Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 9/4/12

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 9/4/12


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Daniel tells Nicole about her living with Victor and Maggie. Nicole thinks it's a joke because she can't live with Victor. Daniel tries to convince her that EJ will be away from her. Nicole thinks there has to be another option and asks if he can think of anywhere else that she can live.

Rafe and Gabi eat together at the Pub. Gabi asks Rafe why he's in such a good mood. Rafe thinks back to overhearing Sami saying she's not with EJ and was taking the kids on a trip. Rafe tells Gabi it's nothing.

EJ goes to see Sami and asks how the waterpark was. Sami says it was good and that her life is exactly the same as before then questions EJ when he was going to tell her that he is a DiMera after all.

Bo sits at the station looking at Nick's file. Hope joins him and Bo talks about recalling everything Nick had been through. Hope tells him that Nick is completely changed. Hope thinks he deserves a chance to start over.

Nick tells Jessica that there are a lot of things that could keep him from getting parole. Jessica thinks it's only Melanie but Nick says it's not up to her. Jessica feels it would make a big difference if Melanie didn't contest it and wants to talk to Maggie. Nick doesn't want to bother Maggie. Maggie then arrives which surprises Nick. Jessica asks her to talk to Melanie but Maggie responds that she can't do that.

Melanie begins writing her letter to the board about Nick being released. Chad mentions that she has to get it notarized and he goes to find out where she can get that done. Melanie resumes writing that she knows what she's asking will mean Nick stays in prison for another 18 months. Melanie then stops writing, takes her purse and leaves the room, leaving the letter on the desk.

Daniel tells Nicole that it will only be a few days before they find something better. Nicole thinks that's too long for her and Victor. Daniel tries to calm her down as Nicole argues against it and gets stressed out. Nicole apologizes for being a pain but feels Victor's is not an option. Nicole feels anywhere would be better so Jennifer arrives and tells Nicole to come live with her.

Rafe talks with Gabi about his promotion. Gabi wants to celebrate. Gabi talks about being happy that he's sticking around. Rafe tells her he wouldn't go anywhere after what happened to her. Gabi insists that she's fine. Gabi talks about worrying about Rafe now that Carrie is gone but he tells her not to. Gabi thinks the loft isn't good for him as it could remind him of Sami. Rafe assures her that he's over Sami. Rafe gets a call from the station that he has to go sign some paperwork so he exits. Gabi begins to leave but Melanie arrives and questions why Gabi hasn't been returning her calls. Gabi claims her phone was off. Melanie tells Gabi that she is the only one who could help her.

Sami argues with EJ about Stefano. EJ insists that he still doesn't want anything to do with Stefano. Sami wishes he wouldn't have lied to her. EJ says he didn't. EJ asks what's wrong. Sami wants to go get the kids but EJ wants to spend time with Sami first. EJ continues to ask her what's wrong.

Jessica tells Maggie that she's sorry for all that Melanie went through but wants her to talk to her. Nick sends Jessica to go check if Bo and Hope are there yet. Maggie sits with Nick. Nick tells Maggie he's sorry as Jessica is trying too hard. Maggie understands. Nick is glad she came. Maggie says she wouldn't have missed it. Nick questions her not knowing what side to be on. Maggie tells him that she knows how much better he's gotten and how proud she is of him. Maggie tells Nick that he's fearless for facing his demons. Nick declares that Melanie has every right to want him locked up and he'd never ask her to try and change her mind. Maggie states that she can't step in even if she wants the best for him. Nick knows that Maggie has never turned her back on him. Maggie says it was always easy to love him.

Chad returns but finds that Melanie is gone. Chad looks around for her and then tries calling her but she left her phone too. Chad wonders where she went.

Melanie sits with Gabi and talks about Nick. Melanie doesn't know if she wants to stop Nick from getting out of prison. Melanie said she started writing the letter but decided it felt wrong. Gabi decides she has to go which confuses Melanie. Melanie tells Gabi that she's the only person who can help her since she doesn't know Nick. Melanie adds that Gabi's the only person to be through what she's been through. Gabi thinks back to Chad finding out about her and Andrew. Gabi tells Melanie that she's sorry but she can't help her.

Jennifer is glad she ran into Nicole and asks her about EJ harassing her. Jennifer calls EJ disgusting for going after a pregnant woman and promises that EJ wouldn't bother her. Daniel calls it nice and Nicole thinks Jennifer doesn't even like her. Jennifer says Nicole is growing on her and she saw her apologizing to Abe. Nicole says it was nothing. Jennifer brings up Nicole giving her flowers for Jack. Nicole feels that Jennifer doesn't owe her. Jennifer suggests that she needs someone in her house since it's empty. Jennifer says it would be helping her. Daniel states that they would be helping each other and it sounds like a win-win. Nicole calls it an offer she can't refuse.

Sami tells EJ that she's not ready for a relationship as she has things to settle out. EJ says he gets the message but Sami doesn't think he does. EJ brings up Sami saying she liked him. Sami says she does but brings up her divorce from Rafe only being six months old. Sami talks about having to go to court and doesn't think EJ should be on her defense team. EJ offers to get a lawyer but Sami insists that she can handle getting herself out of trouble. Sami says she has to go see her lawyer so she asks EJ to stay with the kids. EJ agrees to and asks Sami to sort through her feelings in the coming weeks. Sami tells EJ that she's not saying no to him but she's not saying yes either. Sami says she doesn't know it will turn out and they almost kiss as Sami then leaves.

Nicole tells Jennifer that she will be in touch and goes to find the restroom. Daniel comments that it was very generous. Jennifer knows Nicole didn't seem too thrilled with the offer. Daniel doesn't think Jennifer did either. Jennifer thinks she will grow on her. Daniel asks why she did it. Jennifer talks about talking with Abe about life being too short. Jennifer says this is a way to help Maggie, Victor, and Nicole.

Nicole goes to a hospital room and screams into a pillow. Nicole tells her baby that she's sorry as this was not her plan. Nicole declares that life lesson number one is that do-gooders always screw things up.

Jennifer mentions to Daniel that Maggie told her about him wanting Nicole to move there. Daniel gets a call from Chad. Chad asks if Melanie is with him. Daniel says no. Chad says that she just disappeared and he's worried about her.

Bo sits with the board and Nick. Bo goes over the events between Nick and Melanie and the death of Trent. Bo states that Nick was arrested for kidnapping and murder.

Lucas arrives at Sami's and asks what EJ is doing there. EJ says he's just enjoying time with his family. Lucas comments that he doesn't waste any time. Lucas tells him to tell Sami that he's here to pick up Allie. EJ informs him that Sami left and he was taking care of the kids. Lucas can't believe that Sami left his daughter with EJ.

Sami meets with her lawyer and talks about EJ being innocent so she didn't do anything wrong. The lawyer tells Sami that they are trying to make an example out of her. Sami wonders if they can do anything to get the charges dropped. The lawyer suggests that if the arresting officer put in a good word. Sami thinks back to Rafe arresting her. The lawyer tells her that she'll be in touch and exits as Sami declares that she's so screwed. Rafe then walks in and asks what she's done now and what's wrong. Sami says it's nothing and asks about Gabi since she heard what happened. Rafe tells her that he can't tell as Gabi says everything's fine. Sami offers to talk to her which surprises Rafe. Rafe suggests it may help her open up and thanks her.

Daniel and Chad walk through the town square and talk about Melanie. Chad apologizes for scaring Daniel as he doesn't think anyone took her but is worried. Daniel decides he's going to check the prison to see if she decided to testify in prison so they go their separate ways.

Jessica testifies at Nick's hearing and talks about everyone thinking he's changed.

Outside of the hearing, Bo and Hope talk to Maggie about wondering if Melanie would be okay with Nick going free.

Melanie continues trying to talk to Gabi about Nick. Melanie says Daniel and Chad don't want Nick out and Maggie is in the middle. Melanie tells her that she needs her help and asks Gabi what she would do if it was Andrew. Gabi doesn't know. Melanie questions Gabi not helping her. Gabi doesn't know what to say and feels she doesn't have a good perspective. Melanie calls her one of her best friends but Gabi stops her and tells her that there's something she needs to know.

Nicole returns to Jennifer. Jennifer tells her that Daniel had to leave and Jennifer wants to get all of her stuff from her hotel which surprises her. Nicole suddenly calls it great and wants to move in so they leave together.

Hope testifies and talks about all of the progress Nick has made. Hope recalls being the one to arrest Nick. Hope no longer believes Nick is a risk to society. Hope says for sure that Nick is ready to be released.

Melanie asks Gabi what she needs to tell her. Before she can tell her, Chad arrives and hugs Melanie. Chad says he was looking everywhere for her. Melanie responds that she was looking for Gabi because she isn't sure about the letter and felt that Gabi was the only person who kinda knew what she was going through. Chad says that's not true. Gabi agrees and Chad encourages Melanie to write the letter. Gabi agrees with Chad. Melanie asks if Gabi is saying that she should keep Nick in prison. Gabi says that Melanie deserves to be safe.

Hope finishes testifying and tells Jessica that she thinks it might have made a difference. Maggie adds that she's sure it helped. Daniel arrives and can't believe Hope would help Nick.

Rafe asks Sami what she was doing at the station. Sami says she was talking to her lawyer but they didn't say anything about the charges being dropped. The lawyer returns to grab a file she left and asks if Rafe is there to vouch for Sami. Sami quickly says no and the lawyer leaves. Rafe asks Sami if she expects him to put a good word in for her. Rafe thinks that's the only reason she was being nice about Gabi. Rafe declares that some things never change and Sami's always looking out for herself. Rafe then exits and Sami follows after him.

The parole board talks with Nick about all the testimonies they have and ask if he has any statement to make before the ruling. Nick says he knows his family wants to blame what he did on the drugs but he was the one who did them and let it get out of hand without getting help when he should have. Nick blames himself for it. Nick says he fell down a hole and won't go back there again. Nick says he wants to get back and owes it to everyone he's hurt and everyone who believes in him, to make it up to them whether it's out there or behind bars.

Bo wants to talk to Daniel but Daniel wants to wait until Melanie is done testifying. Hope informs him that she's not there. Daniel assumed this is where she came and wonders where she is then.

EJ tells Lucas that Allie is getting ready. Lucas thinks Sami should have had her ready to leave already. EJ tells him not to be petty. Lucas threatens to sue Sami for full custody of Allie. EJ questions him taking her away from Johnny and Sydney. Lucas says they are the only reasons she's still there now. EJ states that Allie being with Sami is the only reason Lucas has an excuse to come around.

Sami catches up with Rafe outside the town square. Rafe tells her that whatever excuse is not going to help. Sami insists that she still wants to help Gabi on her own but Rafe doesn't believe her. Sami questions him thinking she's a monster that doesn't help anyone. Rafe tells her that he's not going to lie to the DA so she shouldn't ask him to. Rafe then walks away as a man appears behind Sami.

Jennifer brings Nicole into her home. Jennifer says it's not a mansion but not a hotel so it's a step up. Jennifer tells her that the guest room can be hers. Nicole thanks her. Nicole promises not to overstay her welcome. Nicole tells her it's really kind of her. Jennifer tells her to thank Maggie since she's the reason that she knew. Nicole says Maggie helped because of Daniel. Nicole asks if Daniel told her about them. Jennifer says he told her a bit. Nicole tells her that things got intense between them and he saved her life which is a great way to start. Nicole then heads upstairs.

Lucas tells EJ that he doesn't need an excuse to come around Sami because he's done with her and she's EJ's problem now. EJ doesn't consider her a problem. Lucas tells him not to get too comfortable. Lucas says he's not coming back but EJ won't last either since Sami always wants what she can't have. Lucas tells EJ that Sami will be done with him soon and will move on to the next one.

The man behind Sami tries to grab her purse but she pulls away from him as Rafe comes back and Sami falls back onto Rafe.

Hope and Bo await to hear about Nick. Daniel can't get a hold of Chad and wonders where Melanie would go. Maggie suggests that maybe she wanted to get far away from this matter.

The board informs Nick that they have made a decision and are prepared to announce it but Melanie bursts in and says she needs to make a statement.

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