Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 9/20/12

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 9/20/12


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Melanie returns home and tells Chad that she had been trying to get a hold of him. Chad asks if she loves him. Melanie says of course and Chad responds that they need to leave Salem for good. Melanie jokes about where they could go but realizes Chad is serious about leaving Salem.

Hope joins Bo at the Pub. Bo is trying to figure out what he would do if he leaves the police department.

Rafe sits at the coffeehouse, talking to Nicole on the phone. Rafe says they have plenty of time to deal with EJ. Rafe hangs up as he sees Gabi enter. Rafe approaches her and asks if she wants to talk about whatever is clearly on her mind. Gabi declines and asks what's going on with Rafe since she notices the bruise on his forehead.

Lucas goes to Sami's and gives her Allie's backpack for her sleepover. They go over plans to pick her up as Lucas tells her to keep the drama to a minimum when Allie is around. Lucas brings up the fight between EJ and Rafe. Sami tells him that it wasn't about her.

Brady goes to the Kiriakis Mansion and tells Maggie that he just saw Adrienne who told him that the wedding is in two weeks. He asks Maggie what wedding it is. Maggie informs him that it's Chad and Melanie's which surprises Brady as he did not know they were engaged. Victor walks in and questions Melanie wanting to marry a DiMera.

Chad tells Melanie that they can live anywhere and settle down so he wants to know her answer. Melanie responds by asking when it got so easy for him to lie to her.

Victor says they can't let Melanie marry Chad. Maggie tries to stop Brady and Victor. Brady wants Melanie to realize her big mistake. Victor thinks Maggie doesn't like it either and hopes Melanie will come to her senses on her own which Maggie admits to it.

Melanie tells Chad that it sounds like this is exactly about Nick and that his proposal was just to get them to run away from Nick.

Victor says they don't need to argue as they all know Melanie is making a mistake. Victor threatens to make a call and put their engagement to rest. Maggie and Brady argue against him since Melanie is in love with Chad but Victor feels he can stop her from marrying him. Victor makes a call but Maggie takes the phone away and tells him to stop.

Chad tells Melanie that he just wants to be with her and that's all. Melanie doesn't want to run away. Chad wants to protect her and talks about everything Nick did to her. Chad doesn't want anything like that to happen again. Melanie tells him that he couldn't have stopped what happened with Andrew. Chad thinks back to arguing with Gabi. Melanie tells him to stop beating himself up over it.

Rafe sits with Gabi and tells her about fighting EJ. Gabi asks if the fight was over Johnny and Sydney. Rafe says no so Gabi asks if it was about Sami. Rafe says no and says he's not going back to Sami. Rafe states that EJ and Sami are toxic together and set him off. Rafe declares it's Sami's choice to go out with EJ and not his problem. Gabi asks if he's sure because she thinks it would be a good thing if he wanted to get back with Sami.

Lucas and Sami argue over whether or not Rafe and EJ were fighting over her. Lucas accuses her of being scared to be alone. Sami denies it and says Rafe said the same thing. Lucas talks about her abandonment issues. Sami accuses Lucas of just thinking that she'll crawl back to him if she's not with Rafe or EJ. Lucas brings up the kids. Sami asks if he talked to Will lately. Lucas says he worked things out with Will but he's not even slightly interested in her anymore. Lucas tells Sami that he doesn't want to be with her and is sick of her things. Sami questions if guys say they are not interested when they are. Lucas calls her unbelievable and accuses her of playing games over and over. Lucas doesn't know why they are arguing and decides to leave.

Gabi tells Rafe that she knows Sami hurt him but she's still the same person that he fell in love with. Rafe calls that part of the problem. Gabi wants him to be happy. Rafe insists that he's fine. Gabi states that the happiest she ever saw him was when he was with Sami.

Hope jokes with Bo about not having anything original on his list of jobs to do if he leaves the department. Hope brings up a magazine article and wants him to do something that he truly wants to do. Abe arrives with Theo and they greet Bo and Hope. Abe brings up Roman telling him about the cutbacks. Bo tells him that they haven't made any decisions yet. Hope hugs them and says she's missed them. Theo runs up to Nick as he was working. Nick introduces himself but Abe brings Theo back and tells him not to run off.

Maggie tells Victor not to call in a fix on the situation. Victor asks if she wants to stop Melanie from marrying Chad. Victor wants to know what the rush is and what's change. Brady assumes it's Nick. Maggie suspects that Chad is doing it to protect her. Maggie talks about how Melanie was unhappy that she wasn't happy. Brady decides he's going to find Chad to try and talk him into slowing things down. Maggie asks Victor to stay and do nothing which he reluctantly agrees to. Victor looks down at the phone as Maggie comes back in and tells him that she means no.

Chad tells Melanie that he loves her and worries about losing her. Melanie doesn't want to talk about the kidnapping anymore since it's over. Melanie opens a present that Chad got her. Chad gets a message from Sonny asking him to come help at the coffeehouse. Melanie says she has plenty of wedding things to do. Chad kisses her and they say they love each other. Melanie doesn't want any more talk about leaving town since she won't change her mind. Chad accepts that and exits.

Kate walks through the town square finishing a phone call. Sami walks by and tells Kate that she's not in the mood. Kate assumes she has a PR nightmare at Countess Wilhelmina but Sami doesn't know what she's talking about. Kate says it's all over the internet that there will be an investigation on law violations with her overseas factories. Sami denies it. Kate says she's heard it from multiple sources. Sami claims she would know if that was happening. Kate thinks things could fall through the cracks easily. Rafe approaches and tells Kate that she's right unless it comes back to bite her too.

Chad goes to the coffeehouse. Brady approaches and informs him that Sonny's not here as Sonny sent the text for Brady since he wanted to talk to him. Chad asks if it's about the engagement. Brady says it's about the rush. Chad asks what it is to Brady and why he cares. Brady wants to help. Chad mocks Brady being the big hero that found Melanie when she was kidnapped. Chad suggests that if Brady hadn't been looking for Melanie then maybe he would have been with Madison and she wouldn't be dead.

Maggie goes to see Melanie. Melanie thinks she's not happy about the wedding. Maggie thought they would have more time to plan the wedding and hopes Melanie is doing this for the right reasons. Melanie insists that she is as she loves Chad. Maggie asks about Nick. Melanie wishes she and everyone else would just let her be happy with Chad and not talk about Nick. Melanie is tired of defending herself to Maggie and everyone who claims to love her.

Nick goes to leave the Pub as Gabi arrives. Nick tells her that he's just going to take his break. Gabi asks how he is. Nick says he's fine. Gabi offers him company but Nick needs time to himself and exits.

Hope and Bo sit with Abe and Theo as Abe talks about heading up a committee to help a cause for victims of the explosion. Abe tells Bo that if he leaves the department, it will be a huge loss. Bo thanks him as Abe hugs him and Bo says it means a lot from him. Abe takes Theo and exits the Pub. Hope asks Bo if that makes him reconsider his options. Bo admits it's nice but it doesn't. Bo says he has no idea what he's going to do but decides to read an article in a magazine that Hope had. Bo talks about what he wanted to be as a kid. Bo says he became a cop and that's who he is. Hope tells him that it's been his job for a long time and he's passionate about it like everything he does but it's not who he is. Hope encourages him to follow a dream and to do something he loves.

Kate asks Rafe why it would come back to bite her. Rafe says that's how rumors go. Kate points out that they are talking about Countess Wilhelmina and not Mad World. Rafe assumes she's the next natural target as the main competitor but Kate doubts it. Rafe talks about seeing it happen in the FBI. Rafe says internet rumors can get real bad real fast. Rafe warns Kate to stop it before it gets too bad. Rafe suggests Kate and Sami will be just fine. Kate decides that she will prepare Mad World in case the tide turns and she walks away. Kate makes a call and orders the rumor postings to be deleted immediately. Sami tells Rafe that was amazing. Rafe apologizes for interrupting. Sami tells him it was awesome and that he was fantastic in coming to her rescue. Rafe tells her not to read too much into it. Sami points out that it's happened a couple of times lately. Sami is curious as to why he goes out of his way for her as it makes her feel that maybe he still cares about her.

Kate goes to the Kiriakis Mansion as Victor comes in and asks what she wants. Kate pours him a drink and wants to talk business. Kate wants to know exactly how they are going to crush Sami and Countess Wilhemlina in one swoop. Kate notices Victor is in a mood. Kate figures this is not a good time and asks if it's trouble in paradise. Kate tells him that he can talk to her.

Brady warns Chad that he will put him through a wall if he ever talks to him about Madison again. Chad agrees that it was out of line and don't know why he said that. Chad apologizes and says he's under a lot of pressure. Brady asks if it's about Nick and if now is the right time to get married. Chad says he loves Melanie and wants to be with her. Brady understands but suggests taking a step back to let people get adjusted. Chad doesn't see the point in waiting. Brady tells him that getting married is supposed to be the happiest part of life and now is clearly not for Chad. Brady suggests he step back and re-evaluate before this all falls apart.

Maggie tells Melanie that she's sorry that she feels she doesn't approve but she's just concerned. Melanie doesn't understand why Adrienne is the only one happy for her. Melanie says Adrienne reacted how she hoped Maggie would. Maggie still doesn't understand the rush. Melanie doesn't know why it matters. Melanie cries that she doesn't want to do this as she has a fitting for her wedding dress so she doesn't want to focus on Maggie and everyone else thinking she's making a big mistake. Maggie agrees that she shouldn't have to think about that. Maggie tells her that she loves her with all her heart. Maggie says if Melanie thinks this is what's best for her and what she really wants then she supports her 100%. Maggie says she considers it a great privilege to watch her walk down the aisle. Melanie asks what the catch is but Maggie says she's just come around and wants what's best for her. Maggie tells her not to listen to anyone but her heart because she's strong, smart, and brave, and she believes in her which is what she should've been telling her all along.

Bo finishes his list of job ideas and shows it to Hope. Bo admits it was kind of fun to think about his dreams. Hope asks if he feels like leaving the force will be a relief. Bo jokes about how bad it's been that they have never been able to get the DiMeras all these years when nothing ever happens. Bo says that won't change as they find a loophole every time they get close. Bo declares that nothing else will be that frustrating. Bo says he's been thinking but stops himself. Hope kisses him goodbye and exits the Pub. Bo says to himself that if he wasn't a cop, his hands won't be tied but he better not put that on the list.

Rafe asks Sami why she's doing this. Sami just wants to know how he feels. Sami says she thought she'd never see him again when he walked out but here he is and she feels like they've seen each other a lot lately. Sami questions why he cares who she dates. Sami says she can deal with it if Rafe has moved on but she wants to know the truth. Rafe admits that he thought he would never get past what happened and how she broke up her marriage and how he felt every time he looked at her because of it. Rafe says he doesn't know. Sami tells him that every time she looks at him, she gets so mad at herself for what she did because she doesn't know how she could let go of him. Rafe tells her it's okay. Sami wants some time where they could go talk about everything and see where it goes.

Victor tells Kate that his mood has nothing to do with Maggie but with Chad being in a rush to marry Melanie in a misguided attempt to protect her from Nick. Victor admits he has many objections. Victor adds that he could handle the whole Nick situation with one call. Kate says Maggie can be such a goody two shoes sometimes. Maggie returns and threatens Kate so she leaves. Victor offers to explain. Maggie tells Victor that she loves him and Kate's gone so he should quit while he's ahead. Maggie kisses him and says she missed him.

Nick sits outside the town square then gets up and paces. Melanie arrives and greets him. Nick starts to leave but Melanie stops him and says that she was looking for him. Nick doesn't understand. Melanie tells him that they need to talk about everything.

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