Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 9/12/12

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 9/12/12


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Sami runs into Will at the town square and says she has a present for him. Will wonders why but Sami says she doesn't need an excuse. Will wants to know what she wants.

EJ talks on the phone about making plans for his date with Sami. EJ then heads into the Pub where Jennifer is on the phone. EJ overhears Jennifer mention Nicole moving in and questions her.

Rafe goes to Jennifer's to see Nicole. Nicole informs Rafe that her baby is a boy and she's happy. They joke around together. Nicole says she's made a decision and wants to run it by Rafe. Nicole says he's been amazing in pretending to be the father to keep EJ away. Nicole wants to see what he thinks of naming her baby Daniel Rafe Hernandez.

Daniel goes to the coffeehouse. Sonny greets him and Daniel makes an order for Melanie as he tries to get a hold of her but can't get a signal on his phone.

Melanie reads a note Chad left for her and then the phone rings. She answers asking if it's Chad but when there's no answer she thinks back to running into Nick and quickly hangs up.

Sami tells Will that EJ resigned as mayor yesterday to spend more time with his family. Will assumes that he doesn't mean Stefano. Will realizes she's thinking about getting back together with EJ.

Jennifer hangs up and says EJ rudely interrupted her by listening to her phone call. EJ asks why Nicole moved in with her. Jennifer tries to leave but EJ stops her and warns her not to underestimate Nicole.

Rafe tells Nicole that he loves the name and is honored. Nicole hugs him and thanks him. Nicole asks if he's just saying that. Rafe feels he has more responsibility with the baby having his name. Nicole says she wanted his name as a thanks. Rafe brings up the first name being Daniel. Nicole thinks Daniel has been just as supportive. Rafe points out that EJ could figure out and be suspicious of Daniel because of it. Nicole thinks everything she does will make EJ suspicious and she wants her baby's name to be special. Nicole says Rafe and Daniel are the two most important men in her life. Rafe says it's her baby and then asks if there's more going on between her and Daniel than just his favor.

Melanie's phone rings again, she answers and it's Daniel this time. Daniel tells her that he's off work and will come over now. Melanie insists that she's still fine and isn't freaked out about Nick. Daniel says he's still coming over and bringing her a latte. Someone knocks on the door which Daniel hears and tells her to ask who it is before opening it. Melanie goes to check the door and sees it's Brady. Melanie assumes that he wants to talk to her about Nick. Melanie tells him to go ahead and ask everything that everyone asks her. Melanie talks about how Maggie and Daniel continue checking on her and Chad is always checking on her. Melanie doesn't want to hear the same things. Melanie turns over Chad's note and pulls her sleeve to cover up her ring. Melanie says she would have the same reaction to anyone and wants everyone to back off. Brady apologizes and says he's just concerned. Melanie says she's sorry too and knows he's going through so much after losing Madison. Melanie adds that she doesn't know what she would do if she ever lost Chad.

Nicole tells Rafe that her feelings for Daniel evolved over time. Nicole says the more time she spent with him gave her a moment of clarity that made her know she was all in. Rafe calls it interesting that they have developed something romantic through their friendship. Nicole would like to think so but says that Daniel doesn't have as much clarity about her as she does about him.

Adrienne talks with Daniel at the coffeehouse. She talks about how she was initially concerned about Sonny working with Chad but realized Chad is a good guy. Daniel agrees and gives her condolences over Jack's passing. She thanks him and says she appreciates it. She wishes Jennifer could lean on the people who love her as much as they lean on her.

Jennifer tells EJ that she hates threats and warns him to stay away from her house and Nicole. EJ claims to be protecting what's his. Jennifer tells him that nothing is his since Nicole's baby is Rafe's. EJ thinks back to talking to Nicole and Rafe about it. Jennifer tells EJ that it's time to move on and she exits.

Sami says she thought Will liked EJ. Will says he does but that doesn't matter since they have a disastrous history that he doesn't know why she would want to repeat. Sami says he makes a good point which surprises Will. They go back to Sami's place and she gives him his present. Sami tells him that family has always been her first priority. Will feels like her recent decisions have revolved around EJ. Sami says she and EJ are both aware that their relationship would affect a lot of people. Will suggests he could have a good affect on her and is surprised she's being reasonable. Sami wants him to be honest about his feelings with her about EJ. Sami asks if he thinks she's making another mistake by thinking about getting back with EJ.

Outside the Pub, EJ calls Justin and leaves a message asking for legal advice on a personal delicate matter involving Nicole.

Nicole tells Rafe that in the beginning it was Daniel pursuing a relationship with her but then Melanie got kidnapped and Nick came back so he's focused on his daughter. Nicole calls him a good father and gets why he has to make her a priority as she will too with her son. Rafe says it sounds all neat and tidy. Nicole admits there's more to the story and jokes with Rafe about being a cop. Nicole says everything she told him is true but there's another layer now that Jack passed away which put Jennifer back on Daniel's radar. Rafe asks if she thinks he still has feelings for Jennifer. Nicole says not to get carried away as Daniel will care about anyone. Nicole wants Daniel's heart to go to the right person and that's her.

Daniel goes to see Melanie and asks who was at the door. Melanie says it was Brady doing the same thing he's going to do which is driving her crazy. Melanie wants to talk about normal things and not about parole boards or nightmares. Daniel worries about nightmares and then sees the engagement ring on Melanie's finger.

Brady sits and the town square looking at a flyer on how to deal with loss. Jennifer walks through and sees him. Jennifer tells him that she's there for the dealing with loss group as well. Both say they are late. Brady doesn't want to focus on what he lost. Jennifer sits with him and says she gets it.

EJ sits at the coffeehouse making more phone calls to set things up in a special way for Sami on their date.

Will is glad that Sami is actually talking to him about something before she does it. Sami reminds him to open his present so he opens it and it's a jacket that they walked by in the past. They talk about EJ again and Will brings up that she's been all over the map with men lately. Sami agrees and thinks back to Rafe telling her that he could never hate her. Sami then says Will is definitely right. Will asks her to be sure this time.

Melanie informs Daniel that Chad proposed to her last night. Daniel doesn't know what to say. Melanie says he's the first to know. Daniel asks her what she's thinking. Daniel calls it out of nowhere. Melanie says she's been with Chad for a long time. Daniel thinks it's impulsive and says it reminds him of Phillip. Melanie thinks he's trying to freak her out and tells him not to judge. Daniel wants to know why she wants to get married to Chad in the middle of all the drama with Nick.

Rafe advises Nicole to tell Daniel about her feelings because the stakes are way too high. Nicole explains that she's not keeping her feelings a secret. Nicole says Daniel might not know how strong her feelings are but he knows she has them. Nicole calls Rafe the worst offender of not telling his feelings and brings up Sami. Nicole talks about the way Rafe and Sami looked at each other the other day. Rafe thinks she must be kidding. Nicole says she can't stand Sami and Rafe says he can't either. They argue about it as Nicole thinks Rafe wants to be with Sami. Nicole adds that she just cares about him and wants him to be happy. Nicole asks Rafe if he thinks he could be happy without Sami.

Jennifer talks with Brady about her memories with Jack that get her the most. Brady says talking to Melanie helped him a little bit to focus on someone else's problems. Jennifer assures Brady that Nick has changed. Brady hopes she's right. Jennifer adds that Melanie is lucky to have him. Brady points out that she has Chad and Daniel too. Jennifer calls Daniel a great dad. Jennifer says Daniel with Melanie reminds her of how Jack was with Abigail.

Melanie tells Daniel that he just couldn't help himself from bringing up Nick. Melanie wants him to be happy for her. Daniel says he can't be happy when Chad proposed while she's so vulnerable. Daniel says he's just trying to take care of her while she's not being terrified. Melanie asks him to leave but Daniel wants to address it right now.

Rafe tells Nicole that there's nothing between he and Sami so it's done. Nicole comments that EJ seems pretty into it. Rafe insists that he's not going back with Sami and never will. Rafe says he doesn't want to be near Sami but Nicole doesn't believe him. Nicole tells him that he knows as well as she does.

Sami helps Will put on his new jacket and talks about how good he looks. Sami asks Will about his love life. Will says that area is closed. Sami suggests he learn to trust and believe in himself. Will thanks her and gives her the same advice.

EJ continues making flower orders on the phone as Billie arrives. EJ gets a call back from Justin as Billie listens behind him. EJ tells Justin that he wanted to talk to him about Nicole. Billie interrupts and asks EJ if he's still interested in Nicole.

Will goes to the Pub to pick up an order. T approaches him and mocks him about the Pub being a gay bar now. Will tells him to go away. T admits he was a little rough on him the other day. Will asks if that joke was an apology. T wants to make sure he knows he's not gay. Will says he's not his type. T comments that Will and Sonny are a lot alike. Will says their only similarity is that they are both gay. T says he knows Will is not interested and calls him a real heart breaker as he exits.

Daniel wants to know how Chad and Melanie became engaged so fast. Daniel brings up Melanie running into Nick. Melanie says Chad proposed before that. Daniel realizes that Melanie went to Maggie for advice on Chad's proposal but ran into Nick first so she just decided to accept the proposal because Nick creeped her out. Melanie shouts that she loves Chad and that should be enough. Daniel says it would be enough if he believed that was the reason. Melanie accuses Daniel of trying to hurt her.

EJ finishes his phone call as Billie sits with him. Billie asks about Nicole and tells him to confide in her. EJ says he has no intention of confiding in her. EJ tells her that his relationship with Nicole is over and he was just tying up some legal loose ends which aren't her business. Billie asks him who he was then ordering flowers for. EJ gets up and exits as Billie laughs.

Sami gets dressed up and tells herself that Will is right that she just needs to be herself. There's a knock on the door so Sami assumes EJ is early but she opens the door and it's Rafe instead.

Brady thanks Jennifer for helping him out. Brady asks her to meet again the same time next week which she agrees to. Nicole walks by and sees them together.

Daniel tells Melanie that the last thing he wants to do is hurt her. Melanie wants him to say congratulations then. Daniel adds that if she's happy then he's happy. Melanie says she is. Melanie insists that it's not a knee jerk reaction over Nick. Daniel accepts that and congratulates her then hugs her.

Adrienne sits with Sonny as he works. She jokes with him about him finding someone to be with. Adrienne brings up seeing him with Brian. Sonny explains that they are just friends. Adrienne asks if there's someone else he might be interested in. Sonny admits that there is. Adrienne wants to know who and if she knows him. Sonny reveals to her that it's Will which surprises her.

Will follows T out of the Pub and wants to know what he meant about Sonny. T tells him that he heard himself that Sonny was interested in him. T walks away and Will follows off.

EJ calls Sami. Sami looks back at her phone from the doorway with Rafe. Rafe comments that it looks like she has plans. Sami says she was getting ready to leave. Rafe asks if she's getting ready to see EJ. Rafe calls her a fool and tells her that EJ is not the right man for her.

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