Days of Our Lives Update Monday 9/17/12

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 9/17/12


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Hope brings Jennifer flowers at the hospital to celebrate her first day back at the job. Hope offers coffee but Jennifer says she's busy with work and needs to go see Daniel.

Nicole reveals to Daniel that her name for her baby is Daniel Rafael after he and Rafe. Daniel tells her that she doesn't have to do that but Nicole insists that she wants to. Daniel hugs her and Nicole says she wants her baby to know how much she cares about him as she then kisses him but Daniel stops her.

Sami says that that she doesn't need Brady to tell her what Rafe said and she will go ask him herself. Sami goes to leave but Bo arrives and says he needs to talk to her.

Rafe questions EJ telling him to leave Sami alone. EJ says he won't repeat himself. Rafe questions if that's an order. EJ says it wasn't a suggestion. Rafe reminds EJ that he's not the mayor anymore. Rafe then tells EJ to go to hell. EJ punches him and tackles him as a fight breaks out.

Jennifer talks to Hope about how Ann wanted to put Jennifer in the basement but Daniel fixed things and she needs to find Daniel to apologize. Hope thinks she needs to calm down. Jennifer wants to find Daniel.

Nicole apologizes to Daniel for kissing him at work and promises to keep their personal life private. Nicole tells him that she will wait for his call.

Bo tells Sami that he needs her to sign a paper. Sami starts to just sign it but Bo tells her that she should know what she's signing. Sami complains about her bad day. Bo doesn't know how she will accomplish trust with the way she lives her life.

Rafe and EJ fight each other through the town square. Lucas and John arrive and Lucas comments that Sami must have something to do with it. John wonders what they should do as Lucas is enjoying seeing EJ get hurt.

Sonny sits with Justin at the coffeehouse and tells him about being in a good mood since everything is sorted out for him now. Justin asks if it's about Brian since he talked to Adrienne. Sonny informs him that he and Brian were only friends so his good mood is because of somebody else. Sonny admits it's Will which surprises Justin and he asks if Adrienne knows. Sonny says he told her that he was interested. Justin wonders if Sami knows. Sonny doesn't know but hopes she's cool with it. Justin asks about if she's not. Sonny says it will be her problem.

Bo tells Sami that she needs to sign the paper since she left her kids to help EJ. Bo tells her that EJ is not who she should be trusting. Bo says Sami doesn't think about what might be best for her family or herself. Sami calls him a crappy uncle and storms out.

EJ and Rafe continue fighting. John decides he has to do the right thing since someone could get hurt as Lucas continues watching. John and another man break up the fight. John reminds Rafe that he's a cop. John questions how much more EJ is willing to lose as they are held apart.

Jennifer tells Hope about how she told Daniel off but knows she overreacted. Hope tells her that Daniel will understand and hugs her. Jennifer talks about being unable to believe how she blew up at him. Hope suggests Jennifer may have felt she was betraying Jack by letting Daniel be her friend.

Daniel tells Nicole that he doesn't want to hurt her but he stopped their kiss because she wants something that he can't give her. Daniel tells her that he's not ready for a relationship and doesn't think she is either. Daniel tells her to focus on herself, her baby, and her future because he thinks it will be awhile before she's ready for another commitment. Daniel doesn't know if he will ever be able to make that commitment again. Daniel says they talked about this before and he wants it to be the last conversation they have about it.

Jennifer tells Hope that it's not about Jack as she does not want to hurt Daniel again. Hope asks how she could do that and insists that Daniel knows what she's been through and won't be thinking about her in romantic terms. Jennifer worries that he might think she wants that. Jennifer thinks back to Nicole telling her not to play mind games with Daniel. Jennifer wonders out loud if Nicole is right.

Nicole tells Daniel that she understands and is sorry if she added to his problems. Daniel says she didn't as he's responsible for it too since he allowed himself to be with her in a way that doesn't make sense for either of them. Nicole argues that it's his perception but not hers. Nicole tells him not to assume what any of it meant for her. Nicole cries that being with Daniel made sense to her. Daniel apologizes for telling her how she feels. Daniel says he's not going to hurt her. Daniel calls her an amazing woman that has been through hell and back. Daniel says he respects her for always fighting her way back. Nicole thanks him and says it means a lot. Daniel adds that he knows she will be an exceptional mother and that she will have a great life with her baby but he doesn't think he can be a part of it. Daniel thinks it's best for them to cut their losses and try to move on. Nicole asks to explain why she made a fool of herself by kissing him when he didn't want her to. Nicole says her impulses were clearly wrong and she should've known better. Nicole tells him that she is his friend and is worried about him so she wants to know what's going on and why he's so upset. Daniel reveals to her that he just found out Melanie is engaged to Chad and he thinks it's a knee jerk reaction to Nick getting out of prison. Nicole realizes that would make Daniel and EJ family. Nicole offers to do anything she can as Jennifer walks in then apologizes for interrupting.

Rafe tells EJ that it's his lucky day so he won't press charges. Rafe says EJ will self destruct on his own and walks away. John tells EJ that it's the stupidest thing he's ever seen him do. John tells EJ that he made an ass out of himself in public and got his ass kicked by Rafe. John tells him that he'd never beat Rafe in violence. EJ says he will have to think of something else then and walks away.

Justin asks Sonny how Adrienne felt. Sonny admits that Adrienne went on about Will's baggage and how she's worried. Justin talks about he and Adrienne's relationship and all their baggage with getting married three times. Sonny wants him to talk to her and is glad he's his dad. Justin tells him that she's only looking out for him. Sonny understands Sami will just be looking out for Will and figures their relationship won't be boring.

Sami comes out of the Pub and runs into Rafe. She asks if he's ok because he's bleeding but he insists that he's fine. Rafe informs her that he got in a fight with EJ until John broke it up. Rafe says cooler heads prevailed. Sami asks what they were fighting about.

EJ calls Justin and says he needs to see him. Justin tries to arrange a meeting but EJ wants to see him now.

Roman talks with Bo at the station. Roman brings up city budget cuts and announces that he has no choice but to make budget cuts. Roman hands Bo an envelope and he says he will think about it.

Nicole tells Jennifer that it's not a good time because they were having a private conversation. Daniel says they were done here but gets paged and exits the room. Nicole stops Jennifer from leaving and says they need to clear the air about Daniel. Nicole says Daniel was just telling her about something that upset him. Jennifer asks what it was. Nicole informs her that Melanie is engaged to Chad. Jennifer is surprised. Nicole calls it sudden and how Daniel thinks it's because of Nick. Nicole says Daniel was confiding in her when Jennifer walked in so she got overprotective because they are close. Jennifer comments on Nicole always talking about how close they are getting. Jennifer says people usually confide in ones they really trust. Jennifer brings up Nicole spending months covering up for Chloe keeping her baby's real father from Daniel. Nicole tells her that things change and she exits the room as Jennifer remarks that Nicole doesn't change.

Hope meets with Roman at the station about the budget cuts. Hope says she understands the reality of the situation and how much she loves the job. Roman tells her that Bo is already aware.

Bo goes to the town square and sits down to open his envelope.

Rafe says Sami just wants to know if they were fighting about her. Sami asks if they were but Rafe says no. Rafe tells her that they just can't stand each other. Sami comments that they don't normally fight. Rafe says EJ hit him first so she should ask him. Sami wonders why EJ hit him. Rafe says that's always how EJ acts when he doesn't get what he wants. Sami wants to know what EJ wanted. Rafe doesn't think it makes a difference but Sami says it makes a huge difference to her.

Jennifer asks Daniel if everything went okay. Daniel says he took care of things. Jennifer asks if he has a second to talk. Jennifer tells him that she really wanted to apologize for snapping at him. Daniel says he gets that she doesn't need him interfering. Jennifer says she knows now that he was just being her friend and it bothers her that she went off on him. Daniel reminds her that he gets it and has been through it so he understands. Daniel tells her not to worry about him. Jennifer thanks him for letting her off the hook and says she's going back to her office to catch up on work.

Hope joins Bo at the town square and jokes him about what they can do to make more money with having budget cuts. Hope tells him that they are lucky and will be okay. Bo thinks it stirs things up. Hope notices Bo was reading a sailing magazine. Bo talks about not becoming a cop for money. Bo doesn't think Hope seems bothered by it. Hope admits she doesn't like it but knows how much she loves her job. Hope adds that she doesn't need it for the money but for other things. Hope thinks Bo doesn't feel the same way. Bo says he does love his job and recalls going sailing around the world with Shawn. Bo says everyone thought they were crazy but it was the best thing for them. Bo thinks Ciara deserves something like that too. Bo says he's happy with the job and it's not their family or their marriage. Hope wants him to stay the guy that she loves. Bo thanks her for not calling it a midlife crisis as he hugs her.

Lucas talks with Kate at the coffeehouse and tells her about Rafe and EJ's fight. Lucas reiterates that he's done with Sami. Kate can't believe EJ and Rafe were fighting over Sami.

Sami tells Rafe that EJ doesn't usually pick fights in public. Sami thinks he had to have been provoked. Rafe says he didn't provoke him. Sami suggests that he might not have intentionally and thinks EJ could've picked up on the fact that things have changed between her and Rafe since he kissed her.

EJ meets with Justin. Justin hopes it's not about anything illegal. EJ informs him that it's about justice being served.

Bo and Hope sit together as Bo talks about dealing with the DiMeras making him not excited about work but he knows Hope still is. Hope says they don't have to feel the same way so she wants Bo to do what he wants to do. Bo thanks her and she kisses him. Hope says she knows it's important but doesn't think it's serious. Hope adds that she knows whatever he decides, they will be okay no matter what. Hope wants him to be doing something that makes him happy. Bo jokes that he'll have to narrow down those options. Hope kisses him and says he'll figure it out. Bo corrects that they will figure it out.

Lucas tells Kate that he has something to say about Sami too. Kate goes off on Lucas being like the others and rushing to Sami's defense. Lucas instead tells Kate that he doesn't care what she does to Sami but warns her not to hurt his kids. Kate doesn't want them to pay, only Sami.

Rafe tells Sami that the kiss happened but it was stupid. Sami says feelings aren't stupid. Rafe tells her that she should know that there are stupid feelings. Rafe says he won't regret all the stupid things he's done but if she was wondering if the kiss meant something, it didn't. Rafe then walks away.

Daniel goes to Jennifer's house and Nicole greets him at the door. Nicole invites him in but Daniel says he's not staying but just had something that he didn't say earlier. Daniel says he knows he had to be very blunt. Nicole worries about what he'll say. Daniel tells her that he still thinks she's a great friend and will do anything to keep EJ from finding out the truth so she won't have to worry about that. Nicole thanks him and says it means a lot. Nicole points out that this could get complicated with Melanie marrying Chad. Daniel says it's his problem so she shouldn't worry about him but only about herself and the baby. Daniel then exits as Nicole says to herself that he didn't have to come tell her that. Nicole then believes that he must have wanted to see her so this is far from over. Nicole says this could still work out even if she has to run over "snow white" with her car.

Justin questions why EJ wants to hire him of all people. EJ says he can't handle it all himself and trusts him. EJ adds that Justin presenting him will make people take it very seriously. Justin asks what it is. EJ wants to insist on a paternity test on Nicole's baby the moment it's born because he needs proof. EJ states that Rafe is not the father but he is so he wants proof of that and of conspiracy. Jennifer walks by and listens through the door as EJ accuses Rafe and Nicole of lying and Daniel of switching the paternity test. EJ declares that Nicole will be left with nothing, Rafe will be out, and Daniel's career will be blown sky high as Jennifer listens with a worried look.

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