Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 9/11/12

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 9/11/12


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Jennifer tells Abigail that she knows what she's talking about and offers help with birth control. Abigail responds that she doesn't need it as she's never slept with anyone and is still a virgin. Jennifer is surprised as she had no idea. Abigail accuses her of not caring.

Nicole talks with Daniel about being the godfather of her baby and adds that she is glad that he will be a part of her son's life. Daniel feels the baby kick as Brady walks in and apologizes for interrupting. Daniel says it's okay and invites Brady in.

Sami walks through the town square and thinks back to asking Rafe how he felt about her. Sami tries to put together a message to send to Rafe but decides it won't work. Kate arrives and tells Sami that nothing ever does work for her.

Chad runs into EJ outside of the coffeehouse and says he heard about EJ resigning from mayor. Chad wants EJ to help him find Stefano. EJ questions what he would want with him.

Melanie pours herself a drink at the Kiriakis Mansion as Nick walks into the room which startles her, causing her to drop her drink. Melanie tells him to stay away from her.

Chad tells EJ that he wanted to ask Stefano for a favor. EJ tells him that's the last thing he should want. Chad talks about his life getting more complicated and how he might be getting married to Melanie. EJ is surprised as he had no idea he was even thinking about it. Chad says he's gotten the ring and is just waiting on Melanie's answer. EJ asks what it has to do with Stefano. Chad explains that Stefano knows how to keep someone safe and he wants Melanie safe. EJ realizes this is about Nick getting out of prison.

Melanie questions what Nick is doing there. Nick says it's okay and wants to explain. Maggie rushes in and apologizes, saying it wasn't supposed to happen this way. Maggie adds that she wasn't expecting to see Melanie. Melanie tells her that she came to see her and wonders why Nick is there. Maggie informs Melanie that Nick now lives there.

Sami tells Kate that she's having a great time turning around Countess Wilhelmina. Kate thinks Sami will run the company like her personal life as she walks away. Sami says to herself that she at least didn't fall for a nutjob like Ian. Sami walks away as Billie joins Kate. Billie questions seeing Kate talking to Sami. Kate says she's ready for an adult conversation now.

Abigail yells at Jennifer about assuming she has so much experience. Jennifer says she just never questioned her about all of her boyfriends. Abigail asks if she's calling her a slut. Abigail calls it an embarrassing conversation. Abigail says Jennifer doesn't care and she doesn't want to explain herself. Abigail storms off up the stairs as Jennifer says she's not done talking to her.

A nurse tells Daniel that Maggie wants to see him so Daniel decides to go now. Daniel exits the room as Brady tells Nicole that he knows her look and that she's got it bad for Daniel.

Maggie tells Nick that she needs to talk to Melanie alone so Nick exits. Maggie apologizes to Melanie. Melanie says she doesn't owe her an apology. Maggie explains that Hope just brought Nick over a while ago and that he had to stay with a relative. Maggie says she was just trying to call Melanie. Melanie says it's fine but Maggie doesn't think she's okay with it. Melanie says she was just in shock. Maggie worries that she won't be seeing Melanie. Melanie decides she has to go to a hair appointment and promises she'll come back as Maggie cries.

EJ sits with Chad in the coffeehouse and tells him that going to Stefano is not the answer. EJ offers to help instead. Chad asks EJ to tell him about Nick since Melanie doesn't want to talk about him. EJ calls Nick brilliant which is what made him so dangerous when he went off the deep end. Chad worries that could mean that he's smart enough to convince the parole board that he's better when he's not.

Nicole tells Brady that he's full of it. Brady calls her crazy and says she's doing it again. Brady thinks she's just trying to find the first guy she sees when her life is a mess. Nicole says it's just gratitude since Daniel saved her baby's life. Brady wonders if Daniel knows that he's in her sights. Brady says he's trying to be her friend since this never works out for her. Nicole thinks he's being mean. Nicole knows Brady is trying to help but she doesn't think it's about her and Daniel but about Brady. Brady agrees that it could be a little but it doesn't make him wrong about what's going on. Brady asks her to just be careful so she promises to be careful if Brady promises to take care of himself as she hugs him.

Jennifer sits outside the town square crying as Daniel approaches her.

EJ goes to his apartment and runs into Sami. EJ tells her that resigning as mayor took a lot shorter than he expected. Sami asks if he's okay. EJ says he's fine and jokes about being a rare moment where he told the truth as he told them that he was resigning to spend time with his family. Sami mentions that she has to go to her office but instead invites EJ in to her home.

Cameron goes to see Abigail and says he got her message. Abigail asks what he thought of it. Cameron thinks they can talk about it. Abigail thinks talking is overrated and she kisses him.

Daniel hands Jennifer a napkin to wipe her tears. Daniel wants her to talk to him which she agrees to do. Jennifer says she feels like every day she's walking into a mine field and doesn't know when it's going to go off and she's going to blow up. Daniel thinks it's good that she's crying. Jennifer talks about how it's not just Jack but Abigail being so hard now. Jennifer says it's not fair that Abigail just lost her father. Daniel says he can imagine the grief and trying to be a parent. Daniel asks if Abigail is giving her a hard time. Jennifer says it's not even fair to talk about her like this since she's just rambling and doesn't know what she's saying. Daniel sits with her and says he likes to listen to her. Jennifer talks about waking up every morning and thinking she can do this but she's not ready. Daniel thinks she's managing by dealing with it. Jennifer feels like everything was balanced with Jack and now she feels like she has to take care of everything. Jennifer cries as Nicole walks by behind them and listens. Daniel wonders if Jennifer took on too much by letting Nicole move in with her but Jennifer insists that it's fine. Jennifer brings up Daniel being the one to ask Maggie to let Nicole move in meaning that he obviously cares a lot about Nicole.

Nick sits with Maggie and says he did a lot of trying to see things from other peoples views in prison. Nick talks about Melanie feeling like she can't come see Maggie and how that will be another thing that he's taken away from her. Maggie says it was just a shock and she blames herself for not making sure that Melanie knew. Nick wants to work on it and says he will go in to town to try and find a job to pay his own way. Maggie brings up the parole board and how he has to follow the restrictions. Nick says he wants to stay out of prison and says he will stay away from Melanie which Maggie suggests is a good idea.

Chad returns home and is surprised to find Melanie since he thought she was out. Melanie says she went for a walk but came back. Chad wants to talk about his proposal. Melanie agrees that they should. Chad asks what she thinks about it now.

Kate and Billie go to the pub as Billie asks if Kate really thinks they could work together long term since neither of them are pushovers. Kate insists that she can trust her. Billie points out that they drive each other crazy. Kate feels she needs someone that she can work closely with who will understand her vision. Billie suggests Lucas but Kate says it's a cosmetics company. Billie agrees to think about it so Kate thanks her.

EJ tells Sami that they could still have a lunch at the Green Mountain Lodge but Sami thinks it's too late for lunch but suggests dinner as celebration of his resignation. EJ jokingly asks if she's asking him out.

Cameron and Abigail kiss in her bedroom. Cameron asks if they are alone. Abigail points out that the door is closed and insists she's not putting on a show for Jennifer. They sit on her bed as Cameron talks about how this is the third time he's been here in the last 24 hours. Cameron thinks she isn't sure what she wants. Abigail thinks it sounds like he's the one who is unsure. Cameron says he cares about her. Abigail says she cares and that's why she keeps doing this. Cameron tells her that she doesn't have to do this and that it's a bad idea.

Nicole approaches Daniel and Jennifer. She asks Daniel about going to see Maggie. Daniel says he was going to but ran into Jennifer. Jennifer apologizes for keeping him waiting and tells him that he can go see Maggie. Daniel tells her to take care and tells Nicole that he will call her as he walks away. Nicole tells Jennifer that she thinks she interrupted something. Jennifer says she was just upset. Nicole questions if Jennifer leaning on Daniel is the smartest thing to do right now.

Nick sits at the town square making calls looking for a job. Nick asks for an interview but gets hung up on. Nick tries another call as Caroline approaches and greets him.

Chad tells Melanie that he's an idiot for springing the proposal on her and he doesn't want to pressure her. Chad says the idea just makes him so happy. Melanie tells him that he's not pressuring her as she needed time to think and she thought. Melanie tells him to ask her again and she'll give her answer. Chad pulls out the ring to propose.

Nick tells Caroline that he's probably the last person she expected to see. Caroline says everyone has heard about his parole. Nick tells her that he's trying to get a job but no one will take him with his name but he's not surprised. Nick feels Caroline is still angry and has every right to be. Nick tells her that he's sincerely sorry. Nick talks about writing her letters in prison and doesn't know if she read them or opened them but he wants her to know that he was working on changing and bettering himself. Caroline asks if he really thinks that cuts it. She yells at him that no one owes him forgiveness. Nick agrees and knows he has to prove himself. Nick doesn't expect anyone to just take his word and understands he needs to earn forgiveness. Caroline brings up the last letter he sent and how he talked about everything he was going to do to change. Caroline calls it very passionate how he promised to take responsibility and change. Caroline says it probably won't happen unless someone gives a chance. Caroline asks Nick how he is with washing dishes. Nick asks if someone's hiring. Caroline informs Nick that she is hiring.

Sami tells EJ that she is asking him out. EJ jokes about it being a date and how he'll have to check his book. EJ sits with her and says he feels like it's the first day of summer vacation after being let go from the mayor position. EJ feels almost lighthearted. EJ tells Sami that he would very much like to accept her invitation. Sami says that they have a date. EJ tells her that there is one small condition and that's that she let him plan the date since Sami has work to do and he has nothing to do. EJ asks if they have a deal.

Jennifer asks Nicole what she's talking about. Nicole says it's Daniel and how Jennifer said he goes the extra mile. Nicole is worried about Daniel worrying about Jennifer when he has so much himself with Melanie. Nicole says she's trying to help and support Daniel because he deserves it. Jennifer says she knows he does. Nicole says it's been interesting spending so much time with Daniel as she sees what he's going through and how hard he tries to not burden other people. Nicole says Daniel is too nice which Jennifer points out is not something they have in common. Nicole says Daniel doesn't know how to tell people that he has too much to give. Jennifer tells Nicole that she didn't ask Daniel for anything and that he came to her. Nicole says that's her point that he came to help the woman who just dropped him.

EJ asks Sami if she's sure with doing it tomorrow night. Sami says it's fine. EJ wants to plan it so that it's perfect. Sami jokes about it taking 24 hours to make one call. EJ jokes with her some more and tells her that there is another reason for waiting a day as it gives him more time to look forward to it. EJ tells her to get to work as he doesn't want to overstay his welcome as he then exits. Sami says to herself that she needs this.

Abigail asks Cameron why he would say that. Cameron says she's going through a lot and it's obviously overwhelming for her sometimes so he thinks that maybe he's not the right thing for her right now. Abigail argues that it's not true. Cameron wants her to think about herself and get through this confusing time. Cameron adds that he knows she'll be okay because she's strong. Abigail questions if he's breaking up with her. Cameron thinks that's what is best for everybody. Abigail tries to stop him but Cameron exits.

Jennifer tells Nicole that it's not her business but she did not just push Daniel aside. Nicole thinks it's painful to face the truth of what she did to him but it happened. Nicole talks about Daniel just coming out of the hurt that he was buried in because he found hope with Jennifer but was then competing with Jack and now Jennifer is alone and vulnerable. Nicole suggests that Jennifer is doing this subconsciously. Jennifer questions if she thinks she's using Daniel. Nicole says she knows what she's going through and maybe didn't mean to fall apart in front of Daniel. Nicole asks if Daniel deserves this and tells Jennifer not to play mind games with Daniel if she really cares about him.

Brady argues with Maggie about Nick as Daniel arrives. Daniel asks what's going on. Brady informs Daniel that Nick is now living here. Daniel can't believe it. Maggie points out that he didn't have anywhere to go. Brady yells about everything Nick has done not mattering to Maggie. Brady tells her to tell Daniel the whole story because there's more. Brady exits as Maggie tells Daniel that she kept trying to reach Melanie but she came over while Nick was there. Maggie insists that Nick didn't mean any harm. Daniel asks what happened. Maggie says Melanie left and said she was fine but was pretty shaken up. Daniel is not surprised and questions Maggie as to who's side she's on.

Chad tells Melanie that he wants her to know that this ring means he will always love her, put her first, watch out for her and make her happy. Chad asks her to please say yes so Melanie accepts his proposal. Chad puts the ring on her finger and hugs her.

Nick asks Caroline why she's offering him a job. Caroline says people say that he's changed so they will see. Caroline calls it the worst job that she could offer but if he shows up every day and puts in his hours and stays out of trouble then maybe it's true that he's changed. Caroline tells him that he starts tomorrow morning.

Chad asks Melanie if she's going to say anything. Melanie says she's just so happy.

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