Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 8/29/12

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 8/29/12


Written By Joseph
Pictures by Juanita

Marlena tells Nick to think about what he's saying but Nick insists that he hasn't changed.

Melanie asks Daniel about talking to Jennifer since Jack passed away. Daniel says he has kept his distance. Melanie wonders what has kept him from reaching out to her. Daniel says it isn't about them but keeping Melanie safe.

Nicole runs into EJ at the town square who has flowers with him and she wishes him luck on his fresh start.

Sami goes to the station looking for EJ but instead finds Rafe.

Abe and Theo join Bo, Hope, and Ciara at the Pub. Ciara takes Theo to go get some cake. Abe sits with Bo and Hope. Abe talks about seeing Lexie in Theo and knowing that they will make it through. Abe talks about wanting to focus all of his attention on Theo. Bo states that in the end, it's all about family. Maggie then arrives at the Pub.

Melanie tells Daniel that nobody knew where she was and she's lucky to be here now. Melanie talks about Abigail not being as lucky since she's lost her dad. Melanie brings up Abigail and Jennifer being very close to Nick and wonders how she's supposed to prevent them from family.

Nick tells Marlena how he used to always think about Melanie and his old life and how things would never get better. Nick admits that he's a better man than he was when he came in. Marlena asks him who he is.

EJ talks about a fresh start with Nicole. EJ calls it wonderful news that he's innocent. Nicole tells him that he's not innocent. EJ questions if she really thought he killed Stefano. Nicole says she knows he could've and would've since she knows what he's capable of. Nicole tries to leave but EJ stops her. EJ comments that she looks healthy and is a lot further along than the last time he saw her. EJ tells her that he's been preoccupied with Stefano's disappearance but he hasn't forgotten that they have to determine if the baby is his or Rafe's.

Sami comments to Rafe that he sounds angry. Rafe admits that he's not happy that she comes to see EJ. Sami asks if it's about their past. Rafe says he has work to do. Roman enters and informs them that all the charges against Will have been dropped. Sami hugs him and thanks him. Roman tells Sami that Rafe is the one to thank. Roman gets a call and steps out. Sami tells Rafe that she doesn't know how to thank him. Rafe says he's glad to do his job and to help Will. Rafe adds that Will is lucky that EJ was innocent or else the charges may not have been dropped. Sami says she did what she had to do to prevent Johnny and Sydney's father from going to prison for a crime he didn't commit. Sami says Will is an adult and can make his own decisions. Rafe tells her that everything worked out then. Sami brings up Lucas being furious with them still. Rafe doesn't blame him. Sami says it's tough for Will since he's close to Lucas. Rafe asks if that means she's back on the market. Sami says no and Rafe clarifies that he did the favor for Will and not her as he exits.

Daniel tells Melanie that she has a big heart and he admires how she's dealing with everything. Melanie doesn't want to be a victim and talks about how different she is now. Melanie refuses to live her life in fear.

Nick responds to Marlena that he's a guy who loves his family and that will never change. Nick says he loves to learn and would like a chance to make a difference in the world. Marlena tells him to continue. Nick says he knows he has to take responsibility for every moment of his life. Marlena asks why he'd decline the parole hearing. Marlena asks Nick about his feelings for Melanie.

Nicole tells EJ that her baby's paternity is not in question since the results are 100% accurate. EJ disagrees so Nicole tries to leave again. EJ stops her and reminds her how much he loves his children. EJ brings up Nicole lying to him about Sydney in the past. EJ warns her that if she even thinks about repeating that then she has no idea what the future is going to hold. Rafe arrives and asks if there's a problem. Nicole tells Rafe that she's fine and walks away to make a call. Rafe tells EJ not to be so fast to walk away. Nicole calls Daniel leaving a message that EJ is asking questions and she doesn't know what would've happened if Rafe didn't show up. Nicole worries about what will happen to them all if EJ finds out the truth.

Daniel's phone rings so Melanie tells him that he can answer it and that he's helped her. Melanie hugs him. Daniel accepts and tells her to make sure she locks the door as he exits.

Maggie sits with Hope at the Pub. Hope is worried about her but Maggie says she's fine and it's Melanie that's not. Hope admits this is hard for her and that's she isn't trying to influence Maggie but wants her to see Nick's progress. Maggie says she has visited him and realizes he's doing good on the inside but life on the outside is different. Maggie talks about knowing addiction is a constant struggle. Maggie tells Hope that she didn't know back then that Melanie was her granddaughter. Maggie talks about not being there to love and help her. Maggie says she needs to know that the changes in Nick are real and lasting.

Nick tells Marlena that Melanie isn't the one who got him in to prison as that's all on him. Marlena asks if he thinks he owes Melanie. Nick can't stand the idea of causing Melanie any more pain. Nick states that he still cares about Melanie as a friend. Nick wishes he could undo the past but he can't and all he can do is be the best man he can be. Nick knows he did a lot wrong and is now trying to do what's right. Nick declares that whatever happens will happen.

Roman returns to Sami and asks where Rafe is. Sami tells him that he left. Roman wonders what she's doing there by herself and asks to talk. They sit together as Roman asks what she was thinking by being willing to take a bullet for EJ. Roman brings up what EJ's done to her in the past and everything she was willing to do for him now. Sami tells Roman that she's glad he's okay. Roman asks Sami if she thinks she can do better than EJ.

Rafe asks EJ what he's going to do now that he's out on bail and if he's back to running the town in the ground. EJ points out that he's still his boss. Rafe remarks that he won't be in jail. EJ talks about there not being a crime. Rafe says he might think he can get away with crimes but he won't let her bully a pregnant woman. EJ asks Rafe about being a loose end with Carrie gone and him not being with Sami. EJ talks about Nicole driving people away and he doesn't see a lot of happiness in Rafe's future.

Hope asks Maggie if she thinks Marlena will have any different opinion that Nick is ready to get out. Maggie says she'd rather hear it from Marlena. Maggie brings up that Nick is talking about canceling his hearing. Hope gets a call and steps away to answer it. Marlena arrives and joins Maggie. Marlena tells Maggie that she agrees with others that found Nick to be a healthy, well-adjusted man. Marlena sees that Nick is willing to pay for his mistakes. Marlena says she knows it'd be easier if it was simple. Maggie says she wants what's best for Nick. Marlena is afraid she can't put her mind at ease. Marlena offers to talk to Melanie. Maggie thinks that's a great idea and thanks her. Marlena hopes it turns out well for everyone involved.

Nicole goes to see Daniel at the hospital. Daniel talks about Melanie and how he's trying to support her. Nicole calls him an amazing father. Nicole says if someone hurt her baby like Nick did to Melanie then she'd want them to rot in prison forever.

Hope goes to see Nick which surprises him as he was not expecting to see her.

Sami asks Roman why he was looking for Rafe. Roman says he just wanted to let him know that he's getting a promotion. Roman talks about Rafe being one of the best cops he has. Roman wants all his big guns in dealing with a corrupt mayor. Roman asks Sami why she's not with Rafe. Roman wants her to explain what she's doing with EJ. Sami responds that she doesn't know and can't explain it but there's something there that always has been. Sami says she's tried to deny it but she's going to follow her heart. Roman asks about her heart leading to trouble. Sami states that she'll have family there when she needs them.

Rafe tells EJ that he didn't know he was so interested in his love life and passes on any advice. Rafe advises him to stay away from Nicole. Rafe warns him that he'll lose his job as mayor like he's lost everything else. EJ tells him that he's going to see Johnny and Sydney. EJ comments that they have the most beautiful mother and walks away.

Hope sits with Nick and tells him that she and Julie are upset about him canceling his parole hearing. Hope tells him that everyone thinks he's ready to get out and is no longer a threat to society. Hope asks what he's so afraid of. Nick suggests he's not a threat to society but to Melanie and worries what it will do to her.

Marlena goes to see Melanie. Melanie wonders who sent her to come but Marlena says it was her idea so she could talk to someone who's not involved. Melanie agrees that she would love to talk to her about Nick.

Daniel tells Nicole that he got her message about EJ. Nicole talks about EJ being hostile and scared her. Daniel sits with her and asks if she's okay. Nicole says she is but EJ only has her baby on his mind. Daniel insists that he will help her through it. Nicole worries about what EJ will do for revenge if Daniel gets caught. Nicole says she's scared to walk around alone now and wonders what to do. Daniel says he has an idea.

Rafe goes back to the station and Bo joins him. Bo congratulates him on the promotion. Bo thinks it's because Roman was afraid of losing Rafe to the ISA and he's glad he's sticking around.

EJ goes to Sami's and they greet each other. Sami invites him in and says she was looking for him at the station but found out he was released. Sami assumes he's here to see the kids. EJ says he is but also wanted to thank her and gives her the flowers. EJ talks about them symbolizing new beginnings. Johnny and Sydney run in and hug EJ. EJ gives Sydney one of the flowers as Johnny shows him his video game and Sami watches with a smile.

Melanie talks to Marlena about not wanting to be a victim but being scared. She talks about being through so many things and thinks she'll be fine. Melanie doesn't know what's worse either Nick being free or knowing she's the one keeping him in prison.

Hope tells Nick that she knows what it's like as she did terrible things under the influence of drugs too. Hope says she was able to be well again. Hope talks about knowing what it's like in prison. Hope thinks Nick should be surrounded by the people who love him.

Rafe thanks Bo and says he loves his job. Rafe talks about making friends as well as enemies. Bo sits with him and says every cop is an enemy to the DiMeras. Bo comments that for some of them, it's personal and that's why he's glad Rafe is with them because he knows he won't quit until the job is done.

Sami and Sydney joke around with EJ and Johnny about video games. Caroline comes in and offers to take Sydney for ice cream. Johnny wants to go too so Caroline takes the kids out for ice cream. EJ thinks they should talk now that they are alone. EJ tells her that she and Will were the only ones on his side. EJ wants her to know that he's deeply grateful. EJ says he wasn't able to show her since they had to leave the safe house so he was hoping he could show her now.

Daniel gets down on one knee and tells Nicole that he doesn't want to keep this thing between them a secret anymore. Daniel says EJ will be suspicious no matter what and the most important thing to him is protecting her and the baby. Daniel thinks it's best for all of them if she moves in with him. Nicole then comes out of her daydreaming and Daniel asks if she's okay. Daniel notes that Nicole zoned out. Nicole asks Daniel what his idea was to keep them safe. Daniel says he has a couple but has a consult he has to get to. Daniel says he will get back with her on his ideas as soon as possible. Daniel tells her that they will figure this out and that he will always have her back. Daniel says they will talk soon as he walks away.

Melanie thanks Marlena for listening. Melanie asks her to tell her what to do. Marlena tells her to stop caring what other people think. Melanie doesn't know how to do that. Marlena tells her to figure out what she needs and what she can handle right now. Melanie admits it would freak her out to have Nick free right not but maybe not in some time. Marlena tells her it's not an option as if Nick doesn't get parole tomorrow then he will have to wait another 18 months which surprises Melanie.

Hope understands Nick's guilt over what he did to Melanie. Hope says Nick being this considerate of her feelings shows that he's come a long way. Hope believes the world would be a better place with him in it.

Caroline sits with Johnny and Sydney at the town square with their ice cream. Johnny talks about Sami and EJ coming with them instead of being home all alone. Rafe walks by and sees them.

Sami and EJ give in to their feelings and kiss each other.

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