Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 9/6/12

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 9/6/12


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

The board announces that Nick has gotten parole. Chad can't believe it and Daniel wonders how this happened.

Will sits with Gabi at the Pub and talk about Nick. Will hopes Nick gets out but understands Melanie being worried. Will brings up Andrew and asks if they found his accomplice. Gabi says she doesn't know anything and hurries to continue working at the Pub. Sami arrives and joins Will. Sami tells Gabi that she would like to use her more at Countess Wilhelmina but Gabi informs her that she had quit.

Kate goes to the Kiriakis Mansion to see Brady. Brady informs her that he is her new boss as he has been reinstated at Titan. Kate asks about Basic Black. Brady tells her that everything is clear with John and he felt Titan needed him more after everything with Ian. Brady mentions that Kate will now be running Mad World without Madison. Kate calls it a huge loss. Brady states that he felt her position should be his first order of business. Kate assumes that he's going to fire her.

Daniel asks the board to reconsider. Jessica argues that he doesn't even know Nick. Chad argues with the board until Melanie reveals that she didn't ask them to deny Nick's parole. Melanie says she said she would support it if they felt Nick was ready to be released.

Sami wants to know why Gabi quit since she loved modeling. Gabi thinks back to Chad talking to her and explains that they just decided to do other things. Sami can't believe that Chad quit too and wants them to reconsider. Sami understands if maybe she's afraid to go back to modeling because of Andrew. Sami insists that she will have security in place and asks Gabi to think about it. Gabi agrees to think about it and continues working as Sami goes back to Will and wants him to tell her what's going on with Gabi.

Nick has a glass of water and thinks back to Melanie's testimony where she said that she came to object Nick's parole until she saw his family and it made her wonder why it was all up to her. Melanie recalled being a bad person and feeling that she got what she deserved and talks about the way Nick used to be. Melanie declared that everyone deserves a second chance so she does not believe that Nick should be denied parole.

Daniel and Chad question Melanie supporting Nick's release. Melanie says she changed her mind. Daniel thinks she felt pressured but she calls it her decision. Jessica tells Melanie that she made the right decision and promises she won't regret it. Daniel hopes she's right. Jessica excitedly says that Nick is coming home with her and goes to see him.

Brady tells Kate that he has no intention of firing her but wants to promote her. Kate wonders why. Brady thinks she is irreplaceable. Brady says he's very grateful to her for giving him Madison's last words which has given him a lot of peace so he thanks her for that.

Sonny approaches T at the town square. T questions if he's going to jump him again. Sonny apologizes to him and hopes he will accept it. Sonny offers a handshake to T.

Sami talks to Will about being worried about Gabi. Will thinks she's just freaked out from the whole stalker thing. Sami wishes she could help her. Sami thinks Gabi is lucky to have Will in her life. Sami brings up Rafe getting Will's charges dropped. Sami is glad they are still friends and hopes Will can help Gabi get through everything that's going on. Will thinks back to he and Gabi making love and informs Sami that he cannot do that.

Kate tells Brady that she's curious to hear more about the promotion. Brady tells her that she will remain CEO of Mad World but will also have a greater role at Titan. Kate thanks him with a hug. Victor walks in and tells Kate that he approved of the promotion. Victor informs them that he just heard from Maggie that Nick has been granted parole. Brady rushes out to go find Melanie.

Maggie asks Melanie if she's sure with the outcome. Melanie admits she came to say that she wasn't ready but then saw Jessica with Maggie and knew what she had to do. Daniel and Chad come back to take them home. Maggie decides to wait for Jessica and make a few calls. Melanie hugs Maggie and Maggie tells her that she loves her and thanks her. Daniel takes Melanie out as Chad stays behind. Maggie follows Daniel and Melanie out. Jessica comes back and Chad says he's glad he ran into her because he wanted to tell her to tell Nick to stay away from Melanie or else he will have to answer to him.

Sonny asks T what he wants from him since this all started with T hitting him. T asks if he's afraid it's going to happen again. Sonny wants to settle this between them. T says they can't because he's normal while Sonny is a total freak. T warns him to never lay his hands on him again.

Sami asks Will why he can't be there for Gabi. Will doesn't want to give her the wrong idea with their history. Sami tells him not to worry about it as she's sure Gabi would understand. Sami asks if something happened but Will wants to drop it.

Chad and Daniel take Melanie to the coffeehouse where Gabi is. Gabi wishes Melanie luck. Chad takes Gabi aside and reminds her to stay away from Melanie. Gabi didn't know what to do since Melanie texted her. Chad tells her to lie. Gabi says she came here to run something by Chad.

Melanie sits with Daniel and hopes he's not mad at her. Daniel says he did tell her to make her own decision but he is curious as to what changed his mind.

Maggie goes in to see Nick and says she's calling his family to tell them the good news. Nick knows Maggie must be feeling conflicted but he thanks her for being the reason he's a free man. Nick thinks they both know that Melanie testified in his favor because she loves Melanie.

Melanie talks to Daniel about how she used Nick in the past. Daniel tells her that she can't blame herself. Melanie feels Nick has paid his dues while she never paid for anything that she did. Melanie recalls Maggie thinking of Nick like a son. Melanie admits that she let Nick go free because of Maggie.

Victor jokes with Kate about referring to him as sir. Kate asks if this is all a joke because she doesn't understand why he wants her in power in his company. Victor says she was in power before until he broke his cardinal rule and fell in love with her. Victor says now that he's happily married to Maggie, it's no longer a concern so they will do what they do and will be like old times. Victor wonders how Stefano will react when he finds out that she's playing a prominent role in his rival's company. Kate says he wanted nothing to do with her so wonders why he should care. Kate admits that she can't help but wonder if she will ever see him again.

Will apologizes to Sami and says he doesn't want to fight with her too. Will tells her that Lucas is still testy with him for helping she and EJ leave town. Sami apologizes for putting him in the middle and offers to talk to Lucas but Will thinks that may make things worse. Sami thinks Lucas should see it as a huge favor getting her out of his life. Will apologizes for being disrespectful and nasty to her for so long. Sami says she deserved it. Will recalls the night of the explosion and says he'd never been so scared in his life than when he saw Sami hanging from the balcony. Will says it made him realize how much he needs her. Will clarifies that things probably won't be perfect but it's nice to be talking again.

Gabi tells Chad that he won't have to do anything and she will stay out of their way if they go back to modeling so she won't have to work at the Pub and won't run into them there. Chad responds no freaking way.

Melanie tells Daniel that it wasn't fair for Maggie to have to choose between her and Nick. Melanie wants to be fair and kind. Daniel hugs her and tells her that Maggie is very proud of her and he understands why she did what she did. Daniel tells her that he is very proud of her too.

Nick tells Maggie that he knows part of her would feel better if he was in prison and understands that. Nick tells her that he's thankful that she's there. Maggie tells him that he will have a lot to prove once he's back home. Nick wonders if Melanie will be okay with it. Maggie cries and says she loves him for asking but he shouldn't worry about her because she will have plenty of support. Maggie tells him to only worry about himself. Nick agrees and says he won't let her down.

Sonny asks T if he treats all gay people this way. T tells him that he's the only one he knew other than Will. Sonny questions T thinking that Will wasn't born gay. T says they used to cruise for chicks and grew up together. T accuses Sonny of hitting on him and confusing him. T brings up Sonny inviting him to a baseball game as hitting on him too. Sonny informs him that he was never interested in him. T says he overheard Sonny admitting his interest for Will. Sonny admits it but says Will doesn't feel the same way. T wonders why since they are both gay. Sonny thinks it would be cool if Will felt the same way but doesn't. Sonny states that sometimes it just doesn't work out.

Kate runs into Will outside the Pub and greets him with a hug. Will asks how she is with Stefano being alive. Kate says she hasn't spoken to him and doesn't know where he is. Kate wants to set Will up with an intern she has at work unless he's already seeing someone. Will thinks back to Sonny kissing him and says that he was seeing someone but they moved on and he thinks he has issues. Kate thinks the guy must be an absolute fool to move on from Will.

Gabi asks Chad why she can't go back to modeling. Chad says it comes down to Gabi loving modeling so he's going to take away something she loves like she tried to do to him with Melanie. Gabi wonders how long he will hold this over her. Chad warns her to never forget that he's a DiMera and will hold it against her forever.

Brady goes to see Maggie and wonders where Melanie is. Maggie tells him that Melanie is okay and testified on Nick's behalf. Brady wonders why she'd do that and if Maggie talked her into it. Maggie insists that she didn't as Melanie's well being is her first concern. Brady questions why Maggie didn't stop Melanie from making such a huge mistake.

Maggie returns home and Victor asks where Nick will be staying. Maggie says Nick is planning on leaving town with Jessica. Victor thinks she sounds relieved. Maggie thinks it's the best possible outcome for everyone but Chad and Daniel disagreed and Brady is upset too. Victor assures her that Melanie will get through it since she's strong like Maggie. Daniel arrives and apologizes to Maggie for getting so upset about the verdict. Maggie promises to do everything in her power to make sure Nick stays on track. Daniel says he talked to Melanie about why she changed her mind and he can't argue with her reasons. Maggie cries that she hopes Melanie understands that she doesn't owe her anything. Daniel tells her that she understands and looks at as tribute to someone they all love and admire. Maggie cries as Daniel hugs her.

Melanie lays with Chad at their home as Melanie says it's the best she's felt in a long time. Melanie tells Chad that everything will be okay. Melanie says Maggie was just as worried as she was about Nick being free. Chad understands Maggie loves her. Melanie feels she had to give Nick a second chance like Maggie gave her. Chad is glad that Nick will be far away from them. Melanie gets a phone call from Brady who asks if she's okay. Melanie insists that she's fine and promises she's never felt safer. Melanie tells Brady that she will call him and thanks him. Melanie says they'll talk soon. Brady tells her to take care as they hang up. Melanie jokes with Chad that she's lucky to have so many people caring about her and mostly him as they then kiss in bed.

Gabi returns to work at the Pub and goes back to talking to Sami. Gabi says she had to go talk to Melanie. Sami is glad she could help a friend. Gabi informs her that she really loves modeling but can't go back to work and she goes back to work. Kate arrives as Sami says to herself that she needs to find new models. Kate stops and suggests hiring a new CEO.

Sonny tells T that his friendship meant a lot to Will. T questions if he's going to say he's interested in him too. Sonny explains that Will hated the way things turned out and suggests T put thought into why it happened. Sonny tells him to be more accepting of how people live their lives and stop worrying what everyone else thinks. Sonny thinks T can realize that Will is the same guy that he's always been. T then walks away. Sonny sits down on the bench and pulls out his phone. He thinks about calling Will as Will walks into the town square behind Sonny. Will sees him and then goes the other way.

Sami guesses Kate thinks she should be the new CEO. Kate says no as she thinks it's all over for Countess Wilhelmina. Kate thinks Sami will run it into the ground without Lucas. Kate thinks it was worth it now that Sami is out of Lucas's life. Sami mocks Kate for sleeping with Ian to the top. Kate informs Sami that she's staying as CEO of Mad World since Brady and Victor promoted her. Kate warns Sami to prepare herself for war because she's taking her down.

Chad tells Melanie that he wants her to rest easy. Melanie says she will every night as long as he stays with her. Chad says he's not going anywhere. Melanie thinks it sounds perfect as they continue kissing.

Daniel says goodbye to Maggie as he has to go back to work. Victor walks Daniel out. Maggie looks at a photo of her and Melanie. Brady walks in and tells Maggie that he just talked to Melanie and she said she's okay. Maggie doesn't think he's convinced. Brady worries that Melanie is disillusioning herself because he spent the last months seeing Madison get manipulated by a psychopath in Ian. Maggie tells Brady that he doesn't know Nick and he's nothing like Ian. Brady responds that it seems Maggie didn't really know Nick either. Brady says he's having a hard time with this as it's bringing up a lot of bad memories for him. Brady brings up Arianna being murdered by a man out of parole. Brady doesn't think prison changes people for the better and worries that Nick could be more dangerous than ever.

Nick signs papers as he prepares to leave.

Melanie and Chad continue kissing in bed.

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