Days of Our Lives Update Friday 8/24/12

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 8/24/12


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Sami returns home which surprises Will. Will asks what she's doing there. Sami says she's back and has a story for him.

Maggie goes to the Pub and joins Victor. Victor informs her that he just heard from Daniel that Madison was killed in the explosion. Maggie is shocked and worries about Brady. Victor is surprised that Brady knew but didn't tell anyone.

Melanie goes to the Kiriakis Mansion and tells Brady that she just heard about Madison from Daniel. Melanie hugs him and can't believe he didn't tell her. Brady tells her that she had been through enough but Melanie insists that she's fine.

Lucas meets with Julie in the town square. Julie says she's been so worried about Abigail, Jennifer, and JJ that it hasn't registered that Jack is gone. Julie brings up that Nick has a parole hearing and could be coming back to them. Julie thinks it's great but Lucas worries about how Melanie might feel about the guy who once abducted her coming back. Julie wants to reach out to Melanie and make sure they get Nick out.

Kate goes to Chad's which surprises him. Chad asks what she's doing there. Kate says she needs to tell him something and suggests he sit down. Kate tells him that it's really good news and reveals that Stefano is alive. Chad doesn't believe it and says he saw his body. Kate tells him that the Phoenix has risen again and hands him an envelope that she says is from Stefano.

Gabi sits on her bed and looks over at a picture of her and Will before she thinks back to her and Will making love. Rafe arrives and Gabi greets him with a hug. Rafe is glad she's alright and wishes he had been there. Gabi is glad he's back. Rafe says he loves her and is glad she's okay.

Will hopes Sami didn't break out of jail. Sami tells him that Roman got her an early bail hearing. Will asks about EJ. Sami says it's ridiculous that EJ has been arrested for fleeing jurisdiction even though there was no crime. Sami mentions that Stefano isn't really dead. Sami says all she could do in jail is lie there and think. Sami thinks back to kissing EJ and then her talk with Rafe. Will asks if she's doing okay. Sami says she's been better but is just confused. Sami thinks EJ didn't do a crime since there was no murder which means she didn't help with any crimes. Sami talks about Rafe being his usual self. Sami asks how Will is. Will says he's fine. Sami says no matter what happens, Will always handles it. Will disagrees and thinks back to making love with Gabi. Will talks about enjoying spending time with the kids. Sami thinks there's something he isn't telling her. Will says there's always something she isn't telling him so they are even. Will thinks she's mad at Rafe. Sami points out that he threw her in jail. Will informs her that he has news about Carrie but Sami already knew about her and Austin leaving for Switzerland. Sami thinks it's best for everybody but Will worries that Rafe might be upset. Sami calls it Rafe's problem then.

Rafe tells Gabi about arresting Sami for breaking the law. Rafe doesn't want to talk about it after everything Gabi went through and he can't believe he wasn't there. Gabi thinks it's better that he wasn't. Rafe is just glad Andrew's gone and can't hurt them anymore. Rafe asks if she knows how he got fixated on her in the first place but she doesn't want to talk about it. Gabi asks if Will knows that he arrested Sami. Rafe assumes he's heard by now. Gabi asks if it was weird to arrest Sami but Rafe claims it wasn't as he was just doing his job.

Chad asks Kate if EJ knows. Kate explains that Ian abducted EJ as well so EJ found Stefano. Chad asks if Stefano is okay. Kate informs him that he was taken to the hospital and will be okay. Chad wants to go see him but Kate reveals that Stefano left the hospital on his own without telling anyone so no one knows where he is. Chad gets upset but Kate says Stefano didn't talk to anyone about it but he left Chad that note. Kate assumes Stefano explains in the note so Chad opens the envelope. Chad reads the note and reads that Stefano says he's going away for a little awhile to regroup but will be back. Kate wants to know if Stefano said anything about her in the note. Chad informs her that Stefano warned him to stay away from her. Kate says she only came to deliver the letter. Chad asks if she's okay. Kate says she's fine as Stefano is alive and that's all that matters as she then exits.

Lucas asks Julie about wanting Melanie to help get Nick released. Julie insists that it wasn't Nick's fault as he was taking terrible prescription drugs. Lucas brings up Nick trying to kill Melanie but Julie claims he's changed. Julie compares it to Melanie's change. Lucas doesn't think they can expect Melanie to just forget about what happened in the past. Julie suggests that they can at least ask Melanie not to stand in Nick's way. Lucas thinks it's asking a lot. Julie believes they would've heard by now if Melanie had an objection.

Maggie tells Victor that Nick is going to be getting a parole hearing. They worry about Melanie. Maggie wants to get a hold of her so she can tell her. Victor decides to go see Brady so Maggie goes with him.

Brady sits with Melanie and explains that he didn't want to face everything with Madison's death. They talk about denial. Melanie brings up having nightmares after everything with Nick in the past and she is afraid that they are going to come back. Brady hugs her. Melanie says she's supposed to be comforting him. Melanie brings up that Brady is with her when Madison died and he could've been with her. Brady tells her not to blame herself and assures her that none of it was her fault.

Lucas tells Julie that he doesn't think she's being realistic about how Melanie will react to this. Julie brings up everything Maggie did to help Melanie. Lucas doesn't want her to set herself up for a disappointment. Lucas wants to consider how Melanie feels and doesn't think she will react how Julie expects her to.

Victor and Maggie go to the Kiriakis Mansion. Victor tells Brady that he's sorry and thinks that he should've told them. Maggie says they just heard. Brady informs Maggie that they just missed Melanie as she went to the hospital. Maggie is surprised that Melanie went back to work. Brady adds that she wants to go back to normal and not be like what happened after Nick.

Melanie goes to the hospital and talks with Maxine. They joke around and Maxine hugs her, telling her that she missed her. Melanie says she's glad to be back.

Gabi tells Rafe that she's okay and he doesn't need to look out for her. Rafe informs her that Carrie and Austin moved back to Switzerland for good. Rafe adds that it's for the best since they're having a baby and he doesn't want to be the guy to come between that. Rafe insists that it's for the best. Gabi points out that he's still all alone.

Sami wants the kids to wake up. Will apologizes for letting them stay up too late. Sami comments that he doesn't look like he slept much either. Will remarks that he at least didn't spend the night in jail. Will decides he's going to go see Gabi since she's going through a rough time. Sami says to send Gabi her best and adds that she's glad they are still friends even after he came out. Will asks Sami if Lucas knows she's back. Sami says she has to figure out how to prepare for that conversation since she feels it's not going to go well. Will apologizes since he already made Lucas angry. Sami says she's going to figure out a way to make things okay. Sami adds that she can't undo the choices she made. Will knows and apologizes. Sami tells him that it's not his fault since things are always complicated between her and Rafe. Will corrects her that she meant Lucas. Sami thought she said that and tells Will that he knows what she meant. Will says he thinks he does as he then exits. The kids get up and join Sami so she plays with them.

Rafe and Gabi go to the Pub. Gabi is glad Melanie didn't get hurt but Rafe is concerned about her. Will arrives and greets them. Rafe is glad to see Will is not in jail like Sami. Will informs him that Sami is out of jail and EJ will be out soon too since he didn't do anything wrong. Rafe says EJ always does things wrong and adds that Will might not be so lucky next time if he continues helping EJ. Will questions being a target of Rafe's. Rafe says it isn't the time or place and is glad they are okay. Rafe then exits the Pub. Gabi tells Will that Rafe is just worried about him. Will asks Gabi how she is. She says she's fine and asks about him. They both bring up last night at the same time and talk over each other.

Kate sits with Lucas and Billie at the coffeehouse. Kate announces that Stefano is still alive which Lucas can't believe but Billie already knew. Kate wants them to stop talking negatively about Stefano. Billie thinks Kate should be really happy about it. Kate says she was and then she found out that Stefano left town without telling anyone but left Chad a note where he made it clear that she's a permanent part of his past.

Will and Gabi sit together. Will says he's completely aware that last night was all his fault but he's glad they feel the same way. Gabi agrees that it was a mistake but not that it was all Will's fault. Will feels he led her on. Gabi thought that he thought she led him on. Will says he was messed up after a fight and they laugh about the situation. Gabi admits she was really messed up too and finally realized it was a mistake to think she could be with Chad. Will hopes they can still remain friends. Will says he was looking for her to apologize. Gabi says he doesn't have to but it shows that he's a gentleman. Gabi jokes that all the good ones are either taken or gay.

Maggie and Victor sit with Brady. Maggie worries about Brady. Brady says he will hold his promise to Madison to stay sober. Victor and Maggie offer to do whatever they can. Brady thanks Victor and hugs him. Victor says he's so sorry as he shouldn't have to go through this. Brady blames Ian and says he deserves worse than being arrested. Maggie encourages them not to get too upset and wants to focus on Brady and Madison's love for each other. Brady brings up Madison's last words being that she loved him and says it helps him as Maggie hugs him.

Billie reminds Kate how Stefano treated her. Kate says she will always be in love with Stefano. Lucas doesn't like it and doesn't want her to go back to Stefano. Kate questions if they think she's a whore if she goes back to Stefano.

Rafe walks through the town square on his phone, being told that Sami made bail but EJ is still in lockup. Rafe asks to be kept posted as he hangs up and thinks about calling Sami.

Caroline joins Sami at her home and helps her fold clothes. Caroline remarks about Sami helping a criminal. Sami appreciates her help and says she just needs to watch the kids so that she can go see Lucas. Sami says she knows she has to talk to Lucas and be honest with him. Caroline tells her that she shouldn't do things that she would have to lie about. Caroline comments that she wouldn't be herself without doing the things that she does but Sami claims she's going to live with no more drama. Rafe then decides to call Sami but hangs up when Sami tries to answer.

Maggie thanks Victor and tells him to call if he needs her. Victor tells her to take care of Melanie while he takes care of Brady. Maggie worries about Melanie as Victor encourages her that they're both tough. Maggie then exits. Victor goes back to Brady and reminds him that he'll do anything for him and says it can be arranged to kill Ian in prison. Brady says no so Victor tells him to let him know if he changes his mind. Brady thinks death would be a quick out for him so he wants Ian to live knowing Madison's death was his fault. Victor asks if Brady is okay. Brady says he's not going to use again. Victor tells him that he's been through times like this of losing a loved one. Victor says he can talk to him since he does understand. Brady brings up that he was thinking about going east and looking up Madison's sisters to plan her memorial. Victor thinks it's a good idea. Brady recalls waking up and reaching out for her and he wonders if he will ever stop doing that.

Julie arrives at the hospital and looks around for Melanie.

Will and Gabi leave the Pub together and are glad they had their talk. Gabi asks if he was rethinking his sexuality after last night. Will says he's still completely gay. Gabi asks if sleeping with her again was confirmation then. Gabi remarks that he knows how to make a girl feel good about herself then reveals that she was just joking and they laugh together.

Lucas tells Kate that it's not what he meant but Kate thinks they both made themselves clear. Kate says she knows what she wants and needs and she vows to be with Stefano again then exits. Billie jokes with Lucas that every family has its ups and downs.

Rafe gets a call and gets up answering it. Sami walks through the town square and stops at the table Rafe was at. She then turns around and runs into him.

Julie finds Melanie at the hospital and asks to speak with her privately. Melanie okays it with Maxine and then goes with Julie. Julie brings up how close Melanie is with Abigail and how she's mourning her father now. Julie knows Melanie wants to help and says having her whole family around is a help and a blessing. Melanie agrees so Julie is glad to hear her say that. Julie then asks if Melanie won't stand in Nick's way then at his parole hearing. Melanie can't believe that Nick is up for parole.

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