Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 9/19/12

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 9/19/12


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Brady meets with Kate at the Kiriakis Mansion. Kate hands him a folder from Madison's files as she wants to use one of her ideas. Brady agrees to be on board. Kate is glad he didn't fight her on it. Brady wants to put Titan back on top to honor Madison's memory. Kate says they just need to figure out how to destroy the competition and Sami.

Will tells Sami that he's not going out with Sonny because he's not good enough.

Chad watches Gabi and Nick through the window at the Pub. When Nick walks away, Chad goes in and confronts Gabi about what she and Nick were talking about.

Abigail questions Nicole as to why Jennifer would say bad things about her.

Jennifer tells Daniel that she knows the truth that he's been lying about Nicole's baby. Daniel asks what she's heard. Jennifer says she overheard EJ and brings up that Nicole denied it. Jennifer questions Daniel being willing to risk his career for Nicole. Daniel says she doesn't have all the facts. Jennifer wants him to get out of the drama with Nicole and EJ. Daniel says he can't do it.

Nicole tells Abigail that people are feeding Jennifer lies about her and her baby but she can't name names. Nicole talks about Jennifer going through a lot since Jack died so she wants her protected. Nicole says she thinks she knows how but needs Abigail's help.

Brady tells Kate that he appreciates her reputation but needs her to be careful about her phrasing when it comes to people he cares about like Sami. Kate clarifies that she only means in business when she wants to take down Sami. Brady says he wants to as well since it will make Sami pay for her bad decisions.

Sami questions Will about not going on his date with Sonny. Sami questions if he had a run in with Victor. Will stops her and tries to calm her down. Sami figures it out it was Adrienne and demands to know what she said to Will.

Melanie talks with Adrienne at the coffeehouse and shows her the wedding ring. Melanie is glad someone is happy for her as Adrienne talks about planning her wedding and making her dress.

Gabi tries to tell Chad that there's nothing going on with her and Nick. Chad thinks she and Nick are still obsessed with he and Melanie. Gabi denies it and tries to leave but Chad stops her. Nick comes over and tells Chad that Gabi's done talking to him so he should let her go.

Will asks Sami not to go crazy over this. Sami can't believe Adrienne would talk like that. Will thinks Adrienne is right. Sami believes Will would be a great boyfriend but Will disagrees. Will brings up that he blackmailed EJ and lies to people. Will thinks back to having sex with Gabi. Will says Gabi has been a great friend to her but he's made her miserable. Will talks about messing up his life and others. Will says he was so disrespectful to Sami for doing the same things over again and making the same mistakes but declares that he does the same thing and is just like her which he hates. Will then turns and exits.

Jennifer tells Daniel that she doesn't understand what kind of hold Nicole has over him. Daniel says it's not that simple. Jennifer recalls meeting Daniel when he was so devastated over losing Parker. Jennifer questions how Daniel can help someone do the same thing that Chloe did to him even if it's EJ.

Abigail asks how she can help Nicole. Nicole tells her that she doesn't want her to do anything against Jennifer but suggests she try to stop any lies about her from spreading. Abigail mentions that Jennifer hasn't said anything about Nicole. Nicole wants her to keep it that way. Nicole wants them on the same page but Abigail isn't sure. Nicole decides she wants to know about Abigail and asks about her and Cameron. Abigail gets upset that she brought that up. Nicole apologizes and asks if he broke her heart. Nicole wants to know everything.

Chad mentions that he told Nick to stay away from Melanie. Nick says he is but Chad points out him working at the Pub and living with Maggie. Gabi defends Nick and tells Chad to back off. Chad asks Nick if he wants him to back off.

Adrienne sits with Melanie and gives her a list for wedding dresses. Melanie asks her to go shopping with her so she agrees. Melanie exits as Adrienne goes to give Sonny his phone that he left. Sonny notices a voice mail from Will. Adrienne tells him that she's happy for he and Will but he doesn't believe her. Sonny checks his voicemail and hears Will cancel the date. Sonny tells Adrienne and asks if she's happy now.

Will walks through the town square and runs into Kate. Kate notices his bad mood and assumes it's because of Sami but Will informs her that it's because he's a loser and did it all himself.

Nick tells Chad that he doesn't want any trouble but Chad accuses him of stalking Melanie. Gabi tries to stop things as Chad challenges Nick to take it outside. Caroline comes over and declares it's enough as she sends Nick to the back to work on dishes. Chad questions how Caroline could hire Nick after all he's done.

Nicole asks Abigail for information on what's going on between her and Cameron so that she can try to help. Abigail says she's not ready to talk about it but thanks her. They agree that they're good as Abigail exits the room. Nicole looks at a photo of Abigail and Jennifer then says it's one thing to work a kid but the mother will be harder to sell. Nicole puts the photo down and exits the room.

Jennifer thinks Nicole is blackmailing Daniel or Melanie but Daniel says it has nothing to do with Melanie. Jennifer questions Daniel doing this crazy, dangerous thing because he wants to. Daniel tries to leave but Jennifer stops him and wants to know what's going on. Jennifer adds that there is something else he needs to know.

Kate tells Will that there's nothing that can't be fixed. Kate thinks whatever it is, he can make it right but Will says it's impossible as his life is a mess. Will says he shouldn't be surprised since Sami, Lucas, and Kate all can't figure out how to be happy. Will declares it's up to him to carry on the family's legacy of misery as he walks away.

Sami goes to the town square and confronts Adrienne. Sami asks what her problem is and tells her to say whatever problem she has to her face.

Abigail joins Melanie at the coffeehouse. Melanie asks her thoughts on the wedding dress she picked out which Abigail loves. Abigail is happy for her. Cameron walks in which distracts Abigail as Melanie asks if she's okay.

Caroline tells Chad that she hires whoever she wants and it's none of his business. Caroline tells him that harassing Nick is not helping Melanie. Caroline suggests he stay away from Nick and Gabi. Chad turns to leave and stops to warn Gabi to watch her step as he then exits the Pub. Caroline tells Gabi that she doesn't like it. Gabi says she's sorry as Caroline walks away. Gabi gets a text from Melanie asking if she's seen Chad.

Sami tells Adrienne that her problem is that she thinks Will is not good enough for Sonny. Sami informs Adrienne that Will overheard her conversation. Adrienne says she didn't know Will was there but clarifies that she never said he wasn't good enough. Sami thinks Adrienne owes Will an apology. Kate walks by and listens in. Kate joins Sami and approaches Adrienne questioning her as to how she could do that to Will. Sami warns Adrienne not to mess with the two of them as Kate adds that she wouldn't want that. Adrienne states that she can't take back what she said about Will because it was all true.

Nicole calls Daniel and leaves a message saying it's about Jennifer.

Jennifer tells Daniel that she overheard EJ planning to take legal action as soon as the baby is born. Jennifer warns him that everyone involved in the cover up will be at risk. Jennifer recalls Daniel feeling lost when he couldn't be a surgeon but he kept going. Jennifer questions why Daniel would risk everything for Nicole but Daniel instead leaves the room.

Sami tells Adrienne that she could not be more wrong since Will is the one thing she got right that anyone would be lucky to be with. Kate agrees with Sami. Adrienne can't believe Kate's defending Sami after what she did to Lucas. Kate says it had nothing to do with Will. Adrienne talks about Sami's influence on Will. Kate declares that Sami was a good mother to Will and Adrienne should be glad that Sonny fell for Will. They continue to argue as Adrienne says she doesn't interfere in her son's love life and her conversation with Justin was supposed to be private. Adrienne accuses them of influencing Will to listen in on her conversation. Sami and Kate cut her off as Kate says she has no right to weigh Will down with their baggage. Adrienne accuses them of causing his recent issues. Adrienne hopes they are right since Sonny and Will may end up together but she feels she will be right that Will will break Sonny's heart. Sami says Adrienne is dead wrong about Will as Adrienne walks away.

Abigail watches as Cameron exits the coffeehouse. Abigail goes back to talking about the wedding but Melanie wants to talk about her. Abigail says they broke up and wants to talk about the wedding but Melanie wants to know why they broke up.

Caroline talks on the phone about missing a delivery as Gabi approaches and says she signed for it earlier. Nick asks if everything is okay. Caroline asks Nick what he would've done if she didn't interrupt with Chad. Nick says he saw Chad grabbing Gabi. Caroline suggests that next time, he walk away.

Chad goes home in a rage and throws his jacket across the room, knocking over a picture. Chad thinks back to seeing Nick and Gabi. Chad picks up the photo that he knocked over of he and Melanie and puts it back on the table. Chad says to himself that he knows Nick and Gabi are lying.

Daniel goes to see Nicole and she thanks him for coming over. Nicole starts to talk about the baby but Daniel says it's worse than that.

Brady finds Jennifer crying at the hospital and asks what's wrong.

Daniel tells Nicole that EJ has no proof but just suspicions. Daniel says EJ doesn't know they know his plan yet and he's already left a message for Rafe. Daniel thinks they can stick to their plan to keep EJ from the truth. Nicole brings up Jennifer working with Daniel and being vindictive because she hates them being friends. Nicole says they don't only have EJ to worry about but Jennifer because she could expose her.

Abigail talks to Melanie about losing her dad and Cameron breaking up with her making her feel lost. Abigail figures she's not ready for a relationship and is too insecure. Melanie says it goes both ways for Cameron as she's been there.

Chad sits at home with his tablet and looks at headline news about Nick. Chad thinks back to arguing with Gabi. Chad declares there is no way in hell he will let Nick hurt Melanie again.

Nick tells Caroline that he couldn't let Chad hurt Gabi and was doing what he thought was right. Caroline reminds him that he's on parole so he should come to her next time. Nick says she's been generous and apologizes for breaking dishes. Caroline goes to the back as Gabi asks Nick why he took the blame when she broke the dishes.

Sami thanks Kate for saying she's a good mother. Kate wonders why Adrienne has it in for Will anyways. Sami says it's because of them. Kate says Will is the one subject they agree on. Kate tells Sami that this doesn't change the way she feels about her. Sami mocks her as Kate reminds her that her focus is to bury her in business. Kate promises to take her down and walks away.

Jennifer tells Brady she's better now. Brady offers to talk about it. Jennifer talks about feeling like closing her heart off but she opened back up for Jack. Brady asks why she's upset right now. Jennifer says she doesn't feel like she can forgive and be tolerant of other people. Brady thinks she has an endless supply of tolerance. Jennifer feels like she wants everyone to be perfect and like she's judging others as she wonders who could live up to that.

Daniel assures Nicole that Jennifer won't tell anyone as she wouldn't do that to him. Daniel tells her that EJ is the one that they have to worry about. Daniel mentions how disappointed in him that Jennifer was. Nicole says Jennifer just doesn't understand. Nicole asks Daniel if he's having second thoughts about keeping the secret from EJ just because Jennifer disapproves.

Will returns to Sami's. Sami approaches him and tells Will that he will keep on learning.

Gabi thanks Nick for standing up to Chad for her and gives him money to pay back her half of the dishes breaking. Gabi says Nick is her friend and she doesn't want a friend to pay for her mistakes.

Melanie returns home and tells Chad that she had been trying to get a hold of him. Chad asks if she loves him. Melanie says of course and Chad responds that they need to leave Salem for good.

Brady talks to Jennifer about a friend doing something she doesn't like. Jennifer says she can't see around dealing with this person anymore. Brady tells her that she needs to decide if she really needs the person in her life.

Daniel gives Nicole his word that he will not sell her or Rafe out. Daniel will do whatever it takes to protect the baby but admits it's not easy as it's awful. Daniel brings up Jennifer and decides he has to go back to work so he exits. Nicole starts to cry and she takes a photo of Jennifer, puts it on the ground and stomps on it.

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