Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 9/5/12

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 9/5/12


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Hope and Bo await to hear about Nick. Daniel can't get a hold of Chad and wonders where Melanie would go. Maggie suggests that maybe she wanted to get far away from this matter.

The board informs Nick that they have made a decision and are prepared to announce it but Melanie bursts in and says she needs to make a statement.

Lucas tells EJ that he doesn't need an excuse to come around Sami because he's done with her and she's EJ's problem now. EJ doesn't consider her a problem. Lucas tells him not to get too comfortable. Lucas says he's not coming back but EJ won't last either since Sami always wants what she can't have. Lucas tells EJ that Sami will be done with him soon and will move on to the next one. EJ suggests he has the problem moving around but Lucas brings up Rafe, Brandon, Austin and talks about how everyone has come and gone through Sami's life. Lucas says he was the first man that Sami fell in love with and guarantees that EJ won't be the last.

The man behind Sami tries to grab her purse but she pulls away from him as Rafe comes back and Sami falls back onto Rafe. They quickly get up and Rafe chases after the man.

Nicole walks around Jennifer's house and tells her baby that it's not quite what she expected but they will figure it out. Nicole sits down and reads a magazine as Abigail comes in. Abigail is surprised to see her and asks what she's doing there. Nicole informs her that she just moved in.

Maggie talks with Daniel about being glad Melanie is not at the parole hearing. Hope suggests it's best to let the board decide. Daniel talks about Melanie's testimony being evidence. Daniel says he knows it's hard on everyone but right now, all he cares about is keeping her safe from Nick. Jessica interrupts and says she understands what he's saying but insists that he's paid for his crimes and deserves a future.

Melanie sits in front of the board and thanks them for allowing her to be there. They inform her that her testimony could be crucial. Melanie says she would like to testify on Nick being fit for parole.

Abigail questions Nicole moving in. Nicole says she's living there which shocks Abigail.

Hope goes to check on Jessica. Daniel apologizes to Maggie for upsetting Jessica. Maggie tells Daniel that he has to understand that Jessica also feels responsible for what happened since she wasn't there for Nick. Daniel declares that it's nobody's fault but Nick's. Daniel thinks there is no way the parole board should let Nick back in Melanie's life.

Melanie asks for Nick to be allowed to stay in the room for her testimony. They point out that it's irregular but Melanie wants Nick to hear every word she has to say.

EJ thinks Lucas is jealous but Lucas feels he's no longer suffering at all since he's away from Sami. Lucas talks about being sucked in by Sami. EJ corrects that nobody sucks him in but Lucas brings up Nicole. Lucas tells EJ that he thinks he's different but is just as dumb as the rest of them. Lucas goes over EJ's history with Sami. Lucas asks if he really thinks he's the right man for Sami when only one man has made her happy and it's neither of them.

Rafe has the man arrested and then goes back to check on Sami. Sami insists she's fine but Rafe sits with her to check on her wrist. Sami thinks back to Rafe checking on her at the safe house. Rafe helps her up and wants to take her to the hospital to be checked out. Sami doesn't think it's a big deal but Rafe takes her anyways.

Jessica tells Hope that she thinks they should be done with the hearing by now. Jessica talks about being relieved that Melanie didn't finish her letter and worries about what she might have said.

The board asks Melanie about her relationship with Nick. Melanie thinks back to her past with Nick. Melanie responds that she was one of his victims.

Abigail calls Jennifer and talks about not getting her message. Abigail thought she and Nicole hated each other but mentions that they will hardly have to see her with so much room in the house. Abigail finishes the call as Nicole returns to the room. Nicole says she's surprised Jennifer didn't talk to her first. Nicole explains that Jennifer thought she'd be safer here from EJ. Nicole explains that they thought EJ was the father until the DNA test proved it wasn't. Abigail questions EJ hurting her if he thinks the baby is his. Nicole says he wouldn't intentionally but is harassing her during a high risk pregnancy. Abigail questions why she can't stay with the baby's father. Nicole calls it a really long story and suggests she could share it sometime but she's later for her doctor's appointment. Abigail comments that she can't wait to hear it. Nicole thanks her and says Daniel was right that there was no place safer. Abigail questions this being Daniel's idea and says she didn't even know they were friends. Nicole calls him a really great doctor and friend. Nicole says Daniel promised to do whatever he had to do to protect her. Nicole then exits.

EJ tells Lucas that Rafe is not interested in Sami and reminds him that Rafe is having a child with Nicole. Lucas talks about Rafe having a baby with Nicole and how it must be driving Sami nuts. EJ says she hasn't mentioned it but Lucas says she said plenty to him. Lucas goes to get Allie.

Rafe brings Sami to the hospital and has Cameron put her wrist in a cast. Rafe talks about telling her that she needed to come. Sami thanks him for helping her. Rafe is glad he was there and Sami was too. Nicole enters and asks what they have here.

Daniel gets a message from Chad that was sent ten minutes ago. Daniel wonders if Melanie is with him as he then goes with Hope to see if Chad has arrived.

Melanie begins talking about her history with Nick and how she first met him in Europe. Melanie thanks him for bringing her to Salem and for taking a bullet for her when they first met. Melanie recalls Nick being a great friend or at least she thought he was. Melanie thinks back to Nick's lies to her and kidnapping her. The board asks if she's alright. Melanie apologizes but says she needs a minute and steps out.

Abigail remains upset at home and calls Cameron. She apologizes for canceling their date. Cameron asks what she's up to. Abigail responds nothing since Jennifer is out and their new house guest is at an appointment. Abigail says it's a long story. Cameron offers her company which Abigail says she would love.

Rafe explains to Nicole what happened with Sami. Nicole jokes about Rafe rescuing Sami and bringing her to the hospital. Nicole says she will talk to Rafe later and goes to her appointment. Sami suggests Rafe should go with Nicole since she's fine. Rafe tells her that they are not together. Sami points out that it's still his baby and thinks Nicole would jump at the chance to be with him. Rafe explains that they are not interested. Sami wonders how they fell in bed together then. Rafe questions Sami of all people having to ask. Sami recalls Rafe being there for her when she had Sydney. Sami asks Rafe if Nicole's baby is really his.

Jessica tells Maggie that she wishes they could make the board understand that Nick is not the same man that he was before. Maggie wishes the same but he did do those things in the past. Jessica blames the drugs and calls addiction an illness. Jessica talks about so many people receiving a second chance so she wonders why not Nick. Jessica cries about loving Nick as Maggie hugs her.

Abigail checks herself in the mirror as Cameron then arrives. She apologizes again for canceling their date since she had a lot going on. Cameron offers to talk about it. Abigail agrees if he wants to hear. Abigail explains to him about Nick being up for parole and how Chad doesn't want Nick out but her family thinks he's ready. Cameron asks what she wants. Abigail responds that she just wants to stay out of it since she feels bad for both Melanie and Nick but can't go there right now. Cameron is sure he would understand. Abigail adds that her aunt Kayla and uncle Steve are getting divorced. Abigail talks about how they were holding hands and together at Jack's funeral which made her believe that they would get back together. Cameron tells her he's sorry. Cameron wishes there was something he could do. Abigail responds that there is and kisses him.

EJ plays with Johnny. Johnny comments that he likes it when EJ and Sami are friends again. EJ does too and thinks back to Lucas talking to him. Johnny asks him what he's thinking about. EJ states that he was just thinking about a plan of his own.

Rafe questions Sami thinking he would lie to her. Rafe asks what it is to her. Sami says it's nothing but is a lot for EJ. Nicole listens from outside the door as Rafe says he's giving Nicole the space that she wanted. Rafe brings up Nicole's miscarriage and how it's a high risk. Rafe says he's supporting Nicole from the sidelines. Sami doesn't think that's like Rafe. Rafe drops the topic so Sami thanks him for bringing her and then exits. Rafe forgot to remind her about giving her statement. Nicole comes back in which Rafe asks what she's doing there and not at her appointment. Nicole believes Rafe was about to blow it all.

The board starts to remove Nick from the room but Melanie returns and says she just needed a minute and is now ready to give her statement. They question if she's sure she's up for it and she says she is.

Hope and Daniel return with Chad. Chad informs Maggie and Jessica that Melanie is inside, talking to the parole board about Nick.

EJ sends Johnny to play video games as Sami returns home. EJ asks about her wrist. Sami explains that some guy tried to grab her purse but Rafe made the rescue. Sami says she then got lucky again since she ran into Nicole at the hospital. Sami comments that she thinks Nicole is taking Rafe to the dark side. Sami talks about not thinking Rafe would lie about the baby but now she's not so sure. EJ says to her that he thinks he made a terrible mistake.

Rafe assures Nicole that her secret is safe with him. Nicole says she's not worried about him but Sami. Nicole talks about Sami being highly motivated to find out who got her pregnant and how she should be worried about her. Rafe says hospital security has increased since Sami's DNA switching days. Nicole worries about Sami cracking Rafe. Rafe insists that he will not have a problem with Sami and promises not to betray Nicole. Nicole asks if he will betray himself for the woman he loves.

The board thanks Melanie for her testimony and asks if she came to object Nick's parole.

Maggie can't believe that they didn't know Melanie was in there. Hope explains that there was another door. Jessica worries about what she's saying. Hope gets a call and has to go so she says goodbye and exits. Jessica tells Maggie that there's only one reason that Melanie would come down and she thinks they know what Melanie is saying. Jessica declares that this changes everything for Nick. Jessica goes to call her mom to let her know. Daniel sits with Chad and they wish they could be in there with Melanie. Daniel talks about Melanie not being a victim. Chad hopes he and Gabi got through to Melanie that it's the right thing to do. Melanie comes out of the room. Daniel and Maggie check if she's alright as Daniel hugs her. Melanie announces that she just did what she had to do.

Abigail and Cameron continue kissing on the couch as Cameron now has his shirt off. Abigail stops and decides she can't do this. Cameron asks what's wrong as he thought she wanted him. Abigail suddenly gets up and asks him to leave. Cameron agrees to and then exits.

Rafe asks Nicole what she's talking about and what that means. Nicole explains how he promised that Sami would be out of his life forever. Rafe says that she is but Nicole is fooled since she saw them earlier. Nicole wonders what Sami's secret is and how Rafe is already defending her. Rafe thinks he's only defending himself. Nicole tells him that the eyes don't lie and how they look like they haven't even been apart. Nicole admits that she's worried that Rafe will disrespect himself. She asks him not to let Sami stomp on his heart again. Rafe promises Nicole that he will never ever fall for Sami again.

Sami asks EJ what changed his mind about Nicole's baby being his. EJ says Sami changed his mind by saying that Rafe would never lie. EJ says he was going through a lot with Lexie's death at the time so he desperately wanted it to be his. EJ says the DNA test never lies and wonders why Daniel and Rafe would both lie for Nicole so they must be telling the truth. Sami decides to go lie down.

Chad tells Melanie that he's really proud of her and knows it took a lot to make sure Nick stays behind bars for the next 18 months. Maggie introduces Melanie to Jessica. The parole board comes out and announces that they have decided that Nick has been granted parole. Jessica excitedly hugs Maggie as Chad holds Melanie.

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