Days of Our Lives Update Monday 9/10/12

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 9/10/12


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Sami tells Rafe that she gets it if he hates her but Rafe tells her that he could never hate her. Sami asks Rafe how he does feel about her then.

Daniel goes to the hospital and overhears a woman complaining about Jennifer coming back. Daniel approaches her and tells her how lucky they are to have Jennifer back at the hospital since she's one of the nicest people he's ever known and wants her treated with respect. The woman storms off as Nicole watches from a distance. Nicole approaches Daniel and asks if she heard correctly that Jennifer is coming back to work with him.

Jennifer tells Kayla that Daniel seems so distant since Jack died and she thinks he's still angry at her. Kayla insists that's not it and that Daniel is just sensitive to her situation plus having his own issues. Jennifer points out one of those issues is Nicole.

Cameron goes to see Abigail at her home. Abigail says she wanted to make last night up to him. Cameron says she doesn't have to. Abigail tells him that they have the house all to themselves.

Chad proposes to Melanie which shocks her. Melanie questions where it's coming from. Chad says he loves her and wants to spend the rest of his life with her. Chad asks what she says. Melanie asks if it's about Nick.

Hope brings Nick to the Kiriakis Mansion. Hope tells Maggie that Nick needs a place to live and she hopes that he can stay there.

Before Rafe can answer how he feels about Sami, EJ arrives. EJ tells Sami that he has a surprise for Sami. Rafe mocks him and wants to know what the surprise is too. Sami explains that Rafe was there to talk about Gabi since she needed a job. EJ brings up running into Nicole and asks Rafe how everything is going.

Daniel tells Nicole that he doesn't know if Jennifer is coming back or not. Nicole points out Daniel sticking up for her. Daniel talks about Jennifer needing a job. Daniel doesn't want Jennifer around people who are waiting for her to make a mistake. Nicole says it's probably none of her business but she questions if Jennifer coming back to work is really the right thing.

Kayla tells Jennifer that any houseguest would be difficult after losing a loved one. Jennifer talks about Nicole going through a high risk pregnancy and Daniel worrying about her. Kayla says Daniel goes the extra mile for his patients. Jennifer informs her that Nicole is dropping hints that she's more than his patient. Kayla can't believe it. Jennifer says whatever man that Nicole gets with, she ends up hurting. Jennifer adds that she doesn't want Nicole to break Daniel's heart. Kayla then asks what's it to Jennifer.

Abigail apologizes to Cameron. Cameron understands she was confused and understands if she needs to take it slow. Abigail then kisses him and begins unbuttoning his shirt. Cameron asks if she's sure it's what she wants. Abigail insists and they go back to kissing.

Hope tells Maggie that it would be temporary and no more than six months. Hope explains that Nick has to remain in Salem and live with a family member. Hope says she and Bo can't take him in since Bo was the arresting officer and Doug and Julie are on a cruise. Nick apologizes for making life difficult for Maggie since he swore he wouldn't.

Chad wonders why they are talking about Nick. Melanie brings up the parole board making Nick stay in Salem. Chad wishes he wasn't but says it has nothing to do with his proposal. Chad talks about being scared that he'd never see her again when Andrew kidnapped her. Chad tells her that he wants to spend every day of his life with her. Melanie says it came out of nowhere. Chad thinks they are good together. Melanie talks about doing the married thing before and how it didn't work out. Chad insists and gets down on one knee to propose to her again. Chad says maybe his timing is off but he can be patient and wait as long as she needs. Melanie doesn't think she can make the decision right now and apologizes. Chad tells her not to be sorry and just promise to think about it unless she doesn't have to because she already knows she doesn't feel the same.

Maggie tells Nick that there's no need to apologize. Nick assumes she's worried about how Melanie would take it. Maggie says she'll be okay and agrees to let Nick stay there. Hope gets a text from Bo and has to go. Hope hugs them goodbye and exits. Maggie takes Nick to show him his room.

Abigail and Cameron continue kissing. Abigail starts removing Cameron's belt but he stops her. Cameron says it's okay if she's not ready. Abigail calls it embarrassing. Cameron tells her not to be embarrassed and decides to leave. Cameron tells her to call if she wants to talk as he exits.

Jennifer tells Kayla that she stayed with Jack but didn't just stop caring about Daniel. Kayla reminds her that she's in a fragile state now and Nicole will go after her if she sees her as competition. Jennifer refuses to stand by and watch Nicole hurt Daniel.

Daniel suggests that Jennifer going back to work would distract her from the grief. Nicole talks about staying with Jennifer. Nicole thinks she seems so broken and doesn't think she will ever get over this since Jack was the love of her life. Daniel says he has to get back to work. Nicole asks if she could speak to him somewhere private because she has something important to talk to him about.

Rafe reminds EJ that he was with Nicole when he ran into her. EJ asks how she's doing after the explosion. Rafe says everything is well. EJ states that he's relieved. Sami thanks Rafe for stopping by and tells him that she will reach out to Gabi. Rafe jokes that he must have misread the situation here as he then exits. Sami apologizes to EJ. EJ tells her that she doesn't need to give him an explanation. Sami asks what his surprise is. EJ informs her that he cleared out his schedule and asks her to lunch at the Green Mountain Lodge. Sami calls it a long way away. EJ thinks it's the perfect opportunity to celebrate their freedom. EJ wants to pick things up where they left off and thought that she did too.

Chad tells Melanie that he's thought about this and is ready to take the next step but only if she wants to. Melanie just wants to calm down and think. Melanie promises not to leave him hanging. Chad tells her not to worry about him and just do what she needs to do. Melanie tells him that she loves him for understanding and kisses him.

Daniel takes Nicole into a room and asks what's so important. Nicole informs him that the baby is a boy. Daniel is surprised since he thought she was waiting. Nicole says she couldn't wait anymore and got a sonogram. Daniel congratulates her. Nicole talks about having a real person inside of her and how he's right on schedule. Daniel calls it awesome and great. Nicole is excited to have a son. Daniel tells her that he's so happy for her. Nicole worries about EJ taking her son away but Daniel insists that EJ won't find out. Nicole adds that she has a favor to ask of him. Nicole asks Daniel to be her son's godfather.

Kayla suggests Jennifer talk to Daniel about Nicole but she doesn't feel it's her place. Jennifer hopes Victor can talk to Daniel. Kayla thinks Daniel would rather hear it from her. Jennifer thinks Daniel is too distant but it kills her to watch Nicole go after him. Kayla says there's nothing he can do if she's moved on. Jennifer tells her that she knows that.

Rafe sits at the Pub and thinks back to Sami asking him how he felt about her. Rafe says to himself that he shouldn't even be thinking about her but he is.

Sami sits with EJ and tells him that she feels they are in a better place than they ever have been and she feels like their cards are on the table. Sami states that she wouldn't have run away with him if she didn't. EJ tells her how much it meant to him and talks about how alike they are since they go after what they want without caring what others think. EJ tells Sami that she and the children are the most important people to him and he would like to be able to prove that to her. Sami stops him and says they have to make a pact to not shoot each other, clone anyone, kidnap anyone and no lying. EJ agrees to it and they shake hands. EJ then kisses her until there's a knock on the door. EJ wants her to ignore it but Sami says she can't. Sami opens the door and it's Hope. Hope informs them that all charges against both of them have been dropped but the governor wants to meet with EJ face to face with a message to the press. EJ assumes it's about his resignation as mayor. EJ says he'll give him a call tomorrow but Hope tells him that he's already in town and wants to meet him with as soon as possible.

Lucas joins Rafe at the Pub and offers to buy him a beer. Lucas says he owes Rafe for trying to save him a lot of trouble by advising him to stay away from Sami. Lucas says he didn't listen and now it's over. Lucas talks about Rafe having a lot on his hands. Lucas says going from marrying Sami to having a baby with Nicole is like going from bad to worse.

Daniel talks to Nicole about how excited he was when he thought he was having Parker with Chloe and how he had a hole in his life when he had to give it all up which took him by surprise. Nicole asks if he's willing to be the godfather or if he thinks it will be too painful for him. Daniel tells her that he would be honored to be her son's godfather. Nicole is happy and calls it great. Daniel says he'll understand if she changes her mind. Nicole tells him that there isn't anyone she would want in her son's life than Daniel.

Kayla doesn't want Jennifer to get hurt but Jennifer says she will get hurt if Nicole uses her baby to trap Daniel. Jennifer worries that Nicole will hurt Daniel and break his heart. Jennifer says she will always love Jack. Jennifer tells Kayla that she's wrong if she thinks this is a cheap ploy for her to get Daniel back. Jennifer quickly apologizes for getting so angry. Abe arrives and questions what's going on. Jennifer tells Abe that she didn't know he was there. Abe says he came over to make sure there was no fighting. Jennifer apologizes to them both for her issues. Abe talks about knowing how she feels. Jennifer apologizes to Kayla. Abe tells Kayla that he was looking for her to talk about the chief of staff job. Kayla says she wants to do it so Abe wants to talk to her about it. Kayla says she knows he'll be furious since Lexie should still have the job.

Nicole comments that Daniel is quiet. Daniel admits he was thinking about Parker as an infant. Nicole understands that all of this makes him think about it all. Daniel recalls giving up on Parker and Chloe to keep from going nuts. Daniel says he couldn't stop thinking about him when he thought Parker was his. Daniel says now he thinks he's okay remembering all of that because there's been enough time since. Daniel is now looking forward to having another baby boy in his life. Nicole is glad that he feels that way. Daniel thanks her.

Melanie goes to see Abigail and tells her about everything then asks how she's doing. Abigail says she's not the best person to ask about guys right now. Melanie asks if she wants to talk but Abigail says it wouldn't help as she needs to do something. Abigail asks if Daniel knows about Chad's proposal. Melanie says he doesn't yet. Melanie decides to go see Maggie in hopes that she'll know what to do. Melanie hugs Abigail and then exits.

Chad runs into Cameron at the coffeehouse. Cameron brings up Nick and Chad can't believe he is staying in Salem. Cameron talks about Abigail being upset too. Cameron says Abigail was already not in a good place.

Abigail calls Cameron and leaves a message saying she doesn't know what to say other than that she felt horrible after he left and she's really sorry so she wants to make it up to him tonight. She says there will be no more mixed signals as she's not confused anymore. She says she's been thinking about him and really wants to be with him. Abigail hangs up and is startled to see that Jennifer had walked in.

Abe sits with Kayla at the town square and says he's glad it's Kayla that's succeeding Lexie in her job. Kayla intends to not let anyone forget that Lexie was an amazing chief of staff. Abe thanks her. Kayla says he doesn't need to thank her but Abe disagrees. Abe gives Kayla a pen that he gave Lexie when she first got the job. Kayla agrees to treasure it. Abe says there's nothing like old friends during times like these.

Jennifer assumes Abigail didn't know she was there. Abigail says she could've said something since that was a private conversation. Jennifer didn't mean to eavesdrop. Jennifer says all she has been thinking about has been Jack and she might have put being a mom on hold. Jennifer wants to be there for Abigail if anything happens. Jennifer wants her to be careful and brings up birth control but Abigail shouts at her to back off.

EJ meets the governor at the town square with Hope. The Governor talks about how the press is saying the DiMera family bought the mayors office and they can't have that. EJ agrees to resign so he can spend more time with his family.

Rafe tells Lucas that he doesn't know the whole story about Nicole. Lucas says he doesn't want to know and can't blame him for going crazy about Sami and EJ. They agree that they can't stand EJ. Lucas talks about running into EJ and how he told him that Sami despises the fact that Nicole is carrying Rafe's baby. Lucas thinks EJ and Sami deserve each other. Lucas then exits as Rafe thinks back to EJ asking about Nicole. Rafe says to himself that Nicole doesn't have to worry about EJ because he wants the baby to be Rafe's and is using it to get Sami back. Rafe gets up to leave but turns around and sees Sami seated at the Pub. Rafe daydreams about telling Sami that EJ is playing her and that he can't say what he means because he made a promise. Rafe ends his vision and says to himself that he made a promise to Nicole so he then exits.

Daniel returns to Nicole at the hospital. Nicole feels the baby kick and they joke about it. Nicole is glad her baby is healthy and talks about not being alone. Daniel feels the baby kicking.

Jennifer tells Abigail not to use that tone. Abigail says it's not her business. Jennifer tells her that she knows what she's talking about and offers help with birth control. Abigail responds that she doesn't need it as she's never slept with anyone and is still a virgin.

Cameron listens to Abigail's message on his phone. Cameron apologizes to Chad for listening to it in front of him but he thought it might be important but it was confusing.

Melanie goes to the Kiriakis Mansion to see Maggie. Henderson goes to tell Maggie that Melanie is there. Melanie pours herself a drink as Nick walks into the room.

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