Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 9/13/12

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 9/13/12


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Sami looks back at her phone from the doorway with Rafe. Rafe comments that it looks like she has plans. Sami says she was getting ready to leave. Rafe asks if she's getting ready to see EJ. Rafe calls her a fool and tells her that EJ is not the right man for her. Sami questions why he would say that and who the right guy for her is then.

Adrienne asks Sonny if there's someone else he might be interested in. Sonny admits that there is. Adrienne wants to know who and if she knows him. Sonny reveals to her that it's Will which surprises her. Sonny thinks she's unhappy and asks what she has against Will.

Will follows T through the town square and stops him. T thinks it's too weird to talk about if he's going to date another dude. Will persists so T tells him that Sonny said he was into Will but felt Will did not feel the same.

Nick works at the Pub with Gabi. Gabi jokes with him about breaking plates. Gabi introduces herself and then gets worried when Nick introduces himself as Nick Fallon.

Chad brings Melanie home where he has flowers and balloons set up. Chad says he did all of his errands and wanted to do this for her after knowing she was bummed about how Daniel reacted to their engagement. Chad comments that he hasn't told anyone else about their engagement. EJ then arrives with a bottle of champagne and congratulates them. EJ jokes with them and asks if they have set a date.

Rafe tells Sami again that EJ is wrong for her. Sami asks if that's all he's going to say. Rafe offers a list of reasons why he's dangerous. Sami asks if he just decided to show up to tell her how to run her life. Sami wants him to step up and say what he feels. Rafe suggests that maybe she shouldn't be with anyone.

Gabi apologizes to Nick. Nick tells her it's okay because he is a felon on a parole and did bad things. Gabi mentions that she's heard things. Nick hopes the good outweighs the bad. Gabi mentions Melanie and that they've been friends since she came to Salem. Nick says he doesn't blame Melanie for not wanting him around and says he's only around because his parole made him stay. Nick says he doesn't want to make Melanie's life any harder. Gabi tells him that she believes him. Nick comments that Melanie really stepped up for his parole so he'll always be grateful and he wants to make sure she won't regret it. Gabi talks about valuing Caroline's opinion and agrees that people deserve a second chance. Nick says he'll see her around as he continues working.

EJ pours champagne and toasts to Chad and Melanie having decades of happiness and love. Melanie comments that it's nice to have someone happy for them. Chad asks EJ to be his best man and he quickly accepts. EJ jokes with him about his speech. Chad wants to return the favor at EJ's next wedding then. EJ tells him to keep his calendar open as he doesn't have any plans but he might if things go as expected.

Sami tries to shut the door on Rafe but he comes in anyways. Rafe says being alone is not such a bad thing. Sami accuses him of saying she's not good enough to be with someone. Rafe suggests she work harder to be more independent. Rafe questions how long she's gone without a man in her life. Sami asks if he thinks she's pathetic and needy. Rafe tells her to forget it and starts to leave but Sami stops him and wants him to finish what he started. Rafe says he didn't mean that she doesn't deserve to be with someone as he was thinking about the kids and what they need. Sami mocks the idea that she's not thinking of her kids. Rafe calls her a good mother but points out the kids being bounced around lately. Sami says she was only protecting their father from the police. Sami doesn't see the big deal or what's so bad in getting back with EJ. Rafe can't believe she's even thinking about it. Rafe tells her not to do it. Sami asks what it is to him. Rafe declares that if she gets back with EJ then the kids don't have a chance.

Bo goes to the Pub and is surprised to see Nick working. Nick says he's lucky that Caroline is a forgiving woman. Caroline comes over and sends Nick to work on the dishwasher. Bo jokes with Caroline and brings up his past. Caroline doesn't want a lecture. Bo hugs her as he tells her that he's proud of her.

Melanie says she will be going to the Kiriakis Mansion but Maggie promised that Nick is not there. Chad kisses her and exits. Melanie calls Abigail and can tell something's wrong. Abigail informs her that Cameron broke up with her. Melanie can't believe it and decides to hurry over to see Abigail.

Adrienne tells Sonny that she loves him and supports anything he does. Adrienne says she adores Will and praises him but adds that he comes with a lot of baggage. Sonny asks what she's talking about. Adrienne responds that she means Lucas and Sami and how Will helped Sami and EJ become fugitives. Adrienne brings up Will being arrested in the past. Sonny compares it to what people could say about their family. Adrienne agrees that they have their own dysfunction. Adrienne hoped Sonny would find someone less complicated.

Will follows T through the town square and wants to talk more but T doesn't want to. Will wants him to clarify more and asks about Brian. T tries to leave but Will stops him. Will brings up times in the past where T talked to him about girls. Will calls it payback and asks T to help him out by telling him everything that Sonny said.

Melanie goes to see Abigail and hugs her. Abigail says she's such a mess but doesn't want to be. Abigail wants to talk about Melanie now and asks about Chad's proposal. Melanie wants to finish talking about Cameron but Abigail says not today. Gabi bursts in asking about what Cameron's deal is then apologizes when she sees Melanie is there. Melanie is glad they are both there so she can announce her engagement. Melanie shows them her ring. Gabi is surprised and congratulates her.

Adrienne tells Sonny that she's not attacking Will but feels he might not even be ready for a relationship. Adrienne brings up Brian and points out all his good qualities. Sonny tells her that she has to stay out of his love life. Adrienne agrees and apologizes. Sonny hugs her before she leaves.

T talks to Will about Sonny liking him and hearing Brian hit on him. Will asks more but T jokes about not wanting to talk more about it. T says Sonny froze Brian out because he is still hung up on him. Will is glad because he thought he blew it with Sonny. Will thanks T as he then exits and Will rushes off.

Rafe tells Sami that he wants to protect the kids from EJ. Rafe brings up EJ kidnapping Sydney in the past. Rafe questions Sami thinking EJ has changed. Sami accuses him of railroading an innocent man. Sami talks about EJ disowning Stefano and being out of the family business. Sami thinks this is about them. Rafe questions her having to go there. Sami says Rafe never got over it after her one horrible mistake. Rafe says he didn't say anything about that and he thinks it's about EJ. Rafe tells Sami that she's not so sold on EJ. Sami says he doesn't know her mind. Rafe comments on her taking her big purse and wonders what all she's bringing. Rafe calls EJ a snake and says Sami will never completely trust him. Rafe says Sami can't lie to herself and that's why she'll never truly love him.

Will goes to the coffeehouse to see Sonny. Sonny comments on not seeing him around lately and apologizes about what happened between them as he felt he crossed the line. Will says he didn't. Sonny thinks it wasn't okay. Will tells Sonny that he was right about his reaction and is glad that he called him out on it. Will tries to get his words out but Chad arrives and announces his engagement.

Bo sits with Caroline and talks about Nick turning a new leaf and Caroline getting him the job. Bo asks how he's doing. Caroline jokes about him breaking plates. Bo comments that Nick is a genius with technology and suggests she have him work in the web site. Caroline jokes about making him clean the grease trap and she goes back to work. EJ arrives and orders a coffee. Bo comments on making sure he pays for it. EJ responds back that he doesn't want him making another false arrest. EJ asks if they are taking bets as to how long it will take for his lawsuit. Bo talks about EJ pretending to be a good citizen. Bo comments that EJ is in a good mood after resigning in disgrace from the mayor position. EJ says that's what happened if he says so. Bo wants to know what he's up to.

Sami tells Rafe that he's wrong about everything. Sami thinks Rafe made it sound like she and EJ are perfect for each other. Rafe calls EJ a snake. Sami thinks he thinks she's a snake too. Rafe tells her that she can do better than EJ. Sami asks who is better and then accuses Rafe of doing nothing but judging her. Rafe tells her that she's right and he should go. Rafe goes to leave but then shuts the door, goes back and kisses Sami.

Will asks Chad if he's set a date. Chad says all he knows is that EJ will be his best man and he asks Sonny and Will to stand up for him also. Sonny asks about Gabi and Abigail standing up for Melanie but Chad says that won't happen. Chad says they will figure it out and hurries out. Sonny wonders what that was about.

Gabi tells Melanie about a lady at Countess Wilhelmina doing wedding planning. Melanie asks Abigail to be her maid of honor and she accepts. Melanie asks Gabi to be her bridesmaid. Gabi thinks back to Chad telling her to stay away so she doesn't know what to say. Gabi then agrees to do it.

Bo tells EJ that he can threaten lawsuits but they both know he resigned because he's in trouble for jumping bail. EJ says he was being hounded by a corrupt investigation into a murder that didn't happen. EJ says he found the person responsible for them and then re-evaluated a few priorities in his life. Bo questions if he's just sitting around waiting for Stefano's next orders. EJ says he has no idea where Stefano is and doesn't care. Bo warns that they will be watching him. Bo adds that no one believes that EJ will be spending more time with his family. EJ says that really is why he resigned. Bo calls the family line the last line of a corrupt politician. EJ insists that it really is why. EJ doesn't care what Bo thinks and says he's leaving the mayor job to focus on his family. EJ decides he's going to start focusing on that right now and he exits.

Rafe and Sami continue kissing. They stop and Rafe then exits.

Chad goes to Abigail's and says he can't believe she'd let just anyone walk in as he looks at Gabi. Melanie tells him that Gabi and Abigail are going to be in the wedding and asks if that's okay. Chad says he was looking for Gabi as they have papers to sign in terminating their modeling contracts. Chad says he wants to do it now. Chad kisses Melanie and steps out with Gabi. Gabi quickly tells Chad that she came to see Abigail and didn't know Melanie would be there as Chad takes her outside.

Sonny tells Will that he feels Chad and Melanie are rushing things. Will agrees as they talk about never hearing them talk about marriage before. Will calls himself pretty dense at sensing people's signals. Will asks to talk to Sonny about something but the phone rings. Sonny answers and it's Brian.

EJ goes to Sami's and she's surprised it's him when she opens the door. EJ asks if she was expecting somebody else.

Chad drags Gabi through the town square and questions what she thinks she's doing. Gabi wonders what excuse she could have given for not being Melanie's bridesmaid. Chad questions how she could stand up for them after what she did to Melanie. Chad accuses her of nearly causing Melanie's death. Chad declares there is no way that Gabi will be a part of their wedding and says that this is over.

Melanie and Abigail walk outside the Pub as Nick comes out. Abigail asks about him working there. Nick says he just got the job but works in the kitchen so he shouldn't be out front much. Nick walks off as Abigail asks if Melanie is okay. Melanie says she is as they walk away together with Melanie watching her back.

Sonny finishes his call with Brian and goes back to Will. Sonny mentions that they will be going to the movies with a bunch of friends later and thinks Will seems surprised. Will tells him that he thought they were together but he knows now since T told him. Will jokes about forcing T to tell him what was going on. Sonny asks if T said anything else and then assumes he didn't since he doesn't have a love life. Will states that Sonny doesn't have a love life for the same reason that he doesn't. Will thinks they have more in common together than they thought.

Rafe goes to the station and sits at his desk. Rafe thinks back to kissing Sami and says to himself that there's no problem here and he knows exactly what he's doing.

EJ asks Sami if everything is alright since she seems a little all over the place. Sami says she's always running around crazy. EJ tells her that she looks stunning. Sami thanks him. EJ asks her if she's ready.

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