Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 8/30/12

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 8/30/12


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

EJ and Sami kiss until Sami stops. EJ asks if something is wrong. Sami responds everything.

Rafe goes to the Pub and finds Brady seated alone. Rafe is glad he ran into him and tells him he's sorry about Madison. Brady thanks him and says he's sorry for him too. Brady states that he's not the only one there that has lost someone.

Daniel walks through the hospital, leaving a message for Maggie about wanting to know how things went for Marlena and that a friend of his will need a place to stay soon. Cameron joins him and updates him on his patients. Daniel asks if he's heard from Abigail. Cameron informs him that she and Jennifer just landed at the airport and should be getting back home now.

Jennifer looks at a photo of her and Jack at home and says she hopes he's at peace. Abigail comes in with Will. Will hugs Jennifer and tells her that he's sorry.

Adrienne joins Sonny at the coffeehouse and hugs him. Adrienne talks about how rough things were but Abigail and Jennifer were strong. Sonny wishes he could've been there too. Adrienne asks how everything is with him since she heard things got heated. Sonny says he's fine. Brian approaches and jokes with Sonny. Adrienne greets him and asks Sonny if he's going to introduce her.

Sami tells EJ that she can't do this. EJ wants to know what's wrong and asks if he's pressuring her. Sami says no but it's just alarming. EJ tells her that there's no rush but they are alone like they were at the safe house. EJ starts kissing her neck and hopes they can pick up where they left off but Sami tells him that they can't.

Will talks with Abigail. Abigail tells him that Jennifer is having a hard time but is really strong. Will asks Abigail how she is since he can't even imagine. She says she's alright because she has to be. Will offers to leave if she wants to be alone but Abigail insists that she wants to talk to him so she asks him to stay.

EJ jokes with Sami about not being attracted to him anymore. Sami says she is but at the safe house it wasn't real. EJ tells her that it was entirely real and has no idea what she means. Sami thinks it all just had to do with being on the run from the police. Sami is glad she went with him but is home now and has things to deal with. EJ tells her to be direct with him on whether or not her feelings have changed.

Sonny introduces Brian to Adrienne. Brian tells her it's a pleasure to meet her. Sonny sends Brian to get them coffees. Adrienne jokes with them and then says to Sonny that Brian seems nice. Sonny calls him a good idea. Adrienne says she will get out of their way and have her coffee. Sonny tells her that she can join them but she insists.

Will sits with Abigail. Abigail tells him that she's not upset with him but wants to know why he was upset. Will thinks back to Sonny kissing him and then says he doesn't want to talk about himself but about Abigail. Abigail insists that Will talk about him instead. Abigail asks him if everything is okay.

Jennifer walks through the town square on the phone with JJ. She finishes the conversation and hangs up. She comments that coming home was supposed to be the easy part. Billie arrives and greets Jennifer with a hug.

Rafe thinks Brady is talking about him arresting Sami but Brady informs him that he meant Carrie. Brady says it must have ripped him up a little bit. Rafe says it was the best decision for her and her family. Rafe asks Brady if he's okay. Brady says he's dealing with things. Brady assures him that he's not using anymore if he was wondering. Rafe believes him. Brady feels it could be one of the most disrespectful things he could do to Madison's memory since she helped him get clean. Brady declares he's done with that. Rafe thinks Madision would be proud to know that she's still helping him. Brady admits he's having a hard time letting go.

Sami tells EJ that her feelings haven't changed. EJ wants to know what he can do to make life easier. Sami tells him that she has to focus on the kids and let them know she won't just take off again since they are the most important thing to her. EJ says they both put their children first. Sami talks about letting the kids think they would have a family with Lucas and how they were happy about that but now it's not going to happen so she can't just jump into something with him because the kids wouldn't understand. EJ asks if she's sure she's worried about the kids understanding or someone else.

Will agrees to talk about himself. Will talks about not being able to control how he came out due to the newspaper. Will says he didn't care but it wasn't how he was planning on sharing the news. Abigail talks about him coming out to an extent. Will admits he wasn't ready to come out to everybody. Abigail asks who he told first. Will says he told Marlena first and she took it great. Will talks about it being a huge event for him but like nothing changed for her. Abigail wonders why he'd think anything would change since he's still the same person he's always been. Will feels like he didn't get to figure out what being gay meant before he had to explain to everyone else. Abigail asks how he feels now. Will thinks a part of him has changed. Abigail asks if he means his heart and if he's met someone.

Sonny sits with Brian and tells him that he thinks Adrienne really likes him. Brian jokes with it being his plan to win him over.

Jennifer and Billie walk through the town square. Billie asks about the kids. Jennifer says they are completely traumatized due to the suddenness of it all. Billie tells her she loves her and hugs her. Jennifer thanks her as Billie says they will talk later and walks away. Jennifer turns around and runs into Daniel.

Sami tells EJ that she's focusing on herself and being the best mother she can be. Sami says she wants to attempt to be mature for once and doesn't want to jump into something that she's not ready for. EJ asks her if this is about Carrie leaving town bothering her. Sami responds no. EJ brings up Carrie's relationship with Rafe. Sami calls it hardly a relationship. Sami says if she ever decides to mend fences with Carrie then she can send her flowers. EJ supposes it's for the best since Rafe is having a baby with Nicole. Sami questions when he started taking that so lightly. EJ tries to kiss her again but Sami wants to talk about it. Sami says EJ thought Nicole's baby was his and wants to know what's changed.

Will admits to Abigail that there is somebody that he cares about. Abigail asks what the problem is. Will doesn't know how to tell him since he's sent so many mixed signals. Abigail says he told her so he should be able to tell him too. Will gets a call and thanks Abigail for listening. Will tells her he's there if she ever wants to talk. Will goes to take his call as Cameron arrives. Cameron asks Abigail how she is. She says she's better now that he's here and he hugs her.

EJ tells Sami that Nicole is still saying Rafe is the father so until he can prove otherwise, it's complicated. Sami gets a call from Will and he asks about EJ getting released. Sami gives the phone to EJ. Will tells him he's glad they finally let him out. Will asks EJ if he can meet up since he wanted to talk to him about something important. EJ agrees to meet Will. Sami tells him to go ahead. EJ kisses Sami and says they can continue their conversation later as he then exits.

Brian tells Sonny about a band playing a show and he thinks they should go. Victor arrives and Adrienne greets him. Victor tells her that he's sorry about Jack's tragic passing. Victor jokes with her that he came because the coffeehouse makes better espresso than Henderson. Victor says he also came to check on Sonny. Adrienne tells him that he's with a friend and asks him to be nice.

Will sits with EJ at the town square. Will says he never thought he was guilty and is glad he's back. Will brings up hearing that he is Stefano's son after all. EJ calls it bad news. Will thought he'd be glad to be a DiMera again but EJ says he's his own man. Will says he started feeling that way ever since he started working for him. Will tells EJ that he's sorry but can no longer work for him. EJ questions him quitting. Will says he's been so wrapped up in EJ's life that he's been ignoring his life and it's not healthy so he thinks that needs to change.

Brian offers to go get tickets but Sonny reminds him he hasn't agreed to go yet. Victor approaches and greets Sonny. Sonny introduces Brian to Victor. Brian then exits. Victor asks Sonny about his fight and is glad he can handle himself like a Kiriakis. Victor asks about Brian and says he seems nice. Sonny agrees. Victor jokes that he's good looking also. Victor goes to order his espresso.

Sami looks at her flowers and thinks back to kissing EJ at the safe house and then thinks back to Rafe telling her that he loved her and then thinks back to Lucas telling her to pick between he and EJ. Sami wonders aloud what is wrong with her and declares she's going to concentrate on what's really important in her life for once.

Rafe goes to the station and looks through a folder then realizes he left his phone at the Pub and he exits.

Will hopes EJ understands. EJ tells him it's okay and he doesn't need to explain since he respects his decision. Will tells EJ that he has learned a lot from him and valued their time together. EJ appreciates it and says despite their rocky start and complicated history, he appreciates him more as a friend than an employee. Will thanks him. EJ says what Will did in helping he and Sami escape from the police will always have him extremely grateful. Will asks what he's going to do now. EJ says he isn't sure since he wants to see how things play out and get his house in order. EJ says his kids are his priority and he'd like to focus on his family. EJ adds that he'd like it if he could involve Sami in that. Will asks if that means them being involved together. EJ asks if he doesn't think it's a good idea. Will responds that it's never going to work. EJ asks how he feels about his relationship with Sami. Will says he doesn't have one. EJ wants to build one. Will wants to know why. Will says every time they get together, they get hurt and he doesn't want to see it again. Will brings up Sami's failed relationships with him, Lucas, and Rafe. Will talks about how he thought Rafe would work until she had sex with EJ. EJ asks if he'd rather her be alone. Will says maybe because every time they get together, they break up and it doesn't end well. Will asks EJ why he thinks this time will be any different. EJ appreciates his honesty and thanks him. Will tells EJ to make sure he's honest with himself because he doesn't want to see him get hurt. Will then gets up and walks away.

Brady goes to the Kiriakis Mansion and greets Victor. Brady wants to talk. Brady says Ian is gone and never coming back which means Titan needs a stronger leader to right the wrongs. Victor asks if Brady thinks he's capable of being that leader. Brady responds that he's damn right.

Will walks through the town square and runs into Adrienne. Will tells her he's sorry about Jack and that he didn't make it to the memorial. Adrienne asks how he's been. Will says he's great and asks how Sonny is. Adrienne says he's good and is with a friend right now named Brian. Will thinks back to seeing them together and tells her that he does sort of know Brian. Adrienne asks what Brian is like. Will agrees that he's a nice, cool guy. Adrienne comments that they seemed to be hitting it off and she's glad that Sonny finally has someone in his life. Will says the same. Adrienne hugs him and says goodbye then walks away.

Brian returns to the coffeehouse with concert tickets for he and Sonny. Brian realizes that Sonny still isn't sure he wants to go with him. Brian tells him that if he's still hung up on Will then he should do something about it or he'll lose out. Brian leaves the tickets on the counter and then exits.

Daniel tells Jennifer that he's wanted to call her and reach out but doesn't know what to say. Jennifer tells him it's okay as no one knows what to say. Jennifer tells him about spreading Jack's ashes in California. Jennifer gets emotional and tells Daniel that she's sorry. Daniel says it's okay as he understands.

Cameron tells Abigail that he has tomorrow off. Abigail quickly responds that she'd love to go out with him tomorrow. Cameron asks if she's sure she's up for it. Abigail says she's tired of feeling sad all the time and thinks Jack would want her to have some fun. Cameron hugs her.

Jennifer tells Daniel that she's explained every day how Jack has died and she's gotten okay with it then she gets emotional talking about his life. Daniel tells her about how it will get her a lot of times with memories and he knows it's really hard. Daniel tells her that he's sorry. Daniel asks if there's anything he can do. Jennifer thanks him. Daniel adds that he's not just saying it. Jennifer knows but doesn't know what to ask for. Daniel understands and decides he will let her be. Daniel gets up and walks away.

Victor asks Brady if he wants to come back to Titan and what John thinks about it. Brady says John will kindly let him out of his contract with Basic Black if that's what he wants. Brady assures him that's what he wants. Victor asks why. Brady declares that his place is at Titan. Victor is glad he figured that out and welcomes him back. Brady thanks him. Victor asks if Maggie got a hold of him since she was anxious to talk to him about Melanie. Victor informs Brady that Nick is up for parole with a good chance to be released.

Sonny looks at the concert tickets that Brian left. Sonny pulls out his phone and calls Will. Will looks at it but decides to decline the call. Sonny is disappointed and hangs up.

EJ remains seated at the town square as Billie arrives and joins him. Billie tells him that she heard his charges are getting dropped and that he got very lucky so she wants to know why he looks so miserable.

Sami goes to the Pub and talks with Caroline. Caroline thought she was with EJ. Sami corrects her that she's not with EJ now or at all. Rafe arrives behind her. Sami tells Caroline that she's going to take the kids to stay at a waterpark hotel. Caroline asks if Lucas is going with her but Sami says it's just going to be her and the kids. Sami goes to get the kids as Rafe greets Caroline. Caroline tells him that it's good to see him. Sami tells the kids that she has a big surprise that they will love.

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