when two guys go out. Sonny says there are no rules so they will just make them up as they go.

Gabi brings Nick to the hospital and tells him that Kayla will check on him and she won't get him in trouble as she works at the Pub. Nick thanks her and brings up Gabi stopping Chad. Nick points out that Gabi didn't ask why he had Melanie's scarf. Nick informs Gabi that Melanie came to find him and talk about everything she was afraid of. Nick says it went really well and he thinks she felt good after like she's okay with him. Gabi calls it intense and amazing and says she's really happy for him as she touches his arm. Kayla comes in as the doctor and asks Nick what happened. Nick claims to have never seen the guy who attacked him before.

Melanie thinks Chad should be happy about her and Nick but Chad thinks he's just telling her what she wants to hear. Chad doesn't believe that Nick has changed. Melanie thinks Chad just isn't ready to talk about him and that he'll be relieved when he is. Chad says the only thing he cares about is protecting her. Chad hugs her as Melanie wonders what is going on.

Kayla continues Nick's stitches and talks to him about his job at the Pub. Nick says he's grateful for it. Kayla calls him a smart guy that deserves better. Nick feels he deserves to be in prison as he hurt a lot of people which is on him. Nick says as soon as he started taking responsibility for what he did, things got better so now he wants to make things better for those that care about him. Kayla tells him to come see her if he changes his mind about going to the police. Kayla asks how he know the guy won't come after him again. Nick says he just knows. Gabi goes to run a quick errand as Kayla says she has a few more stitches to put in.

EJ tells Kate that she doesn't know him or Sami. Kate talks about watching Sami nearly destroy two of her sons. EJ thinks Kate's hatred for Sami blinds her. EJ doesn't think it's Kate's business what Sami is going to do. Kate thinks Sami just pits men against each other and she can see that EJ will do whatever it takes to get her away from Rafe. Kate suggests it giving EJ a sense of accomplishment but she knows EJ wants Sami to love her even though Sami is not capable of love. Kate declares that Sami can not make any man happy.

Nicole comments on Rafe's reaction to Sami seeing the picture and thinks he should see it as a brilliant idea. Nicole talks about how angry Sami got in seeing the picture and she knows how angry EJ will be as well. Nicole thinks Rafe should admit that it's at least a good distraction and won't harm anyone. Rafe says it might not hurt her but she threw him under the bus.

Marlena and Sami talk about Nicole. Marlena reminds her that there's nothing between Nicole and Rafe. Sami brings up Nicole's baby and how if she and Rafe ended up back together then they would have to share Nicole being a parent. Marlena brings up Nicole being a step parent to her children before. Marlena believes Sami is being hypocritical and a little bit selfish.

Will sits with Sonny at the counter. Will asks Sonny how he keeps running his business, going to school, and hanging out with his family while being good at all of it. Will jokes that he'll pay on the next date. Sonny doesn't want him to ever think that he's not good enough and hopes he'll talk to him if he ever feels uncomfortable about anything. Will agrees. They pinky promise to not keep any secrets from each other.

Rafe reveals to Nicole that he and Sami have a date tonight. Rafe brings up that Nicole said herself that he was still hung up on her. Nicole recalls Rafe swearing he was completely done with Sami. Nicole apologizes and says she wouldn't have shown the picture if she knew or at least would have talked to him first. Nicole asks if there's anything she can do to make it better outside of admitting the photo was fake. Nicole brings up her baby and EJ which Rafe understands. Nicole asks Rafe if it's serious between he and Sami. Rafe says it's just a date and figures Sami might not want to see him now. They talk about how Sami will blame Nicole for it. Rafe says it's done now anyway and Nicole promises to ask Rafe next time before she does anything. Rafe says he's picking Sami up soon. Nicole wishes him luck. Rafe wonders if he wants to see Nicole's photoshop picture. Nicole assures him that he doesn't as Rafe exits.

Sami tells Marlena that she thinks Nicole would use her child to hurt her. Marlena tells her that if she's right then Rafe will need her to be good about this. Marlena says Nicole's child will need a solid mother figure like Sami's kids needed a father figure. Sami admits that didn't occur to her until now. Marlena states that Nicole will have to admit that Sami is a natural mother. Sami wants to think she's capable but doesn't know if she is. Marlena insists that she knows that she is.

Chad sits with Melanie that everything is great but Melanie doesn't believe him and wants him to tell her what's happening. Gabi then arrives. Chad tells her now is not a good time but Gabi feels Melanie needs to know. Chad tells her not to do this now. Gabi declares that Melanie needs to know what kind of man she's marrying. Gabi reveals to Melanie that Chad beat Nick to a pulp and would have killed him if she didn't stop him.

Sonny tells Will that he just supplies in so it will take him at least three more hours. Sonny apologizes to Will. They agree on another date and joke about who pays. They say they both had a good time and will do it again soon. They kiss as Lucas walks in. Lucas then turns and walks back out.

EJ tells Kate it's been a pleasure. Kate knows it's hard to hear but it's true that if it wasn't Rafe it'd be someone else because Sami will always make him miserable. Kate suggests EJ take care of himself as he will have to until he dies. EJ gets up and walks away.

Rafe goes to Sami's and asks if she's ready. Rafe imagines Sami freaking out over the pictures with Nicole but in reality, Sami tells Rafe that she's ready to go.

Kayla finishes Nick's stitches. Nick insists on paying his own way so Kayla agrees to let him work some extra shifts. Nick worries that this could mess up her job if anyone finds out. Kayla recalls Nick saving her life in the past. Kayla tells him he's good to go. Kayla exits as Nick wonders where Gabi went.

Melanie asks if it's true. Gabi tells her that Nick is in the hospital getting stitches right now. Chad admits to hitting Nick a couple times because he had her scarf and he couldn't find her. Melanie says she just dropped her scarf and wonders why Chad didn't say anything to her about it. Gabi tells Melanie that Chad doesn't tell her things and there's something else that she should've told her a long time ago. Gabi refuses to leave until Melanie hears the truth.

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