Days of Our Lives Update Friday 9/21/12

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 9/21/12


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Sami says she can deal with it if Rafe has moved on but she wants to know the truth. Rafe admits that he thought he would never get past what happened and how she broke up her marriage and how he felt every time he looked at her because of it. Rafe says he doesn't know. Sami tells him that every time she looks at him, she gets so mad at herself for what she did because she doesn't know how she could let go of him. Rafe tells her it's okay. Sami wants some time where they could go talk about everything and see where it goes. Sami promises no pressure and wonders what's the worst that could happen. Rafe thinks she's asking more than he can give right now.

Nicole has a nightmare about being with her baby and having EJ join her. Nicole wakes up and tells her baby that it's okay. Nicole gets up and worries about how she will keep EJ from finding out that he's the father. Nicole says she will make it happen but just has to figure out a way.

Adrienne goes to the coffee house and greets Maggie. Adrienne asks how she is. Maggie is upset about getting Melanie's wedding gown ready in two weeks. Adrienne doesn't see what's wrong with that. Maggie says that Melanie is leaping into disaster because Adrienne gave her the green light to go through with it.

Chad returns home with flowers and looks for Melanie but she's not there. Chad looks around and doesn't find a note so he wonders where she is.

Melanie tells Nick that they need to talk because she can't put it off any further. Nick wonders if it's a good idea because he doesn't want to make her any more uncomfortable. Melanie says she can't worry about Nick taking over her life anymore so it has to end now.

Sonny calls Will from the coffeehouse and leaves a message saying he's not sure why he canceled but he would love to hear from him.

Will sits with Marlena at the Pub. Marlena tells him that he can return his call but Will says it's okay.

Adrienne tells Maggie that she's confused because she thought she liked Chad and would be happy about their marriage. Maggie apologizes for taking her frustrations out on her. Maggie admits that she lied to Melanie when she said she supported this decision as she thinks she's rushing into the marriage for all the wrong reasons.

Chad texts Melanie asking where she is but sees that Melanie left her phone there.

Nick tells Melanie that he hates that he made her uncomfortable and wouldn't be in Salem if it wasn't for his parole. Melanie doesn't blame him but wants to move forward. Melanie says their paths are going to cross a lot since he's working at the Pub with one of her best friends. Melanie doesn't want to spend her life worrying that he might be around every corner. Nick asks what she wants from him. Melanie wants to know if what everyone is saying is true that he's changed.

Marlena thinks Will seems a little tense. Will admits that he is. Marlena asks if it has to do with their conversation the other day about the man he's liking. Will says it is. Marlena hoped it was going better and offers to talk about it but Will doesn't want to. Marlena tells Will that if the man doesn't like Will then he's not worth his time. Will tells her that he did overhear someone saying he's not good enough for him. Marlena says it's not true but Will responds that the problem is that it is true.

Nicole talks to her baby about how she hopes Daniel will become his father. Nicole says they just have a few things to figure out like EJ wanting another DNA test and Jennifer snooping around. Nicole can't believe that Jennifer thinks she's using Rafe and Daniel. Nicole wonders why no one can believe that Rafe wanted to be with her and make a baby.

Billie finds EJ at the town square and tells him about hearing about his fight with Rafe. Billie worries about his kids. EJ assures her that his fighting days with Rafe are over. Billie questions if that means he's given up on Sami.

Sami tells Rafe that she's not asking for a commitment. Sami says it will be simple and offers to cook or buy dinner. Sami feels like she has a lot to make up for with Rafe and wants to do it for them. Sami feels like ever since he arrested her, things have been different. Sami brings up Rafe fighting EJ and defending her to Kate. Rafe says the fight wasn't about her and defending Kate meant nothing. Sami wants a chance to clear the air and believes that Rafe wants the same thing.

Nicole looks through pictures and finds one of Rafe.

Billie talks to EJ about Sami breaking her brothers hearts. EJ says Austin is gone and Lucas is through with Sami. Billie warns him to watch out for Sami. Billie calls Sami a lonely little girl looking for the dad she never had. Billie bets that Sami is going to keep all of her options open.

Sami asks Rafe to say something. Rafe tells her the answer is still no. Rafe brings up telling Nicole that he'd stay away from Sami. Rafe says he'll see her later and walks away.

Adrienne talks with Maggie about Victor worrying about Melanie marrying a DiMera. Adrienne recalls marrying Justin the first time and how she wishes they didn't wait so long. Maggie talks about Melanie being impulsive and she worries about Chad pushing her into this. Adrienne understands Maggie being a grandmother. Adrienne tells Maggie that they have to let kids live their own lives and says she needs to take her own advice.

Chad checks his email but doesn't have a message for Melanie. Chad worries about it happening again and rushes out.

Nick tells Melanie that prison changes anyone. Nick asks if she wants to know if he's still attracted to her. Melanie blames herself for leading him on back then. Nick takes full responsibility for everything that happened. Nick says the pills turned him into a different person but he's not that guy anymore. Nick is determined to make a new life for himself here and suggests Melanie try to do the same by leaving everything in the past. Nick says that would mean trusting what he's telling her and asks if she can do that.

Maggie thanks Adrienne as their conversation was helpful. Adrienne says it was for her as well and wishes her luck in going to meet Melanie. Maggie exits as Sonny approaches Adrienne. Sonny says he didn't mean to eavesdrop but heard she wanted to stay out of her kids lives. Adrienne says she needs to apologize to Sonny and Will.

Marlena tells Will not to talk like that and that he should be proud of who he is. Will wonders how he can do that when he always messes up. Will understands that everyone makes mistakes but some make more than others. Will says he's just like Sami. Marlena tells him that he's still figuring out everything and that he's come so far the last few months. Marlena encourages Will but he says he knows what goes on in his head and doesn't think it will ever be okay.

Nicole lays in bed with nothing but a blanket on and takes pictures of herself. Nicole photoshops one of herself into a picture with Rafe in bed. Nicole says it could keep EJ off track and wants to make sure the right person sees it.

Sami says to herself that she ruined everything as Rafe watches her from a distance. Rafe thinks back to their conversation. Sami says to herself that actions speak louder than words. Rafe goes back to Sami and agrees to one dinner and that's' all. Rafe says he will make the reservations and be in touch.

Melanie talks to Nick about how he thought about canceling his parole. Nick says he's still worried about her and doesn't know if he would go through with his parole if he knew he would have to stay in Salem. Melanie appreciates him saying that. Nick tells her that he means it. Melanie says she knows the old Nick would never do that. Nick tells her that she's not so fragile. Melanie says she just wanted to see him with her own eyes to see if it matches everything she's been hearing. Nick asks if she's still not totally convinced.

Chad goes to the Pub. He asks the waitress if she's seen Nick but she hasn't. Chad asks where he went. She asks if he's going to get into it with him again. Chad hopes not. Chad persists but she tells him that he went for a walk to get fresh air but she hasn't seen Melanie. Chad exits the Pub to continue searching.

Marlena tells Will that if he doesn't love himself, he can't expect someone else to love him. Will says this has nothing to do with him being gay. Marlena recalls being his age. Marlena tells him that there will always be people who he doesn't agree with. Marlena asks Will to return the phone call he received.

Adrienne tells Sonny about how Will overheard her conversation with Justin. Will demands to know what he heard her say. Adrienne reveals that she said she thought he could do better. Sonny realizes that's why Will canceled the date and tells her that she should've kept her feelings to herself. Sonny exits to go find Will.

Melanie tells Nick about everyone that has said he's changed and they can't all be wrong. Melanie talks about Maggie being unsure at first if he was ready for parole. Melanie knows deep down that Maggie knew he deserved another chance. Melanie says she's overcoming her biggest fear right now and she's okay. Melanie says she needed to do this so she could stop always looking over her shoulder. Melanie offers her hand and he shakes her hand as she wishes him the best and he wishes her the same. Melanie says she has to go see Maggie for her gown fitting and rushes off. Nick sits down and realizes Melanie left her scarf that Chad got her as a present. Nick calls after her but she's already gone.

Maggie sits with the lady at the gown fitting and says it's not like Melanie to be late. Melanie arrives and apologizes for being late as she left her phone. The woman tells her that she only has 15 minutes. Melanie hurries to go try on the gown. The woman comments on Melanie seeming very happy. Maggie says if this is what Melanie wants then she's happy too.

Will tells Marlena it's hard to say no to her and promises to take her advice but he can't call him back. Sonny arrives and tells Will that he's glad he tracked him down because there was a huge misunderstanding and he needs to talk to him. Marlena tells them it's all right and steps away.

Rafe walks through the town square and comes across EJ. Rafe asks if he's looking for a rematch. EJ thinks he made his point. Rafe assumes that means EJ will stay away from Sami. EJ tells him that he and Sami share two children and he lives across from her so it's not that easy to stay out of her life. Rafe questions if he wants to. EJ asks Rafe why he cares because he thought he washed his hands of Sami. EJ says it doesn't matter since when Nicole has their child, she won't let Sami anywhere near her baby.

Nicole goes to Sami's apartment with the photo of her and Rafe. She knocks on the door as Sami is surprised to see her. Nicole comes in and says she has divorce paperwork for EJ but he wasn't home so she wants Sami to give it to him. Sami doesn't want to be involved in her drama. Sami says she has something that she's getting ready for so she says goodbye. Nicole drops her purse and complains about having to get down while pregnant so Sami gets it for her and the camera falls out with the photoshopped picture of Nicole and Rafe in bed falls out.

Will and Sonny exit the Pub to talk. Will asks if it's about tonight. Will apologizes and says some stuff came up. Sonny tells him that he knows why he backed out and it's because of what Adrienne said. Will claims not to know what he's talking about but Sonny tells him that he heard. Will says he's heard it all before. Sonny says Adrienne doesn't know Will the way that he does so she has no right to say those things. Will thinks she does because she's right that he's not good enough for him. Sonny tells Will to let him be the judge of that and kisses him.

Rafe tells EJ that he will look after his and Nicole's baby which won't be of EJ's concern. EJ brings up Rafe being with Sami and then with Carrie. EJ says Rafe was never really a couple with Nicole and asks what he is with Sami. Rafe gets a phone call and makes his dinner reservations. EJ asks about his romantic evening planned and who the lucky lady is.

Sami puts Nicole's things back in her purse and sees a picture of Sydney which surprises her that she still has. Nicole says she loves her still. Sami picks up the camera and questions what that is.

Melanie tries on her wedding gown. Maggie holds back tears and hugs her. Melanie is glad she's there. Maggie wants to know what Melanie was going to say before. Melanie tells her not to worry because everything will be fine with Chad and Nick.

Nick takes Melanie's scarf and prepares to go tell Maggie. Chad walks up behind him and sees Nick putting her scarf into his pocket. Chad thinks back to giving the scarf to Melanie so he freaks out and attacks Nick. Chad punches him down and kicks him while yelling where's Melanie.

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