Days of Our Lives Update Friday 9/7/12

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 9/7/12


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Marlena goes to Sami's and wants to talk to her about Brady. Marlena informs Sami about Brady offering Kate a job at Titan but Sami already knew. Marlena talks about Brady going through a lot so she hopes Sami can be supportive. Sami questions not being able to be upset about hiring Kate. Marlena thinks Kate can help Brady at Titan so Sami agrees not to say anything. Sami puts the kids toys in a box and thinks back to Rafe stopping her argument with Nicole and calls Nicole a bitch. Marlena asks who she's talking about so she tells her it's Nicole.

Rafe goes to the Pub and talks to Gabi about her job. Rafe thought she was modeling but Gabi informs him that she quit.

Chad wakes up in bed and asks Melanie about sleeping in. Melanie says she couldn't sleep so she decided to return some e-mails. Melanie gets back in bed with Chad and they lay together. Chad states that he knows it's because of Nick that she couldn't sleep.

Abigail goes to see Nick as he is let out of his cell and she greets him with a hug. Abigail says she wanted to see him before he goes out of town with Jessica but Nick informs her that there has been a change of plans since he has to stay in Salem under the parole terms.

Sonny works at the coffeehouse with concert tickets in his hands. Will arrives and says he got Sonny's text. Sonny tells him that he wanted to talk to him about something.

Kayla talks to Daniel at the hospital about Kayla returning to the hospital as chief of staff. Kayla comments to Daniel that she hopes Jennifer will come back to work at the hospital too.

Jennifer and Nicole sit together at home. Nicole apologizes for being a bother but Jennifer says she's not at all. Jennifer finds it interesting how Nicole and Daniel have become friends and assumes it happened because of Daniel saving her baby. Nicole thinks back to being with Daniel in bed and informs Jennifer that it's a little more complicated than a friendship.

Marlena asks Sami what's happening with Nicole. Sami says it's the same thing that will continue to happen as long as they are in the same town. Sami says Nicole is taunting her about being pregnant with Rafe's child and adds that she will never understand why they did what they did.

Jennifer asks Nicole what she means by more complicated. Nicole says it's weird since EJ was one of the many bumps in her road and he was really hard on her about the baby but Daniel was great right from the beginning and protective. Nicole says Daniel was an old fashioned good guy. Jennifer agrees that Daniel goes the extra mile for all of his patients. Nicole tells her that saving her baby wasn't the first thing but just the most recent thing so she wants Daniel in her life forever.

Kayla talks to Daniel about Jennifer being great at her job and how it could distract her from her grief. She asks Daniel what he thinks about it.

Melanie admits to Chad that she was thinking about Nick but it's over now. Chad asks if it is. Melanie says Nick is going far east with his mom. Chad says they will have their life here. Chad gets a message from Sonny and has to go help him with the coffee shop. Melanie doesn't want him to go but he has to. They kiss and Melanie says she'll look forward to him coming back. Chad gets up to go get ready. Melanie then gets up and goes back to her tablet computer where she looks at an article about Nick getting parole.

Marlena tells Sami that she can't change anything about Nicole and can only change her response to it which is all that can make her happy.

Rafe is surprised to hear Gabi quit modeling and wonders what could have made her quit. Gabi thinks back to arguing with Chad. Gabi tells Rafe that she has to go back to work. Rafe stops her and questions if it was Sami that said something to her. Gabi says it's all for the best and rushes off. Rafe is unsure and exits the Pub.

Abigail asks Nick if Melanie knows. Nick thinks she will be bothered at first but will see that he's turned around.

Will asks Sonny what he wanted to talk about. Will admits he's glad he texted so they could clear the air. Sonny thought they could just move on and not talk about it so Will agrees. Will says he knows Sonny thinks he's a jerk that can't handle being gay. Sonny insists that he didn't mean any of it. Will says he thinks Sonny made some good points so he's working on it. Chad arrives which interrupts them. Chad says he hasn't talked to Will in forever and he thinks they have a lot to talk about.

Jennifer tells Nicole that Daniel is a great doctor but suggests she should be honest with herself that she's vulnerable and might be making a mistake in making all of this more than it is. Nicole says she has nothing to do and offers to make Jennifer a scrap book of Jack but Jennifer tells her that she doesn't need to do that at all. Jennifer says she's running late and then hurries out. Nicole mocks Jennifer and says she knows where this is going and needs to make Daniel see it. Nicole thinks back to overhearing Maggie thinking Daniel was still in love with Jennifer. Nicole hates that Maggie is usually right. Nicole says this won't be easy. Nicole tells her baby that they have a mission to make sure that Jennifer always remembers Jack whether she wants to or not.

Kayla thinks Daniel doesn't agree about Jennifer but Daniel does agree that she did a great job at the hospital. Kayla asks if there's something he's not telling her. Daniel thinks back to arguing with Maggie about his relationship with Jennifer. Daniel suggests that maybe Jennifer shouldn't come back before she's ready. Kayla says it should be Jennifer's decision and says she'll see what she says. Daniel hopes it all goes well and then walks away.

Sami tells Marlena about her fight with Lucas. Sami claims no one believes her but she's going to change and focus on her kids without letting any man distract her.

Will apologizes to Chad that he had to read in the paper that he was gay since he should've told him himself. Chad understands that he would have if he had the chance. Chad apologizes for going off on Will when he was arrested for Stefano's murder. Will doesn't blame Chad for believing that. Chad comments that he shouldn't have believed anyone killed Stefano. They agree that they are on good terms. Will jokes with Chad about being gay. Sonny joins them and talks about hearing Nick got out on parole. Chad remarks about Nick killing someone and being free. Will says his family seems to think he's turned around. Sonny informs Chad that he heard Nick has to stay in Salem. Chad gets mad and storms out.

Nicole walks around the living room and she daydreams about having a family with Daniel. Nicole says Jennifer had her shot so now it's her turn.

Daniel runs into Jennifer at the town square. Daniel thanks her for letting Nicole stay with her. Jennifer says it's fine and calls her a good diversion. Daniel tells her to let him know if it becomes too much. Jennifer says it's so far so good and starts to tell Daniel that Nicole has strong feelings but Kayla interrupts and hopes Daniel is not spilling the beans to Jennifer.

Rafe goes to Sami's and says it's one thing to go after him but to go after Gabi and take away her modeling is different. Sami doesn't know what he's talking about. Rafe accuses Sami of firing Gabi to get back at him.

Sonny starts to go back to what he wanted to talk to Will about but he gets a call from Brian. Sonny answers and tells him that he's hoping to have some other plans tonight. Sonny hangs up and goes back to offer Will the concert tickets but Will is gone.

Chad goes to see Nick. Nick asks if they know each other. Chad says no but he thinks it's time they have a little talk.

Abigail joins Gabi at the coffee house. They start to talk but Abigail spots Melanie arriving and invites her over. Gabi starts to leave but Abigail stops her. Melanie wonders where Chad is but they haven't seen her and Abigail invites her to stay for coffee so Melanie joins them. Gabi asks how she is since she heard Nick got out. Melanie comments on Nick moving east but Abigail informs her that Nick is staying in Salem.

Sami tells Rafe to slow down because he's making an ass of himself. Rafe thinks she's trying to get back at him for throwing her in jail. Sami calls it out of character for him to being jumping to conclusions and laughs about it. Sami tells Rafe that Gabi quit and was all her decision. Rafe still doesn't believe it and says it wouldn't be the first time that she did something just to get back at him.

Will sits with Marlena at the Pub and tells her about Chad getting mad about Nick's parole. Caroline overhears them and greets them. She asks about Chad getting mad but Will tells her it's nothing to worry about. Marlena thanks Caroline for helping Sami with the kids. Caroline tells them to let them know if she needs anything and goes back to work. Marlena tells Will that most parole boards require prisoners to stay. Will understands and hopes Melanie will as well. Will gets why Chad is upset but he thinks it would be best for Nick if everyone backed off.

Chad introduces himself to Nick. Nick questions why a DiMera is visiting him. Chad warns him that if he knows what's good for him then he will stay away from Melanie.

Melanie is surprised to hear that Nick is staying in Salem. Abigail explains that he doesn't have a choice but asks if Melanie is okay with it. Melanie says that she is. Melanie asks her to tell Chad she's at home if he comes in and she hurries out of the coffeehouse. Gabi comments that she can tell it really bothered Melanie. Abigail thinks she was just surprised. Gabi gets up and exits to go back to work. Abigail worries about what Chad will do when he finds out.

Nicole gets checked out by a nurse and talks about having a boy. Nicole tells her baby that EJ is out of the picture so she will make sure he has the perfect daddy.

Daniel tells Kayla that he didn't say anything. Jennifer asks what they are talking about. Kayla offers Jennifer her job as director of communications at the hospital. Jennifer doesn't know what to say. Daniel tells her to decide what's right for her. Daniel heads off to go back to the hospital. Jennifer thinks Daniel doesn't think it's a good idea. Kayla suggests that he's just worried about it being too soon and not because of their relationship. Jennifer is not so sure. Kayla asks if being exes means they aren't friends. Jennifer responds that she doesn't know what they are right now.

Sami tells Rafe that she knows she hurt him by sleeping with EJ and will regret it but insists she would never hurt Gabi just to get back at him. Gabi messages Rafe that Sami didn't fire her and that she quit. Sami assumes they are done then but Rafe responds that they are not done.

Marlena asks Will if his concern for Nick has something to do with himself. Will jokes about having a shrink for a grandmother. Marlena says he suggested people back off from Nick and wonders if he means people should back off from him. Marlena says she will back off if he wants. Will clarifies that he doesn't mean her but he's just confused. Will talks about how some people come out and meet people with no other problems. Will talks about not wanting to do the whole dating scene. Marlena asks if it's because he's found someone. Will admits that it is and he can't help thinking about him.

Abigail talks with Sonny about how Melanie tried to cover up but she thinks Nick staying really bothered her. Sonny tells her about Chad blowing up and he doesn't know what he's going to do.

Nick tells Chad that he's changed but Chad declares that people don't change. Chad decides he's done and exits.

Rafe tells Sami that she was right that he made an ass out of himself. Sami gets that he was just looking out for his sister and is mad at her. Sami says she'd never hurt Gabi and knows Rafe would always look out for her kids because no matter what happens, they are all still family.

Chad returns home as Melanie is startled. Melanie comments that Chad looks very serious and asks if he's okay. Chad says everything will be okay if she promises him one thing. Chad then proposes to Melanie which shocks her.

A guard takes Nick to sign his release papers to start his parole.

Marlena asks Will if he's talking about the guy who he messed up with. Will admits it is. Marlena comments that he never told her how he messed up. Will looks over at Gabi and thinks back to being with her. Will responds to Marlena that it's not really important and is too late since the guy moved on to someone else that's everything he's not. Marlena calls him self critical. Marlena encourages Will to go for it. Will says it's harder than it sounds. Marlena tells him that he came out which was the hard part. Marlena encourages him to step up and let the guy know how he feels and she thinks he will be glad that he did.

Abigail asks Sonny if he's doing anything tonight. Sonny responds that he doesn't know as he had concert tickets and wanted to ask a guy but doesn't know if he wants to go. Sonny offers them to Abigail since he's not going to use them anymore. Abigail is unsure. Sonny is not sure if he should ask how she's doing or stay off the subject. Abigail knows he cares but admits it's hard to talk about. Abigail gets emotional and exits the coffeehouse. Abigail continues walking and then texts Cameron that she needs to see him.

Jennifer tells Kayla that she would like to think Daniel still considers her a friend but thinks he seems really distant now. She thinks he's still really angry at him.

Daniel returns to the hospital and overhears a woman complaining about Jennifer coming back to the hospital. Daniel approaches and informs her that they would be lucky to have Jennifer back. Daniel orders her to treat her with a respect because she's one of the nicest people he's known.

Sami tells Rafe that she didn't mean anything by saying they're still a family. Sami says she gets that he hates her but Rafe responds that he could never hate her.

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