Days of Our Lives Update Friday 9/14/12

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 9/14/12


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Jennifer calls out to Abigail that she's heading out. Nicole overhears and asks if she's going to see Brady since she saw them hanging out at the town square. Jennifer explains that they are friends. Nicole points out that both are going through a terrible time right now so it must be nice to have him to lean on. Jennifer assumes she means instead of Daniel.

Daniel talks to Ann, the woman who complained about Jennifer at the hospital. Daniel reminds her how lucky they are to have Jennifer back at the hospital and should be welcoming her. Daniel accuses her of stabbing Jennifer in the back and tells her it's not going to happen.

Chad tells Gabi that there is no way she will be apart of their wedding and this can't happen. Chad declares that it's over. Gabi asks if he's going to tell Melanie what she did. Chad says he will tell her all of it. Gabi worries that Melanie will hate her. Gabi asks about Chad knowing the whole time and wonders how Melanie would feel about that.

Melanie goes to the Kiriakis Mansion to see Maggie. Melanie hugs her as she already heard about the engagement. Melanie wants Maggie to help her plan the wedding. Melanie is not sure if Maggie sounds in favor of it.

Sonny asks Will if T told him anything else. Will suggests there being someone that Sonny is interested in. Will states that T did tell him that.

Rafe sits at the station and thinks about kissing Sami. Rafe gets frustrated and throws a chair over. Brady walks in and asks what's wrong. Rafe calls himself an idiot.

EJ asks Sami if she's ready to go or if there is a problem. Sami responds that she can't go out with him tonight.

Brady sits with Rafe and asks what's going on. Rafe tells him that it's Sami. Brady asks about her. Rafe calls it kind of embarrassing but admits that they kissed. Brady questions that being a bad thing.

EJ questions Sami canceling their date while he's ready to go. EJ talks about the surprise he has planned for her but Sami says she's serious that she can't because something came up. Sami claims to have forgotten that Allie has a school project. EJ brings up this being Sami's idea. Sami apologizes. EJ calls her a gifted liar but adds that she's not that good. EJ asks if this is because of Rafe.

Sonny asks if T told Will that he was interested. Will admits that he did and that T also said Will didn't feel the same. Sonny says he knows Will is not interested. Will informs him that he's wrong. Sonny brings up the other night. Will says he didn't realize at the time and came to find him but saw him with Brian. Will says that's when he really messed things up as he thinks back to being with Gabi. Will says he figured then that Sonny was with Brian and out of his league. Will talks about being new to this and apologizes. Will says the whole thing has been his fault and hopes Sonny will forgive him.

Maggie sits with Melanie and says she wants to make sure that this is all happening for the right reasons. Melanie insists that it is because they love each other. Maggie thinks it's all happening so fast and worries that she feels threatened. Melanie assures her that it has nothing to do with Nick. Melanie talks about always wanting a relationship with real, honest love.

Chad questions Gabi trying to turn it around on him. Gabi explains that she tried to tell Melanie but Chad stopped her. Chad felt Melanie didn't need to know that Gabi was the real enemy. Gabi says she's not the enemy and brings up Nick staying in Salem. Gabi informs Chad that Nick is working at the Pub and adds that Melanie needs her friends. Chad tells her that she's not her friend and to get over herself. Gabi brings up Melanie finding out that Chad lied to her and covered it up and how she will feel destroyed.

Daniel questions Ann giving Jennifer an office in the basement and tells her that Jennifer needs something better.

Nicole tells Jennifer that she was just saying Brady's a great guy and they could use each other. Jennifer wants to go to work but Nicole stops her and brings up Daniel. Nicole hopes she didn't offend her the other day. Nicole apologizes. Jennifer understands that she wants her to give Daniel space. Nicole says she knows that she doesn't want to play mind games with Daniel. Jennifer then exits. Nicole comments to herself about Jennifer being off to work with Daniel and she hopes she will keep her distance.

Melanie tells Maggie that what she and Chad have is real. Maggie says she never doubted it and that's not what she's concerned about. Melanie tells her not to be concerned about anything. Melanie talks about her mom being happy and coming to the wedding with her brother. Maggie calls it wonderful. Melanie says it would be if Maggie was happy too. Maggie hugs her and says she is happy for her. Maggie tells her they will have so much fun planning the perfect wedding. Maggie asks Melanie when her mom is coming but she doesn't know yet. Melanie talks about wanting to go see her in Europe first which Maggie thinks is a good idea. Melanie then decides she doesn't want to leave Chad right now so maybe will wait. Maggie asks about setting a date. Melanie says they will have a long engagement. Melanie says she has to go but having her support means everything. Maggie tells her she always has it and loves her as she hugs her. Melanie says she will call as she then exits. Maggie sits down and tells herself that Melanie is not in a rush.

Chad says all he wanted was for Melanie to feel safe but Gabi messed it up by hiring Andrew to stalk her. Gabi says all she wanted was for Chad to notice her and starts blaming him. Chad says he had no idea how she felt about him. Gabi questions how he couldn't and wonders if he ever looked at her. Chad wishes he would've noticed what a nutjob she is. Chad calls her a lunatic. Gabi says it's not all on her. Gabi suggests that Chad could've just told her that he would never love her and then maybe none of this would have happened to Melanie.

Nicole goes to the Kiriakis Mansion. Maggie wonders what she can do for her. Nicole talks about Maggie being willing to let her stay there. Maggie knows she didn't come to just thank her. Nicole insists that she did and talks about being grateful but admits that's not it. Nicole says she came because she's concerned about Jennifer being under a lot of pressure. Nicole informs Maggie about Jennifer going back to work at the hospital. Nicole talks about being unsure Jennifer can handle that stress. Maggie wonders why she's telling her and what she expects her to do. Nicole thinks Jennifer needs to get away with Maggie to escape. Nicole suggests the sooner they leave would be better.

Jennifer goes to the hospital and hugs Maxine, who tells her it's great to have her back. Maxine tells her about Daniel going off on Ann about making sure Jennifer got her job and her office back. Maxine walks off as Daniel approaches and greets Jennifer. Daniel welcomes her back. Jennifer says she heard about what he just did for her and that she really wishes he hadn't. Jennifer knows he's trying to help but insists that she can take care of herself.

Rafe tells Brady it's crazy because he doesn't need Sami in his life. Rafe doesn't know what to do since he was married to her and raised kids with her so he doesn't want to let her self destruct with EJ. Rafe talks about the ways Sami and EJ have hurt each other. Brady asks if they are together but Rafe doesn't know. Rafe insists that he's not getting involved in it but Brady thinks he already is. Rafe assures him that the kiss meant nothing. Brady asks if that means he doesn't care about Sami at all anymore. Rafe says the problem is that he does care.

Sami admits to EJ that it's because of Rafe as she was all set to go before he showed up. Sami talks about Rafe making her feel like she was making a huge mistake. EJ wonders what she said to him.

Sonny tells Will that it was all just a misunderstanding that they have all figured out now. Sonny talks about not needing to label anything right now and Will agrees. Sonny suggests they focus on taking it slow which Will likes as they hold hands.

Brady asks Rafe if Sami knows that he still cares about her. Rafe says he doesn't know what she thinks and doesn't know if he ever did but feels talking about it is a waste of time. Brady asks if he's done then. Rafe says nothing has changed and points out that she hasn't called or texted. Rafe assumes Sami is now with EJ. Rafe insists that the kiss meant nothing to either one of them. Rafe takes his things and exits.

Sami tells EJ that she didn't say anything to Rafe. EJ asks why not. Sami says Rafe did all the talking. EJ questions why she would listen to Rafe trying to scare her away from him. EJ accuses Sami of letting Rafe in and choosing to listen to him. Sami tells him not to get angry and brings up that Rafe is her ex husband so she isn't just going to slam the door in his face. EJ explains that he's not angry with her and didn't mean to come across that way so he apologizes. EJ recognizes that Rafe was her husband and he will always have an investment in her. EJ doesn't understand why Rafe couldn't say what he had to say to him. Sami suggests Rafe didn't want to get into it. EJ figures Rafe went to go spend time with Nicole and their baby. Sami tells EJ that she's sorry. EJ just wants to spend time with her but Sami says she's not in the mood and doesn't feel up to going out. EJ tells her that he understands. EJ apologizes for his behavior. EJ says they can do it another time since he's a patient man. EJ then gets up and exits. EJ walks down the hall in frustration.

Will goes to the Pub and greets Gabi, who is reading a bridal magazine. Gabi tells Will about Melanie asking her to be a bridesmaid. Will is surprised that she's doing it when she tried to break them up before. Gabi doesn't want to talk about it. Gabi says whatever happened in the past needs to stay there.

Melanie talks with Chad at home about how she thinks Maggie was faking her happiness and worried about Nick. Chad tells her again that he's marrying her because he loves her and it has nothing to do with Nick. Melanie agrees and kisses him.

Daniel tells Jennifer that he didn't mean to get in her way. Jennifer knows he had the best intentions but she needs him to know that she can't handle it on her own even if it means her office is in the basement. Daniel accepts that and says he won't do it again as he then goes back to work. Maxine comes over and asks Jennifer if she's crazy.

Maggie tells Nicole that she can't just tell Jennifer to leave town. Nicole thinks she could use some time away. Maggie says it's not their place so she will leave it up to Jennifer to decide. Nicole apologizes for overstepping. Maggie accepts her apology and Nicole leaves. Nicole calls it a waste of time and hopes Jennifer doesn't run into Daniel at the hospital then worries about if she does as she walks on.

Jennifer tells Maxine that Daniel crossed the line as she doesn't want him to be nice to her. Nicole arrives and watches from a distance. Maxine tries to explain to Jennifer that Daniel was just standing up for a friend and then she attacked him. Maxine says she told Jennifer because she thought it would make her feel better to know she already had people on her side. Jennifer apologizes. Maxine tells her to enjoy her office as she walks away.

Will tells Gabi that Sonny is the guy he's been into this whole time. Will admits he feels weird talking about it now and tells her that Sonny feels the same. Will says it's crazy because it almost didn't even happen since they both didn't think the other felt the same way. Will calls it a misunderstanding and talks about how you can be so wrong about someone you thought you knew as a friend.

Nicole finds Daniel at the hospital. Daniel asks if everything is okay. Nicole assures him that the baby is fine but she had some free time so she wanted to buy him coffee. Nicole asks if he's okay. Daniel says that he is. Nicole asks if he's sure because she thinks she can tell when something's wrong. Nicole offers her time to listen and says he can tell her anything.

Brady goes to Sami's. Brady wanted to talk since he figured she'd be ticked off at him now for promoting Kate. Sami admits that she is but doesn't want to talk about it. Brady says he didn't want to talk about that either but the fact that he just came from seeing Rafe.

EJ walks through the town square as Rafe walks by. EJ tells Rafe that Sami's house is the other way. EJ says Rafe is having a tough time keeping his distance from Sami. Rafe warns him not to start with him. EJ warns Rafe not to cross him. Rafe tells him to get a life. EJ suggests he take his own advice and accept that Sami has moved on. Rafe laughs at the idea. EJ reminds Rafe that he's divorced. EJ orders Rafe to get out of Sami's life and his.

Melanie talks to Chad about everything being so unpredictable but feeling safe with him. Melanie calls him everything she wants and needs as she hugs him.

Jennifer finds Maxine again. Maxine asks how her office is. Jennifer admits it's really nice. Maxine asks if she needed something. Jennifer apologizes since she was right that she was out of line with Daniel. Maxine accepts her apology and says she could never stay mad at her. Jennifer wants to go find Daniel to apologize to him as well.

Daniel admits to Nicole that something did happen that threw him but he's over it now. Nicole says that's good because she has news to share and thinks now is the perfect time. Nicole reveals her name for her baby is Daniel Rafael after he and Rafe. Daniel tells her that she doesn't have to do that but Nicole insists that she wants to. Daniel hugs her and Nicole says she wants her baby to know how much she cares about him as she then kisses him.

Brady tells Sami that Rafe mentioned that he just came from seeing her. Brady calls it an eye opening conversation due to Rafe's mood. Brady says he got Rafe to open up and let it all out. Sami asks what he said about her. Brady responds by asking what she thinks he said about her.

Rafe questions EJ telling him to leave Sami alone. EJ says he won't repeat himself. Rafe questions if that's an order. EJ says it wasn't a suggestion. Rafe reminds EJ that he's not the mayor anymore. Rafe then tells EJ to go to hell.

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