Days of Our Lives Update Friday 8/31/12

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 8/31/12


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Melanie sleeps in bed and has nightmares about Nick. She then wakes up and screams.

Daniel walks through the town square and finds Maggie. They talk about Melanie. Daniel has a favor to ask of Maggie. Maggie remembers Daniel saying a friend needed a place to stay. Daniel suggests this favor might be above the call of duty.

Nicole reads the letter about Nick's parole hearing outside the Pub. Nicole doesn't care and looks into the Pub to see Jennifer with Abe. Nicole is surprised that Jennifer is back already.

Jennifer talks with Abe in the Pub. Jennifer talks about how hard it's been to pack up some of Jack's things. Jennifer says it all seems so impossible that they've lost Lexie and now Jack. Nicole watches from outside and talks to her baby about Jennifer being a grieving widow but Nicole wanting to be with Daniel. Jennifer mentions the campaign to Abe as Nicole enters and tells them they both deserve an apology.

Chad goes to Abigail's and tells her that he needs her to choose sides between Melanie and her family.

Hope goes to visit Nick and tells him that the parole hearing will be today. Hope wants to talk to him about reconsidering and brings in Nick's mother, Jessica.

Melanie gets up and is startled by a knock at the door. She opens to see Brady and frantically hugs him.

Abigail tells Chad that she and Jennifer had no idea that Nick was up for parole and asks Chad about taking sides. Chad talks about how Melanie doesn't need to be around Nick or reminded of what he put her through. Chad informs her that the hearing is today and Melanie just wants to back off. Chad wants Abigail to talk to Melanie and convince her to write the letter fast.

Brady wants Melanie to talk about what's wrong. Melanie said she just had nightmares and doesn't want to burden him with her problems. Brady talks about Melanie having nightmares. Melanie says it's not just that but also what happens if Nick doesn't get parole.

Nicole apologizes for interrupting but feels she has needed to apologize for a long time. Nicole adds that she hopes Jennifer is alright. Jennifer thanks her again for the flowers. Nicole asks for a moment alone with Abe so they step away. Kayla comes over from the counter and asks Jennifer what that's about but she says she isn't sure. Abe questions Nicole wanting to apologize. Nicole says she wants to apologize for working against him for EJ on his campaign. Nicole says she was blinded by so many things and played dirty. Nicole states that Abe is supposed to be mayor but isn't and her need for EJ to win is part of the reason why. Nicole hugs Abe and tells him that she's truly sorry.

Daniel sits with Maggie and tells her that he thinks his friend is worried about living alone. Maggie realizes he's talking about Nicole and wants her to move in with Maggie and Victor. Daniel knows if it's too much to ask but Maggie says she'll do anything for him.

Melanie tells Brady that Chad wants her to write the letter and if she doesn't then Nick will stay in prison for another 18 months. Melanie worries about something happening to Nick because of her and asks what Brady would do.

Abigail tells Chad that this isn't black or white since Nick is not just family but they were really good friends. Chad tries to convince her but Abigail doesn't want to get in the middle of it. Chad continues to push but Abigail refuses to take sides.

Nick hugs his mom and she tells him about how she wrote letters. She tells Nick that they don't know what he's doing since he has a good chance of getting out but he might not want to. Jessica asks him to get out and come home where he belongs.

Daniel tells Maggie that it won't be forever as he will figure out something for Nicole but for now it would solve a lot of issues. Maggie tells him to consider it handled. Daniel worries about Victor's reaction. Maggie thinks she can handle him once he knows it's what she wants. Maggie tells him not to worry as it will work out. Daniel hugs her.

Nicole tells Abe that she knows being sorry doesn't cut it as it's too little, too late. Nicole says she might be being selfish but insists that her apology is sincere. Nicole asks if they can not let this get in their way. Abe states that he's changed as his whole life is different than when he was running for mayor since he doesn't have Lexie or the job. Abe says dwelling on what he doesn't have will get him nowhere so he accepts her apology. Nicole holds back tears and hugs Abe again as Jennifer and Kayla watch on. Abe then walks Nicole out of the Pub. Jennifer decides she needs to go see what that was all about but Kayla stops her to talk. Kayla says she didn't want to bring it up with everything going on but she and Steve's divorce has been set in motion. Jennifer tells her that she's sorry. Kayla says the papers are being drawn up and then will be signed. Jennifer hoped they could've worked it out. Kayla thinks it's best for both of them. Jennifer hugs her and tells her she's sorry.

Nicole sits outside the Pub and tells herself that it felt good and hopes it will get back to Daniel on it's own. Nicole decides she's hungry and walks off.

Nick tells his mom that he loves her and he's gotten through so far by knowing they are there for him. Hope can't believe he's not willing to fight for his own release. Hope understands Melanie is important but tells him that his family is important too. Hope declares that he no longer belongs in prison.

Brady tells Melanie that she would be fine if Nick stayed in prison for another 18 months. Brady tells her to take care of herself. Brady says Melanie is a different person now. Melanie wonders if Nick is a different person too and she is unsure about keeping him in prison. Brady tells her everything will be fine and hugs her as Chad walks in and questions what is going on.

Abe returns to Jennifer and Kayla and tells Kayla that he is sorry about her divorce. Kayla talks about how they are all going through changes. Kayla thanks them for their support and goes back to the kitchen to take care of things. Jennifer asks Abe about Nicole's apology. Jennifer questions Nicole being sincere but Abe believed her. Jennifer thinks Nicole might need something from him. Abe is not sure but knows forgiveness is easier than holding a grudge. Abe mentions that Lexie was big on forgiveness and she made him a better man in so many ways. Abe says accepting Nicole's apology gave him peace of mind since life is too short. Abe says for him it's all about just appreciating everything and trying to move forward.

Nicole goes to the hospital to see Daniel.

Chad apologizes for popping off and checks on Melanie. Melanie tells him that she's alright but just had a bad dream. Chad tells Brady that he's sorry to hear about Madison. Brady informs Chad that Melanie is having bad dreams about Nick. Chad wants Melanie to write the letter. Chad and Brady feel the same way. Melanie doesn't want to be involved with the parole and thinks they are being overbearing. Melanie says it's supposed to be her decision. Chad tells her that he loves her and is worried about her. Melanie says it's an important decision for her to make. Chad disagrees and thinks she's not ready for Nick to be out of prison so that's why they want to step in and help her decide. Chad declares that Melanie needs to heal and she can't with Nick being out.

Nick tells Jessica to go get some water if she's upset then they can talk more. Jessica doesn't understand. Nick tells her it's ok as he needs to talk to Hope so she exits. Nick questions Hope bringing his mother in. Hope says she didn't know how else to get through to him. Nick calls it unfair. Hope says the point was that she wasn't trying to be fair.

Abe sits with Kayla and asks her plans going forward. Kayla says she's considering taking her old position at the hospital. Abe thinks it will be good to take her mind off of the divorce. Abigail comes in and overhears them. Abigail is surprised that they are still getting divorced. Kayla says she knows how much she loves Steve but he will be alright. Abigail questions how she knows. Abigail can't believe they're not together and acting like everything will be fine when they are both alone.

Nicole looks at the letter for Nick's parole hearing again and starts to throw it away but sees Daniel walking by. She puts it in her purse and says this is going to be good as she approaches Daniel. Nicole says she didn't expect to see him there. Nicole tells him that she can't stop thinking about Nick getting parole and says she's worried about what it will do to Melanie. Daniel appreciates it but says it's out of his hands. Nicole questions what if it isn't. Daniel wonders what that means. Nicole says she could make a media firestorm if he wants. Nicole talks about going through a similar situation as she was a suspect in Trent's murder that Nick committed. Nicole tells Daniel that she understands what he's going through and has the resources to act. Daniel appreciates her offer but can't ask her to do that. Nicole tells him that she would do anything for him.

Victor finishes a phone call at home as Maggie walks in. Victor tells him about his good morning and wants to take Maggie out for dinner to celebrate. Maggie kisses him and is glad he's in a good mood which she hopes means he'll be more receptive of what she's going to ask him. Maggie says it's a favor for Daniel. Victor asks what he needs. Maggie tells him that Daniel's friend needs a place to stay for awhile. Victor quickly says no before Maggie can even say it's Nicole. Victor thinks it must be a joke. Victor goes over reasons why not to do this. Victor points out that Brady lives here and is grieving so he shouldn't live with his ex. Maggie points out that there's an entire wing not being used so they won't have to run into each other. Maggie wants Victor to be reasonable to help Daniel out of his situation. Maggie says Daniel needs Nicole to be safe and they can help. Maggie tells him that Nicole is pregnant and EJ is coming after her so Daniel needs to have her safe. Victor responds that he's not the answer to this dilemma. Maggie states that they are the only ones Daniel has to turn to. Victor thinks Daniel should've thought of that before he got involved with Nicole and declares that the answer is no.

Kayla tells Abigail that she and Steve worked on this for a very long time so it didn't just happen. Abigail starts to leave but Kayla stops her. Abigail tells her to let it go just like she let Steve go and then exits the Pub. Abigail pulls out her phone and calls Cameron. She leaves him a message saying they were supposed to get together later but it's not a good day.

Maggie questions Victor saying no. Maggie explains that she's trying to help Daniel. Victor says helping Daniel would be letting him move in and locking the door behind him to keep Nicole away. Maggie thinks he's being unreasonable and that he's always making it about himself. Victor questions Maggie wanting Nicole to move in. Victor points out that he was once married to Nicole and asks Maggie if she's okay with that. Maggie resents Victor making unilateral decisions about their life. Victor says it's just his opinion. Maggie gives her opinion that she wants her to move in. Jennifer arrives and questions what's going on and who's moving in.

Daniel tells Nicole that she has enough on her plate but he appreciates her offer and desire to help. Daniel says Melanie is her own person and does what she thinks is best. Daniel says leaking information to keep Nick in prison is not really their style. Nicole accepts that as Daniel says he has to go back to work. Nicole asks if he thought any more about her living situation. Daniel responds that he has and has a plan that he thinks will work out just right.

Hope tells Nick that he's doing what she thinks is best for him and that's getting him out. Nick talks about it upsetting his mother to see him in prison. Hope still wants Nick to get out. Hope warns him not to do anything to sabotage his own hearing.

Chad and Brady tell Melanie about everything that's happened and why Nick should stay in jail. Melanie doesn't think he should stay in jail just because she has bad luck and got kidnapped again.

Hope tells Nick that she has letters of people saying he's a changed person. Nick calls it their opinion. Hope thinks it counts a lot. Hope says they can consider what's best for Melanie and society but also for him. Hope wants Nick to let the truth and the record speak for itself instead of trying to punish himself. Nick says it's asking a lot. Hope tells him that he's not just hurting himself but everyone who loves him.

Chad and Brady tells Melanie that she doesn't have to take care of anyone but herself. Melanie wants more time to think but Chad reminds her the parole hearing is today so she has to write the letter. Brady thinks there's not much else they can say. Chad tells her it's now or never as he hugs her.

Nick tells Hope that he's trying to make the right decision. Hope responds that the truth is the right decision. Jessica comes back in and tells Nick that Hope is right.

Melanie agrees and tells Chad to get her a piece of paper and a pen so she can write the letter.

Nicole tells Daniel that it's great and can't wait to get out of the hotel room. Daniel says he's still waiting to hear back. Nicole questions what he meant. Daniel says he means where she'll be living. Nicole is confused as she thought she'd be living with him. Daniel apologizes for not being clear and clarifies that he wasn't talking about his place but Victor and Maggie's.

Jennifer tells Victor and Maggie that she could hear them arguing from the driveway. Maggie says she just asked a favor and Victor dismissed her. Victor thinks it's more than a favor. Maggie says it's a necessity because EJ is coming after her. Victor says he will never open the doors to Nicole. Jennifer wants them to stop arguing. Maggie says Victor can't compromise. Jennifer comes up with a solution and suggests Nicole move in with her.

An officer informs Nick that the warden is available for his requested meeting. Nick responds that he's changed his mind which makes Jessica and Hope happy. Jessica hugs him and thanks him. Nick says he will let this play out but if Melanie writes a letter then he will not counter. Hope decides that's good enough. Hope thanks Nick and suggests maybe he will thank her later. Hope hugs him and then exits to get Bo. Jessica hugs Nick and says it's the best news.

Melanie sits down with pen and paper as Brady exits. Chad thanks Brady for the help. Brady says she's been through a lot so he hopes this puts some of it away. Brady then walks away. Melanie begins writing the letter, saying she's writing it to say how she feels about the unthinkable thought of Nick being released from prison.

Jessica remains hugging Nick outside of the cell.

Melanie stops writing and looks back at Chad.

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