Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 9/18/12

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 9/18/12


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Sami calls EJ and says she needs to talk. EJ says he's about to meet Chad but Sami says they need to meet in person so EJ agrees to meet her in the town square. Will comes in with coffees and tells Sami that he has a date. Will tells Sami that he will tell her who it's with afterwards because he doesn't want to jinx it. Sami says she is happy for him.

Sonny sits with Chad at the coffeehouse. EJ arrives and joins Chad, commenting that he looks like hell for a guy that's about to get married.

Daniel talks with Melanie at Chad's. Melanie surprises Daniel by informing him that the wedding is in 2 weeks. Daniel responds by telling her that's not going to happen.

Abigail finds Gabi at the Pub and tells her that Melanie needs their help. Gabi says she has to work but Abigail informs her that there is a lot to do since they moved up the wedding to two weeks from now.

Jennifer stands at home and thinks back to overhearing EJ telling Justin about his plans. Nicole comes in and asks if something is wrong. Jennifer responds by asking what she's doing to Nicole.

Sami asks Will to pick up baseball game tickets for the kids from Maggie's because she has a meeting. Will brings up that she wasn't working today. Sami tells him that she has to meet EJ and it's something she has to clear up in person.

Chad admits to EJ that he didn't get much sleep but informs him that the wedding has been moved up to two weeks from today. EJ asks if he's having second thoughts. Chad insists that he loves Melanie and he decided to move up the wedding. EJ asks what the problem is. Chad responds that it's Nick Fallon.

Nick tells Gabi and Abigail at the Pub that he knows Melanie's business is not his and he agrees to stay away from the wedding.

Daniel tells Melanie how he and Maggie wanted her wedding to be perfect. Daniel admits that he doesn't think she should be getting married.

Nicole tells Jennifer that Daniel is her friend. Jennifer says she left out what she has Daniel doing for her with the lies she's having him tell about the baby.

Will asks Sami about meeting with EJ being a big deal. Sami tells him that EJ and Rafe got into a fist fight. Will asks if it was about her. Sami says Rafe claimed it had nothing to do with her. Will believes it was about her. Sami says she has to tell EJ that it can't happen again for the kids. Sami tells him that she should get privacy on her love life like he asked for.

Chad tells EJ that Nick is working at the Pub and living with Maggie so Melanie can't avoid him. Chad thinks Nick is doing it on purpose. Chad says there's a girl too from the past. EJ asks if he's cheating on Melanie. Chad quickly explains that this girl was obsessed with him. EJ jokes with him but Chad says it's not funny as it turned into a mess. Chad says he can't talk about it as it's over now except for when he has to see the girl because she's Melanie's friend. EJ figures that's why Chad is not sleeping much.

Gabi tells Nick not to blame himself for anything with Melanie and Chad. Nick states that it'd be a huge relief to see Melanie happy.

Daniel tells Melanie that this is not the time for a major life decision. Melanie insists that she knows what she wants now. Melanie asks Daniel if he supports her or not.

Nicole tells Jennifer that she doesn't know what to say. Jennifer asks Nicole if her baby is not Rafe's but EJ's. Nicole says it's not true. Jennifer says she somehow got Rafe and Daniel to go along with it. Jennifer worries about Daniel's career being in jeopardy. Nicole accuses her of making up a story. Nicole tells her that she's not perfect and brings up Jennifer playing dirty in the election. Nicole thinks she's just trying to cause trouble because she doesn't like what she has with Daniel. Nicole warns her to back off.

Chad tells EJ about still not trusting this girl. EJ suggests he do something. Chad says it seems she's accepted that he's with Melanie. Chad says that what she did was over the top but thinks it brought her to her senses. EJ wants more details. Chad assumes she may be fine now. EJ questions if he believes that. Chad talks about her being a good person before this. EJ says it seems Nick is not his only problem.

Abigail wants Gabi to let Nick cover so they can go help Melanie but Gabi doesn't want to leave Nick to work and says she's been busy. Abigail asks if she doesn't want to plan the wedding. Gabi says she does so Abigail drags her out of the Pub with her.

Daniel tells Melanie that he knows this is a mistake but Melanie disagrees. Daniel wants to know what the rush is. Melanie calls it Chad's idea and admits everyone is freaked out about Nick. Melanie insists she's okay and doesn't want to talk about it anymore. Melanie says everything has been so hard for her so she just wants to be happy. Abigail and Gabi arrive to help plan the wedding. Daniel decides to head to the hospital and says he will call Melanie as he exits. Abigail suggests waiting a little longer for the wedding. Melanie can't believe she thinks so too and questions if anyone is happy for her.

Will goes to pick up the tickets for the kids at the Kiriakis Mansion where he overhears Justin and Adrienne arguing about Sonny's love life. Adrienne talks about wanting Will out of the picture but Justin informs her that Will is still very much in the picture. Adrienne says she will keep her mouth shut but can't change the way she feels.

Sami meets with EJ in the town square. EJ asks what's so urgent. Sami says she heard about the fight and feels terrible because it was about her. EJ wonders who told her that.

Jennifer questions what Nicole has on Daniel. Jennifer brings up bad things that Nicole has done in the past so she doesn't think Daniel would risk his career for her unless she had something over him. Nicole states that she has no reason to blackmail Daniel when he cares for her so much and if he didn't then they wouldn't have made love. Jennifer questions if Nicole is having an affair with Daniel. Jennifer says she shouldn't be surprised. Nicole tells her that it is Rafe's baby. Jennifer wonders why she didn't move in with Daniel instead. Nicole says they are trying to keep it secret but Daniel will be a part of her baby's life. Jennifer thinks she's lying about all of it and is just trying to keep her away from Daniel. Jennifer thinks that she had to have seduced Daniel if he slept with her. Jennifer shouts that her dirty little secret is not a secret anymore.

Daniel calls Chad from the hospital and leaves a message that he thinks moving up the wedding is a huge mistake. Daniel asks him to call back so they can talk in person.

Melanie apologizes for yelling at Abigail as she just got in a fight with Daniel about it. Melanie says it doesn't matter how anyone else feels because she and Chad are getting married. Melanie asks Abigail and Gabi if they are in or out. Abigail says they are totally in and will make sure she has the perfect wedding.

Chad checks his message from Daniel. Sonny comes back and tells Chad that he has a big date tonight.

Will listens as Adrienne tells Justin that she doesn't want Sonny involved with Will since he was working with EJ. Adrienne suggests Will could be trying to rebel. Adrienne talks about Sami getting her kids involved in her love life. Adrienne brings up Will dating Gabi a year ago and how he didn't clear himself of Stefano's murder because he didn't want to come out. Adrienne worries that Will will break Sonny's heart like Sami did to so many guys.

Sami asks EJ what the fight was about. EJ responds that there wasn't a reason and tells her to let it go.

Will leaves the Kiriakis Mansion after hearing Justin and Adrienne's conversation

Sonny tells Chad that he's going out with Will. Sonny hopes it's not weird for him. Chad says as long as they're happy then it's good and he's glad things are going well for him. Chad says things will be fine for him once he's married but he never knew weddings could bring out the worst in people. Sonny says he's sorry and goes back to work. Chad pulls out his tablet and looks at headlines about Nick and Melanie.

Melanie talks about being so glad to plan things instead of fighting. Gabi starts to say she has to go back to work but Melanie stops her and asks about working with NIck. Gabi says she barely knows him. Melanie brings up everything with Andrew and wants Gabi to tell her if Nick does anything to make her uncomfortable. Melanie says she knows Gabi would tell her like she did with Andrew which makes Gabi uncomfortable. Gabi says they need to talk about what happened with Andrew. Melanie says they can another time since now she just wants to plan her wedding and be happy.

Maxine finds Daniel at the hospital and tells him that they're going to have a party to welcome Jennifer back to the hospital. Daniel tells her that he won't be there.

Nicole tells Jennifer that she's clueless because she didn't have to seduce Daniel. Nicole talks about Daniel being there for her. Nicole says she was the one who helped Daniel when Jennifer strung along her for weeks. Jennifer yells about how she has no idea how hard that was. Nicole accuses her of loving it while she broke Daniel's heart. Nicole tells her to stay out of her and Daniel's life. Jennifer calls her a hateful tramp as Abigail walks in and wonders what's going on.

Sami tells EJ that she was wondering if they had a future and has changed her mind. EJ doesn't know what to say and assumes he knows her decision. Sami realizes how confused she's been. Sami admits EJ is different and she has been talking to Rafe but doesn't think there's anything there. Sami recalls running into Kate and how she was right in saying that she goes from man to man so she doesn't want to do that anymore. Sami says she needs to figure things out and focus on her kids and career. EJ says he completely understands and will do the same thing. Sami is surprised how easy that was and is glad they cleared things up. EJ then walks away.

Jennifer apologizes to Abigail and promises it won't happen in this house again. Abigail hopes not and exits the room. Jennifer tells Nicole that she's not sorry about anything she said to her. Jennifer then leaves to go to work. Abigail comes back in looking for Jennifer but Nicole tells her that she left for work. Abigail asks if Jennifer was okay. Nicole says no but thinks they should talk about it.

Gabi returns to the Pub and apologizes to Nick for leaving him. She tries to help him but causes him to drop dishes that break. Nick tells her it's okay and jokes with her as they clean it up. Chad walks by the Pub and sees Nick and Gabi laughing together through the window.

Will goes back to Sami's and calls Sonny, canceling their date. Sami comes in and overhears him as he claims to Sonny that he has to go to the baseball game with the kids. Sami asks him about the date being with Sonny and asks why he lied.

Nicole sits with Abigail and says she knows they are aching for Jack and she understands why Jennifer is so furious. Abigail says their whole world changed. Nicole talks about her being in the middle of it. Nicole says she's not the only one Jennifer has yelled at. Abigail admits they have been fighting too. Nicole wants to figure out a way to help.

Daniel sits at the hospital and Maxine finds him again. Maxine tells him that they can't have a party for Jennifer without him but he insists on not wanting to be there. Daniel says he needs to maintain his distance from Jennifer so Maxine exits. Jennifer then comes into the room with him.

EJ meets with Justin at the town square and asks if he's thought any more about his situation. Justin tells EJ that he has every right to ask the court about paternity. Justin says it bothers him that he's questioning the ethics and honesty of Rafe and Daniel. EJ says he's just asking for a paternity test and if that casts out on Rafe and Daniel then it's not his problem. Justin is afraid he's going through a lot of trouble for nothing. EJ doesn't think it will be any trouble and will pay off handsomely.

Sami wants Will to tell her what's wrong. Sami talks about how Will was excited about the date before. Will wants to drop it but Sami doesn't want to. Will asks her to stay out of his business like she asked for privacy earlier. Sami says she can't because she has to help him. Will tells her that all that she needs to know is that he's not going on a date with Sonny because he's not good enough for him.

Melanie goes to the coffeehouse and greets Sonny. Melanie asks if he's seen Chad. Sonny informs her that he just left.

Chad watches through the window of the Pub at Gabi and Nick then thinks back to his conversation with EJ where he said Nick wasn't his only problem. Gabi thanks Nick for covering her shift. Gabi asks if he's starting to feel comfortable. Nick admits that he is. Chad imagines Nick telling Gabi that he still wants Melanie.

Abigail doesn't understand how they can help Jennifer. Nicole says she will keep a low profile since she upset her. Nicole suggests Abigail try not to talk about her to Jennifer and that Abigail shouldn't believe anything Jennifer says about her.

Daniel tells Jennifer that he was just getting ready to take off but Jennifer asks to talk to him privately. He asks what's wrong. Jennifer says she knows what's going on with he and Nicole. Daniel claims not to know what she means. Jennifer can't believe that he would let Nicole and her lies jeopardize his career. She tells him that if he keeps it up then that's exactly what she will do.

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