Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 8/28/12

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 8/28/12


Written By Joseph
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Chad tells Melanie that he knows she doesn't want to talk about Nick but he needs to get things straight. Melanie explains that Nick killed her adoptive father. Chad doesn't understand Nick setting her up to take the fall. Melanie tells him that Nick was on prescription drugs and he thought she would depend on him if she went to jail and that they'd run away together. Chad gets upset and says there's no way in hell Nick should get out of jail.

Nick talks with Julie about Melanie being kidnapped probably bringing back memories. Julie wants him back home with his family where he belongs but Nick does not think that's going to happen.

Marlena goes to see Will and checks on him. She asks about his situation with his friend. Will thinks back to seeing Sonny with Brian and tells her it was just a waste of time. Will tells her that Sami's not here and he has to go but Marlena stops him and wants to know what happened.

Brian goes to the coffeehouse and greets Sonny. Brian notices the cut on Sonny's face and wants to know what happened. Sonny claims he ran into a door. Brian tells him that he hopes he reconsidered because he's still interested in him.

EJ talks with a guard at the station about how ridiculous it is that he's being held when Stefano isn't even dead. EJ gets upset about having to explain things to his kids. EJ wants to get a phone call. Kate arrives and EJ wants to know why she's there.

Nicole tells Daniel that she wants to be more than friends and wants them to be together. Nicole clarifies that she doesn't feel used at all. Daniel brings up that she said she wasn't ready to be emotionally involved again. Nicole tells him that she was completely wrong and asks Daniel what he says about it.

Chad tells Melanie that he can't believe this is happening now. Melanie admits she's scared after Andrew and doesn't want to live like that. Chad hugs her and tells her he won't let him come anywhere near her.

Nick tells Julie that there's no way that Melanie will be okay with him getting out. Julie tells him not to be negative but Nick still disagrees. Nick informs her that he called his lawyer and changed his mind. Nick says he's not going through with the parole hearing.

Kate asks EJ about Stefano and if he knows where he is. Kate is determined to find him but EJ says he has no idea where he is and doesn't care. Kate thinks EJ saved his life. EJ says he just didn't let him die but doesn't care about him. Kate brings up the kids and how they will be happy to know their grandfather is alive. Kate asks about how he looked. EJ says he looks terrible. Kate is grateful for EJ saving Stefano and getting rid of Ian. EJ asks if that means she'll pay his bail but Kate says no since she's furious at him for using Will. Kate brings up Will possibly facing criminal charges. Kate warns him that one day Sydney and Johnny will be Will's age and someone might use them the same way.

Daniel talks to Nicole about realizing life can't be taken for granted after the explosion. Daniel tells her that she needs to think about her baby. Nicole insists that she is. Daniel understands that she's grateful and points out that she was also grateful to Rafe. Nicole explains that it was different. Nicole tells him that he's the only man to make her feel safe. Nicole tells him that she's being totally honest. Daniel responds that he will be totally honest with her.

Gabi walks through the town square and comes across T. She's surprised to see him back in Salem. T says that everyone is surprised, especially Will.

Will tries explaining his situation with Marlena but still finds it weird talking about being into a guy. Will claims he went to see him but was wrong. Will thinks the guy that was into him has already moved on. Marlena asks if he's sure he's right and Will says that he is.

Brian invites Sonny to an open mic night but he declines. Brian asks if he's still hoping to get with Will. Sonny doesn't answer so Brian tries to tell him that it's not going anywhere. Sonny doesn't want to talk about Will so Brian exits.

Daniel tells Nicole that she's a fighter that doesn't know how to quit. Daniel thinks she might be confusing her gratitude with something deeper. Daniel talks about seeing this before as a doctor. Daniel insists that he's not a hero but just a guy trying to get through life. Nicole hears what he's saying and brings up his relationship with Jennifer. Nicole declares that she's not Jennifer. Nicole explains that Jack was Jennifer's one true love and father of her kids that she would never get over. Nicole adds that she's still looking for that one great love and sees Daniel as her soulmate. Nicole insists that it's not gratitude or a crush but real feelings.

Kate tells EJ that he's still in Sami's web which is good because it forced Lucas to see the light. EJ stops her from leaving and wants to know what happened to Lucas. Kate explains that Lucas came to his senses and realized Sami is selfish so he wants nothing else to do with her. EJ smiles as Kate exits.

Julie tells Nick that he can't pass up the parole hearing because he might not get another chance. Julie thinks he's paid for what he's done. Nick points out that he killed a man. Julie thinks he can't stay in jail since he's not a hardened criminal. Nick explains that he's trying to do what's best for Melanie. Julie turns to Maggie and begs her to talk some sense into Nick.

Melanie tells Chad that she should just stay out of it. Chad thinks she should do everything she can to deny Nick's parole. Chad tells her to show up at the parole hearing and say that she doesn't believe he's changed. Melanie wonders how it will affect her relationship with Maggie and the Horton family. Chad doesn't care but Melanie tells him to stop.

Gabi warns T to never call Will names in front of her. Gabi tells him not to judge people for what they are born with. T thinks Will hid it all this time. T worries that people make fun of him for hanging out with a gay guy. T thinks Gabi still has the hots for Will. Gabi tells him that Will is her friend and warns him not to talk to Will like that. T informs her that he already did and had a fight with Will last night. T then walks away as Gabi worries that their fight was the reason she and Will had sex.

Will tells Marlena that he was just thinking about someone going through a hard time. He feels bad for the person and doesn't know how to make things better. Marlena wonders what he's not telling her. Will says he screwed things up worse and can talk about it later as he gets up and exits.

Sonny finds T at the town square and asks if he wants to take another swing at him. T thinks he should've done worse and accuses Sonny of turning Will gay. Sonny tells T about Justin wanting to call the cops. Sonny says he'll get the cops involved if he does anything to another gay person. T informs Sonny that he makes him want to puke so Sonny then knocks him down.

Maggie tells Nick that she's happy to look in his eyes and see the Nick that she knows looking back at her. Nick tells her that it makes him happy too. Maggie says she loves him and Melanie both. Maggie thinks he should decide what's best for him and act on the decision. Nick states that he thinks what's best for him right now is to not put Maggie or Melanie through anything else. Julie continues telling him that he can't stay in jail. Maggie says it's his decision. Julie tells Nick to tell Maggie about what happened two months ago. Nick doesn't want to use that and points out that Julie said she wouldn't say anything. Julie reveals to Maggie that two months ago, an inmate attacked Nick with a knife and he could've died. Julie asks Maggie if she wants something like that to happen again.

Chad sits with Melanie and tells her that he's on her side. Melanie says she can take care of herself and has all her life. Melanie wants him to stop making her feel fragile. Chad gets a call from EJ at the police station. EJ brings up Chad saying he'd help him whenever he needed. EJ asks Chad to pay his bail since his lawyer is out of town and Sami's not picking up. Chad says he's on his way.

Daniel tells Nicole that he's trying to phrase what to say next. Daniel says he gets what she's saying but thinks they got together at first without any thought. Nicole thinks it turned out great. Daniel agrees that it's great but doesn't know. Daniel admits that he likes her. Nicole says she's more than just friends with benefits. Daniel agrees but points out that she's in a very complicated situation with EJ. Daniel guarantees that if EJ sees them together then he would put things together. Nicole hoped that they wouldn't have to be together in public. Nicole thinks it's only a matter of time before EJ is back to focusing on Sami and their kids. Nicole says by then, her baby will be born and they can be a family. Daniel tells Nicole that he can't do this. He compares it to his sneaking around with Chloe. Nicole says it will only be for a little while. Daniel tells her to just focus on having a healthy baby and when she does, she will see their relationship as just a friendship. Daniel tells Nicole to never change and says she doesn't need a man. Nicole thinks he's turning her down but Daniel says he's building her up. Daniel gets a message from Chad that he has to go out so Daniel decides he has to go be with Melanie and he exits the Pub as Nicole starts to cry.

Melanie reads the letter to herself about Nick's parole hearing.

Nick tells Maggie and Julie that it's not that big of a deal as the guy that attacked him is in solitary. Nick insists that he can take care of himself. Nick assumes Melanie won't pass up the parole hearing and he thinks either way, he's not getting out of jail and he's okay with that.

Chad joins EJ at the station. EJ informs him that his assets were frozen but he will pay him back as soon as he can. Chad doesn't know how much he has in his bank but says they will figure it out. They talk about Lexie and how Stefano is still alive. EJ reveals to Chad that he discovered they had been duped and he is Stefano's biological son after all. Chad and EJ are happy to learn that they are brothers after all.

John goes to the coffeehouse and finds Kate inside. Kate asks if he should be out fighting evil. John says he is and asks Kate if she's proud of herself. John talks about Kate trying to get Brady to go after Ian. Kate says it doesn't bother her after what Ian did to her and Stefano. John wonders why she's not doing her dirty work herself. Kate says that she is going to get Stefano back. John points out that he won't talk to her but Kate says he has to change his mind.

Sonny tells T that now they are even and warns him to watch his step.

Will goes to the Pub and finds Gabi seated alone. Will joins her and notices that she doesn't look happy to see him. Gabi asks if he would be happy if he was in her place.

Maggie tells Nick that this isn't working for him and suggests he talk to Marlena. Nick admits that he thought about it but is not going to apply for the parole. Maggie tells him that the prison therapists don't know him like Marlena and that this is a very serious decision. Maggie asks him to discuss it with Marlena before he makes the decision. Nick agrees to do anything for her.

Daniel joins Melanie at Chad's. Melanie wants Chad to stop hovering and texting Daniel to come over. Daniel thinks there's nothing wrong with being overprotective after what she's been through. Melanie says it makes her feel weak and she worries that it will be bad for them if it continues.

John and Kate talk about Ian. Kate says Ian was working Madison and Brady the same way that he worked her and Stefano. Kate says if it wasn't for Ian then Brady and Madison would've been married months ago and she'd still be spending time with Stefano.

Gabi informs Will that she bumped into T and that he told her about their fight. Gabi thinks that's why they had sex.

Nicole walks through the town square and sees a couple playing with their kid. Nicole smiles and daydreams about being with Daniel and playing with their kid. Nicole says to herself that Daniel is definitely the one.

Kate asks John why he's being kind to her. John says she was nice enough to tell Brady what Madison's last words were. John thanks her for giving Brady that comfort and then gets up. John stops and says he also knows that for reasons he'll never understand, she loves Stefano, so he'd like to offer some advice. John says they both know that if Stefano doesn't want to be found then he won't be so he hopes she can accept that. Kate suggests that he may be right.

Will tells Gabi that they were both upset last night. They talk about not knowing why the other was upset. Gabi asks if Will was trying to convince himself that he's not gay by having sex with her. Will says no but then says maybe. Will tells her that he forgot everything about respecting women last night and felt disgusted with himself but wanted to feel differently. Gabi understands and Will apologizes. Gabi says they both did something they didn't mean and she'll never hate him for it.

Marlena goes to see Nick. Nick is surprised she came so soon. Nick doesn't know what good it will do but is glad to see her. Marlena says she's glad to see him do. Marlena lets him know that Nick filled her in. Nick thinks she wants to talk to him about his decision not to go for parole but she really wants to know if he's changed. Marlena asks if he's changed and Nick says no.

Melanie asks Daniel about what happens to her and Maggie or her and Abigail if she denies Nick's parole. Daniel insists that they will understand. Melanie doesn't want to talk about it anymore and asks how Daniel is doing. Daniel says he's fine. Melanie mentions that Abigail e-mailed her and said she and Jennifer are coming back. Melanie asks Daniel if she's spoken to Jennifer since Jack passed away. Daniel says he's kept his distance but Melanie thinks he should reach out to her.

Nicole sits in the town square and says she can make Daniel see that they belong together.

EJ walks down to the town square and calls Sami. He leaves a message to call him back as he's out of jail. EJ then walks on.

Nicole starts to call Daniel but decides a personal touch is what's needed right now. Nicole gets up and goes to leave but runs into EJ, who has flowers in his hand. EJ greets her and Nicole compliments his flowers. EJ remarks that they are not the only thing that's blooming.

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